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  1. If anything, a system crawling has more time to build the fetch and then you add excessive freshwater flooding from 20"+ RF.
  2. Spare Florida of major wind damage, which isn't the primary threat, anyway.
  3. Yea, it has to intensify some, or else it peaks as weak and I do think it sneaks into moderate territory.
  4. I mean in terms of structural damage.
  5. Wind won't be the story with this one.
  6. All I said was it didn't match '38.
  7. Yea, this is why I was saying the further west it goes, the weaker the LF. N gulf coast will primarily bring hydro issues.
  8. I still say you want this in faster, and further south if you want an intense LF. I suspect a N GOM collapser if not.
  9. Exactly. If Fiona had hit us, it would have rivaled '38.
  10. I believe so...not to mention '38 struck at a significantly further south latitude.
  11. I think the main difference was that this didn't move nearly as fast as '38, which allowed for the drop to relatively modest wind intensity on approach.
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