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  1. very little salt here in CT-a few parking lots had it down, but no roads/highways that I could see on my travels today.
  2. Agree-it was too bullish on accumulations-it was in the 60's yesterday and well above freezing today with light precip forecast-you'd need heavy rates to get anything to stick....
  3. mood flakes for most-the band is moving east fairly quickly and will be out by 1pm or so...
  4. yeah some models show a coating, but agree-light rates and it was in the 50's and 60's last 2 days and temps in the mid to upper 30's today....unlikely to see anything accumulate
  5. that guy had the thinnest skin of anyone.
  6. new NAM has almost no QPF here now lol -
  7. tomorrow's problem is a lack of QPF too...NAM is down to .05 to .15 region wide...couple of hours of light rain and that's it.
  8. there was also a belief that it was too early for a storm of that magnitude. CT was also completely unprepared
  9. Here is CT sand is banned. Clogs up sewers. The state uses mag chloride and salt. Individual towns can do what they want but most have gone with the ban
  10. mass weenie suicides....although we would expect nothing so a 2 inch snowfall would be seen as a big win...LOL
  11. there's barely .10 of QPF (which is mainly rain) it's going to be near 60 today would be hard for anything to stick with light rates....
  12. people latch onto models outside their range. The solutions shown 3-4 days ago are nothing like what will actually verify-a cold frontal passage with some rain showers that may end with a mangled flake or two.
  13. The NAM is down to a few rain showers and maybe a flake or two at the end for tomorrow.
  14. I think it would be more mid-day Tuesday as the precip pulls out the stuff at night and Tue AM is rain (coast)