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  1. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Now that this short heat wave has mercifully ended, it is time to return our attention back to the potentially great March pattern that should develop. The 0z GFS Op run has a nice winter storm around March 5th that travels just under PA due to the strengthening -NAO block. This storm as depicted on this run brings around 8 to 12 inches of snow to all of CTP. We should get a few storm chances in this pattern through at least the middle of March. Hopefully 1 or 2 of these can make this a March to remember for snow.
  2. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Just for fun, go check out the 18z GFS for around 12-13 days from now. It has a strong coastal that takes over 2 days to go up the coast due to the strong blocking. These good looks should continue to show in different variations for the period of the first week of March.
  3. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    The GEFS at 12z is showing the impacts of the new blocking pattern that should arrive by the end of February. The snow mean jumped between Feb 28th to March 5th from nearly nothing to around 4 inches for the LSV, with more to the north & west. There are a few nice snow hits showing in this period already. It should be fun to see future runs as they start to show the potential impacts that this -NAO & good phases of the MJO could produce.
  4. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Yes, the Map they put out had all of Dauphin county at least in the 4-6 range for snow totals. The daily climate summary posted at 130am & the public information statement posted earlier today had MDT at only 3.4 inches, unless they update it later, which I’ve seen them do in the past.
  5. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    It looks like I was wrong about my “no chance of 70” declaration last week! Tuesday & Wednesday will feel nice, but meanwhile most of us will be tracking a good winter storm in early March!
  6. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Joe Bastardi is fired up about the pattern for early March. The combination of the MJO moving through 8-1-2-3 along with a west based -NAO should provide the potential for a major east coast storm.
  7. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    MDT recorded 3.4 inches of snow with the overnight daily report, with .34 precip. This is surprising considering the surrounding reports from all directions.
  8. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I just measured 5.5 here in Marysville, with moderate snow falling now. Do you guys think that the precip in OH & IN will feed into the storm to prolong the event a few more hours ?
  9. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Best storm of the season so far. You called this one weeks ago- Congrats! Now that we have a warning, let’s just hope we get a decent measurement out of MDT for the books later on tonight.
  10. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I just measured 4.8 here in Marysville. I think we have a chance to get to 7 or 8 judging off of the current radar.
  11. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    How is the snow doing in your area now ?
  12. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I measured 2.8 inches of snow here in Marysville at 5 pm. Heavy snow continues! MDT had .25 mile visibility at 5pm. Does anyone think CTP might consider an upgrade to a Warning ? They upped the most likely amounts for Harrisburg to 5 inches, which I think would meet warning criteria? The radar is loaded the whole way to OH & WV, all heading our way.
  13. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I agree, best rates of the season. If this keeps going at the same rate for 5 or 6 hours, we might get to that 5 or 6 inch of snow range.
  14. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Heavy snow with around 1 inch on the ground here & the roads are covered.
  15. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Light snow started a little after 3 here in Marysville & it has picked up in intensity. The car tops & grass have a coating already.