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  1. First shot. So far nothing 7 hours post shot. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.
  2. We NEED to team up with @Scraff to make that derecho that cruises through the region from NW to SE at 70+ mph. With June 8th being the date of my second shot, we will be in peak severe season! @Scraff I trust that you've been practicing your abilities? You have four weeks to master them. Good luck.
  3. Help! Help! Out of the blue I just got shot in the arm! Shot by a needle filled w/ the moderna vaccine not by a bullet just to clarify. RIP to me tomorrow when I go for my early morning run.
  4. I remember how quiet 2018 was for much of the spring. But then we got into an active severe period in mid-May (especially May 12th- 15th). Hopefully we do something like that this year as opposed to last year when we just flipped to weak shear summer. 2012 was also quiet before the end of May that year.
  5. Yeah. That cell looks decent. Pictures? Video?
  6. Same! I just checked it out now because of the current discussion. How've I not known about this site before?! It's awesome.
  7. Are you thinking 2 to 3+ cicadas/cubic meter rates?
  8. This and a chance of small hail on Friday w/ 500mb temps falling to near -25C w/ moderately steep lapse rates is all we have for the time being.
  9. Virginia meso'd.
  10. Slighted for the 1630z update w/ mention of the remnant MCV currently in extreme SW VA potentially spreading multicellular clusters of storms across the SLGT area.
  11. is another great site if you want free radars.
  12. Yeah, it's gotten a little bit on the dry side here lately. Meanwhile, looking at satellite loops it looks like sunshine should remain ample at least into the early afternoon hours.
  13. I forgot how uncomfortable warm/humid morning runs are until this morning... and it was only around 65/64. Those 75+/75+ morning runs coming later are going to suck for sure! I don't know how people run in the mid-afternoon summer heat.
  14. Just send them over to Herndon, VA. I can PM you the specific location if you'd like.
  15. @Mrs.J The storm by you in Ballenger Creek also looks a little sus. Are you seeing any sign of rotation?