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  1. Here's what the maps are currently showing for warmest panels. If you look at the mid and upper levels, they look supportive of 2m temps as ridging is brief and with other variables considered, me thinks 70's may be tough (but of course we may flirt w/ it as you dont have to head too far south to get to numbers that will make me bust.
  2. used a blend of op and ens guidance, and I dont see any 70s. yeah upper 60's but once beyond the mid week warmth, it cools nicely. Point i was making is that normalish kinda fall weather and no anomalous warmth looks to be looming anytime soon. Normal is just fine w/ me.
  3. saturated ground will surely temper some of the warmth. Its been quite cool of late and soil temps likely responded.
  4. Just looking at the 500 maps and ens guidance and I'm going to pull a Bastardi or Weatherworld long ranger and say that we dont see temps above 75 until next spring. Tomorrow may tickle that number and the 13th has a bulge in the midwest that if rolled over a bit further east could be a spoiler to my guess as well, but I'm sticking w/ it as there is enough ridging out west and enough push of cold from the land of the canooks to make me feel safe for now.
  5. wow. thats nuts. NOTHING like that round here....Hope the carnage isnt too bad on your casa.
  6. huhh..was breezy down here in lanco but not too bad.
  7. Loving this "early" fall weather. Early winter looks are not horrid, and we should have some shots at fun. Hoping for good times ahead "weatherwise".
  8. Meso's say were about to be moist. Nam looks juicy. Still not in ideal range, but early week suppression thoughts are starting to diminish. forumwide soaker Wish I planted grass, but id only be feeding the grubs....I'll get those bastards next year.
  9. happy belated. edit, i just caught up on thread and saw you recieved a nicely giftwrapped version of the same gift. 2's better than 1....i guess.
  10. Beers cheaper and much more readily available....and you have instant replay. just trying to turn the -'s into a +'s for you.....
  11. 18z ready your post. HP ticks north and precip shield responds accordingly. Saturday in play for some moisture (for all you sport attending fans). I hope to sit in a tree Sat PM so I'm keepin an eye on it as well.
  12. congrats man. Hoping many good years in the new casa.
  13. and if they dont get us, there is s follow up wave on Thurs, that verbatim is an area wide crowd pleaser, but that's just a TAD too far out to really discuss much as it'll likely be 500 miles away in somewhereville by happy hour run.
  14. 12z keeps the concerns we both noted alive and well. As depicted, that HP up north means business (now showing 1036 as he slides SE)...and will likely play Edward Scissorhands to any tropical influence trying to get north of 40.
  15. yeah it sure looks like a rather uncertain time, as one model run shows a bunch of something...and the next a lot of nothing. IMO w/ that likelyhood of an inland track, I'd think were bound for some interaction, although frontal boundary and HP up north may shunt Nward progress. My wife has a wedding to shoot on Saturday....that might not be fun.
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