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  1. First of all, Raindance whiffed in the Arctic last year, secondly, I have had years where I "killed it", but that doesn't mean other years won't kill me. Again, no one is expecting a frigid season....its not a cold look this year, but it shouldn't be prohibitive to snowfall. The PDO will not be epic like last year. Do me a favor, and keep your deranged, neurotic BS in the tri state thread.
  2. We can do one when there is something to talk about
  3. Got to Clark's on the 19th...real festive vibe on the eve of a pattern shift.
  4. Right....you are going to get sick no matter what you do. Having the sniffles isn't going to prompt me to cancel any plans. Just don't stick your tongue down anyone's throat and hope for the best.
  5. Jesus, glad I checked the thread .. .was gonna say I will be there at 3 instead of 2, but I guess we cancel.
  6. It seems like some folks are so emotionally fragile and dependent upon snow that they want a written guarantee of crystalized armageddon in their back yard. It doesn't work like that...all you can do is diagnose general features in the pattern and hope for the best. Any additional measures to safe guard against what we are observing in this forum at the very onset of met winter should be taken on the couch or zoom feed of a good therapist.
  7. What got pushed back last year? We got the huge block in December, regardless of of the fact that it didn't produce snow on the east coast. Again, we got the Feb SSW and resultant huge block in March, right on schedule. -PDO is fine as long as you aren't expecting a very cold eastern winter, which no one is. This will not be a prohibitively extreme-PDO list last year.
  8. I would....well, se MA could, but highly doubt interior sne.
  9. I honestly think that stetch... not the season, could rival 2011 and 1996 if things break right.
  10. Maybe we don't cash in on it....depends on how it breaks, but we should see some big blocks IMO.
  11. Well, you were lucky considering what happened in March.
  12. We should see a block like that this year IMO. I know Chris would argue it has to be displaced southward now since 2015, so lets get that out of the way.
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