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  1. Philly getting crushed today/tonight
  2. models had hints of a screw zone-looks like it will be centered over the NYC area...the stuff well east will get eastern LI and RI
  3. GGEM is worthless-overdoes everything...but agree with you overall, unitl we see GFS/NAM/RGEM shift south it's something to watch.
  4. Euro's fairly dry through Sunday-keep most of the action south of the Mason Dixon line.
  5. a bit off topic, but does anyone know why the Euro always shows a jackpot of QPF in the western LI sound? It's some sort of glitch.
  6. Last week of June 2003 was hot--you are right there. 2009 morphed into a cool, but dry July. We had some heat and humdity for a couple of weeks in August but that was about it.
  7. back edge approaching here. Squally weather. heavy rain one minute, next minute nothing.
  8. Very convective look on the RGEM and NAM-some will get a quick inch and others will be shut out.
  9. Not really a beach weekend unless your VA beach or south...
  10. back edge on a NW TO SE line coming through Philly-we'll see how far north it gets before a pivot.
  11. The rains here remind me of a tropical system-very small droplets. Goes from nothing to heavy back to nothing in seconds...
  12. not the best, but serviceable.
  13. 0z Euro is much drier overall for this weekend...when compared to yesterday's 12z run.
  14. Radar has dried up around here in the last hour. Not much falling, but it's windier all the sudden
  15. modeling shows alot of that missing to the north and east. Heaviest rains will be this morning and maybe into the early PM. RGEM shows the jump zone