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  1. Seems like a certain storm chasing group has disabled their page on Facebook.
  2. 2” still pouring snow in Manheim. Occasional sleet mixing in.
  3. It’s technically closed off as the height lines do form a (very) small circle.
  4. Amazed at the GFS sniffing two events out before the Euro. Props.
  5. Ha I saw. I lurk in the shadows a lot (and I bought a new phone since last year so just now signed in).
  6. Love the ensembles coming around, but there has been SO MUCH SHIFTING in the short-term though of just our boring pattern for the next few days, so I follow the ensembles to see where the real trends lie. Being in the bullseye 140+ hours out though in this shifting pattern tends to lose confidence, so we'll see. Good to see a true Miller A though...it feels like it has been a while.
  7. Well, damn. Glad I bought that new snow blower. Hope you all are doing well!
  8. 15” storm total in Manheim, and still going moderately. As a whole, this is one of my favorite storms. 3 days of snow falling is fun.
  9. Closing in on a foot in Manheim, Lanc Co. and still puking, meteorologically speaking.
  10. I’m surprised at the expanse of sleet in the Philly area. That LLJ must really be cranking.
  11. Haha bring it! We back to a farm and it’s usually snowmobiles 24/7 when it snows.
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