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  1. NorthArlington101

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Money shot. I'll take the under.
  2. NorthArlington101

    October Discobs Thread

    Yep, went up Humpback Mountain. Actually my first time on Skyline Drive, oddly enough. Need to make it up there again!
  3. NorthArlington101

    October Discobs Thread

    Windy and chilly outside Waynesboro, VA.
  4. NorthArlington101

    October Discobs Thread

    For those family, the Corner @ UVA is flooding. [/url] Approaching 3” of rain. Giving lots of credit to FV3.
  5. NorthArlington101

    October Discobs Thread

    Absolutely dumping rain in Cville. Flash Flood Warning just issued.
  6. NorthArlington101

    October Discobs Thread

    About to get pummeled with rain in Charlottesville. Oh, and 3k NAM shows the first mountain snows of the year. Let there be winter!
  7. NorthArlington101

    October Banter

    Thanks. Any chance you know if weathermodels has got an easy way to look at the snow output for the EPS/GEFS members yet? I switched to it halfway last year and that was the only feature I missed. The $10 a month savings that weathermodels brings might be worth it as a college student though. [emoji10]
  8. NorthArlington101

    October Banter

    Dang it, now I have to go renew my WxBell subscription. Or weathermodels. Haven’t checked what Maue has done to the site in a few months. Anyone have an opinion between the two?
  9. NorthArlington101

    October Banter

    Could be useful information going into this winter.
  10. NorthArlington101

    2018 Mid-Atlantic First Freeze Contest

    DCA: 11/16 BWI: 11/2 IAD: 11/2 RIC: 11/16 Tiebreaker: 4.7"
  11. NorthArlington101

    September Banter

    Started their new kicker in my Fantasy league... let’s just say it’s the second week in a row my kicker will score 0 points.
  12. NorthArlington101

    September Discobs Thread

    An upcoming freeze continues to be a feature on GFS
  13. NorthArlington101

    September Discobs Thread

    Walking around grounds almost feels chilly... 59.
  14. NorthArlington101

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Very wet in CHO. Decent wind gusts too, tested my umbrella strength once or twice.
  15. NorthArlington101

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    For reference so others know what it looked like: