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  1. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    Second warned storm of the night for Tamaqua. Missed the first one as I was on the road in the bus down by Duncannon, but home now. Wife told me a house nearby was struck by lightning in the first storm. She said the storm was pretty bad.
  2. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    And Monday's forecast high for Phoenix is only in the upper 70's which is nearly unheard of in May...
  3. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    So where is this dry spell I thought we were getting? Looks like showers nearly every day in the forecast now through the weekend...
  4. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    That usually happens on the 4th of July weekend...
  5. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    Caught in a subsidence zone most of the day. Heavy rain along the Susquehanna and heavy rain along the Lehigh and Delaware. Here, not so much. Only 0.55" in the gauge today...
  6. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    I'm beginning to think this is the summer that we don't dare put away our winter clothes...
  7. Voyager

    Central PA Spring/Summer 2019

    I got 0.07" from some light rain early this morning, then nothing after that. From about 1:00pm on it was a rather nice day here.
  8. I hope you're right. Personally I'd like to see a couple nice days in a row for a change.
  9. Point and click forecast calls for showers every day through next Monday now. Thiis is beyond old.
  10. My point and click forecast shows a chance of showers every day right through Sunday. Is this wet pattern EVER going to end???
  11. This weather is disgusting...that is all.
  12. Voyager

    E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2019 OBS Thread

    Sitting under the Ben Franklin Bridge on the Camden side enjoying thunderstorm round two this morning. This one's bringing heavier rain with it.
  13. And yet CTP's graphical qpf map had the heaviest rain east of the Susquehanna...lol
  14. Looks like the guidance I mentioned last night (for my area anyway) appears to be correct. Sitting at 0.70" currently. I doubt I even make it to one inch. A far cry from the 2-3 that the NWS was forecasting.
  15. I was just about to post the same exact thing you did. Most of that line to the west misses to the west of the Susquehanna as well as my area per the HRRR. Not sure what to make of the less organized cluster to the south. Will that make it into the areas missed by the line and will there be any lightning with it?