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  1. You probably should post in the NYC subforum anyway since by your location, you are probably fairly close to me. I get that we are nearly in the middle between NYC and Philly, but since there is no action in this forum, you might as well stick with NYC.
  2. I might be wrong, but it looks like Hudson Bay is still mostly unfrozen? In past years, I think it is pretty iced up by now and that counts to the area #. Area is pretty high considering the Bay has pretty much no ice.
  3. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/Climate?wfo=phi You can find NYC there as well as other sites. Not sure how far back it goes.
  4. I'm all for it, I'm just a bit skeptical of a massive distribution of it and it actually producing at 100% efficiency for say 25 years. The rate of decline and efficiency of them concerns me. Even if they decline 10% over the first 10 years (which I actually think it would be higher), that is a massive loss of power which the only way to keep up with that loss is to incorporate more or replace them with new ones. I think the cost is going to be much higher than expected.
  5. Do any of you actually own solar panels? The prior owner of my home installed solar in 2013, I moved in here in 2016. I have 68 panels on my roof. From 2013-2016, they produced over 22,000 kWh of power. Now, only 8 years later, I am getting around 17,000 kWh of power per year. I had an issue late last year, and when the company came out, they told me that my panels and inverter boxes are already outdated. It took months for them to get the parts they needed to fix it. With such a huge decrease in efficiency and how outdated things are in just 8 years, I feel that solar on a massive scale would require constant upgrades to keep up with newer tech and also frequent changing out to new panels in order to keep up with the current demand. That isn't even considering higher demand, which would need more and more panels installed. They can tell you that panels last 25 years, but it seems like efficiency, at least for their highest output, only lasts maybe 5 years then there is a steady decrease year to year.
  6. Today actually feels like fall. 55, windy, leaves flying all over...
  7. I think overall counting the December snow, my area had 45 days or so of snowcover since it went into March. That is extremely rare. We might have had a 25 day stretch of "winter", but it was pretty epic and one I'll remember for long time.
  8. Last February was one of the best ever around here. 36" of snow and wall to wall snowcover for the month.
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