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  1. Sounds about right...I just measured about 11 in west York. The snow has been pretty light here for a good hour now. Come on more bands!
  2. Snow flakes are no where big as yesterday's part 1, but it's constant moderate-heavy rate.
  3. 9.5 inches here in York, PA. Will easily break a foot...probably even by lunchtime at the rate the snow is currently falling! Good stuff!
  4. Talk about being on a razor's edge with this one here...ugh!
  5. I have a feeling the 00z NAM is going to crush the LSV and suck us back in...then the 00z GFS takes that away. Just a feeling...
  6. Does the NAM pick up on CAD better than GFS...18z NAM was warning criteria snow all the way down in these parts!
  7. Did the 6z NAM and GFS keep improving for us down here?
  8. Anyone know how much snow fell in Lititz and what the roads are like up there? Thanks.
  9. Snow picking up in intensity here. Everything is white...roads are finally covered here!
  10. Long time lurker here, but I love when this thread gets active like this right before a good weather event! I got to get involved...
  11. They put York and Lancaster in the warning, but they dropped everyone's totals from 6-8 to 4-6 inches?
  12. I love how the high res models and the NAM show that some of the highest snow totals (warning criteria) will fall in southern York and Lancaster counties near the line, but yet State College refuses to put out a winter storm warning. They are going to get burned big time if the NAM is right... Update: Hahaha and as soon as I posted that, they did it! Finally!
  13. I still am so lost as to why State College is not putting York and Lancaster in warnings? The NAM (including the latest 00z run) has been targeting that area for good snows and GFS has been too right?
  14. Apparently the new 12z Euro is a massive hit next weekend...anyone got maps?