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  1. if the cutoff is down to the M/D line by this time tomorrow-we are toast. Need to stay central NJ or north for us to stay in the game.
  2. it'll come down to the strength of that confluence up north....this one will have a crazy cutoff where someone gets 10 and Ten miles away it's 3 inches
  3. Need to see guidance make a move north within the next 24 hrs or we're in trouble...
  4. I'd give it another day, but agree-the only models showing a hit are the out of range ones like the NAM and SREF's...we may go March 2014 on this one- bitter cold but bone dry
  5. looks like it will come down to the ridge out west-if that gets knocked down, the further south runs may be onto something...still early in the game however.
  6. a bit worried about suppression, Euro, JMA and to some degree the CMC agree....early yes, but today's runs have to been considered as a possibility.
  7. March 2018 Model Discussion

    classic archembault event here...
  8. March 2018 Model Discussion

    all models except the Euro can be viewed here: www.tropicaltidbits.com
  9. March 2018 Model Discussion

    comes in around 7-8pm Tuesday. (which would be good-overnight event)
  10. March 2018 Model Discussion

    need very heavy rates and/or night time events at this late date. (unless we have bitter cold air and winds but I don't see that anywhere.)
  11. No cold air, that's been the issue-not going to accumulate in the city with marginal temps in March. Had any of these storms been preceded by real arctic air it would have been a very different story
  12. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Euro weekies show BN temps for the next month.
  13. same here-some left on the grass, but with it ending in the late morning with minimal cold air around it was vaporized within hours. No need to even clear the driveway or walkway with this one.