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  1. Thx bud. Dunno what happened in your hood, but sorry if you got modded to death. To me, some modding would be great in our big basket, but I guess watch what you wish for...and with a few of us not being afraid to speak up....we are sorta self governing. Just came back from 6 days at cabin in Tioga. Saw snow on n off Tues morn. 5 miles north of me they plowed (sabinsville), while i only had 1/2" at best. Still nice to see. I'll be at cabin a few times between now n just after new years for flintlock season. Likely hit Atomix area (houtzdale) as well with my best bud. After that i hope to blow alot of dust off the snowmobiles at the cabin, as they've basically sat for 2 years. if you're down in the area, look me up. would be great to grab a pint.
  2. wow, sounds like a great trip. Enjoy n send pics too (or maybe you cant where your going
  3. Lookin at overnighters, if GFS is to be believed, and follows patterns of the past, it officially has entered the "lose the storm" period for mid next week. Other majors say something is still there, although they too have lost it a bit. Icon still has it if that gives any of you the warm fuzzies, then thats the model to hug. Still plenty cold for that period, so IF we can get something to pop, it should be wintery and not wet. Beyond that GFS has a nice little clipper for next weekend, but I'd say lets just see how vort #1 plays out before worrying about the next. End guidance a tad better than yesterday IMO, and if GFS suite is to be considered, its not a dumpster fire through mid Dec. Not great but not terrible and zonalish twds the end.
  4. Hey Matt. Hope all is well up north. We are a pretty decent bunch, and are typically cool about outsiders comin in to chat up weather. I'd say most of us are totally cool w/ that, but of late there's been a decent amount of trolling by a few, and its just gettin under some of our skins. You've been here and know how we roll. I guess a few of us (maybe I'm one of the aholes...dunno) are just calling it out, and trying to keep the chill vibe flowin and not muddied up (like some of the other retional forum threads). I weed through tons of sports chatter to find weather snippets, and as many here are sports junkies, I roll w/ it as its not my board, but if/when we start chattin up weather and get trolled or are told to "wait till the storm happens" so that the same poster can tell us daily about warm climate stats...I hope you see the point. If we want to have off topic banter, we should separate threads, but that's also been shot down, so we have one big basket that all of our chat falls in, and if that's how its gonna roll....sometimes ya just gotta take out the trash. That's all. Lookin forward to seeing more of your posts in the winter months.
  5. so....back to weather, cause he's right...its the only weather we've got. HH GFS came south w/ 500's and 528 sittin over us as precip breaks out in western pa. Next panel...she's gone. Southern slider kinda gone. At least some majors are showing the vort and CMC not too dissimilar in how surface looks. Icon looks like it hit the happy juice a bit early and is a notably north of others. Just gotta hope the storm stays on Ops, then MAYBE just MAYBE we get a shot at some fun. TTFN Takin wife out for some grub.
  6. I've often thought he might be "one of us". I'll let ya'll come to your own conclusions to my conspiracy theory....lol Anyone who looks incognito on their sig info gets the instant stink eye.
  7. wild accusations???? Once again....we'll wait to hear em. Dude, get over yourself, you're on the losing end of this. Your posting style says everything and has been called out by others. Nothing objective, just one sided drivel to push a point that needs no pushing in here, as most of us are objective and not stupid. Warming is happening. We know it and only debate is to exactly how and why. Just give up the fight, or change your posting style and maybe people will have some dialog w/ you and not attack. Until then....expect more of the same. If you dont like me/us....ignore or leave. We're not offended in the least.
  8. Agreed. Those of us winter fans finally have something legit?? to chat about and there is not a damn thing wrong with chatting about it, no matter the end result. He is most welcome in the climate change page and he can tout is warmingsta stuff all day long.
  9. Yep, mentioned that over lunch. SER/WAR while not really stout, is ever present in some fashion. GFS Op vehemently disagrees w/ ENS in mid range... so a battle not so royale may ensue. Ens guidance likely the way to go at that range.
  10. so lemme get this straight.....you dont want us to talk about weather on a weather board? I really feel for some of you. In case you've not noticed, your schtick is old and no longer appreciated. Still waiting for you to add value to the disco as to why "it aint happening"......
  11. Troll elsewhere. Verbatim this is PLENTY cold, and vort pass is south. Worst/warmest panels shown for possible event and next panels are better thermally while precip is still in area. Its juvenile when peeps like you get your rocks off on trolling, and add little to conversation. Noone is saying its happening, but verbatim, its got a chance as depicted. Show us what you see that says its not snow, or low ratio at best.....we'll wait.
  12. Back from northwoods. Great time w/ friends/family. Nooner GFS shows a see saw wrt temps, but with many chances thrown in, maybe we can get something to pop (like Mitch just posted regarding mid next week), as verbatim vort pass is under us all the way, and while more of a progressive look, if timed right, it has a chance. As chatter of a warm start to Dec has been thrown around by some in other circles, its not a close the curtains look, but I hope next week can hold as ENS guidance has ridging of various proportions here in the east. Looks warmish and hope to be wrong for first 1/2 of Dec. if we can eek a score or 2 in, all the better.
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