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  1. Both GFS and CMC deliver the goods and are starting to narrow goalposts enough to suggest we are inside them. I'd rather be on Euro side vs GFS/CMC sides of best snows, but a compromise (here in LSV) would do us just fine. Hoping posts continue to narrow from here on in as we are inside 5 days. Would feel better if it were 2-3 though.
  2. +1 with both of you and trainer. Only caveat is that we have -NAO and that throws a flag up for the "inevitable" tick north to me. Would probably be easy to find periods of -NAO in the last 20yrs and see what percentage jogged north vs got shunted south.
  3. Yeah I know, but if you look at the "blocking" for next week, there's not much when we need it (LSV anyway) and our thermals are marginally ok (as of 12z's). Not sure i feel confident we are safe down here. Seeing CMC AND EURO come north scares me as were still 5 days out. We needed them to hold for another day or so for me to be able to sleep well wrt this event.
  4. and to further understand my concern. Full disclosure this is a known GFS bias, so not totally surprised, but wrt DEC event, we had days and days of consensus. Yes, a touchdown is still a possibility, and I'm not sure its a hail mary that is necessary, but the team needs to get their sh!t together soon. GFS looks like shredmaggedon or suppression city for next 10 days. Not even worried about the cutter it shows beyond that range.
  5. Bingo.......doesn't inspire alot of hope/comfort as consensus still lags inside 7 days. Fortunately every model cycle seems to have one or 2 ways to snow, but goalposts are boucing all around and Canderson is too afraid to step on the field to kick da ball.
  6. and 12hrs later Point I'm trying to drive home is that players are on the field, but not sure who is qb (should be NAO- but his passer rating is not so good), and who is punter (we have several of them vying for said position. Thats quite the shift in 6 hours. GFS just went to "lost mode". Is a storm coming....I think so, but as much as we follow this stuff, I cant say w/ too much confidence. Euro stays on point, yeah that'll help, but it too had us snowing this week only 7 days ago.
  7. I'm betting we see less than 10 flakes here in Lanco. Getting good at waiting. I'll tell ya, it has been niice for the northern locals, as theyve had snow OTG for a month now, and keep getting refreshers every coupld days. Thats what I was hoping would happen down here. All we've been able to do is retain snow piles :(. lol its all good.
  8. We’ve not pinned down a threat since mid Dec. and yeah I’m a bit snakebit and until todays nooners finally showing some continuity, the players have been on the field, but we’ve got to get some first downs, not fumbles if we’re going to score. Hoping tonight moves the chains forwards.
  9. Yeah Mag the nooners were looking like a few chances at scoring with the block doing what it should and forcing systems under us. Need NAO to stay west based or systems might cut to friggin Idaho. This propensity for systems to try and cut just rattles the nerves. If we can see more consensus build in the next few runs I’m going to get excited. As crazy as it is the euro is far enough south that we could have suppression depression for the Mon Tues system. As a result The next 2 might have a chance to gain latitude and get us in the goods. If that’s not enough we all remember how excited we were a week ago for this week and the snow shredder NAO tore em up. As the MA forum often complains ...many ways to fail. I’m not Debbyin just trying to keep it real in here. I want blizz’s maps to work as much as anyone here....and my snowmobiles...want it more.
  10. hehe... it was fun, but what an easy target. Nut is quietly lurkin and was thinking the Op runs might belly under the nice NAO and was thinking it didnt make sense. I'm glad todays runs brought some looks as to what I/we should expect with such blocking, but am not overly confident in much anymore. One can only see so many good looks "vaporize" to rattle logic and what one thought one understood about weather/physics..... and the cutter really is annoying....and concerning at the same time as I fear it may be part of the warming base state and what the models/analogs are struggling to recognize. ie. just because you once saw this....doesnt mean what it once did. All that said, it still looks like a fun few weeks coming up. Not looking much further for sanity's sake.
  11. So now we wont get cut, but NAO is a shredder. Upslope and lake snow folk approve, but its just a meat grinder verbatim. Just need some southern energy to get involved and we'd be seeing lots of little pieces of overrunning IMO.
  12. Typical bias. It will “let go” of it in a few runs.
  13. IMO ops are still trying to correct w/ the blocking, but to your point, look at the last 2 storms and how they looked a week ago vs where they ended up (shredder). Indicies suggest suppression is a valid worry, but until you stop seeing systems headed for Chicago, and everything going under us....then i'd start to worry. I think next couple days start to shed light on strength of NAO/EPO/AO and what it translates to here in the MA. FWIW we all are better positioned than interior NE, as its frozen popcorn farts for the forseeable future for them.