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  1. Weenie lamentation quote of the year award finalist.
  2. Good to see that the pedestal error was repaired at KIND. Ended up with 0.81 in my tippy bucket. Do not know how accurate that would be with the freezing rain/ sleet/ rain progression of this storm.
  3. Some serious icicles/ ice dams here.
  4. ^ thanks Today I took a little afternoon nap. Did not mean to sleep so much but when I woke up the inversion had lifted out from the southeast. Did not have time to make it to the pond so I just walked to the corner to get as much sky as possible...
  5. Going to be a couple of days before some equipment can be moved in some fields after the almost 3.5 of liquid after this last system...
  6. Looks like I am going to end up with 3.39 in my tippy bucket for this storm. KIND was spot on with their 2 to 4 call.
  7. ^ I love how much snow is piled up on the bouys in the middle of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
  8. First time out at the pond in the new year. Had some nice conditions this evening. Started off with a vivid sundog on the south side of the Sun when I got out to the pond... Close to local sunset. You can see just how far south the Sun is of those trees to the right which is close to due west... I kept an eye out to the east and it is a good thing I did. The pinks went all out in that direction... The west went to mega red for the post sunset, glorious ending... As usual, thanks for all the views in the 2019 thread and I will be deleting those to make room for this year's crop as I go along.
  9. Cool picture of your four-legged weather vane.
  10. A couple of times today have had that strange mixture of snow, drizzle and sleet/graupel all happening at the same time. So strange when the phase transition happens to be close to the surface. I vote to bring back the 60's of yesterday.
  11. Can't ask for much more. No weather related travel woes this year. Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry everyone.
  12. Two days short of a month since I was out at the pond. Had to make some amends. Was startled to see the pond still iced over with the almost 50 degree temps. Almost local sunset... The yellows... Some sparse reds...
  13. I find it funny that Will only find the snow decent when the piles get higher than the personal vehicles.
  14. Yep, all working properly now. Thanks!
  15. If anyone from KIND sticks a nose in here, the maps on your brief overview of the two day snow are black X's on my desktop. Also the weather story for the day is a black X also. Just FYI.