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  1. Saw this on Upton's page: Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on how we can improve our messaging! The National Weather Service (NWS) currently uses “Watch”, “Warning”, and “Advisory” headlines to alert the public of weather and water hazards. The NWS Hazard Simplification (Haz Simp) project has conducted extensive research on how we might improve our alerting system. In 2021, based on this research and feedback from our partners and public, the NWS decided to replace the “Advisory” headline in favor of plain language headlines. An example is shown below. NOTE: This change will not be made before 2025. Current Winter Weather Advisory headline: ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 9 AM TO 8 PM EST...Future plain language headline: ...SNOW: Hazardous travel in snow and blowing snow from 9 AM to 8 PM EST...
  2. Yep agree. The last truly cool summer was 2009 (also a nino) but since then it's been above or well above
  3. Nino summers can be cooler around here.
  4. I'd say that even if we missed all the rain...we've had 4 weekend days washed out here going back to 4/22/23
  5. Just Sunday on the GFS. I'd be fine with one day that's lousy...
  6. Overnight models better for the weekend-keeps rains well to the south...
  7. heavy rain here up to about 1.50 now
  8. This band of rain means business-close to an inch here most of it within the last hour
  9. Euro just came in wet too-lol
  10. HRRR has some downpours...who knows at this point tough system to nail down
  11. Both NAMS are way west....eastern areas may end up with not much now...
  12. or maybe a blend of the two--everyone get an inch of rain...that would be the best outcome honestly
  13. PWATS are very high--1.75 or so, as soon as lift comes in should pour one would think
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