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  1. 15” storm total in Manheim, and still going moderately. As a whole, this is one of my favorite storms. 3 days of snow falling is fun.
  2. 13” in Manheim, Lanc Co as of the last measure.
  3. Closing in on a foot in Manheim, Lanc Co. and still puking, meteorologically speaking.
  4. I’m surprised at the expanse of sleet in the Philly area. That LLJ must really be cranking.
  5. Haha bring it! We back to a farm and it’s usually snowmobiles 24/7 when it snows.
  6. A cigar and a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, please.
  7. I agree, and those numbers will probably change with today's full 12z suite in (or maybe after 00z tonight). Communicating this information to the average Joe is a science in itself. If you prepare people for a 6"+ snow, they typically will hunker down anyways. Then if totals go higher, it doesn't really affect them too much more other than additional clean up because they were already prepped to lay low (obviously if it's a crusher storm, the clean up can linger for days). On the contrary, if you prep people for a blockbuster, and it goes bust - well that affects people in a variety of socioeconomic ways (i.e. they closed their businesses when they didn't have to, took off work to stay home with their kids, etc). These forecasters must walk a fine's easier for the public to understand if you go conservative and get surprised. However pitchforks are way more likely to come out if you overblow it and get surprised the other way.
  8. Thank you for the kind words! And yeah, was always a real balance striking the right tone for a variety of different types of viewers. Some HATE snow, while others love it, so you have to be careful. My goal was always just to lay out what we know and be honest about what we didn’t know, and what could “go wrong” with a forecast. I think people respect that.
  9. Doing the showings this weekend! Told my clients to lay low Monday.
  10. It’s the frame after that that gets fun. Mixing does creep north, but once CCB forms it gets squashed. See a 4”+ QPF lollipop in there around southern Lanc Co. That’s wild.