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  1. Noisy storm down here in Charlottesville.
  2. Picked up my shot on Thursday. There were open appointments down in North Carolina so I sent a message to the clinic there and they were enthusiastic about getting more shots in arms, so I went. No reaction other than a slightly sore arm.
  3. Beer still tastes too much like beer. I can definitely taste the nectarine though, which is an improvement!
  4. Anything helps! Slows the exponential growth.
  5. Snow would be a nice bonus, but I'm just happy to have a freeze to kill of this early wave of bugs.
  6. Have I ever mentioned that I hate wind? I feel like we've had way too many gusty days this March.
  7. Wow, that one might’ve just hit the house. Heard the sizzle.
  8. Real loud thunder down in CHO. Maybe it’s the mountains, but the thunder always rolls in. Very cool.
  9. For real, now I'm interested. Ellinwood was honking on Twitter a little bit earlier too. I'd love to do some casual storm chasing in my neck of the woods. I've seen some local guys chase and get great photos around here.
  10. Taste remains very basic (I’ll try something more fun next time!) but celebrating an internship offer, a good test score, and a beautiful day.
  11. I'm not good at telling these things but I thought it looked like it might be trying to wrap up a bit as well.\\ Couple scans ago I thought it was trying to push out a hook, looks fairly normal right now.
  12. That's gotta be a heckuva tornado on the ground.