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  1. Had two stints behind the viewfinder this evening. First was downtown after work for the mammatus cloud. Then later at the pond for the sunset. The mammatus and the Courthouse... The mammatus and the traffic signals... And now onto the sunset in three easy steps, one... two... three...
  2. Tonight I got out a lens I hardly ever use anymore, the 100-400mm. There were just a handful of clouds this evening and they were pretty far out on the western horizon so I needed the extra reach. At 220mm the beginning of color... At 220mm again and the last of the color...
  3. Back at the pond this evening, An overview at the beginning of the post sunset... Last of the color before everything got shut off from the stuff to the west of me...
  4. This evening there were thundershowers around the area. So I needed to leave my beloved pond and head north of town. Found a bean field with a decent view to the west and north. Close-up pre-sunset... More of an overview pre-sunset... Local sunset... Post sunset looking northwest... Post sunset looking west...
  5. The common theme to this evening as crepuscular rays. Started off with some nice rays... And the hits just kept coming... Even had to tip back to get more vertical to get the rays... Back to the horizon with faint rays... Even the post sunset had rays... This last one is for only the ardent, hardcore atmospheric optics lovers. Anti-crepuscular rays. Rays heading off to the vanishing point in the eastern sky. Not something you see a lot of in Indiana but here they are... Cheers!
  6. ^ I do know that 384 hour maps are a joke but need the legend to be able to tell what that is saying. Oh fudge, this is about the map Alek posted.
  7. The atmosphere tried to give me another jet engine sunset. Local sunset... Early post sunset color... Late post sunset color... Bonus image: In the distance to the south of the sunset color advancing up the flanks of a cell between Indianapolis and Bloomington...
  8. Back to the regular scheduled evening clouds. The jet engine was rather vivid pre sunset... More of an overview... Local sunset... And ending the evening with max red...
  9. Hush now. Let us warmistas enjoy our sticky underwear, melted ice cream cones and A/C. lol
  10. What the heck. Sky conditions this evening were partly cloudy with scattered fireworks...
  11. While waiting for the real fireworks, I grabbed some sunset images at the middle school. The orange... The blue... *note; the fireworks in the corner are there to confirm that this was the sunset from the Fourth.
  12. Once again, nothing special. But I did have to go out and document it. Local sunset... Early post sunset color... Late post sunset color...
  13. Tonight everything was in the distance on the western horizon. Some sort of nice color though. Local sunset... The yellow... The orange... And the red...
  14. What happened to your Canadian air?!?!?!?!?!?