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  1. bowtie`

    January 2019 Discussion

    You can also see the little smudge of my town just northwest of Indianapolis and south of Sugar Creek. In twenty to twenty five years our smudge will merge with Indianapolis I bet.
  2. bowtie`

    December 2018 General Discussion

    At KIND a high of 60 today and currently winds are 36 gusting to 53. My kind of winter weather. A great way to end the month and year!
  3. bowtie`

    December 2018 General Discussion

    A true weather weenie. When you get excited testing out all the aspects of a weather station. You are my hero, for tonight.
  4. bowtie`


  5. Just what you weenies need. A 400 hour map to drool over. lol
  6. bowtie`


  7. bowtie`

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Check the 500 mb up north. Massive Artic circle block. Nothing can go north according to the GFS.
  8. bowtie`

    November 2018 General Discussion

    While I was raking leaves, the sandhill cranes were winging their way south with V's upon V's heading south. That is a bad sign when the sandhill's give up the ghost and say they are out of here. Only bad news in the future now.
  9. Amazing that it has been five years already. Was the last time for a tornado here in town. One of the county sheriff car was prepositioned in just the right place and turned in the proper direction and caught the tornado on his dash cam. I should drive through that part of town where five or so homes were damaged and see if I can tell it had happened. Do not make to that part of town in my normal movements.
  10. bowtie`

    November 12-13 Snow Potential

    Be glad you are that far north. Just cold rain here so far.
  11. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    Only get to see clouds on weekends now. From yesterday. Some interesting cirrus around noon from the front yard... Close to local sunset... What little post sunset color that there was...
  12. You are not hardcore. I have been raking for over a week now already. And I am even a little south of you. You are correct though. Put enough clothes to be warm out and you will be sweating up a storm with the exercise of raking.
  13. bowtie`

    Clouds - 2018

    Was a blustery afternoon with the odd sun dog... A warm front or some sort of boundary floated through with some puffy clouds... Close to sunset... The red flash looking south east... The red flash looking south west...