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  1. At Massanutten today to ski and see a little snow. Kinda hot outside!
  2. don’t bury her until she’s dead. If I see an hour or so of snow I’m satisfied.
  3. The frontogen maps really suggest there should be banding further north.... will it actually happen? Idk. I’m expecting a decent last second north jump either way.
  4. GEFS continues to give Charlottesville/Central VA a little tease. One can hope
  5. Yeah, probably about a ~20-30 mile jump south. Would just be noise if some of us in Central VA didn't need every mile. it actually bumped the heavy stuff a hair more north, but it's a pretty strong cutoff. still close... I can hear DT honking from my house
  6. My confused emoji aside (you said this with barely any of it out) I would expect this to come north a bit more... confluence looks to have backed off and is weaker in general. We'll see.
  7. This is the upgraded National Blend of Models product, right?
  8. EURO continues to cave and goes more north/snowier in North Carolina.
  9. Also, FWIW, the 06z EPS was slightly interesting, only in the sense that I think a clear trend emerges. Most of the runs that have a storm consistent with what the other models are showing (a moderate snowstorm for the Carolinas) do get snow into at least the central part of our subforum, if not slightly further north. Is it a lot of snow? No. But if the snowier Carolina solutions should be taken seriously, it shows there is an opening for some flakes.
  10. EURO caved and shows snow for the Carolinas now. Decent jog north that puts it better in line with other guidance.