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  1. Riding with the wife to work this morning, and we have some mangled snowflakes mixed in with the rain. Temp down to 36 degrees...
  2. Good God... Glad it wasn't worse, and I wish you a speedy and full recovery.
  3. As if on script. Rainfall so far is an even 0.50" in the gauge. I'm guessing maybe another tenth inch or so if radar is to be believed since it looks like the main slug is off to the east and north now...
  4. I was going to say this earlier, but didn't want to look like a negative Nancy. I feel the same way, though.
  5. I am. The baby steps to recovery are growing into toddler steps. I'm 99% out of the sling per the doctor. I'm allowed to drive my personal vehicle, and in many instances can do things for myself again. I'm getting there!
  6. I got 1.11" out of the event. Now it's chilly and windy. As for the Jerry Springer Show....oops...I mean debate, I agree with shutting the mics off. They agreed to 2 minutes of uninterrupted time to answer questions and another 2 minutes for rebuttal. When one was speaking, the other mic should have been muted.
  7. 0.07" in the gauge from what I'd call heavy drizzle this morning...
  8. With a very active railroad line less than a football field away from my house, it might be a no go for me as well, if that's true.
  9. That's quite an intriguing weather station. A bit pricey, but if it's accurate, then it's worth it. Mine is due to be replaced (once I have discretionary funds again) and I would definitely consider this one. If you get it, please let us know how it performs.
  10. 35 here this morning with frost on the roof of my Jeep...and probably on the vegitation in some outlying areas.
  11. Not much of a drop after my post. This morning's low was the same (37) as yesterday's.
  12. Down to 42 before 11pm. I'm thinking we go colder than last night's 37. CTP thinks so, too, as we now have a frost advisory.