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  1. GFS and Euro show mainly cold fronts coming through every few days for the next week or so-maybe 10 days...that won't deliver much-need a stalled warm front or tropical remnants....
  2. Had some light showers here this AM but yes it's really dried out last few weeks. September's without tropical activity tend to be dry
  3. Brian5671

    Hurricane Humberto

    It was the CMC that had it first about 8-9 days out...it went OTS a couple of runs, but it was the first model to sniff it out...
  4. Brian5671

    Hurricane Humberto

    not really-it's well east of us-some rain but the big stuff is on the east side and offshore
  5. the land interaction is often missed with east coast storms-Gloria, Irene etc all sucked in drier continental air, yet forecasters went all in for wind impacts (which in the end only affected a small area)
  6. Makes sense, the cold front will be south of our area by then and we'll have decent NE winds ushering cooler air-models have areas N and E of NYC slipping to near 60 by 6-7pm tonight.
  7. Brian5671

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    weekies are a torch-more to come...
  8. Hot day here but temps will fall to the high 50's here by tomorrow at this time...WOW
  9. Weeklies are warm overall for the next month....there will be cool shots, but appears the warmth will carry the day
  10. LOL- I would not get too worried either weekend....lot of hype out there
  11. there was also a strong -NAO and blocking high to our northeast for Sandy....
  12. the band is losing its upper level support and slowly decaying...
  13. 2:52 E 20 G 29 10.00 Overcast FEW029 OVC055 66 53 63% NA NA 29.92 1013.3 06 11:52 E 18 G 26 10.00 Overcast OVC060 66 54 65% NA NA 29.95 1014.2 06 10:52 NE 15 10.00 Overcast OVC075 65 55 70% NA NA 29.96 1014.5 06 09:52 NE 16 10.00 Fair CLR 65 56 73% NA NA 29.97 1014.8 06 08:52 NE 13 10.00 Fair CLR 63 56
  14. dews have been steady or even dropped a degree here-NE winds with dry air winning the battle so far. 64/57
  15. struggling to get north of LI-will be close here.