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  1. Are we more vulnerable to being on the wrong side than we were in 1994, and why?
  2. I agree that the few that work out are memorable...partly because they usually don't lol. It is impressive, though. All of eastern sne is in a terrible spot.
  3. Pretty good call....could have been better. http://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2017/12/verification-of-1212-mixed.html
  4. Link me to the verification of your hypothesis. I remember far more blizzards than I do significant accumulations from snow squalls in this region. Its a fact that the downslope flow off of the higher terrain of the ORH hills usually saps the squalls of their original vigor. Eastern New England is geographically predisposed to blizzards because it jettisons east into the atlantic.
  5. 970mb blizzards work out more often over the eastern half of sne.
  6. That's a fraud 5'er....windex.
  7. I just can't stomach another Grinch.
  8. I'll take cold and dry over a Grinch-cutter.
  9. I'd be stunned if this weekend brought widespread accumulating snowfall.
  10. I feel like we'll get something between the holidays and the pattern breakdown, but it won't be pretty for a while mid season.
  11. Agree with that.
  12. Yes, that pattern stinks even here.
  13. This boring stretch was expected....it blows, but I'm not sure why some of folks seem shocked. Stop investing in fraudulent threats. Hopefully something is on track by the holidays.
  14. 30.6/29