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  1. This winter is actually warmer than last years disaster. It’s not that far off from 11-12 either. Terrible
  2. Weeklies showed this all last winter and the big pattern never materialized. Color me skeptical
  3. Last year they kept showing the great pattern which as you know never showed. Seems like more of the same this year
  4. Looks like a spring elevation event
  5. Time to close the shades for 2 weeks and hope a better pattern materializes. By then it’s 2/5 and getting late quick
  6. Finally a good track but no cold air.
  7. He’s lost a lot of credibility last 2 years. His temp forecast is nothing remotely close to what’s happening
  8. Looks terrible going forward. No real cold anywhere. (hopefully we can get a thread the needle snow event) -