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  1. & then a great pattern setting up with cold & snow chances for the week before Christmas!
  2. The latest EPS, NAM & GFS continue to keep the LSV in line for a couple of inches of snow with the frontal wave on Wednesday.
  3. The 18z Euro looks great for the frontal wave on Wednesday. The 18z only runs out to 90 hours, so most of us would still have a few hours of snow to go.
  4. Maybe once the Canadian will be right? Here is this beauty of a 12z run for the follow up wave on Wednesday.
  5. The 0z EPS & Control run both look decent for at least another heavy coating of snow by Wednesday with the post front wave. I’m hoping to get my first full 1 inch plus snow this season out of this one.
  6. The follow up wave on the cold front on Tuesday night into Wednesday is gaining momentum. The 18z EPS continued to juice up the wave. Hopefully we can score a few inches of snow if this secondary wave times up well with the fresh cold air.
  7. MDT is officially on the snow board for the season with 0.2” measured today. You have to start somewhere...I’m happy they didn’t just put another T down for today.
  8. I just measured .8 of an inch of snow to also get me on the board this season!
  9. Yes, it sure is nice to look out of the window this morning to see my first heavy coating of snow this season.
  10. Moderate snow currently in Marysville. There is a solid coating of snow on all surfaces except the roads, but the edge of the street is showing early signs of caving. I might be able to put my first inch or so of snow in the books here by sunrise.
  11. Steady light snow is underway in Marysville. I don’t even need to stare too closely at the street light to see the flakes coming down. There is already a light coating on the car top.
  12. Some very light snow flakes have just started in Marysville! The Radar looks to be blossoming nicely across southern PA!
  13. I think that I should take a little nap now so I can wake up in a few hours to witness this potential heavy coating!
  14. Ok, hot off of the press...The NAMs .... There is growing consensus for my dusting overnight!