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  1. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    While last night was the race of clouds departing the area and the sunset, this evening was the race of clouds returning to the area and the sunset. Started with the yellow... On to the early orange... This is the kitchen sink of colors. A little bit of everything... And ending the night with the red...
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  4. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    Last night was another colorful evening. Local sunset Post sunset looking south east Looking north east A vertical selection And last but not least, the red...
  5. bowtie`

    September 2018 General Discussion

    Hit 92 at KIND today. The amazing thing is that there was a slight but persistent north west flow all day. With breeze from that direction I always expect cool to cold temps. Not today!
  6. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    I missed a day here. Life gets in the way sometimes. All of these are from 9-16. Was a busy day behind the viewfinder. Morning, noon and evening. Started off the morning with sun dogs/iridescence... Some of the sun dogs were rather vivid... At noon the lower levels started moistening up... The evening started off with a rather vivid sun dog also... Post sunset we started the color game. The yellow... The orange... And the red... For a long time I have tried to get a late, late post sunset with backscatter light with some high altitude still sort of in white. I came kind of close last evening. Was worth all the mosquito bites...
  7. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    This evening. Close to sunset with the Sun in the trees still, looking west... Post sunset looking to the south...
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  9. Meanwhile, the pingers are getting closer and closer to weatherbo and Will.
  10. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    I most be living right. I was on the edge of the clouds pushing east. I was also on the edge of the clouds pushing in from the south. All that gave me an excellent sunset. The white when I got to the pond... The orange... And the red...
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  12. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    Here is something I do not do very often. A mid-afternoon daytime cumulus with a strategically placed clump of maple leaves... Back to the evening sunset colors, looking south east... Last of the color...
  13. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    There was a chance that the back edge of the front would just make it far enough east to give me a colorful sunset so I had to be out there just in case. When I got to the pond, Still lots of clouds... What is that bright orb in the sky? Have not seen it in a number of days now... Managed to get a quick, brief red flash, nice...
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  15. bowtie`

    September heavy rain and Flooding threat

    5.4 in my tippy bucket. A solid event total. The east coast can keep the extreme event totals. This was plenty.