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  1. As a poster in the forum just to your north & a long time lurker here, I thought that you guys would enjoy the 0z Canadian for the Wednesday coastal storm. We are less than 100 hours out, but unfortunately the Canadian doesn’t have much support from the other models at this time.
  2. The 0z Canadian is currently the only model that gets some snow to the LSV & MD with the coastal on Wednesday morning. The other models currently bring the low to the NC coast & then take it wide right.
  3. We would need to move our forum snow chase to home of @Itstrainingtime if the miracle Canadian run verified!
  4. I just had some rumbles of Thunder here in Marysville. @Wmsptwx I am trying to get more into thunderstorms!
  5. The 0z Canadian was very interesting to say the least for the mid week coastal storm chance.
  6. Thanks! We will have around 7 months to give up starting soon ! Until then, I’ll track until it becomes impossible around here.
  7. Well done sir ! That gave me a good laugh.
  8. Thanks man. In times like these, we all need ways to cheer ourselves up. Tracking digital snow always brings me a smile. Now if we only get some real snow...
  9. The 12z Euro & EPS still are advertising a great looking pattern for an east coast storm next week. I would love to see the 12z EPS Control run verify, although the Harrisburg area would be in a low snow spot. If we were in a different time without social distancing, I would suggest that we take a forum group trip to the home of @Voyager ! He is in the jackpot show for our area this run. The pattern supports the chance at a strong coastal, but absolutely everything would need to go right to get a warning level snow event in CTP in early April. At the least, it gives us 1 more to track.
  10. Sorry to hear that ! I hope that she gets well soon!
  11. There is strong support for a coastal storm from the 0z EPS, especially for this time range. Check out the 500mb Heights look ! In mid winter, we would be drooling over this pattern. At the beginning of April, it could still give some of us a chance if everything develops & tracks just right.
  12. Here are the telleconnections from the 0z EPS. We haven’t seen the AO & PNA near neutral in a long time. The NAO is also finally going Negative!
  13. The 0z Euro & EPS victory continued to provide a very interesting look for the perhaps final winter season act this year. A strong coastal develops & the pattern finally looks to support this chance. Here is the 0z Euro Op.
  14. Yes, this would have been a good snow week in mid to late true winter. Today, I saw on the local LSV news that South Mountain had 2.5 inches of snow. Here in Marysville there were a few random flakes mixed in, but we never got under the best rates to give a decent short period of wet snow. Congrats to those that were lucky enough to see it snow today ! Also, we might have 1 more threat to track later next week as the NAO finally goes negative & a strong storm looks to form in the east. It we get the right track & intensity, we could have a fun end to the snow tracking season.
  15. The unlikely combination of the Euro, EPS & HRDPS all bring some snow to mainly higher elevations of CTP tomorrow.