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  1. That’s great! I only need a 30 mile shift south to get into the “snow probable” zone! This is my new favorite forecaster!
  2. Didn’t you hear that he invited us all up to his cabin to have a get together in the early snow?!?!
  3. Speaking of awesome rain amounts...where has our friend @Bubbler86 been lately?
  4. Who cares about Dallas or its football team!!! By the way, how ‘bout them Cowboys!!!!
  5. It’s also crazy to see the good possibility that the panhandles of Oklahoma & Texas, and most of Kansas, could see their first snow in the next couple of days.
  6. The 12z Euro looks interesting for the coastal storm system later this week. The northern tier & central mountains of PA could see their first snow of the season.
  7. This system has my attention as well. It’s time for me to get into winter storm tracking shape! We might need to do an early snow chase to the home of our poster near Clearfield.
  8. The northern New England mountains had their first snowstorm yesterday. There are some great photos in the New England forum from yesterday. The snow is getting closer and our winter tracking time is rapidly approaching!
  9. Nice, you are getting warmed up for Winter with one of your famous calls!
  10. Thanks for the Winter thoughts @MAG5035 ! I wanted to be the first one to post a snow map this season!
  11. It looks like the great Franklin County drought could be coming to an end by Monday!
  12. This is miserable Weather that’s not even putting a dent into the historic Franklin County drought! I guess I’ll need to stain my fence tomorrow. Great forecast CTP! All week long, their forecast for today was partly cloudy with highs in the 70’s....Awesome.