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  1. Clouds - 2018

    I like the graceful arc of this cloud around sunset this evening. Taken with the 16-35mm @ 31mm. Post sunset color taken with the 100mm again...
  2. Where are the cumulus clouds?

    Interesting. What is the basis of your claim? Anecdotal evidence of local conditions? Any data bases of regional conditions? Global conditions? I am curious simply because I do annotate local cloud conditions quite often. While the clouds you speak of tend to be the result of daytime heating hence they generally dissipate by the time I get to the sunset shots.
  3. Clouds - 2018

    Both images of the post sunset this evening were taken with the 100mm. Not a lot of color but I was glad to be out there to document it. The orange flash... The red flash...
  4. Clouds - 2018

    This is the sunrise from today, the 21st.. It is rather strange watching a sunset in reverse. The red flash... The actual sunrise... Post sunrise. I like all the levels of clouds and the various colors each different level have...
  5. Clouds - 2018

    This was the sunset last night, the 20th.
  6. Clouds - 2018

    The post sunset was rather vivid this evening...
  7. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Well I have seen two of the three but thunder freezing rain would be a novel experience for me. Enjoy!
  8. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    That was terrifying.
  9. April 13-15 Severe Weather Threat

    For surveillance video that is halfway decent. I like the little blast of inflow before that little vortex blows through in the opposite direction.
  10. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    Heavy snow with a south-southeast flow? That has to be different for up there. What are the old-timers saying about it?
  11. Clouds - 2018

    Best image of tonight was looking east. Just happened to catch a break in the cloud deck at the right time...
  12. Clouds - 2018

    Got a couple of days behind here. These are from the sunset on the 13th. Horizontal, for the traditionalists... And vertical for the cellphone kids...
  13. Clouds - 2018

    Pre-sunset looking east as I got out to the pond... Looking west as the Sun snuck underneath the billboard...
  14. Quite a string of blocks

    Most consistent thing there are the higher heights over and around the Bering Strait. Second in line are the lower heights over Europe. Other than that, it is mostly hash.
  15. April 2018 General Discussion