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  1. Mist A visible aggregate of minute water particles suspended in the atmosphere that reduces visibility to less than 7 statute miles, but greater than or equal to 5/8 statute miles. It does not reduce visibility as much as fog and is often confused with drizzle. Fog (abbrev. F) Fog is water droplets suspended in the air at the Earth's surface. Fog is often hazardous when the visibility is reduced to ¼ mile or less.
  2. After a couple of days of severe clear at sunset, it was nice to have some clouds to look at tonight. When I got out to the pond... As the Sun got lower towards the horizon... Beginning of the color on the horizon... As the lone cloud overhead became illuminated with the orange color... End of the color on the horizon... Cheers!
  3. Most of today was 100% stratus. But around sunset things started breaking up. When I got to the pond there was a rather vivid cloud shadow... The best of the post sunset color...
  4. First sunset of Autumn. Pre-sunset... Post-sunset...
  5. Last Clouds of Summer Went out for the sunrise these last hours of summer. The early orange... Had a nice sun pillar this morning... Does the vertical show the pillar better? The Sun above the woods... Last cirrus of summer. This was straight overhead so sorry I could not give any horizon for perspective...
  6. Had some clouds this evening. A nice change. Looking south when I got out to the pond... First look to the west... Best image of the night, I think, and some great crepuscular rays... The red flash... The last dregs of color and light... Cheers!
  7. No clouds last night, obviously, but the smoke shield there in western Illinois is the dirty yellow on the horizon and there is some extremely faint crepuscular rays going on here... Just some more info. This was taken at 7:44 P.M.. The moon was 17 degrees above the horizon. It was at 241degrees or WSW. And 8.4% illuminated ( at lunar noon). This was taken with my 100mm. Now you have the rest of the story.
  8. Yea! Finally had some clouds to shoot this evening. And the smoke eased off just enough to give a smidge of color. The yellows with some faint crepuscular rays... About the best the color would do...
  9. The only good news to all this smoke is that you can shoot straight into the Sun and not worry about lens flares. Other than that, it is boring.
  10. A local bell-weather, Ice Cream Paradise closed it doors this week. A sure sign of the coming of winter.
  11. Yeah it is just a little parched here in my county. Another T last night which does not helps things at all. Ground is concrete hard in my yard.
  12. I can but I do not know what a post about TS Isaias from August 4th has to do with winter.
  13. Smoke plume sunset tonight. Orange post sunset... Beginning of the red.... End of the red.... Cheers!
  14. I see KDEN's biggest 24 hour change was 93 to 43. Impressive. Nothing like going from shorts and no shirt to winter parka in 24 hours.