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  1. Those winters got started a bit earlier and did not have a strong pac jet..14/15 did flip on a dime...
  2. Through about day 7-8 on the op run. Day 8-10 was colder but that’s long range as we’ve seen often the last month. As someone else noted the EPS looks better Wiith earlier and more sustained cold. I’d like to see the mjo tun through 7-8-1 instead of 4-5-6. Also would like to see the pac jet weaken and not keep attacking the ridge out west.
  3. Going to need a perfect track if there’s no cold high in the right spot. The euro illustrates how it’s possible.
  4. Brian5671

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Lol. What a terrible model...
  5. The Op euro has been entertaining in the long run this year.,.
  6. Last year was a great ending, but the snow melted quick with the strong March sun....10-11 rocked because the 30-40 day pattern occurred during the heart of winter...
  7. Not time to give up but it’s getting late early. Anything good remains a week plus away. The euro weeklies are much more bullish. Have to hope that verifies
  8. Yep. We almost need a 980 mb cutter to roar up the lakes and reset it all...
  9. Brian5671

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Heavy rain here sending the remaimg slush to the sewers...
  10. The hopes for a big winter are fading fast. Hopefully we can get one or two decent snow storms before it’s over. Hate wasting January’s low sun agle and low climo highs (I’m a fan of snowpack too)
  11. Tough pattern for sure. This week features a 36-48 hour cold snap and then back to 40’s Wed- Friday. Any prolonged cold and ssnow threat remains in the longer range. Same ol theme...
  12. Let’s hope that AO drop is real. So far it’s been basically neutral....
  13. Looks nothing like the euro weeklies
  14. that's the best forecast I've seen the whole winter!