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  1. Really pretty lightning. Arcs across the sky.
  2. Excited to see how it goes for you! Should have an active day tomorrow if you can make it down there. It's been interesting to see all of you guys head out there, been following the misadventures of Ian and Co. on twitter. Hope he makes it out too!
  3. Tornado warning in SW VA just south and east of Lynchburg. Seems like Virginia gets more tornadoes then Tornado Alley this year!
  4. Circulation improving for a second at the tail end of the line
  5. Pretty sure I saw lightning flash outside my window.
  6. There are enough little spinups in this line to keep me momentarily interested. One by Bowling Green, VA, and one tried to get going by La Plata earlier.
  7. Picture of a tornado earlier today in Ivor, VA.
  8. Hi-Res models are very uneventful. Looks like the HRRR managed to fire off one storm.
  9. Looking likely.
  10. I guess if something forms the environment would be ok, but the mesoscale models really aren't showing much development. Looks like quickly racing showers going from south-to-north. I was having fun tracking the spinups earlier this morning though.
  11. Unwarned circulation approaching I-64.
  12. Bit of a CC drop is following the tornado warned storm now heading towards the Richmond area. Better look:
  13. TOR warning down by Petersburg looks good every couple frames. Probably dropping a tornado on and off.
  14. Decent in terms of Mid-Atlantic severe.
  15. Might be two of em, the dual circulation can be kinda shown on tilt 1, fairly apparent on tilt 2.