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  1. Actually I think of the scale as parameters. Kwlwx: 1 Eskimo Joe: Higher than Kwlwx Yoda: Fairly High Etc. High cape with no forcing: storms can't form. Need multiple parameters and forcing for storms to form, just as multiple people need to be "in" for hypes to organize.............If you understood anything that I just said.
  2. Saturday looks better the further north you are ATM. I'm watching what any potential MCS/remnant MCS does in the Midwest/Ohio Valley early in the day. Northern areas look to have the greatest threat..........should anything like this materialize. Still very uncertain.
  3. Spring just being spring here.
  4. In all seriousness though, don't completely sleep on Saturday though. While it's certainly a bit of a stretch right now, if storms early Saturday in the Midwest can remain organized through the day they may meet fairly decent CAPE w/ fairly decent effective shear in the area later in the day. But this is a little more than speculation at this point. I will low-key watch it for now.
  5. If the radar doesn't look like this, it's a bust.
  6. Early/mid week is trending wetter atm. www.tropicaltidbits.com
  7. Definitely. The radar this afternoon and some of last night's high-res model simulations for this afternoon looked nearly identical.
  8. Now a tornado report in DC estimated EF-0.
  9. I'll try.
  10. Well....... I was in Herndon expecting to get video of the shelf cloud.....instead I got footage of a rotating wall cloud...coming directly over me.
  11. Pressure down to 29.25in Hg (990.5mb) at KIAD.
  12. After midday as well. But this IS the DMV area so lol......anyway nowcasting time.
  13. Except for the one that happened on Sunday in the high risk area. That was not a PDS watch if I remember correctly.
  14. Not saying it's worth much at all but....... Can someone confirm that this is what the Euro shows?
  15. I have learned through the years living in this area that if you get your hopes up high, you will lose your mind.