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  1. I wonder how many watch TWC now vs 30 yrs ago--has got to be 1/5 of what is used to be....
  2. Yeah not sure what some are looking for-it's sunny 60 and not much wind-I'll take that and run this time of year any day.
  3. I saw annuals out at Home Depot this weekend-seemed a bit early for that. At least here you need to wait until 5/7 or so to be safe from frost
  4. At some point that will decline-I've notice some of his most ardent followers on other boards have started to jump ship...
  5. He's only predicted a warm winter once that I can remember-sometime in the early 2000's (he was right too). He's been god awful since 2015 which was really our last cold winter. His cold bias gets in the way. Not sure anyone really takes him seriously anymore-he's had to have lost ALOT of clients after the last few years and then his wonky political stuff too lol... He'll probably be right on the hyperactive Atlantic season although the verdict is out as to whether it's a recurve season or coastal strike season.
  6. I thought that too-but there are a bunch up for tonight...
  7. Frosty here 32-no frost warning though
  8. same ol thing since early last winter-the cold is delayed or muted as it gets closer...
  9. LOL CA is worse for cost of living though
  10. Classic case of the system ending up N and E of what was modeled--same ol same ol
  11. Last summer was horrid once past about June 20th-last May-June were dry then the spigots opened for 9 months plus
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