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  1. I'll bet on winter time neg NAO returning shortly.
  2. They seem to have some good calls going by there verification schematics of past predictions, but who knows.... We also have, finally, a neggy QBO this season...man, I pray for a weak el nino.
  3. What do you boys think of this site? http://www.globalweatheroscillations.com/2018-winter-predictions
  4. You're going neutral now? You were in the mod nino camp during the spring...
  5. Man, nasty, nasty, nasty here in Miami....Kev would be in his glory-
  6. Good.
  7. Yes, I feel like a got a little lucky with how well my outlook did in the snow department because the AO being so positive usually hurts more in a la nina.
  8. 215 days...215 days remaining in the period....... http://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2017/05/215-days-until-astronomical-winter-2018.html
  9. UGH You SOB...88.6/65 here off of a low of 65*....on the heels of a bonafide heatwave after 91* on Wednesday and 95* yesterday.
  10. Hit 95 today for the high....most uncomfortable graduation in history. My god. 66.1/65 now after a round of T-storms.
  11. Thanks so much, guys...means a lot coming from such a knowledgable group of professionals and esteemed hobbyists.
  12. Missing data on Cornell site, then...will amend. Thnx!
  13. http://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2017/05/verification-of-winter-2016-2017.html B+
  14. I'm pretty confident, Scott....I like next season given ENSO considerations, and potentially the year after with solar minimum fast encroaching.
  15. My thoughts remain unchanged. Weak to low-end moderate el nino...at best.....guidance beginning to stabilize. I mentioned back in like January....due to historical precedent, or lack thereof, I would strongly bet against a high-end el nino.