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  1. The temperature drop was indeed very notable today, I got home a little after 6 pm and it was 46 degrees with light rain. It almost felt like early Winter outside this evening.
  2. Hopefully @paweather is just as accurate with his snow forecasts this season.
  3. That 6z GFS run this morning was the stuff that snow dreams are made of…what I would give to see even half of that run verify…
  4. Yes, the radar really filled in over the last 2 hours.
  5. I would like to see this type of coastal low around 2 months from now.
  6. We are all good, I was just having fun as well. At least the Sixers won tonight after a rough weekend of sports for us.
  7. Please tell us more about this Canadian run. It sounds delightful.
  8. I need to check out Caledonia some day. Nice Fall day out there. Enjoy!
  9. Lol, thanks? Hopefully I make a decent post every now & then. The Sixers need someone that can create their own shot or get to the rim on their own in the 4th quarter. Joel can’t do everything on his own. Tobias does not often rise to the occasion in crunch time. Their role players disappear as well when it counts. Hopefully Morey can trade Simmons for a player that can help to solve this problem.
  10. Correction… after further review, the winner from our group on the snow map above is @pasnownut ! My apologies to @Voyager. He just needs to take a short ride to the Poconos to see some really good snow.
  11. Congrats to @Voyager on this first widespread digital snow threat of the year! @Bubbler86 is fringed but I’m sure that someone in our Lancaster crew would allow him to chase the event at least in their driveway.
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