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  1. hoping for another .34 next 6 days to get to 10 inches but pattern looks fairly dry
  2. true-we'd be looking at another 4-5 inch event if this thing had a tropical feed...new nam is very wet again just east of the city
  3. true-clouds even look like the ones you see in the Carribean
  4. yep don't need brutal cold for snow-look at last winter for example 1.
  5. people think of the word "tropical" as palm trees and sand. Doesn't really mean that when you're talking about climate.
  6. dare I say some of us could us the rain? we've had less than 1/2 inch here since the 9/1 deluge....
  7. my folks are down there during the fall/winter/spring-it's great-they're on the eastern side of town which is all new at this point. I've been down a few times-great area.
  8. edit-new euro is so slow it rains Saturday now
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