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  1. How does the weenie Dictionary go? DAB, DAB+, grassy accumulation, Shattered dendrites wisping across the road, Trace, Trace+, buried snow board, dumping, dumping+, bomb bomb+ ????
  2. LAF gets seven and IND is shut out? One heck of a gradient.
  3. A slight disturbance was sliding through from the northwest this evening...
  4. 0.94 in my tippy bucket. KIND says 0.80 in theirs. Of course now that the growing season is kaput it decides to rain.
  5. Had a gorgeous sunrise this morning. Started off with some vivid red... The extent of the orange... A look to the south... The last of the yellow... Only one from the sunset this evening. The brief red flash... Cheers!
  6. Only 72 at KIND. But I will gladly take room temperature in November.
  7. Threw the whole paint bucket at tonight's sunset. Looking southeast when I got out to the pond and the white... Beginning of the post sunset and the yellow with some crepuscular rays... The beginning of the red up high and some even more prominent crepuscular rays... There was a narrow plume of, I am guessing smoke, from Iowa to Illinois. Made for an extreme violet flash. This looks almost photoshopped but it is not. Amazing color! Good night my darlin', where ever you are...
  8. Just for comparison, how many births today?
  9. How to tell it is autumn? When you look at the visual satellite and over 80% of the lower 48 is having cloudy conditions.
  10. The race was on this afternoon between the dry air and the leftover low level moisture. The dry air won but I did get two images. Looking southeast when I got to the pond... Looking southwest close to sunset...
  11. Was out at the pond again this evening. Just after sunset, while there still as some white in the clouds... While there was s smidge of red, there was not enough to call it a red flash. Maybe a burnt orange flash? Umber flash? Whatever it was, here is the last of the evening...
  12. Snow invades the lower 48 outside of the Rockies...
  13. Was not expecting much this evening. But seeing how I have this problem of needing to take sunset pics, of course I was out there. When I got there the Sun peeked out and spot-lit some clouds... If this was the best of the color I would have been happy... But I was surprised by what happened next. I will say in the next two images I am not happy with the blue in both images. But when I tried to knock it down the images either went too yellow or too green. So the wild blue will stay. When the red flash occurred I had the 100mm on seeing how I thought if any red did occur, it would be well to the south of me. So I was only able to image part of the red when it originally happened... After a frantic lens change to the 24-70mm, I as able to better show just how much of the horizon went red. And boo-hiss to the excessive blue... Cheers!
  14. That is the perfect amount of snow. Shows off the brickwork pattern very nicely.