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  1. yes, it did, but the general theme of showery weather seems to still be in the offing during that period, and that's all I'm looking at. I dont need to see purples IMBY to see raindrops. That's all I'm saying, and if that holds true, it is a way to beat back some heat. Like with others, that is a win for me.
  2. just another 2020 thing is right. Its a shame when every friggin news outlet is in a fight for most the expense of sanity as we knew it...
  3. GFS mid term looks to be showing a wetter look from Thursday and beyond. Showers hopefully give respite from the oppressive heat and could help to "cool" us off a bit as we approach the weekend. If one takes GFS verbatim, it looks downright wet and showery Thurs/Fri.
  4. nah....mine is 6/2....but i'll consider that happy belated ohh...and happy bday canderson.
  5. all ens guidance shows rather good concensus out thru 240. 2m temps dont look ominous, but ridge axis centered in central basin suggests that it will likely be easier to overachieve in the temp dept (as it seems to do lately). I think your right that its not days and days of pressure cooker stuff, but 90's likely sprinkled in extended. Parsing over precip panels suggest a couple of wet periods that likely aid in keeping temps in check.
  6. all good . No worries. I like to send long lead hints....he is the day to day guy. We make a good team IMO.
  7. I've said it before, I stray to discuss patterns and snow opps. Like Blizz....its what I love....the hunt. Sometimes it gets a little quiet and or gloomy here, so I go in search of convo. Not bashing, just callin it as it is sometimes. We all know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to to my part in being a good sport this year (during warm months), and hope we have lots to chat about in CTP this year. Weak Nina is early look, and I will take that for now. As I alluded to last year, I feel analogs/indices are not quiet as useful as they used to be as it feels like the base state (GW or ???) may be warming enough that it's literally "up in the air". I worry that the MA which is historically the battleground for snow, may be eeking north as we lose the cold in the arctic. JMO's but we'll know soon enough...and as i get older, I enjoy the 4 seasons more than i used to.....but NOTHING will ever beat those first fresh air masses of fall, the leaves, and the excitement for winters arrival....even when its a ratter like last year (for LSV it was anyways).
  8. and I'll rise like an old pack mule ready to climb the mountain in search of snow.
  9. after looking at the radar and seeing the heavier returns so far west, that you guys were in for some appreciable totals for next few hours.
  10. Hope you piss that rock out soon. You’ll know when.... kidding aside good luck with it
  11. verbatim, first week of august looks like airflow from SW, but before and after looks like warm and more arid conditions w/ flow from WNW.
  12. looking at GFS ens guidance suggests normalish weather with a couple warm days sprinkled in. Precip chances also seem to pop every few days. Sure hope its correct. Big takeaway....heat pump is temporarily broke. Need to watch the ridging out west as it is close to rolling over into the central basin, which would fire the furnace back up.
  13. Makes sense. it is a rather large valley and a big enough basin to capture the heat.. edit - saw trainers comments about downsloping and that likely factors in as well. I remember my college days staring at the mountain waiting for snow and how it held at elevation while the valley was slushbombs or white rain.