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  1. Middleburg storm is trying hard to sustain itself but feel like it may not be enough. Was hoping to see cloud tops continuing to build up but seems to be struggling to hold around 30k.
  2. We can’t do anything right! Other than heat and drought. And wind. So I guess we can’t do anything fun right
  3. I don’t know anything about severe but it’s shocking to me how these storms seem to struggle to sustain once they pop with what I’m imagining is so much fuel.
  4. Feel like being on the very south end of an MD never works out.
  5. Crazy for it to be this hot and not a single pop up storm out there right now.
  6. Little pop-ups just to my west now - see if they bloom into anything. edit: nope - died
  7. Didn’t realize it was, but there is seemingly a chance. Anything to disrupt the doldrums of this heat.
  8. Clearly the NWS disagrees with that MCD out. Well see!
  9. Wouldn’t mind some more rain. Dry and dusty out there. Feeling #fringed today, though.
  10. Got some post-storm mammatus action… on Long Island.
  11. Fair enough - TDWRs do make this one look a little better but they also dropped the warning so #vindicated
  12. I am an LWX critic only for STWs. Where are the 60mph winds that are “radar-indicated” to justify the warning? It looked a little better earlier but now I can’t find >20 and this was just reissued.
  13. Take with a massive grain of salt: https://x.com/gkellerwx/status/1805632901024743795?s=46&t=YRAxGyE8QLsoshMtJniktg
  14. Tomorrow has the vibes of a good storm day. Stupid hot and a storm drought usually ends up being good for our odds.
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