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  1. Hopefully there is something that can be remotely conceived as being interesting within the next month.
  2. Seriously, I feel its another piece to the puzzle...has its value, but the significance was initially overstated.
  3. Sarcasm apparently doesn't. Carry on.
  4. Agree.
  5. It seems like some are hedging towards a +EPO, PAC jet dominated winter because of the October pattern....I really do not get that. I mean, it could happen....but I don't see what October has to do with it. If anything, I think November is more important in that regard.
  6. I'm ready...really ramping up into game shape. Outlook should be ready in about 2-3 weeks
  7. That is how you do it....supplement player development with a signing here or there. Not vice versa. When you acquire a player, you also acquire a state of mind, which is largely modulated by the stage they are at in their career. This, in addition to physical decline is why player development is so crucial to success and sustainability of a franchise.
  8. #draftplayerdevelopment
  9. Sox can announce their new manager now. Thanks, Yanks.
  10. Or letting it walk and replacing it with bad signings when they do.
  11. You know that its over when the commentators start waxing poetic about how great you are.
  12. #levelthree
  13. At least the Yankees lost, but that teamis going nowhere. Stanton and Cora will have their hands full in '18.
  14. I'm angry.....I'm sick of hearing about weather 8000 mi away because discussion of anything closer will induce a coma.