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  1. There have been tons here the 4 years that I've lived in this location.
  2. 2 stations that I see on weather underground have 2.57 and 2.68 in highland lakes. I know those aren't perfect though.
  3. Very heavy rain and a bit breezy. Just hit 1.40"
  4. Its funny, I'm near Whiton School. My girls had softball practice at Old Town Park that didn't get cancelled. I saw someone's gauge there had .21" I guess I got a little lucky.
  5. Yup, super dry here. Rained here yesterday for about 4 minutes.
  6. I know right! I did end up with .06". I've been missing everything for about 6 weeks now.
  7. I'm hoping for something, but think I'll probably end with the .06" that already fell.