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  1. Yup, just hit .10" here to your west a bit
  2. 85.8 high, 84 now with much more clouds than sun.
  3. .31" last night. Pretty much all around my area had over an inch.
  4. 52 this morning. Quickly up to near 80 already.
  5. 1" even on the day, 1.11 since last night.
  6. .74" total so far. Steady light rain
  7. I have been for 2 years. Warranty up soon as I'm approaching 10 years. Supposedly they are running some test that will have results soon.
  8. They have been trying to figure thins out for literally 2 years. I called initially in eary September 2020 when my one inverter box had a fault. Now 24 months later after both inverter boxes have been replaced and about 20 site visits, I'm still only getting about 30% of what I was before the initial issue. I have 68 panels and am only getting about 24 kWh per sunny day. That means each panel would only be producing about .35 kWh per day which would be terrible. Before the issue on sunny days I was producing about 90 kWh. I now have bills every month and the dividend checks stink. I think there is a connection issue somewhere, but they keep telling me no. It's been extremely frustrating to say the least!
  9. Unfortunately my solar has had issues now for 2 years. Great when they are working, but any issues are impossible to fix. Sunpower is a terrible company.
  10. My mom in Piscataway said it was pouring. Looked good on radar. Interested in your total. Only .09" here, your cell missed to my south by about 2 miles.
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