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  1. Regression entails more patterns that suck ass hole...I'm not sure why that is so tough to grasp.
  2. Should be a window for about the first week or so, but I still don't think it lasts.
  3. Man, regardless of track....1/29 is a big dog. Signal got much more impressive and a bit closer on 12z EPS.
  4. Wonder if 1/29 is going to actually look a bit better on the EPS.....heights look a tad higher. EDIT: Still no dice, but looks a little better.
  5. Big issue with 1/29 on most recent iterations is that the main reason why I, along with some others, felt as though this threat offered a beacon of hope is because of a burgeoning Rockies ridge. However, today's 12z EURO now has that ridge over the great plains....this needs to change, and fast, or kiss that one good bye, too. The crucial kicker disturbance that I referenced in my blog now looks more like a trough. I would wait on the EPS for that.
  6. I'd give it one more threat if 1/29 doesn't work out....it the first one in Feb fails, yea....
  7. Not all of us. I'm content with moving on haha...whatever happens.....happens.
  8. Its like a spitting image of the GFS
  9. Well, with a break or two we would have made out okay with respect to snowfall....there are worse patterns. I mean, its not 60 degrees with a death star over AK and Greenland.
  10. No, its both...part of snowfall regression entails success or failure that is not commensurate to the pattern.
  11. Its funny....mother nature settled all tabs this season. We were due for a dry spell with respect to snowfall, and we were due for some blocking.....2021 is just mother nature's vehicle for regression.
  12. Wilmington has livened up a bit since I left