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  1. I'm getting tired of weekend threats. We need one on a weekday...
  2. I feel the exact way you do. I prefer a front loaded winter and then the warm up to spring starting in March. As for the seasons shifting on the calendar, I don't know, but locally, it almost does seem like it.
  3. That would be funny if it weren't entirely possible to actually verify like that. It's not like we haven't traveled that road before.
  4. That's really quite impressive when you think about it. The most snow of any month that winter came only one month removed from summer.
  5. That panel is a rainer for my neck of the
  6. That used to be the Schuylkill County gradient a few years back. Quite a few storms have given Allentown 12+ and Tamaqua
  7. That was a true paste bomb here. I wish I still had the pics from it, but they were taken on a very shitty 1st gen digital camera so they weren't very good. I think we ended up with about 8 inches overall from that one in my backyard. We got about an inch or so of light snow on Christmas Eve, then it flipped to light rain overnight, and at about 9-10am Christmas morning it flipped back to heavy snow. Areas north of me and in a higher elevation never got above freezing and as such had major problems with downed tree limbs, wires, and prolonged power outages due to the heavy ice accretion.
  8. And yet the 0z Euro and Canadian both appear to give NEPA and especially areas southeast of the Blue Mountain the typical Miller B dryslot/screwsone...
  9. That's where I am. I hate 2 inch snows that don't do much more than bring the salt trucks out, and sleet and freezing rain really do nothing for me anyway. Not to mention that shoveling "concrete" sucks. Give me a 6+ inch all snow event, or just give me a torch and rain.
  10. True that. It's not out there in day 10+ la la land. Its definitely close enough to take seriously.
  11. Lock that up and there'll be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from my bus group that postponed their Hollywood Casino trip from this past weekend to this upcoming weekend. On the flip side though, they could be stubborn and defiant and say were going regardless of the weather.
  12. It'll certainly rattle the brains of my group that postponed their bus trip to Hollywood Casino. They were supposed to go this weekend, but decided not to because of the snow potential. They now want to go next
  13. I was born two years later so I don't remember that heatwave, or the Christmas snow, but I do remember my dad doing the snow tire ritual well into the 1970's. Back then, as well as the tire issue, was that nearly every car, except for the Olds Toronado, Cadillac Eldorado, and Buick Riviera were rear-wheel drive. And SUV's weren't a "thing" yet, so you at least needed snow tires to get around.