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  1. You guys and your snow... This was on I-81 by Minersville this morning.
  2. Thanks! I didn't even realize it. If I did, I would have made it more
  3. And I froze today in a sweatshirt and spring jacket...
  4. All of this, and if we had anything in Tamaqua, I slept through it. I did hear some heavy rain at some point, but perhaps the convection was gone by that time???
  5. It rained to some extent (drizzle after about 11am) all day here. Got 0.92" in the bucket as of this post. I just hope it wasn't too much for the fertilizer/crabgrass preventer I put down yesterday.
  6. IF it snows up here, I'm going tell my cop friends to run you right out of town... Just kidding. Of course, you are all most welcome. I'd even introduce you to a great restaurant (I'm not buying though) at the train station.
  7. I was 14 years old at the time, living in Bethlehem, and still loved snow, so it was an awesome event for sure. I remember the cold (single digit lows?) that followed, but I don't remember the wind. Wasn't that opening day of baseball season and all the east coast games were postponed?
  8. I guess maybe I deserve this, but still...THAT'S NOT NICE...
  9. Yes, it's been really nice here as well. Since my shoulder surgery I've had to put coats and jackets on left arm first, which is unnatural and awkward for me. It's nice to be able to get out of the truck to load and unload and not fight my coat sleeves a half dozen times a
  10. This board is starting to depress me...
  11. Not sure either, but probably Phoenix or
  12. 21 here this morning with frost. I wasn't thinking and didn't cover the tulips and hyacinths. I wonder if they're going to be toast now...
  13. I-81 at exit 119 (Highridge) this morning...
  14. Now you know your not going to get away with posting this without a rebuttal by me...