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  1. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    The Pottsville, Saint Clair, Port Carbon area really took it on the chin today. In Port Carbon alone, reports are that 200 homes have some kind of water damage.
  2. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    Yeah really. I've been following your posts because we both seemed to be missing out on the best rains. Today we both kind of made up for it. Mine wasn't as epic as yours, but still not as bad as previous days/weeks.
  3. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    To a weather geek like me, that is a disheartening image. It's almost a carbon copy of July's firehose. the same areas keep getting it over and over again. Me? I end up on the fringe. Just enough rain to make it miserable, but not enough to make it interesting...
  4. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    They do appear to have moved east a bit, per radar. When I woke this morning, though, it looked like the same firehose from July. Up through Lebanon, Pine, Grove, Tremont, and northward...
  5. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    July redux... The Susquehanna Valley is getting it once again this morning, while areas to the east of I-81 get fringed. If I took a radar image from the last week of July, this morning's radar would look almost exactly the same.... Just an amazing, frustrating pattern...
  6. Voyager

    Pennsylvania Off Topic

    Congrats to you, your nephew. and the team on a great accomplishment!
  7. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    That line farther north produced about 3.5" in Reading and Allentown. Parts of the Musikfest festival grounds along the Monocacy Creek in Bethlehem flooded this morning.
  8. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    I hear ya. The heaviest rain in Tamaqua, both last week and this week, was on days that I worked and was out of the area.
  9. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    Wow... That's incredible. You are more snake bit in your location than I am in mine. I'm almost ashamed to be complaining about being fringed today.
  10. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    See. You can't make this stuff up...
  11. Voyager

    August Discobs Thread

    Thing is, where they hit and miss seems to stay in the same areas. I've got flood warnings all around me to the south, north, and east, but for the most part I got fringed with less than an inch for the day...
  12. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    A deluge to my southeast, but nothing here but mist and drizzle. Pathetic...
  13. Voyager

    Spring 2018

    Up here we've been fringed all day. Storms to the west and east, and now this evening's festivities are mostly east. Whatever manages to get close fizzles out. Just take a look at CTP's map. The warnings are up in Berks, Lehigh, Carbon, and Luzerne. An almost complete wrap around of Schuylkill and Tamaqua.
  14. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2018 OBS Thread

    It's certainly been a case of the haves vs the have nots the past couple of weeks. Some areas just keep getting slammed while others get barely anything.