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  1. Im good, but I bet you dreamt up a few good snowstorms while takin those disco cookies Glad your getting better
  2. Then ignore them and look at typical tellies,incidies,base state, catapillars, squirrels, nuts and all of the stuff we used to and go from there. Thats not a dig, thats just trying to keep it fun.
  3. Wishing you all the best in the recovery. Yeah, glad it wasnt worse. Now you'll have time to troll us snow seekers.
  4. they arent looking or weighing the goofus, as it looked moist a couple days ago and then started to dry up some. Regardless next week does look like 2 shots at appreciable rains for many of us. Hope so.
  5. Wondering if it comes in a bit stronger which could help upstream implications if the current track becomes likely. Might be throwing some seed down myself this weekend (I was kidding above wrt rocks n mulch ) Just seems more predictable an outcome and lower maintenance. Hehe.
  6. The Susquehanna valley approves of the 12 goofus. So does what's left of my yard. para says its a win as well. Ens shows general support as well but notably less qpf. Still like the trajectory as depicted on the GEFS.
  7. I"ve considered doing the same, but every year i fight to rebuild the lawn Thinking of going for the low maintenance look. rocks or mulch. Prob is I'd need about this much mulch lol Just kiddin. I've got to do something. absolute shit show for lawn right now. crabgrass n all kinds of stuff came in and took up residence.
  8. I hope we all get a good sunday soaker.....and this to verify
  9. Had to bring it up.... back to the shrink I go..........
  10. 39 w/ spotty frost at my house. Was hoping to pull off a hard frost, but I'll take it.
  11. looking over last 4 runs, nooner NAM says no rain for PA. xtreme SE may be able to count the drops. Instead of hooking up w/ frontal boundary to NW, best qpf gets nudged SE of DC
  12. clouds that limit traditional cooling often live at lower levels...say 5,000-15,000 ft. smoke from cali has to get to upper atmosphere plumes (noted at 55,000ft.) to make it here, and after 3,000 mile journey, are dispersed as they travel east.
  13. we can thank california for our global cooling.........:). at least they are good for something. hehe