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  1. North MD was the place to be this afternoon…
  2. Radar is totally lame at the moment… Yeah there are storms in MD, but the are going to stay down there. Nothing is going up in Central PA…
  3. It’s crazy…the whole complex just refuses to go into York/Lancaster counties. So weird!
  4. Checked out the Mid-Atlantic forum…complaining that it’s not even snowing down there yet like they didn’t even get a 6-12 inch storm 3 days ago!
  5. York and Lancaster counties JUST made into into the stream of snow! According to the radar the dreaded dry slot is setting up for MD and southeast PA!
  6. That deathband is sitting over my house in York! Everything is now about covered and it’s dumping fatties!
  7. This is nuts like literally for us in York and Lancaster if there is another bump north before it happens, we are in at least an advisory type event! All forecasts around here are saying nothing…
  8. Looks like the rain is breaking up a lot as it continues it’s slow move easy. Maybe eastern areas see little rain.
  9. Some of us will have 2 lines to contend with tonight…it’s September 8th, not mid July haha!
  10. Is it just me or does that cell at the bottom of the line just north of Gettysburg have broad rotation?
  11. Those storms popped fast out in Franklin County and forming a line…
  12. Looks like all this will be exiting the area between 6-8 tonight no? Or are we expecting a pivot?
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