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  1. That 59.6" near my hood is BS....what a slang sticker. I have 50" on the nose.
  2. Yea, once you get south of NYC, Miller As are better.
  3. I knew all I needed to know about current storm prospects when I was met with a climo discussion in the model mayhem thread.
  4. Feb is probably finished....great first half, dud second half. Very good month in the aggregate.
  5. I had below 40" last year.
  6. We usually need an NAO for that..was just thinking about it..
  7. I melted, and the winter has been respectable ever since. I think its over for a while, though.
  8. More NNE...their year. Two more warning events, and I'll end happily near climo.
  9. +2.5" 50" total More than half of that (26") has fallen over the course of the past week.
  10. 2.5"...about as expected.
  11. Jerry is getting smoked.
  12. Nah..its final. We'll see what happens.
  13. Best band is pretty stable right over my hood.
  14. I'm dying for a late-season bomb....been awhile.
  15. Man, I salute you....bigger weenie than I-