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  1. You'll go over an inch under this orange in a few
  2. Orange radar returns overhead. Pouring. .81 on the ambient so far
  3. The grand total, no matter which round brings what, seems to be 1-3" anyway like you've been saying.
  4. 2 in the past 13 years up there. Some would have said that was impossible.
  5. Rgem a soaker as well with mire to come still
  6. Not that it is a real model, but the Navy is pretty wet as well considering it always seems to be progressive with storms.
  7. Some heavier rain again just to my west
  8. Last year around this area was some of the best colors I've seen.
  9. 49 this morning. A beautiful breezy 70 now
  10. We did the highs temps instead...everyone complained about Newark and Central Park...like always.
  11. When a huge area the size of NJ has a flood watch and they get .10-.25, that is a bust. Your backyard didn't, congrats.
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