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  1. Blizzard of 93

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    The heat & humidity of today remind me of exactly why I strongly dislike the weather during this time of year ! When is September?!?
  2. Blizzard of 93

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    Yes, it’s still remarkable. The folks in the New England thread have been posting about their snow today & more on the way the next couple of days.
  3. Blizzard of 93

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    Thanks, how far into PA does he think that the snow flakes will fly ?
  4. Blizzard of 93

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    Yes, that pattern would have been nice ! It’s also good to know that there is only less than four months until fall. The longer that we can stay away from the 80’s & 90’s, the better in my opinion!
  5. Blizzard of 93

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    It tough to believe that this is the forecast for the Northeast tomorrow! That area of mixed precip is impressive for May 13th.
  6. Thanks for posting this ! I was a little surprised to not see 2013 or 2014 on this list. One of those years seemed to be well below normal if I recall correctly. Hopefully this summer is on the cool & dry side !
  7. Great posts today ! Thanks for all of the stats & info. If you have the time someday, could you please post some stats for our coldest summers on record ?
  8. Light snow & 34 degrees at Bradford, PA 7am observation on April 28th ! Chicago had 2.5 inches of snow yesterday. This winter will not quit in some places with latitude not far from most of us.
  9. Hello! I checked out on the weather for a few days, but just looked earlier today. Winter Weather Advisory is posted for PA northern tier! I wonder if @pasnownut is going to his cabin to see the late season snow ?! Also, it’s unbelievable that there is a Winter Storm Warning & snowing currently in Chicago on April 27th !
  10. Despite the above normal temperatures in the east this month, there was snow yesterday in the mountains of North Carolina Above 3,000 feet. That’s pretty impressive for late April!
  11. Wow! I hope @Bubbler86 is ok !
  12. This line of storms looks impressive. Hopefully no tornadoes hit the LSV tonight.
  13. Stay safe southern tier crew! it looks like we are all under a Tornado Watch through overnight. Hopefully things die down with sunset now.
  14. The Lakes/Ohio Valley thread is a good read this morning for those of us that love snow. There is a good picture from Macomb,IL that shows it thumping heavy snow in their town with snow on all surfaces, yes including all roads that caved. It should put an end to the nonsense that we hear around here every year about sun angle & it being too late or early to snow & cover different surfaces. Macomb, IL is at a similar latitude to CTP, & they have only 600-700 feet elevation. Someday, maybe we will get a mid April snow storm. That would be a lot of fun ! Here is the the picture from MaComb from the other thread this morning.
  15. Please tell us more... Any good snow maps just for fun ?