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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Earlier this afternoon, two ragged V's of sandhill cranes zipped by heading north on the southerly flow. A good sign that spring is on the way.
  2. Clouds - 2018

    A little bit of color in the sky during the sunset this evening. Probably should have made a trip out to the pond but I just took this from the front yard with all the buildings in the way.
  3. 500mb gradients

    Well that is an easy dare. All you keep showing me is a white X on a black background. You might want try another method of inserting images. Your current choice is not doing so well.
  4. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    Is Will happy with the 15 to 20 feet of snow? lol
  5. The mechanism is the same with cirrus clouds and blowing snow. Winds get the ice crystals (ice plates work the best) all oriented in the same direction/plane. Actually the blowing snow works the best just because it is closer to us observers.
  6. Something tells me you are not in Kansas anymore...
  7. 7V2A8816.JPG

    8-17-2017 central Indiana
  8. January 2018 Discussion

    Wishing you were back at LAF?
  9. A lot of contrast in the early morning sky here in central Indiana this morning. Thanks for all the views in the 2017 thread. And as usual will be deleteing the 2017 images to make room for the 2018 ones.
  10. January 2018 Discussion

    A lot of contrast in the sky here this morning in central Indiana.
  11. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    ^ this is the reason that snow blows chunks.
  12. 7V2A1625.JPG

    Sunset Sept. 3rd 2017 Central Indiana
  13. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    just for posterity
  14. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    It is only funny on a couple of levels...