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  1. Looks like a week from today we will be looking at another shot of heat and humidity, but I'm not convinced it holds. Overnighters showing typical mood swings and really bouncing around. When you replace ridges w/ troughs....don't panic. Overall theme that I saw was that the NE looks to have some (enough?) troughing around to keep us out of extended heat. CMC and Euro both showing it. If one buys into the GFS....were cooked. Sure have enjoyed this week.
  2. Ground was briefly moist at my house.....thats it.
  3. this report has nothing to do w/ storms, but everything to do w/ being bored kids in summer.
  4. lol. i used the basketball analogy because of all of the bball chatter the other day. I couldnt tell you a thing about who plays where. Dont follow the sport.
  5. So...........now lets all have a happy Friday and coast into a beautiful stretch of summer weather. Enjoy all. Got a busy day ahead, but cant wait to take the HD (and my wife...lol) out for dinner tonight.
  6. its much like the saying we use in the winter....you cant shovel potential, or since there is so much sports talk of late (fine btw), its like the US mens basketball team.....lots of talent, but if they dont mix/jive well together....well you know the result.
  7. Yeah that was a little spooky... Hope they are all ok.
  8. Cloud cover throughout the day held temps down and having no sun was why I thought the widespread severe calls might be in a bit of trouble. Its like having a gallon of gasoline sitting right next to lighter. Without a mechanism to make the spark trigger.....its just a gallon of gasoline. Soon as I saw the clouds holding strong......I thought many calls for severe were in trouble. That's not a broadbrush call, just saying that I felt much of the LSV was going to have less action then was being called for. Sun creates heat...heat creates lift....lift creates spin/mixing...spin creates sparks..... tboomers. Extreme western and eastern areas had breaks of sun and enough energy/spark to fire off some action. I was watching the satellite loops and we were socked in early while SW and SE Pa had breaks in the deck. No chest thumping here....just had a hunch and went with it.
  9. green ass cheeks w/ a crack in da middle...... told ya so.
  10. looking at radar, im thinking you might get more than me as the asscrack looks to be headed right for me here in lanco...... go ahead...enjoy the visual.
  11. i'd love to see what they look at during times like these.
  12. I dont think anyone would argue that you or Blizz gets the honors. You 2 can fight it out....
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