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  1. Sorry to do this, but... Time sensitive, but it's snowing in Tucson, AZ right now...
  2. Yeah No amount of snow is ever enough for a snow lover...
  3. Off and on sleet so far this morning that put down a very light coating on the ground. 29f at the current time. The flakes from last night were just that, flakes. If I hadn't got up to answer mother nature's call, I wouldn't have looked out the window, and wouldn't have even known it
  4. Echos already moved south of me. Not one flake made it down.
  5. Oh come on now. I wouldn't be me if I didn't... But thanks for the well wishes! I do appreciate them. The company runs all 48 so I'm sure I'll see some snow somewhere out there.
  6. I'm kind of surprised that the watch doesn't cover all the counties, unless they issue one here for later. Side note, and probably quite time sensitive since it's a live feed, but check out how hard it's snowing in Flagstaff, AZ right now...
  7. Thanks. I didn't know you were in the same situation. For that I apologize. As for the board, yes it's about weather, but many of us share our personal stories as well. I see it as a group of like minded friends. We gather because we have the same interests, but the discussions veer off in other directions as well sometimes.
  8. If you were out of work for 10 months and didn't have any income for 8 of them and you were heading off for a job that wasn't easy to come by, you might understand where I'm coming from. And I'm not wishing the snow away, I just want it delayed, not denied.
  9. As long as that hits on Monday and not Sunday, I'm ok with it. Like I said, I'm likely to have a Sunday flight out of Scranton or Allentown for job orientation. I don't want it to get screwed up. Besides, I'll be in Houston for a couple of days, so it can rip once I'm up in the air. Just have to worry about where the connecting flight is out of.
  10. Just great. The 8th is my birthday and I was going to have a big picnic and pool party that day...
  11. I just looked at the snowfall map. I'd say 3-4 here, maybe 5 as I'm right on the line of 3-4 and 4-6. We'll see, but I usually end up on the low side of any predicted range.
  12. It also makes the snow harder to shovel. I'm cleared for work from my shoulder surgery as long as I don't overdo it, but (and a friend from VT weighed a shovel full of wet snow and got 34 lbs) it gets too heavy right now for me to safely clean up. Straight powder is ok, but a mix is not.