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  1. The pre-sunset this evening... You can see how the dry air was eroding the low clouds as the sun got lower and lower in the sky...
  2. Even though I live in Indiana, where it never snows compared to up there, I know that the meters are against the buildings and not at the curb because the snow plows would break and/or hit them daily plowing all of the snow up there.
  3. Not much color with the sunset this evening. It was all subtle colors... The blue hour was extremely vivid though. Over saturation...
  4. First blooms of the season here. Was out looking for crocus blooms but could not find any just yet. Found this one in a neighbors yard...
  5. Being a day off of work I was able to be at the pond for sunset for once... Once the Sun ducks under the horizon, the clouds start disappearing rapidly with the loss of heating...
  6. Not much in the way of clouds for the sunset this evening. But it did calm down enough that I could work on my reflection images for the first time of the season...
  7. After work, I raced home, grabbed the camera and then raced out to the pond to try and image the sunset. While I am still too late to get the actual sunset, I am able to image some of the post sunset color. What it looked like as the reds started to get cranking... Some of the rich colors, just as all the color is starting to depart to the west. I also tried to smooth out the water as much as possible by stopping the lens down as far as it would go, lowering the ISO as far as it would go. Was able to get an exposure of 2 seconds here. It helped but just a little bit...
  8. A decent sundog on the left side of the Sun today. Too bad there is such a visible lens flare but that is going to happen shooting straight at the Sun.
  9. Good news. The sandhill cranes were heading back north this afternoon. While it does not mean winter is over, it is a sign that we are heading in the right direction.
  10. Another sunset shot. The retention pond is still iced over so the reflection image is not as good as it should be.
  11. Getting an early start on the thread this year. Still probably two more months before I will be able to get out with any regularity. But I might as well start while the getting it good. As usual I will be deleteing the 2016 thread to make room for this one as I go along. This afternoon, some quilted gravity waves? The sunset tried to be decent. I will give it a B minus just for the attempt...
  12. How did you ever survive Indiana? lol
  13. 1.06" in my tippy bucket. Just a little soggy said piglet to pooh.
  14. Hey Willh! Are steel roofs the preferred way to go up there with all the snow loads?
  15. I see they dropped the SWS but kept the wording in the HWO for my p-n-c. Only seen a flake or two, literally, in my area. I think the best/worst is staying east of me. And that is perfectly fine in my book.