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  1. Most mesos seem to favor I80 north, and show a skook split of sorts with SE Pa getting some late action. Any water in bucket would be appreciated. The .14 I tallied the other day did very little for my scorched earth that formerly identified as a lawn.
  2. I'd take the past weeks heatwave anytime.... Saturday did moderately suck though....
  3. If memory serves, prior 2 seasons were also supposed to be Epic.... Got home from cabin work weekend, and watched some youtube vids. Saw my first prediction of a cold and snowy winter en route to the east...I chuckled aloud. Just like the heat and hurricanes, just a lot of hot air keeping the nothinburgers warm.
  4. last 2 years have been full uf em for me with parents. Glad he will be ok. Hang in there bud.
  5. yeah looks like next couple days we do get hotter, and likely enough to cook eggs on asphalt (so dont sit down on pavement boys). headed north and will see how high the pine creek is tonight. Work weekend at cabin. Like others have already suggested, evenings have been rather tolerable, but if DPs get a tad higher, that'll be the end of that. TGIF
  6. Hey all. I'm just stopping in to see how everyone is surviving the summer solstice heatwave of 2024...lols, and after reading a few posts regarding how underwhelmed some are, I'm glad I'm not alone. Feels like normal summer to me. Now the precip side....that's a tad light, and more concerning for farmers with young crops in fields....and eventually the water tables. Happy summer to all.
  7. While I dont have a current twitter account (never was worth a subscription to me), the little I get from it isn't too dissimilar to the little I got from it before. Yeah, its not moderated - censored like it once was, but I'm no fan of one sided slander, and if were gonna play that stupid game, let both sides have at it (mind you, I'm no fan of the trash talk, and wish there could be sensible dialog....but please show me where that exists in this digital age?? I dont see it anywhere, but maybe I'm just snakebit as to where to find truth anymore....but I look at a myriad of sources in search of.... Bias is all to prevalent, and is rather disheartening when the masses deserve the truth... rant over, Its gonna rain today. Hope y'all are doing well.
  8. Mowing went from 2x to weekly to weekly. Brown n burn poking up in spots. No ideal how many, but 10ish would be my guess. Go bears Go phils...yes I've started watching happy summer. TTFN.
  9. I thought this as soon as i learned of when it happened. Its no silver lining whatsoever, but the human impact could have easily been in the 100's. not trying to start conspiracy, but that ship was well left of the green channel beacon. Hoping no malicious intent. Thinking of all that are or will be impacted. In other news....I mowed yesterday. First and last mow report for season, but I'm "on the board"....lol Happy Spring all. Coulda snowmobiled in Tug Hill this past weekend but hosted family for Easter (my side), so sleds never made it north for a second year straight.
  10. with AO/NAO heading solidly -, it just has to be enough to bring boundary south enough. Add the PNA showing slightly +, it might be enough to get the trough far enough south, and while your point is a good one, I'm pulling for earlier the better....cause ya know...."too warm today for it to snow tomorrow", or "sun angle", or "warm ground wont hold any snow" stuff...which becomes increasingly more true by the day in MORCH
  11. as suggested last week, it'd likely be till this week for models to start reacting to better indicies, and I'm hoping the 6z GFS is a result in better signals being advertised and not a mirage...
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