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  1. Lots of videos in this Facebook link and thread. Not sure if you have to join or follow to see them, though. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/xYoGFyMKYB2QDHcz/?mibextid=oFDknk
  2. Wife said there's reports of damage over there. She just showed me a hell of a video taken outside of Redner's Market in Shenandoah.
  3. Pic of the tornado in Mahanoy City via a Facebook friend...
  4. I must have brought the storms from St Louis back with me. Just got a tornado warning for Mahanoy City and Tamaqua...
  5. Yikes...just watched the video. I'm very thankful I was ahead of this one and not in it, if it indeed touched down.
  6. If I can ever get into the motel (still downpouring) maybe I'll get to see some news reports.
  7. This bad boy was practically in my rear view mirror coming through St Louis. I was ahead of it by about 15 minutes. I'm now at my motel in Troy IL and was lucky to be parked under the roof when the hail hit.
  8. Well, today is my last full day in Phoenix. Tomorrow everything I'm bringing home gets loaded in a Ubox, and the guy buying what I've not donated picks his stuff up. Then I begin the 2,300 mile journey home. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's been an emotional ride these past few weeks/months. My mom's fall. Her getting sick and then her passing. Going through the house deciding what to trash, donate, sell, and bring home. And now leaving the home they loved for 25 years. It hasn't been easy, and I've made a couple of mistakes, but I've discovered that I'm stronger than I ever thought I was. It's been quite a life lesson, that's for sure. Hopefully, once I'm on the road, I'll be focused on the future, and not the past. The memories, though, will always be in my heart.
  9. Haven't talked to the wife yet, but I think Tamaqua had a good storm. People are saying most of the town is without power.
  10. I'm moving back east from Arizona this weekend, and plans are to be in Amarillo Saturday night and central/east Missouri Sunday night. Am I good, or might I see some action?
  11. That's the same street before and after??? Yikes.
  12. Weeks #2 and #3 are NOT acceptable...
  13. I give this post a resounding Siskel and Ebert
  14. A friend lives there and her last Facebook post last night were that the sirens were going off. She hasn't updated yet if she's ok.
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