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  1. Mix of rain and sleet at 6am, but mostly all snow now. Intensity picking up. Should be a wild run for the next 5 hours!
  2. Hour 14 on the RGEM is like a map I would draw to dream about. Those are some rates!
  3. When MU honks then I know it's on. Let's go weenies, this should be a fun one!
  4. Looked like a general (but small) increase across the board vs. the 6Z run. I'll gladly take a widespread 4-6! Will be interesting with the east move if the counties under the watch get upgraded to warnings.
  5. I went back through some early pages and outside of one NAM and one RGEM run nothing showed 2 feet. Even those runs were like 12-15" in the absolute max areas. Certainly not enough to warrant a forecast of 1-2 feet. Hopefully it's a nice spread of those who get a precip max (maybe east but who knows) or higher ratios and everyone can get a nice event!
  6. I just had to bun a lot of you weenies. All of a sudden we're poo-pooing 3-6"?? That's warning criteria down here...and it's almost mid-March! CTP mentions in the a.m. write up that those to the west missing the heavy QPF are going to get good ratios, so can we temper the bridge jumping? Now if all the 12Z runs shift east...I'll be right there with you!
  7. I checked in to see the euro and damn…not dissapointed!
  8. Doesn't throw much precip back after the front clears. Common issue in this situation.
  9. I thought the 12Z GFS was an improvement vs. 6Z and the 12Z CMC was an improvement vs. 0Z. GFS looks to be the furthest west of models right now. Guess I'll invest emotionally one last time this winter! Let's do it.
  10. Hard to believe we just toss the Euro, but the RGEM snow map looks much more realistic and the Euro has not been great around here this winter.
  11. I'll take 3-6" on the deck and call it a winter! Could be nice rates in the morning too.
  12. I love where I'm at. Although I'd like Vermont too, but the wife has vetoed it for now! 18Z GFS ups snow across the board...more importantly shows some accums south of our area. I'm not giving up on this one yet!
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