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  1. I'll give this winter a C-/C (assuming we don't sneak in a bigger event within the upcoming weeks). This winter was just filled with underperforming events and short-range rug pulls for some. However, back in November looking at many opinions of what was to come this winter and with a healthy La Nina in place I was honestly expecting a very similar winter to last year with the possibility of under 5" for the season. But then, of course, come the end of November/start of December it became clear that, unlike last year, we were going to have many opportunities to track. So going into this winter pretty much expecting a 2019-20 repeat made the several small and one moderate event we got this season more enjoyable. Two years ago we were coming out of the 2018-19 winter season. Many of us, even closer into town, ended up above the average median snowfall for the season. Yet many of us were disappointed with the results. Now why was that?... Because we got teased week after week after week with epic upcoming patterns on long range models and weeklies that kept on showing a 2009-10 pattern repeat. We, of course, remember how that ultimately worked out for us. So despite many of us being above average that year (with an actual cold period late Jan/early Feb may I add) it felt like a big letdown, especially considering the El Nino that was also in place at that time. I guess what I'm ultimately trying to say is: Try not to let an above average snow season be ruined by higher expectations because you don't know when the next above average season will be. There are only so many snow seasons that we will experience in our lifetimes.
  2. That really sucks that you didn't get to enjoy any of our big HECSs this past decade. Just curious, I assume you're still in high school?
  3. The severe event of the year. I wonder what 2022s severe weather season will bring. 48/38 at IAD. It's getting windier.
  4. Meanwhile, my liquor life consists of the occasional mouse sip of wine here and there through my childhood... Wait, does wine count as liquor? I's got some studying to do before I'm able to join you adults in discussing this stuff. @Cobalt @Rhino16 @NorthArlington101 you three are in my club. Get the soft drinks, chips and... what kind of pizza do you three like? Maybe some salad and Mediterranean food in case you're trying to be healthier.
  5. I'll MOST LIKELY (70/30 odds) survive. My 'discobs' legacy (I say as if I'm some sort of super famous person... CRINGE!!) lives on. What was the first booze (or kind of booze?... I'm bad at talking about beer) that ever entered your body and did you like of taste of that booze?
  6. We are a month closer to our next area-wide beatdown.
  7. Good morning weather family! I hope you all had a good night last night.
  8. Ouch. Take care and treat yourself, as always.
  9. Good morning weather family! How did you all sleep last night?
  10. Dec 7,9,14,25/2020: T Dec 16-17, 2020: 2.1" Dec 18, 2020: 0.2" Jan 5, 2021: T Jan 18, 2021: T Jan 20, 2021: 0.1" Jan 25-26, 2021: 0.2" Jan 31- Feb 3, 2021: 5.0" Feb 4-5, 9/ 2021: T Feb 7, 2021: 2.4" Feb 10-11, 2021: 0.4" snow/sleet Feb 13, 2021: 0.2" sleet Feb 18, 2021: 1.0" sleet (some pea-sized sleet for a time around 10am) Feb 22, 2021: 0.3" Total as of Feb 26, 2021: 11.9"
  11. I've been trying to weenie it up for a while now. Years actually. It'd be fun to have a day with temps/dews in the lower 40's/upper 20's-30F respectively along with extremely steep low-mid level lapse rates leading to MLCAPE of ~500 J/kg and a powerful NS shortwave swinging through during the afternoon at 60-70+ mph. This would form a line of severe thunderstorms with snow as the main precip-type along with widespread severe wind gusts. Were you around for the December 19th super snowrecho just over two months ago?
  12. Good morning weather family! I just have a quick question for you all? Is anyone else getting an error message saying that they're offline from ?
  13. How many would you guessitmate were on the ground per square meter in the 1970 outbreak?
  14. You mean like 2 to 3+ cicadas per cubic meter type banding?