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  1. In other news, it’s pouring again in Marysville.
  2. .16 of rain so far today in Marysville. Temp a little after noon is 53.
  3. .49 rain total for today after round 2. My Marysville rain total for the week is 3.40.
  4. There’s another Tornado Warning currently in Southwest PA with that second line. Hopefully it calms down as it crosses the mountains.
  5. .23 & counting so far with this round of showers in Marysville.
  6. All surfaces have caved in Marysville, just a few hundred yards from the river…
  7. I snuck mow # 7 in just now. Light rain is now underway on in Marysville.
  8. Tornado Warning imbedded in that second line now just to south of Youngstown,OH.
  9. It won’t be long now. Rain is on the LSV door step…
  10. Another .28 of rain so far today. 2.63 of rain for me this week since Sunday am in Marysville.
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