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  1. 1.91" here as of 7 AM. Picked around another 1/2" this morning. Rivers going into minor flood.
  2. Not even close to a frost out this way yet. Tonight will be the first night to get below 40 and the forecast calls for 39 before the clouds roll in with the approaching warm front.
  3. After I posted those CPC forecast maps yesterday, I thought they looked familiar. On the left is this year's predictions and last year's is on the right. Cut and paste?
  4. ...oh, and here's their temp prediction, as if anyone would be surprised.
  5. Other than western Colorado, the Dakotas and Minnesota, CPC used that Nina map for their winter season precip prediction.
  6. Just when you think you've got ENSO figured out, climate change comes along and throws a wrench into the cogs.
  7. Meh, yeah more fall-like weather compared to the blast furnace we've been experiencing, but I'm seeing no chance of frost in the next 10 days, which is the normal dates of the first frost in our area. In fact, I'm not even seeing any 30's in the current modeling.
  8. I just told my wife yesterday that it seems that over the last few years the winter runs long with a short spring and summer runs long with a short autumn. Those 30-year averages kind of verifies that.
  9. I'm riding Brian D's Old Farmers Almanac model.
  10. Well okay then! Ludington-Lake Michigan
  11. Meanwhile, 3 1/2" of rain imby and 5-6" in some areas in the past two days will wipe out the "abnormally dry" status in northeastern Indiana/northwest Ohio.
  12. The area's rainfall forecast maps look like an advisory level snow forecast except it's inches of rain.
  13. Our NWI posters need to head up to the Indiana Dunes area and get some video of the 10-14 ft. waves crashing onto shore tomorrow.
  14. Mother Nature is complying with the calendar for Northeast Indiana. We have enjoyed a prolonged stretch of much above normal temperatures and even yesterday and today was/will be in the upper 70's. However, the autumnal equinox tomorrow will bring highs only reaching the upper 50's with the cold through/closed low (depending on your model of choice) and not much recovery until Friday afternoon. Welcome to fall 2021.
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