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  1. 3 on the sidewalk 7 on the deck both potentially alcohol and slant stick influenced (Lititz). Unreal storm to track and enjoy. Glad the southeast crew got some!
  2. I think this will lay down more than 3" in the SE counties
  3. The flower pot is about 20 inches high. My son went sledding on the other side of that! My sidewalk is roughly 4 feet under there somewhere!!
  4. Maybe heaviest rates of the day so far. Just pounding! Huge flakes instead of the grainy stuff.
  5. Just got back from a jebwalk. Just unbelievable conditions. Gusts to 40 easily, insane rates, and two rumbles of thunder. Absolutely incredible!! Drifts to 5 feet, but no idea how much on a non drifted surface. What a storm...and to think we have hours to go?? Crippling
  6. Just getting pounded in northern Lancaster right now. Maybe can see 100 yards or so
  7. Man-- drinking, grilling and epic jebwalk in a blizzard warning tonight! I'll take a bad December for this
  8. Man that GFS tho. Could use just a tick north on tonight's Euro to gain some confidence.
  9. Actually looks a little better south of the turnpike to my ween eyes. Total screw zone remains north of there. Edit: nvmnd, it's slightly worse
  10. Nice trends so far tonight. Hard to believe we still have almost 48 hours to go! (And as a long time lurker thanks to all who contribute!)
  11. I love when the finale is ripping huge Frisbees. Awesome stuff. IDK what the final report out of LNS will be but I have 6 easy
  12. Yes, heaviest rates of the day right now. Easy 1" an hour stuff. Could actually make a run at low end warning numbers. I'll guess we have 3 or 4 already.