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  1. When do we get to talk about how this should be Bret? Still don’t understand why they couldn’t retroactively name the January storm Arlene.
  2. A snow/graupel report on mPING around Germantown from an hour ago… a May T around here is pretty cool if true. Was also this report today, lol.
  3. If only it was a Saturday night… would be driving west. tried a long exposure from my elevated view - just too darn bright in the urban core. It’s out there somewhere, though!!
  4. T&L is pretty loud. Good storm thus far.
  5. Meh, I know we love baseball but the sport has a historically tough time calling off games when needed. Not gonna complain about them being too cautious. The 1/14 stat is crazy to me.
  6. Hoping to use the 8th floor view I've picked up this year to capture some better storm structure photos. Though I wish I hadn't let my roommate talk us out of the apartment complex with a 360 degree view on the 19th story lounge, lol. Maybe next time
  7. Double-barrel high risk coming out today. When’s the last time there have been two separate high risk areas?
  8. Seems that high might be coming. And also one for the southern target. Wow.
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