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  1. While the ET storm has formed around it, the inner core of Epsilon still seems healthy and fully tropical. Another little convective blow up is trying to wrap around the center, maybe one last hurrah
  2. Eye is almost better defined than Delta's ever was!
  3. Nice convective blow up occurring over the center of Epsilon right now.
  4. Clearly the south trend today is notable for Cancun and Cozumel, but wouldn't a deeper storm bring about movement that's more poleward over the short-medium run?
  5. Marie is going into beast mode right now
  6. Looks like Teddy might hang on for a little while longer as a TC. IR showing some convection secluded over the center where there was none earlier today
  7. Special advisory designating this as Subtropical Storm Alpha
  8. Yep, NHC continuing to tick up forecast intensity. Moderate Cat 2 near Bermuda
  9. NHS seems to be more optimistic about the long term future of this storm. 11pm update brings it's winds up to 75mph at 120hrs
  10. For those looking for Microwave data
  11. Appears as though we have some hot towers trying to go up on the SW side of this ragged eye feature. If these manage to stick around and help tighten up the core, Laura may well be shaking off the persistent shear and entering a period of quicker intensification. EDIT: Gif not looping. Use this link:
  12. First decent convection in a while going up over the center. Let’s see if it can retain it
  13. 18Z GFS coming in stronger. 996 through the islands vs 1005 at 12z. A decent bit slower too
  14. 8:50 update officially gives us Gonzalo. 45mph/1003mb
  15. Hail has stopped, but still pouring. 1.75" in the bucket and no signs of stopping