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  1. That's a torch I don't want to share or pass along. Getting splits and missing out on the action gets frustrating at times.
  2. And the line took a shit as usual up here. This place is in some kind of protective vortex or something. I've never lived in a place that outright kills severe weather as it approaches like it does here.
  3. Future radar looks good for Tamaqua, but I'll believe it when I see it...lol
  4. I agree so much with both of you! Does anyone think he'd have a chance at winning the presidency if he would choose to run? I think he'd make a good one! As for the weather, got into the 40's overnight as the low this morning was 49.1°
  5. So that Bensalem tornado that destroyed the car dealer was rated an EF3 by the NWS... 3:30 PM: A confirmed EF3 tornado, which occurred yesterday July 29th, in Bucks County in the Bensalem/Trevose area with peak winds to 140 mph. The storm damage survey team mentioned the most intense damage was to car dealerships and an adjacent mobile home park. More details tonight.
  6. According to this map, the NWS is going to investigate the red circled areas for tornado confirmation. The pic I posted yesterday while I was driving up Route 100 could have been a tornado as it was in the one zone slated for investigation.
  7. Yeah, I was a bit surprised at the total. 0.92" to be exact. The rain I drove through after taking those pics on route 100 yesterday was incredibly intense, though. The area near the Lehigh Valley Zoo (Trexler Game Preserve) had to have gotten 2-3 inches. Even farther outside our area, check out this video from inside the shop area of that car dealer that was hit in Bensalem... And the aerial footage of the damage afterward...
  8. It seems like so often, on our best severe potential days, we battle persistent cloudcover.
  9. The bolded part is Tamaqua severe weather in a nutshell. For every 10 storm events, 9.5 almost always seem to do that here.
  10. I'm not sure if anything was embedded in the clouds in the second pic, but a nice shelf cloud dropped down to the ground just northeast of where I was driving on PA100 north of Fogelsville/Allentown. It was a tornado warned storm, though.
  11. I haven't seen a severe storm yet this season, so I want mine...lol
  12. Thanks! I didn't know which, if any, models had a smoke product.
  13. Do we have smoke/haze tomorrow too, or does it clear out some?
  14. Yes it does. It's really bad. Tree lines less than a quarter mile away are even hazy.
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