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  1. That blowup of convection around the center managed to wrap around and expel dry air pretty efficiently. On San Juan Radar looks like a potential landfall on St. Thomas?
  2. Tons of thunder here. Looks like a line is trying to form behind the first cell.
  3. Got split in Canton MA, but it looks like this developing cell coming in from the Foxboro area should produce.
  4. Cannon was amazing today! The Tram and Cannonball started off the day on hold, but the Cannonball was back online by noon. Mittersill and Hardscrabble (Mid-Hard especially) were simply fantastic, and the various glades off the summit housed deep drift stashes that had blown off the trails. Visibility was poor, but the crowds were essentially non-existent. Snow trended from untouched to chowder by the end of the day, with knee-deep drift stashes easy to find off the Summit well into the afternoon. Stoke level and atmosphere was off the charts for most of the day! Can't ask for anything more.
  5. Looking towards Cannon tomorrow, but worried about the winds. Would anywhere in the Whites be a better bet with regards to wind closure?
  6. To say Mad River Glen was a pleasant surprise yesterday would be an understatement. The hardscrabble surface conditions which I expected were well covered by the recent 2-3 inch snowfall which bonded very well with the troughs of the moguls. All on and off piste terrain was reasonably in play, with Slalom Hill, Paradise, Chute, Gazelle and Glade all skiing extremely well (as well as my favorite off piste tree shots, which will remain secret ). Run of the day had to have been Lift Line; while it looked bony from the lift, the snow was relatively soft and the tower 11 ledges were in play for some aggressive charging. I couldn't help but find myself loudly announcing my approval with each drop, much to the satisfaction of two ski patrol officers on the single. "There we go, oh yeah buddy rock it!" Nothing gets you going like a single chair lift call-out, so of course I got too aggressive and caught an edge 10 seconds later, sending me scrambling back into Glade head down and embarrassed once I collected my strewn gear. Cat Bowl, Upper Canyon and Fall Line represented the hardpack, as they were dicey to borderline dangerous at times. The troughs on these (especially in upper canyon) were scraped out down to blue ice, enough to send someone attempting to thump a line head over heels. In all conditions were hit or miss, but the base is very deep as even Tower 5 was opened up in the afternoon! (Backslapped the landing however, ouch). As is always the case with MRG I was worried about taking a few shots to the core, but my bases were clean outside of a few scratches, a win in my book! Ultimately the hard pack is a tough reality that will be only made more evident with these incoming inland runners, but its incredible what high density nickle and dime events can do for conditions. I came in with lowish expectations and was just trying to sneak in a day before the rains, and left glowing ear to ear. Place was empty as well, what a day to play hooky from class with the boys!
  7. This is nuts. Can't see across the street.
  8. Looking like somewhere between 3-4 inches here. I would assume that a few miles south of me might be washed away. Only mixed from 930-11.
  9. Nail biter continues here. Changeover line right near me but still ripping. Gotta be nearing two inches as the grass is totally covered save for a few weenie blades beneath the trees
  10. Really on the edge here in Hartford. Still holding onto heavy snow, and radar indicated that the changeover was within a mile of here, but looks like it was beaten back a little.
  11. Ripping huge flakes here in Hartford. Everything coated up real quick, but I'm expecting a changeover soon.
  12. We now have Subtropical Storm Debby in the North Atlantic. Should dissipate soon.