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  1. I agree! Very few sustained heat waves & lots of breaks in the humidity this Summer. Beyond the 1 week of heat earlier this month, September has been very pleasant as well. The rest of this week looks to be below normal to normal in the temperature department.
  2. Thanks for posting this! I love your contributions to this board. It’s a shame that the guy from Pittsburgh says “lol” after each one of your posts. The next time that he makes a quality post, it will be a first for him! Please keep posting here & don’t let one guy bother you!
  3. Hmmmm….could it have been the weather pattern at the time or maybe part of the cyclical nature of the weather?
  4. Lol!!! Thanks for Dubois stats! Last time I checked, the month does not end until the 30th…. I am still waiting on the temperature numbers from 1350 AD & 335 BC just so we can compare to the current century.
  5. Welcome to the board! Our group is a lot of fun…except for when a snow chance does not go our way, lol!
  6. 1.46 with light snow ….I mean rain….continuing in Marysville. I might be able to reach a foot & a half with ratios…
  7. .74 so far in Marysville. Radar is filling in nicely to the southwest. I might have a shot at a foot … I mean an inch of precip today.
  8. .63 so far today. This is 2 inch per hour stuff here. No plows yet….
  9. My low was also 48 today. Currently it is 63 in the house & 60 outside with light to moderate rain underway. It certainly feels like Fall!
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