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  1. I bet you find it hard to believe that Indiana is colder than the UP, right?
  2. Got lucky and took a vacation day from work and the atmosphere as nice enough to give me a nice sunset that I as able to view. What it looked like around sunset... Was even given some extreme post sunset color. I am going to share two images. One straight lens and one with the GND so you can see and compare the results of the two and decide which you like best. Literally there is only one second difference beteen the to images so the light should be identical in each. I also tried to process, trim and save each as close as identical as I could get. The first is straight lens. The yellows and oranges dominate in the image... The second is with the GND and the reds and blues dominate... The truth might be in the middle of the two as color balance in cameras can be a fragile thing. As an aside I would like the thank everyone for all the views throughout the year. Might close in on another 5,000 views soon. I am amazed that anyone would ant to see some images from an old and partially blind photographer from the middle of nowhere Indiana. Have a great end of the year!
  3. Frosty November morning in Indiana...
  4. Some sunrise clouds to start November. A little red creeping above the corn... Some ripples in the cirrus after returning home...
  5. Just so you know, we are currently under daylight savings time. On November 3rd e will revert to standard time.
  6. I took this picture of the neighbor's sycamore tree because I thought that was Indiana's state tree. Come to find out that the tulip tree is the state tree not the sycamore. The sycamore is on the state seal though. Regardless, here is how muted the colors are here...
  7. Looks like the lowest pressure on the hourlies was 996 at KIND while LAF and HUF were 994. What as the best Illinois could do?
  8. KIND at over 2 inches while only 0.90 in my tippy bucket. I wondered if I had a leaf clog up the gauge but the .90 seems to match well with the radar estimates.
  9. Looks like the best color will be right out my front door at the library...
  10. Tonight was a race with a boundary from that massive low up north and darkness. The edge got close to overhead but it as a near thing. Did get some dramatic light so that helped a little bit. When I got to the pond looking northeast when the Sun popped out... Looking south with the same strong white light... Looking west and the strong yellow light as the Sun hid behind some clouds... This image has quite the variety. Orange up high, yellow in the middle and red in the distance... Max red dynamics... Last of the red as it was fading looking northeast like I started the evening...
  11. Interesting but totally coincidental that I have had 0.43 here ith the rain so far. Looks like just south of me picked up a tad more. KIND at 0.60. Have no idea if this water will help but the colors were rather muted yesterday while I as out and about trying to find them...
  12. Was a busy day behind the viewfinder. Looking north in the afternoon... Looking northeast in the afternoon... Looking east when I got to the pond in the evening... Now onto the post sunset, an overview... A close-up of the orange and red...
  13. Was dancing with the virga this evening. Looking south when I got out to the pond... Max orange on the virga... Leaning a tad more towards red and a little more expansive...
  14. Anyone else smelling bean dust in the air before the Sun comes up in the morning?