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  1. Yeah that’s the one I meant.
  2. that looks like the Ukie from earlier this week.
  3. That's what i've been wondering as the WAR wouldnt go away,but now that were into P8, the models are catching on and adjusting accordingly. Sure hope so.
  4. Icon and GFS stepped towards a better look for next week, especially for the northern parts of the region. Boundary war going on, but if we get a couple more ticks S/SE with either, we could step our way into something.
  5. You bring up a great point that I put out in the MA thread yesterday, but got no response (they can be very clickish in there). The persistence of troughing in the West has me baffled. Why has the PNA been so consistently - and not +. Would you blame ENSO/MJO? I know phase 8 favors trough in the East, and we've been waiting for it and here it is, yet...wash rinse repeat....were gonna cut. Do you think the SSW has peturbed the AO domain unfavorably? So many questions.....lol Yeah i know were doing O K, but it has been a struggle down my way. I'm glad true CTP has been better w/ events. You guys were due, and yeah, still time, but its early 3rd period and we need a reversal/takedown/backpoints (wresting analogies) to get a win for me.
  6. 384 hr GEFS looks great. what a year. Iso stay around. We need you. Itll get better next year.
  7. 18z Pappa G was a nice step towards it.
  8. in my mind, thats 50% of how we snow anymore. Stable longwave favorable patterns have been modeled much, but are seemingly few and far between in the last few years. Feels that way anyhow.
  9. Just has to be cold enough....better than showing that god awful SE ridge from hell...although this likely implies some of that pig ridge showing up.
  10. Well it sounds like we have a week of tracking legit threats. I'm just gonna leave it at that for now...
  11. Regardless, it would be great for you guys to have snow on snow. While I'm fringed for now, still like the trends and in truth just want snow in the MA, as i know eventually, I'll get mine. We got a couple inches Mon night, so i cant complain.
  12. what does snow map look like? askin for a friend - since the Euro is regaining its Kingship starting this weekend.
  13. I dont want to come off as mean spirited, and know he ads value...when he wants to, but we ALL have to abide by normal forum decorum, and there should be no sacred cows here. If anyone else did it, they wouldn't last more than a couple days...... (snowtorm9561 or whatever his name was for example - and i dont care what forum he belongs in). Its fine to have fun, it makes it bearable during tough times, but relentless bump trolling every 6 hours makes a winter that is challenging....just tough to follow in here. Not every poster in here expects every digital snowflake that is modeled to stack up in their yard. If you do, step away once in a while for sanity's sake. Rant over, and for the JI followers...sorry. Ok, back to trackin. Is it gonna snow?
  14. No. Weak events are not worth tracking in late feb Then take a break. We’ll call you when a biggie is inside 24. K? some of us realists get tired of you dying a 1000 deaths. And fwiw I know u know your stuff, but that doesn’t matter much anymore. It’s tiring parsing through your rubble