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  1. Fringed.
  2. I'm assuming they are trying to avoid the hail, not a possible TOR. Still looks a bit unsafe and disorganized.
  3. Anyone in the northern parts getting a mix right now?
  4. Couple places have dustings. Pretty sure its rain now. Another T for the books.
  5. Woah, where did that come from? Not ignoring it now.
  6. mPING report has snow on the MD/PA border.
  7. You should start a thread with that kind of positive attitude!
  8. Absolutely. I'm bored now, this place is a time suck. Need some severe to track.
  9. At the loser gate with everyone else but PrinceFrederickWx.
  10. When I was scrolling through the GEFS for the day 10 thread I was surprised by the couple of ens members there that showed snow nearby this weekend. It's a period to watch, considering we have little else to do.
  11. Don't look now, but a couple of snow showers are moving in from the NW.
  12. I'm trying very hard to will that snowband south. Think its going to take more combined weenie efforts then just mine though.
  13. F+. If F- is no snow, then that's about where this falls. Choking on a lot of our chances hurt as well. I'm not done tracking yet, and if I get my March 23rd-24th NorthArlington101 and Scuddz Birthday storm, the grade could be altered.
  14. The sun is out. Beautiful day now.
  15. 5.7" see sig for a detailed list