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  1. The radar looks like heavy rain may be more widespread than the cams were predicting.
  2. Had a noisy storm roll through around 3-4 AM. Although it woke me, it was music too my ears. I actually got up and watched it for a few minutes. Unfortunately, it only dropped four tenths, which is not enough to be a drought buster, but at least I won't have to water my garden for a couple of days.
  3. IWX is jumping on the bandwagon. I honestly haven't heard of a "flash drought" until this year.
  4. Widespread damage throughout the county north of me (Whitley) and the southern part of Ft. Wayne/Allen Co. FWA rainfall - 2.03" My place 20 miles SW of FWA 0.01" Also, this is just west of Fort Wayne: PRELIMINARY LOCAL STORM REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE NORTHERN INDIANA 1101 AM EDT TUE JUN 14 2022 ..TIME... ...EVENT... ...CITY LOCATION... ...LAT.LON... ..DATE... ....MAG.... ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE.... ..REMARKS.. 1018 PM TSTM WND DMG 3 ESE ARCOLA 41.09N 85.24W 06/13/2022 ALLEN IN NWS EMPLOYEE TRAIN BLOWN OFF THE TRACKS NEAR BASS ROAD. TIME ESTIMATED FROM RADAR.
  5. SPC has officially declared the storm a derecho.
  6. Watching the Field Museum earth cam. Constant lightning. Alek's getting a show
  7. ChicagoWX must be wringing his shirt out a lot today
  8. Snippet from IND's discussion this afternoon. I didn't realize that it has been 10 years since the area got into the upper 90's. THE LONG TERM WILL START WITH POSSIBLY THE HOTTEST TEMPERATURES IN NEARLY A DECADE ACROSS CENTRAL INDIANA.
  9. I believe he's using this: https://xmacis.rcc-acis.org/#
  10. It's pretty impressive when your days 4 and 5 point forecast is 97°, especially in mid-June. EDIT: Both 98° now
  11. Debris signature on the warned storm in Rush Co. IN.
  12. Feels great. Too bad that you won't be here next week for our mid 90's.
  13. We missed rain to the southeast earlier and now whiffing to the northwest with flooding rains. Hopefully will see some scraps later tonight.
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