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  1. Wow! Here in Tamaqua I got 2.00" right on the nose. Not to often the numbers come up even like that. Well, in reality, it might be 1.99999999967" due to the 10 or 12 ice pellets I had right before I left for work...lol
  2. And some areas got it. I was supposed to do a Hazleton Area High School field trip today, but they got enough snow for a 3 hour delay which automatically cancelled out the trip. So now I'm back at home and lost a day of pay. Here in Tamaqua, we had a few pingers but for all intents, it was all rain and no accumulation, but once I got up the hill a mile from the house it was snowing. Then, when I got up the next hill to McAdoo, that's where the roads caved and I saw 1-3 inches the rest of the way to our bus garage in Hazleton. This was at the Valero gas station in McAdoo this morning just 6 miles from my house...
  3. Hearing a few pingers on my window awnings this morning. Snowing I believe in Hazleton, and ground is white at a friends house (per a photo) in Lake Harmony. Have 1.87" in the gauge.
  4. Voyager

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    Up to 1.87" as of 4am...
  5. Voyager

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    0.84" here and coming down steady. Quite a well defined system, but yes, inland a bit from what was progged.
  6. Voyager

    March 21-22 2019 Coastal Storm Obs

    Flood watch all the way back here to the coal region. So far 0.02" in the gauge, but much more to come. A nice event to finally wash the salt from earlier in the month off the roads...as long as we don't get any back end snow to make PennDot put it back again...lol
  7. Oh boy, I'd better have a look...lol
  8. Voyager

    March, 2019

    Sitting in the Newark Airport Terminal A bus parking lot and there's quite the impressive light show going on to my west.
  9. And the older I get, fall and winter are the seasons I least look forward to. Part of that reason, beyond my commercial driving, is that I had my thyroid removed last fall, and as a result, my tolerance for cold has decreased exponentially. This was not a cold winter as far as stats are concerned, but yet for me, it was the worst one since I moved back here in 2001 as far as how it felt to my body.
  10. As you could guess, I love severe much more than snow. You mention towers in your post. Well, you haven't seen anything until you see towers rising all around you from the mountain ranges during an Arizona monsoon while it's clear on the valley floor. It's kind of like a ring of fire, and you watch the sky and the radar wondering which ones will build into a super cell, and which ones will drift down out of the mountains and into the valley. Unlike here in PA where they mostly roll in from the west or northwest, a cell can come from any direction at anytime, and occasionally drift from multiple directions and come together into one immense storm. One of those happened when I lived out there as a storm came north from Pinal County and Gila Bend, one drifted south from Lake Pleasant, and the other came in from the east out of Mesa. They hit West Phoenix and Avondale (where I lived at the time) with such a vengeance as I'd never seen before. Lightning that wasn't CTG stretched from one end of the sky to the other in a near strobe light effect for nearly an hour. Then there's the outflow induced haboobs, or duststorms, which can be incredibly amazing in their own right.
  11. Well we got enough sleet to put down a coating on everything, including sidewalks before we changed to rain, although I'm wondering if we completely changed or just mixed overnight, as there were still a few "pings" on my corrugated patio roof extension when I put the dog out at 7am DST.
  12. Just got back from Atlantic City. Parked the bus and came home. It was dry out. Ten minutes in the house and go outside for a smoke and we have light/moderate sleet. Talk about making it just in time...lol