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  1. Can't seem to embed a video (sad) but here is some fairly nice footage from a friend from inside the eye: if ya look closely you can see a bird or two flying in the eye. super cool. Here is a video of the damage on his street:
  2. I had a friend get some decent eye pics. I’ll try and send those through in a couple minutes. Worst storm he’s seen in New Orleans in the past three years.
  3. Friend who goes to college at Tulane (New Orleans) just had his power go out. Video he’s sending me shows decent gusts.
  4. GFS deserves some credit here for sniffing this out. Fairly confident it had it first.
  5. A couple GEFS and EPS members end the wet weekend with a couple of snowflakes for some of the N MD folks. I've bought WxBell and am beginning my first flakes watch.
  6. Online classes = outdoor classes. Beautiful down here.
  7. If it’s not driving sleet it might as well be rain. Glorified hail.
  8. almost got it within 10 days but unfortunately it looks mostly like sleet. next.
  9. Guess we might need a LR thread soon, but the GFS has consistently been throwing out some pretty serious cold for this time of year around Halloween.
  10. the surface maps are great, was shocked not to see this map. it's good to be back <3
  11. anyone with the GEFS? I bet one member shows a nice snow storm with this hurricane.
  12. not quite for us but... [emoji102]