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  1. Not sure, but I kinda assume anything that falls would be snow here too. Kinda surprised you're at 46, I'm at 42. If the HRRR is right, some of this moisture just might make it to DC. If someone could guarantee that I'd probably stay up for it, lol.
  2. Honestly, not to stick my neck out, but I find it kinda weird you all discuss other people on the forum out in the open banter thread where they can read it. Ya'll kinda trash him where he can see it. I think we've gotten the point. I'm all for anyone who adds content and analysis to the board, he's certaintly more useful then I am.
  3. On Tapatalk, the name of the file is visible so I can cheat. Won't spoil the fun though. Maybe edit the post and change the file name?
  4. Looks promising, especially since it would be December 5th.
  5. Time to AMP this one up...
  6. Day 8 EPS is interesting... Decent cluster of lows off OBX... Looking back a couple runs, its definitely a trend in the positive direction. Just two runs ago there were no lows of the coast, now we've got about 8, with a bunch more not too far off.
  7. I'm gonna sum up the 12z GEFS from a pure weenie-snowfall standpoint: Best of the season. There is some potential around Day 8 though. A couple members deepen a low off OBX and get snow in the region, others have the low present but its either not deep enough/other things aren't working out. I invite someone to do a better analysis re: why some lows don't get the job done. Free version:
  8. Had to post this too even though its not snow for us... lol.
  9. Look at that cold in the plains at 264 on the GFS... Crazy.
  10. Hmmm... think I'd be able to remember the event that jackpotted IMBY. I'm going with Clipper that Could, 1/6/15.
  11. RGEM with the reverse heat island tonight... Starting to think it might sometimes have a cold bias...
  12. Now if some of you guys can pull off a temp bust tomorrow that'll be more interesting. [emoji846]
  13. I believe that. I just know that the HRRR had its moments last year. And I always like having more models available. Now that the ARPAGE, Swiss, Australian, and Brazilian (lol) models are out there, I'll be using those too. Anyways, 31 out now. Mosquitoes are finally goners. [emoji846]
  14. Meh, HRRR did really well last year, especially with banding and when things would get going. It figured out we were going to be screwed last year before a lot of the other models.
  15. Thundersnow with a squall up on Canada. Jealous.