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  1. Amazing how it was looking like Jose would work to allow an escape for Maria. Now that's changed and the ridge appears to build and push her northwest toward the NC Outer Banks, and a perfect track if she continued north for us to feel some of her effects, but....she stalls and waits for the front to push her out to sea. Funny how it works out. We missed Irma's remnants as she went northwest to Tennessee. Jose stayed well off shore. And now the stall of Maria waiting for the cold front... We just can't get a tropical entity into our area this year...
  2. Looks like I need to ask my dispatcher for a Montville, CT run. We pick up 2 loads of roll paper there everyday. We each do one a week, but never know which day. I'd venture to guess I'd see some good storm conditions running up 95 if that were to verify.
  3. As far as the snow goes, I wonder if it isn't the result of the internet and "instant" news, but I don't remeber all of the near misses we've had the past few years when I was child/teenager. Like now, most of our snows were in the 2-4, 3-6 range, but I don't recall all of the DC and NYC crushers back then like we see now. As for the tropics, it did seem like every couple of years we'd get a TS or hurricane that either came up close to the coast, or made landfall south of us. Either way, it seemed like back then, we'd be affected in some way, either with good rain from the remnants, or in the case of Gloria, David, and a few others, a good day with at least some tropical storm gusts. Now, not so much. I suppose it could be because I don't live in the Lehigh Valley anymore, and I'm farther away from the ocean influence, but it just seems different now than it was back then...
  4. I know...subject to change a million times between now and then, but what might be our next threat beyond Jose (Lee or Maria) is of course 10 days away, and as of now is shown by the GFS to stall after landfall in the Outer Banks/Tidewater area. So Irma just had to go west into Alabama and wring herself out, Jose is looking fishy for the most part with some impact possibly in New England, and Lee/Maria, who is shown right now to stall and wring itself out over North Carolina/Virginia, Pennsylvania is tropically snakebit. Where is the weather of my youth? A time where tropical storms and remnants put some interesting weather into my backyard? Over the past 10 years, I have been so bored with the "mundane" weather around here. I love the extreme. Rain, snow, wind, heat, and even cold. Yet we get none (or very little) of it anymore. Frustrating to a weather enthusiast...
  5. It sure would be nice to get Jose to tuck right into the coast, or even make a Delaware Bay landfall, but other than a couple of rogue runs, the models want to keep him JUST far enough off shore to not have an effect on the weather in Eastern PA. I'm kind of tired of boring, mundane weather. I need a major event in my backyard...stat!
  6. Don't know how true it is, but I was watching a live feed out of Miami, and the meteorologist said that the Key West radar site is down, so perhaps it's not as open as it appears?
  7. I'd rather deal with a Cat4/5 than the wrath of an angry wife...lol
  8. Yes, I believe the Euro is in the same general ballpark as the GFS. Like I said, it's basically fantasyland at this point, but still bears watching as you just never know.
  9. Fantasyland for sure, but hour 234 on the 12z GFS puts Jose just off the Jersey Shore at 937mb and landfalls in NYC at 944mb 6 hours later...lol
  10. Yes. I just looked at the GFS and i suppose Jose should be watched. Will or might he come farther west and impact the eastern US coastline? Probably not likely, but I guess it's safe to say at this point, who knows...
  11. I have a cousin and uncle staying in a motel near the Orlando area. My aunt, who is up here in PA visiting, wanted to go home, but was convinced to stay put until after the storm.
  12. Irma to Kentucky and Jose out to sea...ugh. No love from the tropics for the Middle Atlantic.
  13. The one takeaway from all of this (and I post in your thread because no one up here is really talking about it) is that no matter what the track, not much of Irma gets up into Pennsylvania per the models. Even on a more favorable track north, she seems to die out before we feel or see much of anything up here...
  14. Reading these post about Lee and Isabel just made me realize how much I really do live in a sea of tranquility here in Tamaqua. Lee's firehose just missed us and we only got about 3 to 4 inches of rain with minimal impacts. Isabel was so un-noteworthy that I don't even remember what happened here, so it couldn't have been much...lol And I'll add Sandy to the mix. Somehow, someway, while nearly EVERYONE around us lost power and had trees down and other wind damage, if you'd have driven through the Borough of Tamaqua the day after the storm, you'd have not even known that Sandy blew through. It was that benign...
  15. That sprawling high in upstate New York is not in a good spot for you guys down there, and especially for us north of the Mason-Dixon line. I suppose the trough, if timed right, could keep Irma east of Apps. I've got to say that I hope so. The thought of Irma going to Kentucky to die is cringe worthy.