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  1. 6.3" final.
  2. Kevin please add my name. Thanks.
  3. 5.6" here, had to use the deck total (no clearing) since the snow board was either too warm (had it in the garage right up 'til go time) or was obstructed by tree branches. Good event though, outperformed expectations.
  4. Measured 3.8" so far using the board but the deck on the other side of my house has 5". Not sure which is right. The board is pretty close to a large tree so maybe the branches of that are catching the snow?
  5. Yeah I was going to say, upon further inspection, looked like the southern energy interacted more with the northern stream since the northern stream trough was a little deeper. Should be interesting to track what happens today, hopefully this run is onto something.
  6. What were the differences at h5 this run of the NAM Will? It looked to me like the southern vort was trailing behind a bit slower and allowed the northern stream more room to amplify?
  7. Nammy whammy, congrats ENE:
  8. 34/22/18 Really went crazy figuring out the high. I initially had 32 so we'll see if I get burned. I just saw they got to 42 today even with a lot of clouds around. With 925s 4-5C cooler tomorrow I figured they should get in the 33-35 range. Looked like some good CAA tomorrow night so took the under on the low.
  9. I can tell everyone is studying for exams. Looks like they ran out of CAA. Maybe they will be stuck at 32F til after 06z.
  10. Yeah that looks like it, thanks, how did you find that? I guess he was wrong that there is no pdf.
  11. Not sure why they took away two hundredths from the precip. today. That hurt me a little but overall a very good day with wind coming in at 27 kts and the low looking like it will get below freezing. For tomorrow: 41/28/24
  12. Does anyone have a copy of this? I want to study it in case a weather observing position opens but the SWO I spoke to said the only way to study it is if there is an opening and they want to hire you and then you have to take the exam. Then they let you come study at the office.
  13. 56/30/27/0.24 Made most of my forecast last night without the benefit of the USL. I ultimately decided my original high of 53F was too low especially given what happened last week. I kept everything else the same though I did consider upping the winds a bit given how impressive the GFS MOS 3 hourlies were. Hoping that since it's going to be a WAA situation the wind won't mix enough to get them to 30 kts+ at least tonight. All bets are off when the front goes through. The low is interesting to me, I could see how the USL ends up being right as they more or less run out of cold air to advect and just sit in the mid-30s. However, it seems models often underdo the CAA initially which I'm thinking will allow them to get below freezing.
  14. NYC...BOS...DCA IAH...ORD...ATL PHX...DEN...SEA -2.3...-.2.5...-3.1 -1.4...-2.7...-0.9 +1.2...+3.4...+2.1