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  1. I don't agree with lumping straight freezing rain events in with sleet or snow. Like you said, even light zr can have a major impact on traffic. One only has to look back a few years to the disasters that happened in Philly on the Schuylkill Expressway or South Jersey on the turnpike. Very light glazes that had severe implications. The right information won't get out if people aren't correctly informed. Many non-weather folks only look at the headline and don't read the body of the text, and won't realize exactly what they might be facing out on the roads.
  2. Got down to 16 this morning in Coalcrackerville...lol
  3. Especially since my Monday run leaves Hazleton at 3:00am going to Ruff's Dale (New Stanton area) and I'll be taking the 'pike west from Carlisle. I'm guessing the Laurels could get a bit dicey during the early morning hours... Side note. We got down to 16 this morning in Tamaqua.
  4. Thanks. The way I see it, if we're out, we'll get laid off. Then I can visit my mom in Arizona for a few weeks, and then start the job hunt when (if) I return to PA.
  5. Yeah, drop and hooks a pretty much cake compared to waiting for what we call a live unload.
  6. Yup, 588 miles total for the day. Thank God they are drop and hooks, and I don't have to wait to get unloaded...
  7. Had about 1.5" on my Jeep when I got back to Hazleton from running two Tioga's today. Talk about a lot of miles. Anyway, it seemed as if the best accumulations were above 1,500 ft here along I-81. The snow level itself was about 1,000 ft as Hometown had a coating, but one mile down the hill in Tamaqua, at 800 ft, we had nothing.
  8. Yes, great write-up Milleville, but how did you know I was enjoying the current pattern??? lol...
  9. I pretty much expected that, and know I'm going to do battle with the steering wheel for a good part of my day, especially since I pull fairly light loads. It gets really interesting when you start making involuntary lane changes...lol As for the rain, we've not yet had anything truly heavy, but since right around sunset, we've been heavier and steadier. Up to 0.58" in the gauge as I type this.
  10. Finally getting some real rain in the backyard. For most the day it was nothing but a murky, dismal drizzle.
  11. Yeah it would...
  12. See the gap in precip shields east and west. Guess where I'm located? It's been that way all day. When it comes to major weather events, for me it's just the same **** different day (season)...
  13. I hope you're right. Unfortunately, I may be in bed when the best gets here as I have to get up at 3:30am to pilot my 53' sailboat tomorrow down to the Lehigh Valley and then Vineland NJ tomorrow. Crossing the Commodore Barry Bridge (Delaware River) should be loads of fun, especially on the return home as I'll be empty...
  14. Same over here. Picked up another 0.01" since I last posted.
  15. Major dry slot here. Only 0.11" so far...lol