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  1. The satellite from yesterday pretty much tells the story of winter 2019-'20.
  2. In the immortal words of Harry Caray, "The cleanup hitter, the Euro, is up to bat. Here's the pitch, a swwwiinnggg and a miss. Holy Cow! That ball was so far outside, it was an Apps runner! How about an ice cold Budweiser?"
  3. madwx's post piqued my interest in the deepest seasonal depths here. I began keeping CoCoRaHS measurements in 2006 in Huntington. Note: They are rounded to the nearest one half inch and depth readings are taken at 7 AM, so maybe not exact, but close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades. This winter seems to be mirroring 2015-'16 for suckage. In fact, it has been suckage for snow depth ever since then when you consider that we have had only 2 days when there was 6" or more on the ground. (6" on 2/6/18 and 7" on 1/20/19. Depths dropped under 6" on the following days). Two days in 5 years!! Of course we can't throw 2014-'15 under the same bus because I'm sure you all remember that winter. Here, we had 57 days with at least an inch of snow on the ground.
  4. The ensembles do have a coolish look from about next Thursday right on through the end of their runs. But checking forecast temps a month out?
  5. Good luck down there! The wife and I have talked of vacationing in the area.
  6. MIke Ryan at IND is singing a happy tune in his long range discussion this afternoon, beginning with the already infamous Feb. 27th rainer. I'm in the camp of I'll believe it when I see it. THIS SYSTEM WILL USHER IN A RETURN TO A MORE ACTIVE WEATHER PATTERN FOR THE LAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY AND INTO EARLY MARCH WITH CONTINUED HINTS IN THE 7-14 DAY PERIOD OF ONE OR TWO HIGHER IMPACT SYSTEMS POISED TO AFFECT THE OHIO VALLEY AND LOWER GREAT LAKES.
  7. We're sitting at a balmy 10°. Forecast only gets us down to 5°.
  8. You both smoked me, 3.4". Tied my November total for season high.
  9. It’s gonna be a rainer It’s a no-brainer There will no snow in my container I’m not trying to be a complainer But NWS should put me on retainer I’m not following this storm so I’ll be saner If Hoosier wants to ban me for this, I’ll catch you all later
  10. Dropped 3.1" here. I'm hoping to tack on some bonus stat padding tenths with that lake enhanced stuff that will blowing through here shortly. Looks like pretty widespread 2-4" totals, which I would call a bit of an underproducer for a lot of areas. Hoosier was right about the Euro totals along I-70. Up until radar watching time, it was spitting out ridiculous amounts through Central IL, IN, and OH. Worst model lol I have a feeling that Ryan, Tim, and Jack all beat me, albeit by a few tenths.
  11. I kind of like my chances, even without slant sticking. It is nice to see guidance giving everyone north of I-70 a little love.
  12. Still a virgafest up here. Glad to hear it's starting as snow down there.
  13. Gotta beat 3.5" here, from November. Should be doable.
  14. Rainer for me, Jack, and afterimage. Looks good for you guys up north