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  1. Warning... it's within one hour. Northeastern areas will see the best sunset conditions.
  2. Morning AFD from LWX. It's not often you hear this mentioned. The 12Z KIAD sounding has winds 35-40KTS in the boundary layer this morning. The inversion busted rapidly by 13Z across the region, with numerous wind gusts between 30-40MPH in the western suburbs of the Balt/Wash Metro Areas. Winds will temper a bit this afternoon as the pressure gradient aloft slackens. Inverted V soundings approaching super adiabatic, along with gusty winds and dry surface conditions, you might see a dust devil or two in the Shenandoah Valley during the midday hours.
  3. This! It looked even more unreal in person. Mother Nature can truly be amazing and humble the biggest weenies! This was one of my favorite pictures from the chase.
  4. I got totally and utterly PUMMELED here! The snow started in earnest here during the morning coming down moderately heavily until about midday when it got dark and wind gusts suddenly kicked up to the 50 to 60 mph range out of the north with temperatures quickly falling from near freezing to the upper teens! The snow was blinding and I could not even see the end of my normally sized and not long driveway at several instances all afternoon! The snowfall rates had to be at least 4 if not 5+ inches per hour at times. Also, yes I heard thunder several times throughout the afternoon. I ended up with 25.2" of pure crystal joy by the time the snow tapered off near sunset. This was my favorite blizzard and I have no idea how no thread was made for it . Meanwhile it's still fairly windy here today with 30-40 mph wind gusts. How much snow did you end up with over there and did you experience the same crazy rates, winds and thunder/lightning?
  5. Just one of at least 11 EF5s during the 2020 Super Outbreak. This is near Fredericksburg, VA. I'm the blue bot facing the tornado. This tornado was moving east at 60 to 65mph at this time.
  6. @WxWatcher007 You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep safe and well friend.
  7. What's your go to IPA during this time AND have your kids tried to get some of that good stuff?... Go!
  8. I haven't really stepped into this much vocally (there are lots on here that look way more indepth to this and have added some great info) but while the deceleration in the rate of the increasing number of daily new cases is a good thing to see... that might just be that only so many people are being tested in a day. I mean we all know that there are probably millions who already have it (I know... not exactly big news (limited testing availability)). But the daily death rate is probably more representative of how things are shaping up here. This, of course, is just my opinion.
  9. ...With fairly decent storms to the north.
  10. Thank for the reply. Yeah the latest long-range HRRR has some loltastic soundings. I mean check out this uncontaminated sounding below. I mean 3,000+ J/kg MLCAPE, LI near -10 with effective bulk-shear around 100kts. Lol!
  11. Now this is not for our region (SW of Chicago)... AND it's just one run from last night's 0z NAM at range but... it's not too often that you see 100+ knot EBWD with 1,000+ J/kg MLCAPE. (Also, please ignore the fact that I accidentally called these files as the 3kNAM... the images below are actually from the lower-res NAM) The following is just me thinking out loud. I'm not making assumptions about the severe threat over yonder. I wonder if 1,500+ J/kg mlcape and LIs of -5 to -6 would be enough instability for storms to not get ripped apart by this kind of shear verbatim (Is CAPE fat enough?). Yeah 1,500 J/kg mlcape is not all that weak but... that shear though... Of course I'm not trying to take away from the high-ceiling that storms will have should they take advantage of their environment. @high risk @csnavywx thoughts on this? Also I realize now that I have a problem with using too many ellipses and parentheses.
  12. MD schools closed through April 24th.
  13. Yesterday I went for a walk around my neighborhood and I've never seen so many people/families out and about just walking. Obviously the 80 degree Fahrenheit weather had a big hand in that. I kept a safe distance from others.