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  1. Ok...I stand corrected. Haven'y had a chance to look.
  2. 18z GFS and now 00z NAM have sucked...
  3. No....sure, it maybe wet, but I'm confident that it would be a cold rain.
  4. I'm rooting for your keyboard to stall, and do a blizzard loop over the Benchmark.
  5. No way...regardless of precip. type, we won't have that banded garbage...I'll bet it isn't much, if any warmer, either.
  6. CTSD lol Its the easiest way to ruin an otherwise awesome snowstorm for me.
  7. Yes....I was actually thinking that may verify as a cj, but with that east fetch, there wouldn't be insurmountable exhaust
  8. I'd take either, but e4 was run from my laptop.
  9. lol...rainy cj
  10. Yea...to each their own. That one just doesn't stand out to me. More power to those to whom it does- That was a rough stretch for me, so that may have something to do with it.
  11. Man, this one would save my big Jan idea...fingers crossed
  12. What is funny? While exciting at the time, 10" events are relatively forgettable for me.....at least over the course of the past 25 years or so..
  13. Well, it must have been a quick burst....10" isn't memorable to me.
  14. Not here.
  15. Almost a VD Day 2007 run-