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  1. Yeah, I'll take the show. Want to be in it though.
  2. Yep! Enjoying a view out the window. Today's storms were really weak on lightning.
  3. Maybe shelf cloud? Kinda weak. Clouds looked cool anyways.
  4. That storm in Arlington is fringing me.
  5. Lightning strike in Beltsville per RadarScope.
  6. Things popping over/east of D.C. again. That's been the sweet spot recently.
  7. Thoughts on what the 3k NAM is putting out? Verifying with the stuff down in SW VA towards Charlottesville. It looked similar to what happened yesterday. I know we've had quite a few slow/non moving storm days this year, can't remember if that's unusual or not.
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on storms today? From what I've seen its gonna be a crapshoot again, with barely moving blobs. Really looking forward to something widespread again.
  9. That's the second time today the pool has been closed by a sunny day lightning strike. Such a shame.
  10. Gross out. Can't believe it was hailing a mile away. Plenty of storm fuel IMBY if something wanted to try and form.
  11. Sun and thunder. Hoping something rolls over.
  12. Best wind all year minus the windstorm we had in winter. Guessing 50mph gusts. Pouring rain and hail as well. Weak on the T&L.
  13. Little hook on the storm too heading right for me.
  14. Looks like D.C. is gonna take a good hit.
  15. Meh, its looking ok for DC right now. Not sure we are going to get split. Not the brunt of the action but I'm guessing it'll storm.