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  1. These last two days have been the nicest days of the year. I’m not looking forward to real heat.
  2. I agree it’s more than the 0 times an elementary schooler should be dragged out of school in handcuffs (minus extraordinary circumstances), but hardly frequently, that’s unfair. But fine, there could definitely be overreactions. I’ll concede that.
  3. nobody is gonna get arrested for hugging someone. Unless arrested = suspended
  4. Getting Chipotle for the first time in months today. Very excited.
  5. Some interesting notches on these storms.
  6. As much of a weenie as I am and love to reference those, they’ve been horrible the last couple threats. They are always the last to show snow.
  7. haha, we got NAM’d (by May standards) edit: meh, I take it back. Looked better on TTT but pivotal maps aren’t much changed.
  8. 18z NAM is snowy for the usual areas. Probably even gives DCA a T, which is a massive win.
  9. GEFS shifted in a positive direction... went from nada to a .3” mean across the board, more west. Unreal image for this date 84 hours out.
  10. fringed. time to travel down to Cville to chase.
  11. Another get-together would be so great. I’m finally at an age where I wouldn’t feel like a total weirdo going. At this stage of my life it’s probably networking, honestly.
  12. it’s sad that the GFS is so bad. that said, I’m in.
  13. If anyone thinks they are going to a pool that isn’t in their own backyard or HOA this summer, I’ve got a bridge to sell them. Maybe that’s too pessimistic, but we’ll see.