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  1. At some point if that happens just have to go back to mostly normal. Crazy to hide in. Bunker for years on end
  2. Let's hope. But it's becoming more and more clear the herd immunity % is going to be high. Many have had Covid and we're 20-40% vaccinated depending on state and it's still stubbornly high....
  3. I'd agree. We went back here in early March full time and the difference is astounding-they come home and talk about what they learned-happy to see friends etc. Beats 7 hours staring at a zoom screen.
  4. yeah, I can't remember the last wet period around here-most systems have underperformed since early March QPF wise
  5. can you expand on this? My guys are in 6th grade...
  6. had PFE 2nd shot 3 days ago-other than sore arm no other side effects....about 10 more days until I'm considered fully vaccinated.
  7. If we survived the last 4 years we can survive anything....
  8. I doubt most places will return to offices in the summer-maybe post Labor Day...not b/c of Covid, but b/c it's summer....if that holds its 18 months out of the office-imagine predicting that on March 1, 2020? Also the length of time has gotten people used to working remotely-hard to tell people they have to come back 5 days per week after that length of time....
  9. 68 and sunny here-another bluebird sky.
  10. 68 here-another bluebird sky to go with it...
  11. Not saying that but to say that it's totally 100% new within the last year is not correct.
  12. Sad. The mass shootings in this country are unreal. Just goes on and on.....
  13. the same people that think COVID is no big deal despite 600,000 deaths in a year in this country alone are petrified a 2 oz vial of vaccine will harm them, the irony is kind of funny....
  14. the vaxx was initially developed back in 2003 with the SARS outbreak then, but that never spread widely so there wasn't a market for it-so it's not exactly "new"