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  1. I sincerely hope your cousin will pull through this quickly and fully recovers. I hate hearing about folks I know and care about having to deal with this.
  2. If I can find a local trucking job, I'd take it if the conditions were right (I'm not desperate), but as for being scared, I am of one thing. Being a long haul driver far from home and coming down with the virus. I wouldn't want to be stuck in, say, Omaha, NE for 2-4 weeks while I "hopefully" recover.
  3. This site here breaks it down into percentage and ratio, which is what I, myself, have been paying attention to. Sure, the big numbers are impressive, but the rate of infection is a better indicator of how good, or bad, a particular county is. To get the ratio and percent, for those who haven't seen it yet, zoom the map and click on the specific county.
  4. 13 new here in Schuylkill for a total of 90 now...
  5. Considering how long it's taking Italy and the rest of Europe to turn the corner, I'm about ready to write off most of the summer.
  6. Pennsylvania tops 10,000 positive cases on Saturday, jumping nearly 1,600 since Friday...
  7. We have more here in the Skook than Cumberland County. I wonder if it's that we are sandwiched between Allentown and Hazleton. Two fast growing hot spots.
  8. Well, the wind sure is/was crazy today. I recorded my highest gust of 2020 today, and we've had some pretty windy days prior to this one. As a side note, we almost had an apartment building go up in flames around the corner from me this afternoon. Lady was smoking on the back porch and the when she went to put the cigarette out, the tip fell off, got into and under the wood slats, and started up. A quick thinking neighbor and a hell of a fire department kept it contained to about 1/4 of the porch. If the whole building would have went, all that old timber and the high winds would have created an inferno...
  9. Are you sure we're not Nope. In fact, yesterday was the first full day our county was included, and it seemed like there was more traffic. Our mayor closed all the borough parks and playgrounds a week and a half ago so we can't even do that...
  10. Why? Don't you like severe weather?