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  1. Thanks, Will. I take a look at this later. I have to bookmark these so I can stop harassing people every fall. lol
  2. If anyone could post the CFS and UKMET NDJ, or DJB la Nina SST anomaly map, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Could anyone in here post the UK and CFS forecast for la nina? I have only been able to find the plumes...I'm looking for the SST anomaly maps. Thanks.
  4. I could see something like that this season. I really like 2000 as an analog, too....prob +3 on my big three list.
  5. To be fair, I think most have done poorly the past couple of years. I know raindance and Tom hit last year.....about it. But NOONE forecasted the level of atrocity that unfolded throughout January and February of 2020.
  6. Why do people continue to commit intellecutal suicide by reading Henry?
  7. I agree with this from what I have been looking at....my finished product should be out in a couple of weeks. How is your NAO formula this season? Positive?
  8. I've bee looking at la nina structure a lot this week. Its interesting because your winter forecast composite looks much more like a CP, west-based la nina.
  9. Thank you. I think have above average confidence this season...cleared up any ambivalence today.
  10. Do you guys nowhere to find the ECMW ENSO plumes? All I can find is SIPS, and it was discontinued last year.
  11. He is usually just before me...early Novie
  12. I dont know why I can't get mine that detailed....this is all I can get
  13. I like the other site better, but too bad it doesn't go back that far.
  14. Yea, that's all I have, too. Thanks.