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  1. We ALWAYS stop in NH for liquor-best deal around...
  2. I wonder if in some states that becomes permanent....
  3. same in our town-6th grade in the books-didn't learn a thing until they went back full time in early March. What a joke and hopefully never again.
  4. the revenue issue was the biggest part in getting this done-the state was losing money to MA as CT residents simply headed over the border. I don't partake, but I support the legalization of weed for this and many other reasons....
  5. Euro bone dry through the next 7-10 days (except well N and W)
  6. feels like San Diego out there...quite nice
  7. Same in CT-lower than last summer- about 30-40 cases a day and positivity rate of .3 or something like that. Hospitalizations are down to 50 or so-on par with last summer. I'd be we get close to 0 cases a day come July/August with vaccinations slowly creeping up as well.
  8. Great day out there-dry sunny breezy and 75 here
  9. Media has tried to keep the fear going as long as possible. If the 2 shot vax is 88% effective against this variant where's the story? That's right, there is none.
  10. This was way worse. I've never been at a ticket counter for 3 hrs or on a phone line for 3 hrs with anyone and most of the above can be done online now.
  11. I had to go 6 yrs ago when the Triple A license agreement thing ended. So had to go get my license in person. I remembert thinking "how bad could it be?" A truly awful experience-workers moving at 50% speed, no urgency to anything. Staff was miserable and showed it-rude and crude to everyone. Stuff that in the corporate world that would not be tolerated. I think it took close to 3 hrs b/w the time I arrived and left. Just insane.
  12. CT went to online for some things-I renewed my driver's license online-it's the prior picture that they took in their office 6 yrs ago, but everything else I did online-took 5 minutes-was glorious.