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  1. We need to get a dislike button, at least in the Tropical forum.
  2. Watching GMA, it's the same cam they sometimes show. I think ABC and Univision are partners. They've got a reporter on the ground in San Juan kinda just under that cam.
  3. GFS concerning for the Dominican Republic. A bit more west = lots of problems for them.
  4. Agreed. Went on vacation there a few months ago. Resorts will be fine, but outside of that, I'm very concerned. Buildings quickly become less stable as you go inland.
  5. Fujiwara?
  6. Apparently these are the UKIE ens. Fairly bullish.
  7. Has anyone made a "No way Jose" joke yet?
  8. OTS on EURO.
  9. You know what they say, it's the storm after the storm after the storm that really gets you.
  10. That video is insane. Really hope that the US Virgin Islands and PR get the attention and help they deserve.
  11. Apparently Irma managed to pull in a lot of water around the Bahamas, check this video.
  12. Gonna have to keep a close eye on this one up and down the EC. Never know where these loopers are gonna go.
  13. ? Our moderators from this forum can't solely control the tropical one... even if we are the best subforum. zwyts/deck pic just made the mistake of posting in the main thread, best of luck to him.
  14. FWIW, the Hurricane Hunter they were interviewing on CNN said that it was undergoing an ERC. Probably as good a source as you can get.