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  1. RAP runs as of late have deteriorated a fair bit, for what little it’s worth given that we often don’t even remember to look at them.
  2. Praying for a negative temp bust because CHO actually looks to be right around the precip jack. Would hate for it to not snow and wash away all the snow.
  3. By far the best run for CHO... since I originally started this thread before @stormtracker robbed me, I'd at least like 0.5".
  4. unpinned is brutal. See you tonight for the 00z euro. edit: totally missed nwbalt beat me by 10 minutes
  5. Snow totals have gone up in NOVA/MD because I left yesterday — crazy how the models know to calculate my location into their whole process.
  6. Still got full snow cover down at UVA. A nice bonus given that we are likely missing tomorrow.
  7. 00z snow map, less important than the trends overhead, tho.
  8. I deleted it because I'm not sure my maps were right (yes, made the classic wrong date 00z mistake), but yes, you can get an early view at the CMC here: https://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html
  9. First snow of the season -- in Puerto Rico, miss a 8" hail mary storm. Second snow of the season -- better in Charlottesville, but I'm in Arlington Thursday's snow -- likely better in Arlington, but I'm in Charlottesville. Maintaining my jinx status from last year!
  10. take this for the very little bit this is worth, but the 18z EPS didn’t totally cave - it’s really pretty identical to 12z but slightly more suppressed
  11. yeah - it's pretty much wrapped up by 90. light snow on the coast.
  12. agreed, but jeez man, a total cave from the EURO less than 24 hours after it was showing 1'+ through most of the area 5 days out? are we in bizarro land?
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