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  1. any convection that gets going will have a chance to drop a ton of rain with those dewpoints
  2. Still toasty....seems like a long time ago when it was rainy and cool in June....
  3. Happens alot down in S Jersey where I vacation every year seen it go from 75-78 to low 60's...to top if off- you get the green flies from the bay on the west winds too...
  4. nice moderate rain here....
  5. upton mentions PWATS approaching 2.5 inches...don't see that all that often around here...
  6. Met summer is June, July and August, so he's right, that's about half over.
  7. same here-doesnt take long to dry out the first few inches of topsoil in July
  8. 75 here despite sunny skies-east flow day....
  9. I missed that one (CO). Agree on the warm water temps-also near the east coast too. Regardless of seasonal forecasts, whatever gets going could be a monster given the +++STT's.
  10. maybe,but most forecasts are going for below normal tropical activity this year in the ATL basin.
  11. yesterday was nothing short of brutal. Had 3 storms here, each time the sun came out we got hammered again and again....
  12. we've only lost 5 minutes and some of that is on either end, tough to notice until later in July
  13. humid air on the move north....
  14. Agree with the heavy rain threat with PWATS that high....
  15. it's nowhere to that degree though. Models hold off on storms until very late as well...you won't have the destructive sunshine like last weekend when the storms rolled in much earlier.