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  1. Ditto. Shruggies on a stick there.
  2. Yeah I'm a fairly young man (23). I believe @Cobalt is the youngest in our subforum atm... a junior in high school.
  3. Were you ever able to find that VHS recording that you and/or one of your friends took of the 18"+/hr snowfall rates on the glacier?
  4. There is something magical about December 5th snow indeed. The December 5th, 2002 event was the first real snow event I have vivid memory of. I just remember opening my window blinds in my apartment in Falls Church as a six-year old looking at this mysterious, bright, radiant, white landscape. It was surreal... almost like I'd been teleported to a foreign planet. Thus further sparking my interest in the wintery aspects of weather. Of course, after that we would see 4 more "first snow on December 5th events" within the following seven years.
  5. The southeastern sky was a fiery orangeish/pinkish for a good, long 30+ minutes before the sun broke the horizon. A beauty indeed.
  6. e16 and e17 FTW... for the coastal Carolinas.
  7. I recently noticed the free ECMWF maps on pivotal. Wow, what a game changer.
  8. Just me being Curious George here... Other than the June 29, 2012 derecho (we all know that that's one of the two events you're referring to) what was the other widespread severe event in your 41 years here?