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  1. The amount of housing and development next to waterways over the past several decades is the factor and building in remaining open spaces elsewhere overall. While an increased amount of precip may very well have happened, if we hadn't built 10 fold, I'm sure the billions number would have been drastically reduced. Take NJ for example. The coastline is loaded with homes 10 feet from an Ocean. Then, the mandate for low income housing is causing communities to chop down their remaining land and put up more housing to reach an arbitrary % agreed to by the state gov. My old town alone, if you look at the open space from 1990 vs now, it is almost non-existent. It is all becoming concrete and the water has no place to go.
  2. They seem to migrate to the base state, no matter what the year, usually starting week 3. The fact that it waited to week 5 this past run was different than the normal, haha. Last year they constantly had us cold week 3/4+.
  3. Flurries coming to an end here. 7" total snow/sleet. Compacted down a bit with the sleet. Dry slot was real. I think even if I didn't sleet, 10" would have been the most I would have gotten. Very happy overall though.
  4. Been snowing or about 2 hours here, all white rain. Looks pretty at least.
  5. Last I saw a few days ago, it performs worse than the Euro, current GFS, Ukie and CMC.
  6. About .75" with light snow falling. 31.3. Looks like maybe one more burst of decent snow possible before shutting off in about an hour or so here.
  7. Yup, 14/15 my location had 47.5" total, but at the end of December only 2.2", with 1.5" of that falling in November.
  8. Their staff looks like they are 10 years old on their website. Man, I guess I'm getting old.
  9. We get mud season from Oct-April here?
  10. Decent day today to mulch up the last remaining leaves on the lawn during lunchtime. Somehow I didn't have to do my lawn at all this year. I guess all those windy days swept them away.
  11. If 2018 means 17/18 winter, then we were above average. 18/19 at my location here we were only about 3" under normal, so not bad. Last year was a bottom 3 winter since I've been alive. Hopefully this year we can reach over 20
  12. Pretty crazy differences. Something is going to be off big time.