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  1. 88.7 is the high so far at home, but I'm sure we will make 4 days.
  2. Plus, I honestly think you may have kept working if a couple of things had gone a bit differently.
  3. That was my next reply lol Dial N-O-O-S-E# for our love scorned directory....
  4. There are 1800 hot lines for those who need help......
  5. Only got down to 75 last night....UGH.
  6. 65/93 today...still 79.5 Official heat wave, with 90 Saturday and 91 Sunday.
  7. I was at 92.8 a bit ago...91.0 now.
  8. Yea, I was speaking more of the atlantic side, but intense GOM LFs are also relatively rare because they are always interacting with mid latitude systems....you need exceptional outflow to compensate (Michael) and/or a tightly wound, rapid blow up (Charley).
  9. Man, I can't wait for the tropics to heat up.