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  1. The Event of 2017

    Yay, my birthday! Would've been an epic birthday present.
  2. January Banter String

    Congrats on your first storm spotter report! Fun times down here as well for sure. #FakeIan
  3. January Banter String

    Big snows here we come.
  4. The Event of 2017

    I was hesitant on making this thread because it's already 19 days into the new year and that there weren't exactly many notable region-wide events. But that aside, what weather event from last year was your favorite. Mine would be the April 6, 2017 severe event. I saw my first wall cloud/ "tornado" with the QLCS that came through early that afternoon(1:33-1:45pm) (also 50+ mph wind gusts). It figures too because I wasn't expecting much of anything severe due to crapvection lasting until 12:50pm and SBCAPE AOB 250 J/kg. Sidenote: March 1, 2017 also could have been a decent region-wide event had the line come through a bit later in the afternoon with max heating and had clouds cleared a little bit earlier. I liked March 1st for its potential. But it was not my favorite because, of course, DCing.
  5. School Closures in the DC Region

    I remember back in the day (2000's) when Fairfax County Public Schools would not close even when 6+ inches of snow had fallen and roads were... not good. Maybe it had to do with me being in the west/northwest edge of the county where the most hazardous winter conditions often occurred so perhaps I saw things differently from others. But I remember one fairly decent ice event (end of January 2008?...it was winter 2008 I know that) where Fairfax County Public Schools were on a 2 hour delay. Almost none of the ice had melted when I was walking up to the bus which was right in front of my house. When we were dropped off at school I kept on doing the moonwalk back towards the buses while trying to get to the grass wondering if I would fall and/or slide under a bus. Someone who had already made it onto the grass pulled me to "safety". There were countless stories of kids falling and broken bones and accidents. The mountain of complaints from parents reached the moon. That seemed to be the event that changed Fairfax County.
  6. January Banter String

    What two did you perform in New York?
  7. January Discobs Thread

    And Dulles ties the record of 70F set last year.
  8. January Discobs Thread

    Impressive dewpoint of 66F at IAD right now with a temperature of 68F at 12:30pm. Interestingly today's record max temp and warm min temp of 70F and 49F respectively at IAD were both set just last year. The warm min record will easily be broken. As for the record high... it may at least try to be tied.
  9. Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    IMBY (38.97N , 77.41W) 12/09/2017: 4.0" 12/15/2017: 0.2" snow/graupel 12/30/2017: 0.3" 1/04/2018: 0.5" As of January 7, 2018: 5.0"
  10. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Where are you?
  11. Jan 4th Coastal

  12. January Banter String

    It was fun tracking for a while.
  13. January Discobs Thread

    Down to 7/2 at IAD.
  14. January Discobs Thread

    I start the year at 11F/3F.
  15. January Discobs Thread

    2018 started.