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  1. The 12z Euro Op today brought 3 chances for snow in the next 10 days. First, there is a chance of a follow up wave later this week. Then Sunday into Monday there is a chance of a coastal storm. Then, the run ends with an over running storm that is underway that would still be snowing on us if the run extended 1 more day. Here is the 10 day Euro snow map.
  2. I just finished shoveling & my 3 or so inches of snow that has turned into cement that will soon be freezing back over. That was a heck of a workout!
  3. Stepping back for a moment, despite this storm falling short of expectations, this past week has been a good week for winter weather. We have had 3 snow events at MDT that have totaled 5.9 inches. This brings MDT’s seasonal total to 14.7 inches, which is 4 inches above the seasonal average through this date. Also, there should be a couple of possibilities this week for more ! Also, the Euro weeklies say that our pattern should be fantastic through February!
  4. Temps across western PA are already in the teens. This front is approaching fast. It looks like we might have a chance for a short period of light snow as well before the storm exits.
  5. Mostly sleet now in Marysville. We got about 3.5 inches before the changeover.
  6. Best snow of the day in Marysville as well. Heavy snow with about 3 inches so far !
  7. A little over 2 inches so far in Marysville with heavy snow falling!
  8. Nice ! 1 to 2 inch per hour rates for a few hours ! That works for me ! What is the over-under for the time CTP puts a portion of the LSV back into a warning?
  9. Yes! That’s the spirit ! Moderate snow in Marysville, all surfaces covered.
  10. Yes, it’s actually just getting started! Can we give it a chance ?
  11. Dew points are still in the mid 20’s in the Harrisburg area
  12. Snow is picking back up in Marysville.
  13. I’m riding the old school NAM & Euro combo ! If they agree in the short term, usually it works out for storm totals. Here is the 18z NAM & 12z EPS
  14. Yes, very surprised this late. They should at least let things play out a little more. I just hope it doesn’t cause a problem on the roads with general public thinking it won’t be so bad. This will make it more fun when they bump it back up in a few hours.
  15. CTP now map updated at 1:35 pm. Still has Harrisburg & Carlisle at 6 inches of snow.