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George BM

Mid Atlantic Snow Totals Winter 2018-19

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With the first storm of the 2018-19 winter season well underway I figured that it was time to start this up (Don't kill me :ph34r:)...


2.3" of mostly snow w/ a little sleet with this storm for me. Will update accordingly.

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11/15/18: 1.8" * Very early snowfall boom. 2-4 hours of on and off SN and then sleet. Expected T-0.5"


Total: 1.8"

Nov: 1.8" 

*= Winter Weather Advisory


38.95° N, 77.25° W

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39.806325  -76.984274

Nov 11: 7.0"

Onset of storm 8:15 am. Started as sleet flipped over to all snow within 45 minutes. Temps for the main portion of the snow were 28 degrees. 2 hour period of 2" rates. Snow flipped over to sleet then freezing rain in the afternoon with modest glazing in the evening hours. Rain for the overnight hours.

Nov 12: 0.1"

Flipped over back to snow for roughly an hour with the ULL pass (wrap around) at 2:30 am picking up trace amounts.

Season Total: 7.1 "

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woo another year!

if you are new to the forum and haven't participated in seasonal snow totals in the past, please make sure to include your lat/long coordinates for your location. i have for years been making winter snowfall maps for our subforum and welcome all to keep track of their totals. the more data the better! 

lat/long coordinates can be found here:


you do not need to put your actual house location if you are not comfortable doing so, any location near you works just fine. 

heres hoping for a great end of the year map! :) 

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11/15 :   3.0"  (started as early morning pouring rain, mixed with large amount of sleet until late afternoon, and finished as nighttime freezing rain/rain)

12/5:      T    (Daytime snow-showers turned the ground white for a time)

1/12-13:   7.2"  (33 hours of light snow)

1/17:  1.0"  (evening light snow that didnt stick to sidewalks and streets)

1/29:   2.0"  (prefrontal early afternoon snow, little road stickage.  Temp started at 34F and fell below freezing.)

2/1:   1.0"  (early to midday light snow.  Temp in teens, 3" just 10 miles north....again)

2/10:   T.  (10 minutes of light wet snow that dusted the grass followed by 50+ hours of 33F rain.  Ice storm not even 2 miles north, not to mention several inches of snow in MD).

2/20:   5.3"  (heavy early AM snow changed to sleet by 10:30)

3/1:   1 8"  ( early AM wet snow that didnt stick to roads or sidewalks.  Typical March garbage event)

3/3:   1.5"  (WSW 4 to 8....6 hours of midday 32F snow that stuck to nothing, followed by unforecasted change to sleet, then rain near dusk.  Changed back to heavy accumulating snow for 1 hour, before changing back to sleet again and ending as rain.  More March garbage)

3/8:   .5"  (Daytime light to moderate snow.  Maybe .75 in the grass, no stickage to roads or sidewalks.  33F falling to 31F during afternoon snow.  More March garbage.)

Total:  23.3"

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