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  1. 85° for a low...amazing. The important question is what did TWC predict for their high?
  2. SPC actually agrees with the model support issue, but still feels the environment is ripe for storms to fire. We'll see. "Models seem to be less aggressive with convective coverage in Illinois/Indiana and vicinity, although the background synoptic environment supports clusters/bands of storms in these areas with an appreciable wind/hail threat into the evening."
  3. Yeah, and it was just that, a hint. Just goes to show how explosive the environment can be and how clueless the models can be in these ring of fire setups.
  4. I understand your thoughts with storm motion. Still think the southern part will right turn enough so that you can at least wave at it as it passes, or just drive a few miles north.
  5. I am assuming that the GFS overdoes dews, with it showing widespread 80° over Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana Thurs-Sat.
  6. Unfortunately, your forecast may verify. Look at the bright side, you may get awakened by a 7AM clap of thunder as the MCS takes its last gasps
  7. The latest run of the HRRR shows Cyclone cashing in this evening
  8. Here's a picture from Facebook of the bridge. The post said that they didn't really get going until about 3 AM
  9. Nothing tornadic, but at least something to keep an eye on this afternoon. From Dan McCarthy at IND: Good Morning all, just analyzed the 12Z soundings from ILX and ILN and noticed that mid level lapse rates are 7.4 - 7.7 C/km at mid levels with a nice drier layer of air above 850 md to near 600 mb. This sets the table for whenever storms develop the possibility of damaging winds and hail. The SREF plumes indicate that the ensembles raise probabilities for precipitation for IND between 2:00 pm today to 2:00 am Monday morning, with the peak period being 5:00pm and 12:00 am.
  10. I started sweating just looking at that map. I sure hope that it has a high dew bias as well as a warm one. EDIT: Regarding the Euro/GEM vs. GFS ridge placement battle, I had to lol at Todd at North Webster in his discussion: Blended pop guidance remains an unmitigated disaster and will continue with significant targeted adjustments Wed-Fri.
  11. It was just announced today that the Dayton Dragons have renamed their baseball team:
  12. I'll bet everyone in that area is congregating on Mt. Geos. It seems that every few days for several months now, someone in the subforum is getting ark builders.
  13. Nope, still down here in a hotel, it was quite the goose drowner. A couple more...