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  1. I'm a fan of long duration overrunning events. Steady stream of light precip is great. would like to see that happen this season. Nut
  2. awww what the heck.....its been a while since I've posted perty pics.....Happy Hump Day!
  3. looks like overnight runs have suppressed the warmup for next week. Not perfect, but acceptable IMO. Furthermore, if you like off hour runs....take a peek at 6z GFS if you believe in Christmas miracles...:). (BTW, look at surface maps...not 500's cause that "just aint right"....) surface is just eye candy but, but hey....its a long ways out and who knows. Just glad the warmup is getting muted (and verbatim, wasnt real bad anyways. Its hard to break into winter and stay there in December. Nut
  4. That was crazy for sure. Never saw anyone play in such deep snow.
  5. yeah just saw that. Looks like they are digging a little further south. Verbatim it would be a great end of week for many. Dont tell anyone....but snow maps ticked up nicely for EOW. Nut
  6. You’ve been a great guy to follow and we appreciate the input. Hope your right with “ lots to discuss”. I too feel that we at least have some stuff to watch in the coming weeks. So much better than last year no matter how the chips fall. Nut.
  7. Yeah i just saw that. i remember a sleet fest a few years back that had I81 a mess for days... sleet to snow is best, as it packs it down and makes things fun for a while. Nut
  8. after what we saw this past week, I'd not call anything a lock until 24 hours out. Once tuesdays cold comes, subtle corrections may get us into the next game. Nut
  9. Thanks for the stats Don. Looking forward to those kind of numbers (you can toss 69' though). Nut
  10. 1” additional so I’d put 6” in the books. I will take 1-3” all year baby. Thats my kind of nickel and dime event. Next........
  11. 5” not on snowboard but an aluminum snow saucer upside down
  12. Dumping here in Akron. Closing in on 4”. Gotta love an overachiever!!!
  13. 2” and snowing nicely here.
  14. First flakes in Chester County. Lets play!! Hello Winter. Great to see you Ol Man!!
  15. Snowing in md and nj so get ready. I’ve learned to quit model watching usually 8-12 hrs before storm hits, that’s also why I post less once I know “it’s happening”...and guess what.....it’s happening. 2-3” is a great start. while I love to track storm I get just giddy seeing it fall Ill post during but I live to play in it. We are bow hunting in it tomorrow morning. Gonna be challenging but fun.