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  1. As the Sun snuck underneath the cloud. A nice double diamond ring... Post sunset, Fire In The Sky...
  2. This evening was all about cloud shadows. Started off with a reverse diamond ring and some cloud shadows... Onto a single image with three levels of cloud shadows. Level one is the two singular clouds on the upper left. Second level is the shadow from the main cloud in the center of the image next to the billboard. The third level is on the right side of the image and is from some clouds still in Illinois. The opposite of a cloud shadow is a spot light. In this image the clouds in the upper left are really being spot lighted hard...
  3. Departing systems can be the best sunset manufacturers. Just need them to time right in departing the area. This evening was one of those examples. Was a very busy 2 hours behind the viewfinder. But the last half hour was something special. When I got to the pond, just out of the car looking northeast... Looking west when I got down to the pond... Local sunset and the action is about to get hot and heavy making me Jack-in-the-box all over the place... Some fine tooth comb crepuscular rays post sunset... Moved to the middle of the field to look northeast and the yellow to orange color... Turned around one hundred eighty degrees and caught the full on gak, orange to red in the southern sky... Back to the pond for the orange to yellow in the west... And ending the evening with the red to orange in the west. The perfect ending to a perfect night of drinking in the colors of the sky...
  4. Exactly 2.00 in the tippy bucket from last night and all of today. Whole round numbers do not happen very often.
  5. Only one image from this evening...
  6. This evening was just about perfect. The afternoon convection was falling apart directly overhead as the sun set. Only Fly in the ointment was the breeze never did lay all the way down but that is nit-picking and did not mar the evenings festivities. Close to local sunset and probably the best light dynamics... Right at sunset I pivoted around and shot this cloud to the northeast. I like how the sun is a little more than one half the way down the firehouse. And the cloud goes from white at the top to yellow in the middle to grey on the bottom... Best color dynamics of the evening... And for the closer, the red flash with some broad cloud shadows...
  7. I almost did not head to the pond this evening. But I just had to, just in case. As you can see here, at sunset there was not a real lot going on... Once the sunset went below the horizon, it started to get a little interesting... Most of the clouds were to the east, so I kept track of what was going on over my shoulder. When the oranges and reds started to take off, I got the camera off of the rocks and on top of the berm looking northeast... Back down to the rocks and looking northwest to get the last oranges... And finished it off with some cloud shadows from that complex in Iowa... Glad I did go out there now, even if it costs me some sleep.
  8. I must be kind of crazy. Eating dinner had 0.90 of rain with a thundershower but when I finished eating I still went out to the pond just because I saw some breaks in the clouds. I did capture my first lightning stroke of the year though. If you look close to the security light on the left side of the image, just to the right of that, maybe you can see it. Kind of hard to see any stroke at 17mm unless it hits right in front of your face.
  9. Before I went to dinner I checked the vis satellite and saw that maybe I would get in an alley between cells for the sunset. But when I got out to the pond I saw this... The cell to the south had evaporated and the northern cell was flexing its bicep and heading south. So I was shooting to the west south west the whole evening. Yellow to orange on the post sunset color... Orange to red on the color just before it was snuffed out...
  10. Not much to the sunset this evening... Nor for the post sunset but you can see just how *dirty* the lower atmosphere was. Air Quality alert did not bust here...
  11. Rapidly changing cloud conditions for the evening here. Started out looking southeast when I got to the pond... Clouds to sky to water to rocks... Some crepuscular rays... A little more balanced image from the same time period... Looking south close to sunset... Post sunset clouds looking northwest... and looking southeast... Was a good night behind the view finder but I felt like a jack-in-the-box moving positions so often. I need a nap now. Good night!
  12. Started off last night as I got to the pond looking to the east... Close to local sunset... Extreme post sunset. I really like the electric blue to the reds way on the western horizon...
  13. Almost hit for the cycle here this evening. Used three of my big four lens. Started off with the 16-35mm @23mm. Looking southwest when I first got to the pond. Moved on to the 100mm prime for the close to sunset shots... Then it was on to the 24-70mm for the rest of the shots. The colors are just slightly different from 16-35mm but I needed the extra reach. This image is at 50mm. Last image was at 51mm. I must have pushed in on the lens with the GND at some point.
  14. This evening was a race between the dry air and the sunset. When I got there, there was enough clouds to be interesting... But as the sunset crept up, the clouds took a hike... Best color post sunset was looking south-south east. This time I kept the moon towards the middle of the lens, negating some of the barrel distortion and then cropped off the top. Look the Moon is sort of round this time!
  15. Very time dependent but the Lake Michigan death ray to CU development is pretty cool to see on the vis. satellite.