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  1. Radar looks districts around here have got to be thinking what have they done sending kids to school this AM lol. This looks to continue through at least 2.
  2. ...and all the school districts around me are operating as normal today! Great!
  3. I really hope school districts make the right decision in the morning...this thing sounds like it could come in hot and heavy! I’m worried that if they wake up and see it’s not snowing yet, they won’t cancel!
  4. WGAL just said 1-3 inches area wide and a low impact storm and because of the temperatures above freezing, it won’t lay on the roads much. How can they not give any more warning about this to the public?
  5. My school district does virtual snow days, even the 2 days last week. Hopefully school districts make the right call about this one and do snow days just to be safe.
  6. Going to be very interesting to see what schools do around here tomorrow. I’m a first grade teacher myself and my district has been in person since August. When we have snow days this year, we teach from home so the kids aren’t even getting “snow days” anymore! That is so frustrating to me , but that’s another conversation lol... We had virtual learning snow days both Thursday and Friday...this could be the third snow day in a row! Something tells me though many schools are going to try to get to school tomorrow because of that fact... Also, schools tend to follow local TV meteorologists...and both WGAL and ABC 27 down here are underplaying this.
  7. Still light freezing rain here...when the sun goes down in a couple hours and if it's still doing this, watch out!
  8. Euro is saying another 4-6 inches of snow tonight for York and Lancaster? That would be one heck of a sandwich on the group...snow, ice, snow!
  9. Light freezing rain again here...this stuff is going to freeze solid tonight!
  10. There is now a light freezing rain mist here...if this keeps up for a while, clean up will be a mess.
  11. All sleet here now and the storm is about over. Wow I'm sorry, but what a disappointment...literally only 2 days ago, models were at least 6 inches of snow through a good chunk of southern PA. I barely made it to 4 inches. The way models this year dry up right before these storms is laughable.
  12. This thing is hauling according to radar. We will be done by 1. Plus NWS put this out below us:
  13. It has been dumping snow here in west York for the last half!
  14. I think we could get another couple inches or so today buddy! Still light snow!
  15. Yeah where is this wind that is forecasted? Dead calm here lol