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  1. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    46 and 2 (oops I mean rain, not the Tool song)...lol So far, just from this event, I have 1.04" of rain. For the month I'm up to 5.35". That temperature though, (46 degrees) is just way too cold for May 19th...
  2. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    This reminds me, not on as big a scale, though, of the 5 day rain event we had back in 2006. We got just over 18 inches up here in that one. It was so bad that they evacuated almost half of Tamaqua (the low areas along the Little Schuylkill River) because officials thought the dam at Tuscarora State Park, just north of town, was going to fail.
  3. E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2018 OBS Thread

    That's pretty much how it was here. We had some brief, pea-sized hail and moderate wind and a half hour of heavy rain, but nothing at all out of the ordinary...
  4. Spring 2018

    Well it certainly wasn't one of the best in years (unless you're east of my location)...lol It came in rather benign, even though the sky looked ugly and mean. There was no lightning or thunder to precede the event at all. As the dark cloudds rolled in, the breeze picked up and we had a few fat raindrops. then the rain stopped and it got rather calm. Then another breezy gust that accompanied by some rain and a bit of hail. then it stopped again. Then the "main show" hit, which was when I made my previous post. The breeze became stronger and the rain came, along with some pea sized hail. It was a torrent for about 15 minutes, then lightened up to what we have now. As for the lightning and thunder, once the line moved east of my location it became a noisy storm, so in typical fashion (but not as pronounced as other storms) the line weakened as it arrived at my location, and re-intensified to my east.
  5. Spring 2018

    It's about to let loose here. Maybe one of the best in years. We'll see...
  6. Spring 2018

    I just read the warning for Lycoming and Centre County and it stated the line was moving at 60 mph and gusts in the cells were 70-80 mph...
  7. Spring 2018

    The outflow boundary blew him down to Lewisburg...lol Seriously though, that line is really moving. Thunderstorm warnings are hoisted as far east as Berwick already along I-80, and tornado warnings from Muncy Valley to Dushore...
  8. Spring 2018

    Didn't dress warm enough for an Iron Pigs game tonight. Breezy and 53 at the ballpark.
  9. Spring 2018

    Be it winter or summer, the Mason-Dixon line seems to be the place to be. It sure looks like we'll be in the cold rain portion of the storm, while south of the Turnpike sees the best storms later today... I typed that yesterday, but didn't post it, but it looks to be true. We've been cloudy, cool (61f), and dreary all day since this mornings rain. The band from the north is slowly pushing down, but the good stuff does indeed appear to be popping in the warm sector in south central and south west PA. The temp map on my phone app clearly shows the cool wedge of air over east central and northeast PA this afternoon, limiting us to not much more than a cool, synoptic rain event...
  10. Spring 2018

    Sounds good to me!
  11. Spring 2018

    I'm in Tulsa OK right now heading back east from California. You all better finish up that cold and snowy pattern and give me some spring weather...lol
  12. Spring 2018

    The year without a summer, 21st century version. I know some of you would just love that...
  13. Spring 2018

    And sometimes we barely have a summer. I remember a couple years back where it seemed like it was almost always rainy/drizzly with temps barely making it to 65 or 70 on a lot of days.
  14. Spring 2018

    What's harder to believe is that a national radar could look like that on April 6th...
  15. Spring 2018

    I saw that. It's crazy....