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  1. Another day at MDT today with below normal temperatures. I have enjoyed the temperatures this week so far. Unfortunately, Next week I will not enjoy….
  2. I can’t wait until we are all asking the very important question of… “How much snow for Pillow!?”
  3. I saw a billboard today for a “Pumpkin Festival”…Fall is on the way!
  4. We are about a month away from Winter previews being issued by some of the weather websites. The Farmers Almanac forecast is always a good read as well!
  5. MDT had a high of 79 today as of the 5 pm climate summary.
  6. Remember the time the Eagles just won the Super Bowl a few years ago….!
  7. Lol…hopefully someday many of us can meet up somewhere!
  8. Yes, the dark clouds were very impressive as the storm approached.
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