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  1. Heck of a way to run a -PDO! Warm blob appearing....
  2. agree-I'd like to see a parade of storms even if they are cutters in November....
  3. Didn't live in the area, I was a HS senior down in the philly burbs but I remember the story well, it made news everywhere. That storm front was the usher to the bitter cold Nov/Dec 1989....
  4. I never get why people live and die by an OP model past day 5....
  5. Along with Bank branches and Radio-both will be mostly extinct within another 15-20 yrs.
  6. Bradford Pears too-those leaves often stay on if they freeze...
  7. I haven't watched a TV weather forecast in years....
  8. I have green leaves on some trees here that froze in the cold snap.
  9. XMAS!!!
  10. People expect too much too early. The odds of a decent snow in November are quite low...most area reporting stations average close to zero snowfall for the month.
  11. they will fall right off especially when the temp rises above freezing tomorrow.
  12. surprisingly heavy rains continue here-close to an inch.
  13. system zooming in from the west-went from clear to overcast in about an hour here...temps dropping as precip tries to overspread...down to 45
  14. the water is warmer south of Greenland this fall. In recent years there has been a cold pool which coincided with much less -NAO....let's see if there's more blocking this year. We also have a quiet sun which can help high altitude blocking patterns from what I have read....