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  1. I'm kind of surprised at my current temperature (28.2). I imagine it will rise once the cloud cover rolls in, but still. I didn't expect it to get this cold so early.
  2. Thanks! Just have to watch the bridges. I went skating on one this morning on my shortcut between Loyalton and Pillow. Luckily it was the steers and not the drives. I was coasting and slid to the right on a left curving bridge. A nunge of the throttle scooted me off the ice quicker and I stayed on the road. I won't lie, though. I did seat pucker a little bit...lol
  3. Cold enough for all snow in Pillow? Just got home. Will check models later...
  4. Just like a summer thunderstorm line. Shrinking a south as it approaches my location.
  5. So was Accuweather's. Borderline temps as I'm still above freezing at 33.1 at the moment.
  6. Looks like (per Accuweather future radar) that it'll die as it hits the I-81 ridgetop. We'll see...
  7. 36 for the high here. Still some snow on the grass and cars.
  8. I'm revising my total up to one full inch. I'm not putting a ruler on my new Jeep, but brushing it off to go grocery shopping showed a bit more than I originally thought.
  9. Eyeballing a half to three quarter inch here in Tamaqua on cars, grass, and other non-paved surfaces. Roads and sidewalks have a spotty, slushy coating. Temp is 29.5 with some light snow falling at 6:55AM.
  10. First flakes here in Tamaqua. Started sometime in the last 15 minutes or so, but it still extremely light so nothing on the ground...yet.
  11. I was about to say, "don't forget about me..." lol
  12. 53.8 here. It seems that your area and mine are very similar temperature wise.
  13. Just what I need. I'm getting a BRAND NEW trailer to run with. I pick it up Friday morning before my Sunbury loads. Why now???
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