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  1. Tomorrow loosely reminds me of a poor man's June 16, 2008 and July 27, 2014 when looking at the trough and SLP track. Should current trends hold, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a smaller SLGT show up somewhere in the region or nearby.
  2. AL, 10, 2022092318, , BEST, 0, 182N, 203W, 35, 1002, TS TD10 is now Hermine! A certain DC native and occasional poster is very pleased this afternoon.
  3. IAD gusted up to 42kts (48mph). RMK AO2 PK WND 30042/2009 T02500083
  4. There's a line of heavier (gusty?) showers approaching from the west with the front.
  5. AL, 08, 2022092018, , BEST, 0, 341N, 448W, 35, 1009, TS Looks like Gaston may be here.
  6. Very great write up as usual showmet- eh actually I might've worn out that joke. In case anyone gets confused he meant to say 98L for the MH possibility.
  7. That eruption was WAY more unusual than we initially thought.
  8. A blast indeed! I went to the airshow yesterday afternoon with my brother and father. Seeing the thunderbirds in action was a cool experience. Despite my age it was actually the first airshow that I've been to... No I'm not old (a few years younger than you- not that that makes you old... it doesn't). It's just that you'd think that I would've been to at least one in my lifetime before yesterday.
  9. Unsure of how strong a storm it will be for the cost of the trip or are you unsure whether flights will still be available to PR?
  10. Probably from the smoke outbreak that was occurring two years ago today.
  11. IAD down to 52F earlier. Finally some stellar running weather. Skies are a bit hazy w/ smoke aloft.
  12. Elevated smoke is moving in from the NW.
  13. Probably between 0.25-0.40" here. That first storm dissipated and veered north on my doorstep (Herndon, VA).
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