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  1. Meanwhile, some petulant little SOB out in the corn fields of Iowa keeps making naked snow angels on xmas morning.
  2. There is also a chance that activity is not as far down as I perceive it to have been, and we have been just unlucky with trough placement....ie, tons of fish (US. in general, not NE specific). I do think its been down, though.
  3. I should probably research the Atl. ACE output over the past decade before even speculating, but....you would think that with all of the crying over global warming, we would be seeing more activity. Its probably just cyclical. However I do wonder if the larger and more prominent Pacific is availing itself more of the warming globe, thus inhibiting the Atlantic via increased sheer (exhaust lol). Again, no ACE research, but the east PAC has seemed to have some banner years of late......of course, the west PAC has always been akin to an atmospheric video game with super typhoons everywhere-
  4. I remember back in the 90s we entered a golden age of weather, whereas the tropical and winter seasons really heated up, but the topics have since reverted right back to a decade of futility. It will be excruciating if that ever happens to winter....I can tune out the tropics, but I'd need a new hobby if winter goes 1980's like the tropics have. Man, the irony of becoming a weather fanatic as a child growing up in the meteorologically hapless 80s-
  5. Grinch met his match? https://www.farmersalmanac.com/weather/2012/12/24/1983-the-coldest-christmas-ever/
  6. Off of the top of my head, I think 1983-'84 featured about exactly normal snowfall IMBY. It makes sense that 2000-'01 was interior-focused, since the Pacific was meek.
  7. SAL (tropical season) and fast flow (winter) are two of the most frustrating ways to kill otherwise great patterns....silent, inconspicuous, fun-sucking snipers.
  8. 1995-'96 was one.
  9. No....second most favorable ENSO state, behind weak el nino.
  10. May have to start rooting for a weak nina, if we aren't going to have a weak nino. Chuck ftw? When was the last consecutive weak nines?
  11. Those two waves near the CV islands aren't too interesting, yet. Upper winds becoming less favorable with time, and the one that holds more promise, further to the east, is likely a fish because its a bit a higher in latitude.
  12. That system is skunked....mid latitude influences abound....drier air and shear precluding development beyond that of a minimal hurricane at best.