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  1. Correct thanks, I had the wrong year. 12/30/00 locally had around 18-22" from that storm.
  2. Where I was in NJ by Rutgers I think we got around 7" from this storm.
  3. Love reading this thread, especially from the older guys. Your memories are amazing.
  4. One of the best snowstorms of my life living in cnj near Rutgers at the time.
  5. Been enjoying this stretch of mornings in the low to mid 50s.
  6. From the post earlier this year, I think that Jim Hughes used to post here and on eastern years ago, but then got run off the site from people bashing him. I believe he may have been from West Virginia. I remember that name though.
  7. I'm surprised, it hasn't changed for me one bit. I like the game itself and can't stand when they cut to the stands to show some dope that looks to be praying.
  8. the 80s actually averaged more snow than the 90s for the cnj area.
  9. Had a nice cell move through last night around 3am. Lots of lightning and .52" of rain. All total yesterday through this morning I got .82".