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  1. see updated post. i added link right after i posted for that very reason. here it is again. http://www.swedenhillsnocam.com/
  2. if only it were february.
  3. actually they did pretty well from what little I've been following. http://www.swedenhillsnocam.com/
  4. Well guys, it's that time. Spring is gonna be springin this week, so I'm checking out for a while. As always I'll stop in once in a while, but I've got a full plate this spring, and I'm already running behind, so I hope y'all have a great spring/summer and I look forward to coming back in the fall. While winter was more normalish for the N/W, we struggled in my hood, and what we got didnt stay around long, except for a few weeks back when we had our 1 week winter in the LSV. Couple dud winters in a row for me. Here's to next year....or the one after that. I'll be here. Nut
  5. I can recall some varied reports on snow totals around KMDT. Wonder if that is what we are seeing? Or maybe someone is a trained spotter, and the other wears snow goggles.
  6. Yeah there is, but i can tell you first hand that what you see in the higher totals is upslope on the western side of the Apps. I've attached a google snapshot of my location, and I assure you, i did my homework before i purchased, and part of my reason was location location location....for snow. Its like a microclimate on the mountain. Shin Hollow Rd - Google Maps.html
  7. Some of us need more "padding" than others...... As I live right between the 222 sign and the 23" total, you can extrapolate at will as to why this has been a tough winter for me. Cashtown....you suck.
  8. Its like you hold the steering wheel to my brain.............
  9. right where we want it at this juncture......hehe I'd take that for a sayonara to winter.
  10. Cleaning out parents.... been there done that. They moved 3 times in the last 12 years and my dad is a packrat. I feel your pain. After last purge, they moved to an adult community nearby, and he rents 3 sheds in addition to the 1 on his property....for his "stuff". They are all full to the brim. Good luck w/ your purge. I sure hope best accums stay well east. But it is what it is, and it wont be terrible to be working in the snow. Just have a bunch of guys coming up to help, so it may be a bit messy. Worse things to worry about for sure.
  11. You can disagree all you want....thats why its a discussion forum. No worries. I don't offend easily, especially when someone gives sound reasoning as to why i may be 22.1 degrees off my rocker....
  12. thats what i was saying earlier this week. Looks like its happening, just NE of where we were seeing a few days back. That's why I sorta wrote this one off with the exception fo the poconos and pts NE. Plus I'll be up at the cabin trying to do some excavating.....and dont tell anyone in here....but I'm sorta hoping it doesn't happen (words I've never typed before ).
  13. Good Lord. I'll take the over figuratively and literally. Have to agree that it would be crazy to see anything remotely close to this verify. With enough cold floating around, and some luck w/ timing, it is the season for big events.
  14. look at the US in realation to tilt axis in Spring vs fall. below in spring we are facing the sun vs fall we are not. That IMO is the difference, even though we are rotaing at same speed yada yada. thats where the tilt helps us in the spring, a little longer in the light. Make sense??
  15. and would be fitting, in with a bang, out with a bang. wouldnt surprise me one bit. It'll go right to 70 week after too......watch.