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  1. sun busting out here-temps up to 70. Radar looks quiet.
  2. Not really...cycle the NAM it's more isolated and scattered stuff...temps are in the upper 70's. Doubt you see a washout with temps that warm.
  3. got the gas fireplace going here. Tomorrow looks better-near 80 and mainly dry outside of some scattered activity late day
  4. and another 3-5 for some spots in MD.
  5. I'm thinking most of the flood watches are dropped soon. Big rains are south and West of PHL
  6. NAM while a bit out of range is fairly dry. also doesn't have alot for Saturday QPF wise.
  7. Saw that, but the big rains look well south on the euro and other models (GFS furthest north) Guessing the flood watches for alot of NJ will be canned soon.
  8. Drier air working in from the NW to shut down the rain for awhile. Some models show northern areas remaining dry through the day tomorrow...
  9. Spring 2018 banter

    I sometimes find the tracking more exciting as well, except for the real big ones.
  10. my counter to that is the sneaky high in eastern Canada that is showing up on modeling-might suppress it a bit or even focus the rains in a narrower area given the squeeze play...
  11. it's remained in that general park. Best rains south of NYC.
  12. may 10-16 convection

    Honestly it's incredible to track. Would not wish destruction on anyone but tracking it and being excited by maps does not mean one is "rooting" it on. (Which doesn't matter anyway, mother nature will do as mother nature wants) Missed it by 20 miles here-Danbury and vicinity very hard hit.
  13. may 10-16 convection

    most here want maximum destruction!
  14. Spring 2018 banter

    Wonder how early the BUST calls start tomorrow am?