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  1. 41 out this way. No frost but looks like we were getting close. Beauty of a weekend no doubt.
  2. Its just awesome to be away from the oven. Looks like nice stretch of autumnal weather coming up. Went down on bike to OC MD for anniversary weekend with wife and another couple and my face is rather windburnt. Wind was crazy for a rather long duration. Outside of that, it was great to be chilly for once. There was a Corvette show going on. Pretty cool to see them rumble up the boardwalk.
  3. yeah it is a rather large diurnal swing in a rather compressed area, but this is the season for it. it was nice to open the windows and turn the AC off this morning. Hearing the rain in the gutters and feel in the air was a welcome site for me/us.
  4. Hey gang.. Started a new thread for Fall/Winter.
  5. Since the last 90's of the season seem to be gone (for now anyway), it seems like a good time to turn the page and discuss what is largely our favorite time of the year. Here's to a great fall and winter. Discuss.......... Nut
  6. Thats why i posted the wind map. Already SW 6 hrs prior to the 850 map. Cold just aint gonna hold if 500 is right. But yeah sneaky cold is definitely getting close enough for sure. Here is this AM's run of same timeframe. I included surface winds. No NE reflection being shown. This is all for fun....and i'm not beating any drums.....cause its nowhere near showtime for me/us. I was just pointing out the "cold" shot might just be a "cool" shot. Its just typical swings of autumn to me. Fun to see cold around again though. Sets the mood right :). Have a good day gang.
  7. and here's 500 anomaly for full disclosure to what I'm talkin about .
  8. here is an example of what doesnt jive to me. 2m vs flow at 500. Look at wind direction below and verbatim, id think the surface would not be as cold as depicted. Wind out of SW will quickly scour out antecedent cold. I posted prior 6hr panel below for covo's sake. Pattern goes back and forth, so as stated, all normal and good IMO.
  9. You are correct and that coupled w/ the warmer looks at 500 are exactly why I'm suspicious, and why my eyebrow was stuck in lift postion. When parsing over, I saw the 850 anomalies vs 500's is just didnt seem to fit. Too early for the cold to hold IMO. LIke i said, it doesnt scream torch, but it doesnt scream frosty pumpkins either. I'm ok with what is currently depicted as you stated, anything below 75 is tolerable...for now.
  10. Per GEFS, only concern i have is that upper levels have warmed at 500 from a few days ago, and surface doesnt quite match up to me, so one of them is going to bust. I'll root on the 850's over the 500's for the win, but logic says that 500's may be closer to right, and if so, i hate to say it, but CTP could be onto something. Regardless, verbatim the warming looks normalish for Oct., so its still better than this crap.
  11. they are just practicing for the upcoming winter when they will poo poo any cold/snow that comes along.....
  12. my bro and i both talk about how we love the early darness of winter....people think our wires dont touch. They are probably onto something
  13. just saw a vid on Social Media and wowzers. Thats just a hum dinger of a storm. Next weekend cant come soon enough. FIrst sniff of leaves while out on the bike w/ my wife today. Its the small things that sometimes make one happy. That made me happy.
  14. I'm just going to weenie my way into a good winter by cherrypicking all signs that help us. That said, I'm liking to see the reemergence of Modoki Nino as Ben suggests. Hope that look gains traction....just like good snow tires.
  15. Looking over ensembles, a week from today looks to be starting into a cooler regime, as 2m air temps have blues starting to show up w/ some gusto. Also seems to be showing some chances for appreciable precip into second week of Oct. If verified, looks like some nice fall weather coming up once we get to latter part of next week. Might have to dust off of my model watching websites. :). Nut