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  1. Looks like KLWX radar has been fixed — looks normal on RadarScope.
  2. 45/27 down here in Charlottesville. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. GEFS is not going to make any friends. Other than one really friendly member, most are suppressed/laugh at us for thinking there was a storm at all.
  4. If its not going to snow it might as well be 70, honestly.
  5. The major caveat that it is the 36 hour HRRR aside, the 00z HRRR looks really nice. Might even give poor old me a flake in Charlottesville.
  6. Yeah those mountains are pesky... we still need to come together and get enough money to raise money to tear those down. But this seems like a pretty significant run-to-run change. Was hoping the amped-ness would show up on our side of the Blue Ridge.
  7. Just looking at the changes in the precip over Indiana on this 18z NAM run vs. 12z you have to think this is gonna be a good run for somebody.
  8. I think I’d want to try living in an actual snow climate for a year, but I almost love the chase more than anything. 300” almost seems boring. Why watch the models if you get 4” of snow for free every night and a blizzard every two weeks?
  9. I’ll be back in Charlottesville taking my last two finals... hopefully this is an octomom kind of situation or else this thread is just a bad distraction.
  10. I’m benching Bell for Laird tonight. Feels kinda gross.
  11. I actually sent them an email asking where it was 20 minutes ago because I was frustrated... they told me to check under multi-parameter. Even they don't know.