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  1. let's hope, but Upton is going for mostly sunny with temps around 90-93 depending on locale.
  2. soil around here is fairly sandy-so we lose moisture quickly. I'm about 4 miles from the sound.
  3. Tomorrow looks like another 90 degree day for most....
  4. the euro gives Philly to Monmouth cty good rains, but not much north of there.
  5. The euro is similar to the NAM just a few miles off
  6. Last Friday here. So 7 days which is by far the longest of the spring/summer. Grass is burning out fast....
  7. Just saw it..epic rain event for the fishes b/w 1am and 7am Sunday--move that 50 miles north and LI has major flooding
  8. please let that verify--need a break from the heat and AC running!
  9. models favoring south of NYC right now for the bigger rains.
  10. big ol bust here. Horrid job by the NAM
  11. The radar shot however looks like it's moving quickly due east-unless it drops straight south at some point, models may be a bit too far south for tonight
  12. HRRR also brings it in around 8-9pm
  13. Getting dry fast around here, could use a shot of rain.
  14. MCS tonight on the NAM