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  1. not sure why everyone gets excited for these-once in awhile it benefits us-but it's mostly a benefit for the other side of the globe....
  2. well if it's not going to snow give me warmth. 40 and partly cloudy every day is worthless on the plus side the warm winter nationwide is helping with the pandemic-less disruption due to snow/cold, people can get outside, mass testing/vaxx sites can be set up easier etc etc. A 13-14 type winter this year would have been brutal in that regard.
  3. Another winter with very little cold air anywhere in the country so far
  4. Winters are warmer now. Seems like more of a DC type climate around here last 5-6 yrs
  5. Starting to look like other years where the pattern doesn’t materialize. Always seems to be around mid January
  6. Seems more like a March pattern not much in the way of arctic air which will make track all the more important.
  7. yep winds have been picking up here since about 1pm or so....temps in the low 40's. Models look to give LI and CT up to 2 inches of rain
  8. it'll end at some point. It's weird to get dry and warm this time of week is colder but you'd think with most of the days being dry it would be some cold/dry scenario
  9. you know it's bad when a weak low north of Lake Superior is considering something hopeful.
  10. regression to the mean. We've had a hell of a run, but the last few years show us that every year won't have 40-60 inches of snow here...
  11. The GFS is not overly cold air-most of the truly arctic air is along the Canadian border with some intrusion into our area from time to time but nothing really out of the ordinary really.
  12. 38 here and cloudy-it's got that damp feel where you know it's rain coming and not frozen
  13. he's right, if Jan is done snowwise, there's one more month of met winter.
  14. I'll take one more decent storm and be happy. I think the idea of a longer lasting big pattern is on life support.