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  1. I'm surprised at how poorly the Euro handled this system. I guess I'll have to start taking the GFS more seriously which means something significant could be brewing for the end of the week.
  2. Yep, I'm here at the airport now. Looks like it will be predominantly rain tonight.
  3. Lol, alright well, I was on the NE side of town I can't imagine another part of town getting more seeing as there was an E-W gradient. That total from Thomaston looks right.
  4. Just some MKE stats for you guys... Today is the sixth day in the last eight in which the high temperature failed to get above 30F. As of yesterday's climo report, we are running a remarkable -12.7F departure for the month. On Tuesday, our high of 19F shattered the record for lowest high temperature for the date by 4F. Also on Tuesday, we tied the record low for the date of 9F producing a -27 departure for the day. We have received 7.2" of snow through the first two weeks of the month, not sure where that ranks though.
  5. How close was April '97 to beating December '92? I assume April '97 would be 2nd?
  6. Don't know what that second sentence means but, no need to be a smartass. I know it's from NOAA I guess what I meant to ask was what's the exact web address of this particular product? It's cool, I've never seen it before.
  7. Oh ok cool. We have tons of problems with the wind sensor at MKE. It's always going out and then winds go missing which is not good when an ob. is transmitting. I think it goes out because our winds are always shifting around with the lake breeze and whatnot.
  8. By who? Do you know one of the ASOS technicians?
  9. Bitched and moaned my way to about 4" on untreated surfaces.
  10. Even when I move almost 1,000 miles the -NAO still screws me out of a snowstorm. Hilarious.
  11. Can anyone offer up a physics/dynamics explanation for why the storm trended south?