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  1. I edited a bit cause #2 wasnt quite as bad as it looked early on, but for eastern 1/3 of pa, we are all rain, so for me it doesnt really matter. Norther westers may be ok w/ it (verbatim).
  2. Euro says just what i stated yesterday....congrats Chicago (and not in a congratulatory way as its mostly rain). And after that dumpster fire, dont worry, there's another dumpster fire getting ready to cut way friggin west at a hunch as model run was still ongoing, but you can see the ridging popping behind the pooper that is slated for next friday. edit.....#2 (saturday/sunday)starts south but is likely going to cause issues, so put your hopes in that basket. In summary...we get shafted 2x
  3. Lol. Looks like the GFS it hittin the sauce a tad early today. And while I/we wanna believe....toggle back the last 4 runs and you'll see why I'm a tad nervous to push chips in (although the weenie in me is all in). I'd take my 3" and like it.....
  4. that control run sure looks pretty on screen. Just need it to look perty out window.
  5. I stir shit up and the weather gods respond accordingly... Dont worry, those 2 diggy snows will be in chicago for nooners.
  6. to further the turd talk.... if it looks like it.... and smells like it.......
  7. I personally have cancelled nothing, but for the forseeable future its lower odds than we've been dealing with, and that's just being a realist...not a debby (which was used in humor).
  8. once again I find myself thinking of a previously used polishing turd analogy when looking at our "winter" future. Yall know thats not how I roll, and I'm usually looking for the way to find snow, but odds look rather low for a flush hit of something appreciable (and not a sneaky cartopper like I barely had this morning). I want to be wrong in the worst way, and I'll bud in line on the Blizz train if we can find something. Till then....just going to take a chill pill n roll w/ it. I've got a trip to Maine w/ 23 other guys hanging out there in a couple weeks, but am fearful that too may be in trouble if Ens guidance has a clue to the misty distant future (Gadomski ism)
  9. so did the look of the nooner LR Ens guidance and the short terms/ops didnt pick up on southern pa until almost inside 24 hours Tellies look troubling other than that.....were good yours truly, Debbie
  10. For me i think its more the winters over part. My dog passed, so I dont worry about mud like I used to. Only thing worse than a bad winter is a late spring and cold that shoulda been here 2 months earlier than late march/april. Like you...if snow aint stickin....I'll take it but its more of a bittersweet pill to swallow to me.
  11. even though it's felt like winter often...if its not gonna snow...add me to the dung heap if Feb is gonna be more see saw and no snow. I hate spring so lets get it over with so I can hop on the hog. MORCH on...
  12. I guess since were looking for ++'s in this "winter" at least we've not had a shut the shade blow torch...no matter what the temp departures show. When its cold, its moderately cool, and when its warm....its just plain warm. Despite the lack of white, I'm still sorta ok w/ the reality that it's felt like winter frequently. Just doesnt look the part.
  13. So I'm just gonna throw out that some Ens guidance surely doesnt look like the "end of winter". Snowloversdelight.....hardly....but this looks like winter to me (and I was rather surprised to see this start showing up yesterday). "See saw" temp swings looks appropriate to me. I should be trolled for throwing a post 240 hr map out for disco, so I'll not post further beyond (which looks to warm) as thats way too far out to fret over. heres the opposing view. Not sure how it ends up but as always stated 7 outta 10 times betting warm wins.
  14. he rounded 9.98 up to 10. Pure sensationalism..... This winter sux
  15. I'm just a lucky guy....what can i say. Was gonna take a pic, but it wasnt pic worthy to see white roofs. Meh. I posted obs above from my hood for any that think I'm further off my rocker than previously thought.
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