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  1. Yeah probably. Crazy growth.
  2. 2 million people is a lot though even with green areas. I didn't realize how much LV grew in population until I saw that chart and numbers. I wonder how many area's grew by 2 million in 30 years.
  3. The population of metro LV went from 708,000 in 1990 to 2,700,000 in 2020. Those who say urban heat island contributed greatly to that # would have a decent argument I'd assume.
  4. Kind of similar out my way in NJ. Just .27" Hopefully something pops up later.
  5. .41" here. I'll take it.
  6. 87 yesterday with a trace of rain. 76 and muggy now
  7. Mid-70s already. Nice!
  8. Full sun, 72 here. Beautiful
  9. Had pea sized hail here yesterday in a brief storm. 42 mph wind gust. Only .04" of rain.
  10. Stupid clouds moved in too early here ruining it. Still feels nice outside though. We did hit the forecast high of 67 briefly.
  11. Already 100% clouds here in N CNJ. Forecast was 67, currently 64 is the high. Maybe those NE of here with more sun can touch 70
  12. The diurnal range has been large pretty often this month. So we have needed the heat on at night, but then maybe can open a window by 3 pm.
  13. Yes, May 9th we had daytime snow showers. My pool was getting opened that day. Then by May 15th my kids were swimming (with help from the pool heater, but it was a warm day.)
  14. It got down to 37 here last night. Tons of 30s around the area last night outside the typically warmer spots or areas that stayed cloudy.