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  1. First decent convection in a while going up over the center. Let’s see if it can retain it
  2. 18Z GFS coming in stronger. 996 through the islands vs 1005 at 12z. A decent bit slower too
  3. 8:50 update officially gives us Gonzalo. 45mph/1003mb
  4. Hail has stopped, but still pouring. 1.75" in the bucket and no signs of stopping
  5. Got skimmed by a few cells earlier but getting our first appreciable rain and wind now
  6. Very interesting how localized the rain seems to be! It is an absolute deluge right now near the Target
  7. Dumping near 24-139 interchange. Loud thunder
  8. A bit old (from last night) but a great update from Levi on the future evolution of Cristobal. Looks like once the dry air to the west gets wrapped around and cuts off the subtropical, nearly frontal characteristics of the storm on its east side, Cristobal may have a small window to intensify via more tropical processes. Likely won't have a whole lot of time to do so if and when the moisture bubble of the storm becomes more consolidated.
  9. Pretty impressive bright banding all across SNE tonight. Chaotic radar for sure
  10. Solid push south on CC southwest of Boston. Elevated locales along I-95 in Sharon-Foxboro area have probably flipped over nicely by now. Flakes are working their way in here in fits and starts
  11. CC indicating that the mix line is slowly but steadily crashing SE through metro-west south of the pike. Still looks like we're on track with guidance
  12. Power is back on here. Crazy lightning continues though