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  1. Meanwhile, just a little bit east of you, a big fat zero in the tippy bucket. Location, location, location.
  2. 14 days to go from white to tan on the graphics. The beans here and my grass now match the drapes of the drought graphics for my county.
  3. "Look Ma, no smoke! Let me put on the circular polarizer and see how blue I can make the sky!" Turns out, plenty blue.
  4. Don't you hate to play, "Where did I put that coat?" when this time of year comes around?
  5. I agree with you here. Grass is going dormant again. Could use a shot of the juice. The cards are not looking good though.
  6. Until you get one of those Texas hookers that drag flooding rains straight up the Mississippi.
  7. Ending August with a little bit of ground fog to mute the morning colors.
  8. Cool enough. Was just curious if there was any science behind the reference.
  9. THe fish are not happy. Neither is HurricaneJosh as he wants a cat 5 to blow down his new house.
  10. But that tweet is only about the first week of September. Says nothing about October/November. What you do know that you are not telling us?
  11. KIND at 91/75/103 for the day. Day 2 in the streak. Tomorrow was looking iffy yesterday but now they are thinking of another 90 to continue the Spartaman streak.
  12. 7-29 and Back Home Again in Indiana... Going to over sell this day. It was one of those evenings. Starting off with a sundog (parhelia) on the south side of the Sun. Taken with the 24-70mm at 45mm... Both sides of the sundogs (parhelia). Taken with the 24-70mm at 30mm... The sundog on the northside of the Sun. Taken with the 24-70mm at 55mm... And ending with the post sunset color. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm... Cheers!
  13. 7-23 and still in central New York. A red flash during the post sunset. Taken ith the 24-70mm at 70mm cropped in camera...
  14. 7-20 and I was in central New York visiting my Dad. His house and some midday contrails. Taken with the 24-70mm at 24mm...
  15. 7-13 The sunset sky conditions. Taken with the 24-70mm at 70mm...
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