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  1. I’d pay at least $25 for a ten minute squall.
  2. Looks like it’s snowing at my place down in Cville. Think that’s the first time it’s snowed down there all year!
  3. Thundersnow today in... Austin, TX.
  4. Least I got my fantasy win! Slightly eases the pain. Nail biter.
  5. I hate the Eagles so much. Yes, we should’ve won another game. We should’ve won multiple other games. But my god, this is disgusting. Show some competitive spirit.
  6. F%#! the Eagles. Shouldn’t be able to throw a game so obviously in prime time.
  7. Kelce is 31, so Thomas has a good few years of production in him. Despite him being from VT I find him pretty likable. WFT as a whole is likable these days... WTF happened?
  8. A WFT loss and Logan Thomas under 11.4 points in standard means the Giants go to the playoffs and I win my fantasy football game. Too much to ask for?
  9. I was hoping college would get me more into college football, but I can’t say it has. I like my team but it’s not much fun watching anyone else.