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  1. The forecast for today has undergone massive changes since a few days ago! For Most of the week, the forecast for today was supposed to be sunny with a high in the low 60’s. Then by Friday, they introduced a slight 30% chance of rain. Now, there is a 90 % chance of rain today with another system riding up the coast. It was a terrible job of forecasting by most sources that I looked at this week. Enjoy your surprise rainy Sunday everyone!
  2. Let’s turn the page & start winter tracking! The latest run of the Euro weeklies takes us to December 2nd ! It’s time to dust off our winter play book & get into our winter tracker game shape!
  3. I caved with the heat & put it on 2 days ago. We always say every year that we are going to wait until November 1st, but usually we turn it on sometime during the last 2 weeks of October. It looks like we are heading into a colder than normal pattern during the last week of October. It should last through at least the first week of November, it not longer. Hopefully we can discuss looking for our first snow flakes of the season during the next couple of weeks!
  4. The pattern looks to be developing into a trough in the east & a ridge out west for the last week or so of October into early November. The elusive -NAO block could be in play as well during this time period. Maybe we will get the winter weather party started early again this year ?
  5. This blizzard is absolutely crushing the Dakotas ! Last week a good snow storm hit Montana. I like the fact that cold & snow are moving into the country even outside of the higher mountains this early. The Mid-Atlantic pre season winter thread today had a map of the global snow cover index. Snow coverage looks to be well above normal to date. I realize that the snow cover theory does not always translate into positive winter effects for our own winter pattern, but generally, it can’t hurt our chances either! Here is the current blizzard map in North Dakota! I can’t wait until our time arrives!
  6. Yes! It is here! Frost & Freeze advisories are posted for the northern half of PA! It is time to check out some winter season previews !
  7. I wish that I was in Montana today for that early historic snowstorm! Our time is approaching soon. October is almost here! We could soon be discussing first frost & freeze. I’m starting to really look forward to winter tracking season with all of you!
  8. Snow maps have returned to North America! Our time is coming up soon !
  9. I agree with this! A Below normal temperature pattern does not do us any good until mid November! The days of heat are numbered. I’m getting ready to start winter weather tracking in another 2 months !
  10. Thanks for posting here! This thread gets much more active as we approach winter...
  11. That was a great call! Thank goodness that this front has passed! This should be a great weather weekend! Only 1 week until Met. Fall begins !
  12. Yes! I just noticed the CTP forecast for later this week showing highs in the low 80’s. Hopefully this is the last round of extreme heat for this season!
  13. Yes, especially in the shade, with a slight occasional breeze, it felt almost cool outside yesterday morning & evening.