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  1. Thanks for the great write up on this ! I look forward to tracking all the winter events here this year with our Central PA group.
  2. It looks like Harrisburg tied the record low at MDT last night & then will also have another record low for today. CTP is also advertising some light wintry mix late Sunday & Monday am. Does Anyone have any throughts on this system?
  3. There was a good period of wet snow & sleet in Harrisburg this afternoon. The snow came down moderately for awhile. The car tops got a light covering. It was great to have some wintry weather especially after the very warm fall Temperatures that we experienced. The upcoming pattern does look very encouraging, so hopefully today was an early sign of good times ahead this winter!
  4. CTP is ramping up their forecast for some wet snow to impact the region tomorrow pm. Their discussion update this evening is a good read. They mention the NAM & other short range models are showing increasing chances of wet snow tomorrow especially in the Central mountains of CTP. Their current local forecast for the Harrisburg area even has a chance of rain possibly changing to snow later tomorrow evening. Perhaps some of us will see our first flakes of the season by this time tomorrow ?!
  5. I’m dreaming of this having this same radar in January or February with a nice fresh cold high anchored to our north along with a winter storm warning for heavy snow.... Back to reality, MAG & other folks that live near the higher terrain of western CTP, please keep us posted on any snow that you encounter out in your area!
  6. This radar would be great to see in about 5 months (my apologies to Voyager & Williamsport !) This week we mercifully flip to our last month of met summer. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my least favorite season. It will soon be time for winter previews from all of our favorite mets.
  7. That storm on Wednesday evening took down a massive section of a neighbor's tree here in Marysville. Luckily it missed their house & car, & they had a tree service company out that same night so they could get out of their driveway. This humid weather needs to get out of here ASAP. The longer range forecast seems to be advertising a cooler than Normal pattern from the end of July into the first couple of weeks of August. I really really really hope that forecast verifies!
  8. We are now thankfully through half of met summer ! Only about 4 more months until our window for snow begins to open ! In the meantime, I hope we continue to get occasional breaks in the heat & humidity! p.s. The models still are showing a weak, west based modoki El-Nino for this coming winter.
  9. Hello everyone! I am happy that this heat wave should only last 3 days. Then we get to go back to the 70's & 80's. The Breaks in the heat help me to get through summer! Now, I'll go back to dreaming about the weak El-Nino that is supposed to develop for next winter. It would be nice to have a winter that has more to it than just 1 large storm & done!
  10. It looks like more showers are developing in western PA & down in VA. They will rotate in to most of CTP by later this morning & this afternoon. It also looks to be cold at night this coming week. Most days have lows in the 30's with more frost & freeze for some of us. It looks like some snow flakes may even fly over northern & western parts of our region according to CTP.
  11. It's been a very interesting couple of days of weather. It began with 2 massive booms of thunder around 4 am on Thursday that woke up the family. Then we had the monsoon all day Thursday. Yesterday there were a few snow & sleet showers that featured maybe the last snow flakes that I will see until next season. I am looking forward to the warm up over the next few days.
  12. CTP seems pretty confident that after the heavy rain & possible thunderstorms, many outside of the LSV should see a mix or change to wet snow by Friday am. The current radar looks to be loading up in the Midwest. It should be an interesting storm to watch unfold across our region.
  13. MDT recorded 1.0 inch at their 5 pm update. I hope it holds for the final update tonight...
  14. MDT reported 5 straight hours of light snow that added up to .13 of QPF per the Ob's page on their website. Hopefully they record at least a few tenths of snow on the climate summary instead of just putting a T down like has happened several times this year in this scenario.
  15. Steady light snow here. Car tops now covered.