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  1. I'm sure they are good at what they do up there but all I can imagine is getting stuck there... it being Donner Pass doesn't help with my concerns lol
  2. EURO control has an I-81 3-5”er on the 8th. EPS LR has us waiting til March 26 for a final area wide 2-4” lol
  3. I’ve got no proof to back this up but feel like the GEFS has a tendency to be overeager with anafrontal situations. At least to my recollection
  4. I hear both of these. Seems like a missed opportunity (though maybe this is impossible… I’m out of my depth) to take the successes and find a way to drop the cost. For the first moon landing, a 2022 cost of $176 billion is probably way too much. Human life point is very valid. Think maybe my disbelief we haven’t tried again comes from my personal ignorance of the tragedies that have happened. Wasn’t really alive to watch those on TV. puts a damper on the whole thing for sure.
  5. I don’t get how we haven’t been back to the moon recently. Would be the easiest win ever for whoever managed to push that mission through. I know there are plans that keep getting pushed back, but can’t help but think if you did it in the late 1960s with today’s equivalent of a box of scraps, ya should be able to pull it off today.
  6. Yep… I’ve come to appreciate how much 2” really is. Pretty appreciable amount when you think about it. @ravensrule I still think we are due for our BECS. One day we’ll get a dynamic cooling monster just soaking in that Gulf Stream energy with juuust enough cold air.
  7. I think you know I think you are right on this debate…. And you have every right imo to post in the LR thread that a storm might’ve worked 5/10/15/20/50 years ago… that interests me greatly and I know it does others. But when someone says it doesn’t matter, there’s no analog, every storm is different and misses the essence of what you are saying, it takes two to tango and someone should just drop it and “lose” the argument, I guess is my take. I’m bad at doing that. Just ask my girlfriend. lol
  8. I’m glad I’m too young to remember what winter was like. Minus ‘09-10 I’ve got no memories of any winter before 2014, really. And even then I’ve only seen 2-3 years of total garbage - accounting for the fact I like tracking like 90% as much as the actual snowfall
  9. That’s amazing! Really want more young people (like me) who can contribute great content (unlike me) here. Congrats!!!
  10. Fantastic way to end an unnecessary argument that ended up belonging in this thread! Move ‘er over here.
  11. Seeing a snow report on mPING in Purcellville… wonder if in the center of these cells it’s at least partially snow or graupel?
  12. I’ve not been paying attention to the weather since winter ended… were there supposed to be thunderstorms today? Storm by Front Royal looks legit for Feb
  13. that would be an A+ winter If it’s not gonna snow might as well be short sleeve weather
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