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  1. So this is how the seasons play out in Phoenix... We have Arizona summer from June to September, then Pennsylvania summer in October and November, then Pennsylvania spring from December to March, then Pennsylvania summer again from mid March to May, and then back to Arizona summer starting in June. Perfect for me!!!
  2. Up to 2.76" just today. The event total so far is 3.54".
  3. According to my Tamaqua backyard gauge, I have 1.99" so far and it's raining at 3/4 inch per hour. Should go over 2 inches for the day.
  4. I remember that happening so many times over the years in PA. We'd get a crappy weekend from Friday night through Sunday afternoon, and then, an hour or two before sunset, the skies would magically clear. Then Monday would be gorgeous.
  5. Good morning, October!!! 7:00am back patio reading...
  6. You guys can't seem to buy rain right now. This map is ugly for most of PA.
  7. Out here in AZ, the monsoon can be equally impressive...if you manage to get under a good cell. It's not like PA where you get long lines of storms traversing the state. Here they mostly form in the mountains, then drift toward Phoenix metro and build and die along outflow boundaries.
  8. I figured you might have gotten a good one.
  9. Just looked at radar and it appeared that Sunbury down to Herndon got absolutely pummeled. Can anyone confirm?
  10. I just saw a video someone shot from Schuylkill County on Facebook. Pretty cool!
  11. I'm not liking the GFS and CMC maps for Ian. They keep taking him farther west and closer to the oil rigs and refineries along the Gulf coast. That would be bad for oil and gas prices in the coming weeks.
  12. Our temps out here for the next three days are supposed to be 100 to 105.
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