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  1. Not to those who were paying attention:
  2. Although heavy rains and renewed flooding for already soaked soil/full rivers across Indiana are possible Wednesday, Mike Ryan made an interesting observation in this afternoon's IND discussion: One interesting component to Wednesday which should not be ignored...the presence of such a strong surface wave at 995mb or lower is likely to contribute to plenty of spin in the atmosphere with good amounts of BL shear and storm relative helicity being present. While the rain and clouds will keep heating substantially diminished...weak MLCAPEs peaking at around 500 j/kg and LCLs generally below 2kft could enable brief spinners with any stronger convective cell. Something to monitor going forward.
  3. Clinton County Tornado confirmed: Public Information Statement National Weather Service Indianapolis IN 155 PM EDT Sun May 21 2017 ...NWS DAMAGE SURVEY FOR 05/20/17 TOWNSHIP OF FOREST TORNADO EVENT... .OVERVIEW...Eyewitness sightings and videos of brief tornado touchdowns, analysis of damage pictures and discussion of damage with local officials confirms a brief EF1 tornado in Forest, Indiana northeast of Frankfort in Clinton County. Damage included roof and wall damage to the Forest volunteer fire station and a pole barn northeast of the fire station. .FOREST TORNADO... Rating: EF-1 Estimated peak wind: 90-95 mph Path length /Statute/: 0.1 miles Path width /Maximum/: 30 yards Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0 Start date: May 20 2017 Start time: 845 PM EDT Start location: Forest / Clinton County / IN End date: May 20 2017 End time: 846 PM EDT End location: 0.1 miles NE Forest / Clinton County / IN
  4. Dang, that would be rough on the spirit, as well as the tomatoes.
  5. As of now, it is the only one to depict that. I'm suddenly not liking my chances for anything strong.
  6. Lol. I just posted the same thing in the discussion thread. I will be in New Castle in the morning and heading back north mid afternoon. Maybe I can catch something on the way back.
  7. Yuck. I thought that I had it bad here at 58. The wife just got back from Central Indiana, crossing the warm front. She said it went from swamp-a$$ air there to feeling chilly here. I"m looking forward to seeing if we can get anything to spin up along that front tomorrow.
  8. Ohio damages were straight-line winds (2 paths), although surveyors seemed to hedge their bets on the second path. Public Information Statement National Weather Service Northern Indiana 454 PM EDT Fri May 19 2017 /354 PM CDT Fri May 19 2017/ ...NWS DAMAGE SURVEY FOR 05/18/17 THUNDERSTORM WIND EVENT... .OVERVIEW...National Weather Service and Emergency Management officials surveyed damage in Paulding County. Investigation of the damage indicates straight line winds were the likely cause of the damage. Details follow. .Haviland Ohio Thunderstorm Wind 1... Peak wind /E/: 80-85 mph Path length /Statute/: 2 miles Path width /Maximum/: 50 yards Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0 Start date: May 18 2017 Start time: 525 pm EDT Start location: 2.3 WSW Haviland Start Lat/Lon: 41.01451/-84.6317 End date: May 18 2017 End time: 527 pm EDT End location: 0.9 SW Haviland End lat/lon: 41.00578/-84.59032 SURVEY_SUMMARY: Two swaths of wind damage were noted from separate thunderstorms west of Haviland. The first storm snapped a couple dozen power poles near the ground from northwest of Haviland to west of Haviland along County Road 107. A few smaller tree limbs were also blown down. A second swath caused significant damage to a large pole barn southwest of the intersection of State Route 114 and County Road 87. Debris was carried to the southeast for roughly 2 miles across open fields. Several power poles were also snapped towards the end of the downburst. Along County Road 107, between 70 and 80 power poles were snapped by strong winds. Winds are estimated at between 80 to 85 mph. .Cecil Ohio Thunderstorm Wind 2... Peak wind /E/: 65-70 mph Path length /Statute/: 1 miles Path width /Maximum/: 25 yards Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0 Start date: May 18 2017 Start time: 429 pm EDT Start location: 3.5 E Cecil Start Lat/Lon: 41.22438/-84.51582 End date: May 18 2017 End time: 431 pm EDT End location: 4.5 E Cecil End lat/lon: 41.22498/-84.49610 SURVEY_SUMMARY: Damage was found along a roughly one mile path of isolated damage starting near the intersection of County Road 224 and 133. A older pole barn was impacted by the winds, causing it fall onto itself and mainly roofing debris being carried roughly a third of a mile. Several 2 by 4 boards were found embedded in the ground in various directions. Along this same path a garage door was pushed in with a few pieces of roofing thrown east to northwest of the intersection of County Roads 224 and 139. A 5th wheel trailer was rolled several times, landing in a pond. Near the intersection of County Roads 218 and 133 2 garage doors were pushed in. One of the buildings had its north and south walls pushed outward. While the boards in the ground, as well as damage to structures south of the destroyed barn may suggest some weak rotation, damage in the area was not conclusive enough to classify a small area of damage as possibly tornadic. Data will continue to be reviewed. We wish to thank Emergency Management officials in Paulding and Van Wert Counties for their help with the surveys.
  9. We had a couple of warned storms in the area last night, but the only real issue was a thin stripe of heavy rain across the northern part of our county. Only 0.11" here in town, but reports approaching 4" just north of here.
  10. I know that one of the interstates was closed in Central Illinois for awhile earlier today due to a duststorm reducing visibilities enough to cause multiple accidents
  11. You're probably right. I got them here: http://preview.weather.gov/edd/
  12. 90 at MDW, 88 at ORD