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  1. Have there ever been so many flash flood warnings all lined up in a row? Nuts stuff.
  2. Minus the filming while driving and the stopping on the road, pretty cool video.
  3. I feel like that rotation looks better than the currently warned storms. Shocked it’s not warned.
  4. Nice tropical shower down in Charlottesville with some slight rotation. Good luck up there today… had enough fun here last night.
  5. Pretty nuts night here. Some student apartments and buildings apparently have water in them. Think we avoided an actual touchdown though, not seeing any damage reports locally.
  6. Warning for the city. Staying low, but looks likely to miss to the east.
  7. Absolutely nuts rain right now. Cats and dogs doesn’t cover it.
  8. CHO really needs a radar. Hoping this stays on its course southeast of the city.
  9. Tornado warning on approach to Charlottesville - hopefully this ends up being it for the night.
  10. Tempted to stay up in my area tonight. Things seem to want to spin.
  11. Might have a debris ball with it too, honestly. Not positive.
  12. TORR down by Virginia Tech. Rotation looks respectable on radar.
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