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  1. thanks....was scratching my head. Think he might be practicing a bit early w/ the egg nog.
  2. FWIW (and that's not a lot), if one looks at @paweathers 6z GFS run, it would likely give many snow weenies some morning wood.... Not a lock and not likely to work out as depicted, but takeaway verbatim would be several chances coming up in early december with vorts passing thru every few days. Nice early winter start IMO. Ens guidance not as robust for clipper as Op closes off and digs a bit while Ens stays open (which would argue for a norther correction). Beyond that....I just like the look and will keep an eye (or both) on next week while freeezin arse off in treestand in search of venison. Not going to be on much over the next week, but I'll be looking from afar....with that said, despite this shitstorm we still are working through, we all still have a bunch to be thankful for. Focus on what you are fortunate to have, and worry much less about what you don't. There is always someone who would gladly trade places with you. Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all. Nut
  3. Wasn’t a dumpster fire. Sorta shocked me. Guess he doesn’t care about keeping his warmies happy. Kinda impressed actually.
  4. Duly impressed. I'm not stranger to gettin nasty looks from my wife as well, and yeah, I get it, being in sales is often times akin to being an HR manager.
  5. dude....that's the best one I've read in a long time. Well played!
  6. Gut says lake effect for next Mon/Tues will likely give some N and W peeps a white turk day.
  7. I'll pretend its snow and pick my "favorite" map. Here's what I got for ya.
  8. they do that so they can show a + for both . I've had that damn sore throat for about a week now. I'm always achy so that doesn't count...lol. My temp is usually low grade anyways. Maybe I really am cool.
  9. No i get it, but just reading the wording made my type what i did, but in summary........... BLAME THE MEDIA?? I'm down w/ that. Fin hypsters.
  10. hoping a repeat of today w/ cloud deck helping, and pre frontal clouds to thwart our run at 7 0. I'm ready to not see those numbers till next May.
  11. we've been seein this for the last few years....and it still is my biggest frustration, as it is seemingly the "default" winter pattern, unless we get some help from tellies. Late next week shows this w/ NAO and the maps respond accordingly. Hope its not just a brief window, but more of a sustained one. Would love to once again see early cold when some said December would go warm.
  12. Yeah crackin the seal sucks when us older ones do it. i should just stand on the back porch and finish my beers.......makes me think of an old movie title...."a river runs through it". lol
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