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  1. I sat Edmonds in two leagues today. So that’s how my fantasy day is going.
  2. I sat Edmonds in two leagues today. So that’s how my fantasy day is going.
  3. No GEFS support... we toss. [emoji6] One member has a southern slider at 360 though.
  4. Picked up almost 2” in Charlottesville. Would’ve been a banger of a winter storm.
  5. Absolutely ripping raindrops. Rain in college really does suck, but I guess we needed the rain.
  6. There is a GEFS member with 3” of snow in DC in only 264 hours. We are getting closer to real fantasy snow game time.
  7. Reviving an earlier discussion: emailed WeatherBell and they say they expect to relaunch the Ptype product for GEFS members in the next couple weeks and are looking to add more winter weather products.
  8. I feel like there have been a ton of phantom echoes on LWX radar recently. There didn't used to be persistent light echos showing up across the area. Going to be annoying come winter.
  9. It took me a long time to find, but at least some of the goods are there. GEFS Mean -> Winter -> can see snow totals all members GEFS Mean -> Pressure -> MSLP + MSLP member low locations Can’t find the PType for all members ECWMF Mean -> Winter -> can see snow totals all members ECWMF Mean -> Precipitation -> can see QPF ECWMF Mean -> Pressure -> MSLP + member low locations/can also see all members 1-25, 26-50
  10. No problem. It’s still missing a couple things that make weathermodels tempting... I liked my 6z/18z EURO and UKMET precip access. Chance I end up getting both once we start tracking real threats. Bad for my poor college student budget.
  11. Not as far as I can tell, but I’ve only had it for one day and haven’t been checking much other than to familiarize myself with the layout. They are advertising their use of the Google Cloud somewhat extensively, in theory they claim it’ll make maps generate faster and stop those issues, I think.