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  1. Some serious cirrus this evening. Pre-sunset... Close to local sunset and I like how you can see the Sun through the trees. Nice natural solar dimmer... Post sunset color. I like the pink/purple retreating towards the red and orange all sliding westward...
  2. Got off of work early due to mechanical issues so I was able to make it out to the pond in time for the sunset. Had a nice convergence of clouds and light at the right time. Looking north pre-sunset... The bronze/gold moment... Close to local sunset at 16mm... The post sunset color... Cheers! A three out of five stars night.
  3. A lot less contrails and a little bit more of cirrus this evening...
  4. When I got off of work there as some fairly bold contrails on the western horizon. The sun set as I was driving home but I was able to make it home and grab the camera and drive a couple blocks to the south to snag a quick image. I was wondering why the contrails were so bold when most of the air around as so dry but a quick peek at the visual satellite did show a plume of moisture from Montana, through the Dakotas, Iowa and Illinois. Must have been focused around the 30 to 40,000 foot level as it really brought out the contrails. Without further ado here is what it looked like with the post sunset color...
  5. A death knell for winter. Outside doing yard work today and the sandhill cranes were heading north en masse. Multiple massive V's upon massive multiple V's all honking to beat the band.
  6. Nice but chilly sunset this evening. When I got out there at 16mm... I could not make up my mind about which of these next two to share, so I will just show both. This first one I processed to bring out the crepuscular rays at the top the most. But it made the over-all image a little hot... This image was taken 31 seconds later and I processed it with a bit more contrast trying to balance it out. Made the crepuscular rays quite a bit dimmer but I like the over-all better... Max color right around local sunset...
  7. Another nice looking evening at the pond. Too bad with all the construction out there it is nothing but a mud pit now. So I just stayed on the asphalt this evening. Looking north when I got out to the pond... Looking west south west around sunset with the 16-35mm... Post sunset color with the 100mm...
  8. Finally. A day above freezing coupled with a day off of work. That means I could get out and actually see and image the sunset. But I made an error. Thought the overcast as going to ruin the sunset so I started heading home. Then the sun rounded the corner post sunset and gave a quick burst. Unfortunately I as already back in ton so I had to do the best I could with wires, trees and buildings in the way. Started off with the color and the 100mm... Finished off the color with the 16-35mm...
  9. Chilly post snowfall sunset this evening Pre-sunset looking west.. Post sunset slight color looking northeast...
  10. Winter in Indiana. Ice on the pond.
  11. A small sucker hole opened up close to sunset this evening. Was not anything spectacular but at least it was something. Some crepuscular rays at the top of the hole... Some spot-lit clouds to the northwest... More of an overview to the northwest just before the hole closed up...
  12. Finally broke the inversion around here today. What was that bright yellow thing in the sky all day? Had some perfectly placed cirrus for the sunset also. Around local sunset for the yellow. Do no look to close at the focus. Those darn ski mittens and lens changes can result in accidental manual focus. Fire in the sky and ice on the pond... Max red right before it disappeared.... Cheers!
  13. If you throw out one day, Jan 4th, the diurnal range has been less than nine degrees for the month. Blandness in the skies and the temperature recording devices at KIND.
  14. And just what is your definition of an expert? Gung-ho hobbyist? BS diploma? Masters with thesis of "The latency of of the airmass above 60N at 500mb? An Eskimo elder with 39+ different words for "snow"?
  15. Time for another foray into atmospheric optics. Thank you and I am honored that the 2020 thread has over 8,900 views already. As usual I will be erasing the rest of 2019 and 2020 to make room for this years crop as I go along. Finally broke the run of 100% stratus today. Good thing it as my day off of work. Started off with a vertical image at 48mm... A normal orientation at 26mm...