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  1. DCA...NYC...BOS ...ORD...ATL...IAH ...DEN...PHX...SEA +1.5...+1.2...+1.4 +2.2...+3.0...+0.8 -0.4...+1.3...+0.9
  2. DCA...NYC...BOS ORD...IAH...ATL DEN...PHX...SEA -0.7...-1.0...-0.9 +1.4...+2.8...+1.7 +0.3...+1.1...+0.5 98 96 92 100 106 103 95 118 87
  3. Sorry this is late: DCA...NYC...BOS ORD....ATL...IAH PHX...DEN...SEA +1.3...+0.7...+0.8 +2.6...+2.0...+3.5 +1.1...+1.3...-0.4
  4. 72/56/12/0 Looked like the column would dry out rapidly after about 03-04z so went with no rain. Hoping for enough sun tomorrow to get them into the low 70s. BUKIT showed them mixing out to around 850 mb. Hard to say when the low will occur. It looks like dews will remain pretty high after the rain moves away so a 06z low tomorrow night seems most likely. Basically went around guidance for the low since I don't know anything about how this place radiates though it looks to be cloudy for the most part.
  5. Wow, Runnaway and I doing naked snow angels on this run. Just where you want to be 7+ days out, in the jack zone. I wonder if this is the Euro sensing the snow cover producing a cold surface high response?
  6. They discounted the NAM on Monday night and that didn't work out too well.
  7. 39/22/26 Thought I scored a coup with my high of 42 today but WAA ruined that. Tomorrow the air mass looks to be a good 6 or 7C colder at 925 mb. Not really anticipating a whole lot of mixing although they should see more in the way of sun than today but with snow cover and CAA decided to undercut MOS again. Went for a cold low with the high building in and hopefully mostly clear skies. Winds looked impressive tomorrow and they tend to rip on NW winds with FROPAs according to their wind rose composite.
  8. Never forget: http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/NARR/2011/us0107.php
  9. Ohhhh. Yeah that makes sense didn't think of that. Hopefully they see your suggestion.
  10. Someone reported 21" in Middletown.
  11. 12" here Dylan. Picked up an additional inch since 3 pm. I will have a final total for you a little after 9 pm.
  12. Wow, that's awesome! How much up there?
  13. Ryan's boss used an inflated total for Waterbury. Fake news.
  14. Really solid event but I think the one in February was a little bit better. Definitely had better snow growth. I think a CCB is developing but it's out by BGM. We'll see if any of it rotates through later. I kind of doubt it.
  15. 10" here with a IP/SN mix. Definitely not as good as I thought it would be. I thought I would get 16" but it's not surprising given that we were relying solely on a fast-moving WCB.