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  1. but weve seen +5 AO this year...and it wasnt that bad last year ( Im sure you and your stats gurus can find that # out for us). That said, the boundary line has reacted accordingly and went further we cut further west (which can work when the AO/NAO are neg enough to keep the boundary closer.
  2. HMM?? You dont see the red blob above Nova Scotia?? And if that's not good enough, the AO/NAO are headed down at this time. Blocking is less important when those 2 are - and pressing south as they force the boundary below us. I'd take my chances any day and 2x on Sunday's w/ that look....even if it doesnt work out.
  3. I saw like 17 snowflakes on the way in this morning. Swear to God i did..............
  4. Just looking over 12z ENS and it appears that the GEFS/EPS are continuing to show a quicker/better look starting around 7 days from now, and fwiw, it looked rather decent through the rest of the run. GEPS not quite as quick, but still getting there....closer. Gut says that as long as all stars continue to align, we may have a late season tracking session coming up.
  5. "Groomers" are basically de-oxiginating the snow....thus making whichever (real/man made) more dense. Some years back on the Tug sled broke down, so I spent the day in a groomer with the Barnes Corners Sno Pals groomer operator...asking all kinds of questions to Paul as to what they do and why they do it. As at that time, i was just getting involved w/ our club up at the cabin, and at time we had a groomer. Pretty cool stuff if your into snow. Sorry if the off topic stuff is boring any. Consider it your useless trivia for the day.
  6. Maybe someone can clarify, but I think the density of man made is greater than natural, giving it more resiliency. I know when I skied, I preferred the real deal....but man made is better than nothing at all.
  7. No worries...was just adding to your point. I only brought the others in because unlike a ski slope....we rely solely on the lakes or synoptic events to "do our thing". I can go to roundtop/poconos tonight and still get my snow fix in. That's what I was gettin at.
  8. If you saw my post the other day wrt something needs to pop on the base of the trough that is getting're seeing what I was hoping for. CMC had a good one show up this morning....but its the cmc.....and its an op at length....and we know how this years been. Short of that, we've got a chance.
  9. you can add snowmobiing, ice fishing..... I think you are spot on w/ it being more episodal than epidemic. Now if 10 years from now, we are still where we are.....we're gonna need to rethink our thinking.
  10. Yeah....thats for sure. When you are lacking a 120-160 deg fetch off the lakes, and you are too far south in latitude to avoid being cut....yeah its ugly for them as well. They have had more than a handful of events (and were snowmobiling in the laurels over the last 2 weeks....but they like most south of 80 cant hold in this pattern.
  11. actually from the northern tier of Pa through much of NY straight into the Dacks to southern VT/NH is doing pretty well for the last 3 weeks. Here's links to snow cams as i dont want any to think I'm making stuff up.