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  1. complete bust here only .15 today
  2. what a joke we've had about .15 on the day here...
  3. Looks like the 7-10 split on radar for CT for today..half going east half going west...all these cancellations for a couple periods of light rain....
  4. Struggling to rain here-I think the drier models for today might win, but 6z meso's were wet tomorrow/Monday
  5. yeah we have had 3 canceled, 1 due to heat, one due to T-storms and today...so they are jamming them in later next week- 3 games in 4 days
  6. They canceled ours (high school freshman)....
  7. Calm down, it's a 3 day event you're getting more than .50
  8. 6z RGEM and both NAMS are drenchers through Monday
  9. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow-NAMS went all in and everything else cut back at 18z Maybe the morning ends up dry?
  10. Sharp northern cutoff for sure-where is it though? I-84 or I-95?
  11. Meanwhile Ophelia is close to a hurricane....maybe this is giving models fits-all the 18z runs except NAM cut way back for tomorrow... -
  12. The differences b/w the 12Z and 18z NAM are laughable...
  13. Granted this over 2-3 days but surprised no flood watches up
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