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  1. OKX radar estimates 6-8 inches here...it was complete mayhem for a few hours earlier...everything flooded, basements, roads everything-never seen anything like it.
  2. OKX estimates of up to 8 inches of rain around me. Town is a wreck with flooding and 911 system is swamped.
  3. incredible flooding here...2-3 inches in the last 2 hrs
  4. Training storms along I95 here in CT....
  5. Impressive rains here as well. Just keeps re-building...models look to be correct with 2 inches plus here.
  6. September can often be a dry clear month especially if there is no tropical activity. This year we have had alot of onshore flow days bringing alot of cloud cover
  7. same here...about .60 so far...back edge to the south, will see if that moves through with the warm front or it redevelops....54 degrees here, mid 70's in south Jersey.
  8. yeah upton favors those areas due to lift over higher elevations.
  9. 3K NAM has the best rains north of LI and the City
  10. Blue skies here fighting off the cirrus to the south....52 degrees...
  11. We were down in OC NJ for 3 days-got lucky-2 of the 3 days were beach days and the water was 77-traffic sucked on the way back-guess with the rain everyone left at the same time.
  12. it's 8 days away, plenty can change...
  13. Cold front this Sat night-few days of cooler and then back to the regularly scheduled torch.
  14. .45 here from the downpour. .50 on the day my neighbors who planted grass seed are happy-just enough to soak in and not wash it away.