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  1. Always scary to watch the atmosphere un-zip, like it did from Missouri to Kansas and Oklahoma.
  2. Electrical transmission looks horrible, but the wheat looks great!
  3. ^ There is someone with a valid complaint about the weather.
  4. Only 87 at KIND. Still felt hot out in the Sun doing yardwork.
  5. I need to re-think hoping for a little more rain. In the 24 hour span from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, I had 3.52" in my tippy bucket. It might be a touch high according to the radar estimates out of KIND, but it is in the ball-park.
  6. WooHoo! 1.04" since noon here. and some yellows and orange are still parked overhead. Hoping for 1.25"+. Need every drop so far.
  7. There were sever storms south and east of me on the 7th. This is looking south at the tail end charlie cell. Some nice structure here. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm...
  8. Really late with these. Just a normal sunset on May 1st. Taken with the 24-70mm at 35mm...
  9. I forgot where I saw it but someone mentioned some smoke in the air recently. On the evening of the 11th, there was a lot of smoke here. Sorry I am so late in getting this out. Finally was able to download the card.
  10. Some nice structure on the tail end charlie dell in central Indiana just south of Indy about and hour and a half ago.
  11. Looks like KIND is going to be over an inch of rain today. Only 0.42" in my tippy bucket as there was no thunder here like at KIND. Did give me a real nice sunset though...
  12. I am going to over-share the sunset this evening. It just happened to be one of those. A departing system timed out perfect even though I had to be camped out under the umbrella for the first part of it. It was worth it. As the color started. And normally I would be thrilled with this much. But it was only the appetizer. Taken with the 24-70mm at 39mm... As the orange started to crank. Looking to the north. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm... Looking southwest as the red was serious getting into the area. Taken with the 24-70mm at 31mm... Looking west as the red was departing the area. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm... Good night my darl'in, wherever you are...
  13. 4-28 The sunrise. Kind of gunked down low but there was some spot lit altocumulus up high. Taken with the 24-70mm at 31mm... The sunset. Never expected this. I figured the approaching system would have obliterated just about everything. I was wrong. Taken with the 24-70mm at 45mm...
  14. After a day of being around a frontal boundary and all the clouds that entails, Around sunset, the clouds took a hike rapidly. Taken with the 24-70mm at 61mm...
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