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  1. Over to snow in Sunapee NH (1300ft). 36 and dropping
  2. Impressive lightning just northwest of Albany
  3. Ring of very intense convection now completely surrounding the eye. This is getting interesting
  4. Yeah that was legit when it rolled through. Hail seems to have missed to the north, likely over Guilderland
  5. 65mph and 996 at 11am. NHC now has a Hurricane at Cuba landfall
  6. The end of that 3K NAM run is gonna give the fearmongering Facebook and YouTube channels some great clickbate
  7. Yep, 96mm Volkl Mantra M5 owner here and I will also vouch for 95-100 as a daily driver. While maybe not as reliable on hardpack/ice at high speed as skis in the 80mm range, the versality is unmatched. Took them from Alta to Mad River and everywhere in between last year
  8. To echo what others have said, a phenomenal day out there today. Stowe skied fantastic from about 10am on. I'm trying to upload a pic but keep on running into size issues, oh well
  9. Definitely will be a cold start, but if clouds move out like the recent GFS is showing the surface should become forgiving pretty quickly with the current sun angle. Will definitely be a game time decision whether the trek up to The Chin is in play or not Fingers crossed!
  10. Wednesday looking like a potentially top tier corn harvest day in the Greens
  11. Yeah I'm close to the Stoughton line. Drove through Ponky earlier today and they definitely had more impressive accumulation
  12. Similar numbers here. I think I'm about 2-3 miles to your SW. Rotted at 33 for most of the day and struggled to accumulate outside of the stronger OES pulses
  13. Great band blowing up overhead. Dumping fat flakes
  14. Still sitting at 32. Anticipating the CF rolls through here soon as Ponky is down to 25 right now
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