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  1. Back edge of the precipitation shield is moving closer as I type. Looks like I might end up with about 8-10 by the time all is said and done... Just kidding. Actually, so far 0.81" of rain today.
  2. Looking at current radar trends, the worst of the storms may skate by to my northwest.
  3. Y'all are breaking my heart here...
  4. Not being home for the monster storm, I don't know what we officially had in Tamaqua. I put up an unofficial snow stake in the yard so my wife could let me know what we got. She said that around 5pm on Tuesday, it was reading 17 inches. Looking at the piles around town when I got home yesterday, I believe that number to possibly be too low. Especially considering that Hazleton and McAdoo (12 and 10 miles north of me respectively) had both received 27 inches. I'm assuming that compaction and wind may have lowered the number my wife recorded. By how much, I'll never really know. When I got home yesterday afternoon, there was still about 10 inches in the yard per that snow stake.
  5. The only thing that map is worthy of is a emoji...
  6. Snowing again in Bloomsburg... In a holding pattern. Under usual circumstances, we finish orientation today, get our trucks and load assignments, and head out. That doesn't look to be happening, and I'm not sure I want it to. Roads are still crap here, plus the blowing and drifting snow. I'd rather not start until roads and weather conditions improve. It's boring though...
  7. Couple of pics during the storm from Bloomsburg...
  8. It really kind of sucks that I'll never know what Tamaqua truly got today as I wasn't home, and compaction probably skewed the numbers on the unofficial measuring device I made for the wife. She took a pic late afternoon and it was 17 inches. My friend down the street had 17 inches at 9:30 this morning. Hazleton got 24 and here in Bloomsburg we got 22.
  9. According to the NWS public information statement as reported by a trained spotter, Bloomsburg has 21 inches so far...
  10. Guessing close to 15 inches in Bloomsburg...
  11. Wife called and told me that my nephew measured 10 inches in Tamaqua. I wish I could upload pics from my phone, but the files are too big. Here on Bloomsburg we have nearly whiteout conditions with the heavy snow and the increasing wind. Looks to be around 10 inches here as well as the snow is up to the bottom of my lifted Jeep.
  12. According to WNEP, there's 8 inches in Pottsville. That was about 15 minutes ago.
  13. Just woke up and looked out the motel window here in Bloomsburg, and eyeballing about 6 inches. It's ripping here as well.
  14. The bands that rotate through Schuylkill County are pretty damn impressive!