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  1. Trying to land at BWI around 6:30… wish me luck.
  2. Looks like a fun storm day — of course I’m out of town!
  3. I’m headed to Carrowinds later this month to see if it can top either of those two you mentioned. Both are great parks and well themed, which I really enjoy.
  4. heaviest rain since it flooded in 2019 . Pro
  5. Feels like maybe this could be the one day that delivers storm-wise? If a day could feel like storms, I think it would feel like this.
  6. If it’s gonna be this boring I at least want better pool weather
  7. I let an AI generate an image of a blizzard in DC — cool stuff.
  8. EURO/HRRR combo? Lock it up
  9. Warrenton cell looks good, rest of the line looks pretty mediocre. Want to be wrong, though!
  10. Nice breezy rainstorm. Expectations were nil today after what felt like a few days of hype earlier in the week.
  11. I've hopped in those replies, my personal take would be either to use and educate the public better on Severe Weather Statements or change the definition to 45mph+ (give or take) wind gusts. I don't see why winter wx can have a different scale for severe criteria but severe couldn't - though maybe it already does and I'm undereducated on the issue.
  12. I’m mixed on Cappucci but agree with the general argument/data here. Realize we’ve had this discussion before but I think the trend lines comparing LWX and (potentially cherry-picked, in all fairness) other offices is interesting
  13. Definitely didn’t get that sunset IMBY. Consider me jealous for the second time today.
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