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  1. I dunno… the knee pain is already setting in.
  2. You guys obviously aren’t hopping in the pool everyday. Mid 80s at least, please.
  3. They seem to be pretty gone in Northern Arlington. Not nearly as many cicadas sacrificing themselves by landing in the pool. Might've missed my chance to eat a cicada taco... oh well.
  4. To not take this literally, there is a valid/interesting debate on increasing numbers of short-lived storms, which can at least partially be attributed to better observation techniques rather than climate change. Not sure what this means practically, other than it might be worth considering that old averages might be slightly misleading - these storms likely always existed and just weren't observed as frequently. Not like they shouldn't count now that we've found them!
  5. All the emergency alarms just went off in my house, so I’ll take that as a win.
  6. This is pretty wild, too. What a landing that must’ve been. Tour of prohibited airspace.
  7. ^ I’ll take credit for that but I was trying to stick my neck out for a flash flood warning. We’ll see…
  8. Could see some flooding problems in the Beltway with the trajectory of these storms. Sort of expecting a FFW.
  9. Nice summer storm here in Arlington. Nothing crazy but good lightning and rain.
  10. Wasn’t really expecting this rain. Looks to be pretty brief down by the metro at least.
  11. It seems to be on the way. Pretty cool to watch the radar blossom right after the boundary moves through. This wasn't timed well to cancel what I want to cancel, but glad to get in on the fun for a bit.
  12. Loud thunder overhead. My complaining finally worked. Good luck to everyone else.
  13. Minus that one storm near Fredericksburg, it really sucks to be in VA so far.
  14. I've already accepted it won't rain today (hoping for a reverse jinx). Bet the storms around DC set up over Landover, again...
  15. The pattern this week sucks. Shut it down.