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  1. Glad to hear that we are coming back to earth with some of these crazy scenarios that have been flying around lately. I think it will be interesting to see what more we learn, and how we use that knowledge as we prepare for the next big challenge (whether that be Covid 2.0 this fall or the next panenemic). The hype of this (while still nasty/scary)was overblown (in comparison to other SARS/Flu/ebola)....and down here was used as a political tool to force narratives. Just hoping people learn and remember this, before we search for the next cliff to jump off of. We as a society should be better/stronger than this.
  2. as I dont know what prior numbers were, is that a + or - trend?
  3. Absolutely. This thread is a perfect example of open dialog, and willingness to listen to all sides. Kudos to all that have contributed, and thanks for letting some "outsiders" in. Nut
  4. In other covid related news..... I'm happy to see this....
  5. thanks for the inspiring words. My 23 and almost 21 yr olds are just starting to "come around". Its been a long wait.
  6. no matter to me. Noone on Gods green earth should be paid 35million/yr to play a sport.....period.
  7. My son said he doesnt care about the money....he is happy to be back to work. He also is fortunate to live at home w/ a VERY attractive rent. Many are not so lucky.
  8. My state of PA is a frigging trainwreck right now.... DONT get me started..... ASSHOLES runnin amuck down here. I will say that Gov. Wolf is really diggin a hole for himself down here....especially as states are opening and starting to recover.... He and his minion Levine are changing the goalposts to force their narrative. Its really sad.
  9. My son filed for 7 weeks, and has been back to work for almost 3.....not yet a penny received.
  10. Understood...but when your parents come to you with the conversation, its not something I have a choice to ignore. I'm POA and executor. The stress is not on the kids...its on US as I am the "kid".
  11. sorry to hear this. not sure about your area, but 70% of all cases in Pa have been in elderly living. My parents are in an adult village of sorts, and we've had a similar discussion as you did w/ your daughter.
  12. Thats always been a concern among many folks. IF we are only testing the symptomatic, it surely would skew the infection rates to the high side, while many/most elected to stay home and ride it out (assuming younger less critical demographics here).
  13. this to me is "best" indicator due to population density. lower numbers at Johns so many studies, so many results... regardless, the numbers are not less than 50% but as high as 80%. That says alot.
  14. Yep. You nailed it. we all know their window of earning opportunity is small, but complaining about 10m instead of 12m is just sad and laughable. ask the 41.7 million on unemployment
  15. and for the very reasons being discussed, some have lost interest some time ago.