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  1. alot of clouds and fog expected tomorrow AM although you might be far enough inland to miss it.
  2. 5th year in a row with a bone dry September taking its toll....
  3. Another dry September as well with limited tropical action in the area. 1st week had some rains, but dry since then and we look to finish dry. Last 5 years have features a bunch of dry Septembers and some Octobers as well.
  4. definitely retrograding west looking at satellite....
  5. Looks like this one is destined for the fishes from here on out. Our resources are spread thin after 3 majors, we do need a break!
  6. Indeed-69% chance of hurricane winds in NYC 7 days out? Gimme a break.
  7. I think the PRE is our best bet here--the actual system is too far east...reminds me of a bust a few years back-Ernesto in 2006 or something like that-we all had tropical storm warnings and none if it verified.
  8. Yeah, I would agree with that. Both models picked up on the wide turn, but the Euro was better. Amazing how much better the Euro is than the hurricane models
  9. The UKMET showed the Cuba landfall well in advance. It's one of the better models out there, but the graphics are bad, so it gets less credibility that it deserves.
  10. that would be an unusual track...if you look at most canes there they tend to go up one coast or the other or cut NE from SW FL (Donna, Charley etc)
  11. where's all the big rains today?
  12. CUBA crushed on the 12z euro
  13. most showing minimal land interaction with Cuba too
  14. Looks like a good dump of rain for us Wed into Thurs