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  1. He used his buckle up line in a mid-December tweet when long range looked good for a day. We haven't even left the driveway since strapping in, haha.
  2. I hope they miss at this point. Would rather it dry instead of wet and muddy.
  3. Thank you! I was wondering how they did come up with it. I'm guessing too that back then, humans had to record the temps daily (how often though really, every hour, 2x a day?) vs now everything is automated. Having monitoring 24/7 vs monitoring maybe 2x a days can cause issues too. Pretty interesting how they do it.
  4. the next day looks even...redder, lol. We will see what happens. Seems like a large change
  5. This is a general question that just popped into my head when looking at my weather channel calendar. The one fact on it for Jan 25th was stating that the global land/ocean surface temp in Jan 2019 tied 2007 for the 3rd warmed (going back to 1880). How many global stations (I'm not sure what they are really called) were there in 1880 compared to now? Was there 1000 stations back then, and 10000 now? Do they try to use the same number? I'm guessing if they are using that stat, they aren't using sat temps? Thanks for the input in advance.
  6. I don't have anomalies, but I have solar panels with a history going back to 2012. 2018 had less sunshine than 2019, but 2012-2016 a decent amount more than the past 2 years. 2017 I had an issue with them, so that data is incomplete.
  7. Very accurate description. I think I get just as excited as my kids for a snow day still.
  8. It is different than rain, which is pretty much 95% of the precip that falls every year. People that like rain are the weird ones!
  9. If the control has any clue, many would be happy. But that is all in fantasy la la land.
  10. Are the GEFS getting upgraded soon as well? I thought I read it, but can't seem to find it now.
  11. State College is getting Light Snow as well as per Met I read elsewhere.