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  1. At the worst of it I had no cell phone signal-had to drive into town-truly cut off from the world.
  2. After 4 long days, power has been restored here-the tree damage is astounding-lot of hard hit microburst/tornado type damage.
  3. wind products on these models are almost always over done-reduce by 25 to even 50%
  4. impressive winds with last night's storm-gusts to 50 with it...was like a glorified warm front moving through
  5. winds ramping up here. Not much rain so far-a shower around 5am and the thunderstorm last evening
  6. interestingly the 3K nam was one of the few models to show a miss to Florida's east coast.
  7. I see your point but every model has that same narrow band of heavy rain....
  8. classic east of track situation like we saw with Fay 3K NAM is even further west with the 2 inch rain line over the Delaware River and west