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  1. I just realized that FWA set a record for the warmest lows for four nights in a row from Monday through Thursday, with temps never getting below 70. Yesterday morning got down to 69 and this morning's low was 72, but 1988 said "Hi."
  2. Nothing beats the smell of petrichor, except actually getting the rain of course.
  3. Wind farms are really showing up well on radar this morning
  4. The subtitle of this thread is “Stick a fork in it already.” What’s not to like about the most beautiful weather to begin June that we’ve experienced in years in this part of the Subforum, and to now get to enjoy a nice early summer heat dome, with possible some ring of fire action?
  5. It is shocking to me that the southern UP barely received my seasonal average.
  6. The real bust is here. A couple of days ago, NWS had my area of Northern Indiana with a 60% chance of rain yesterday and an 80% chance last night. Then yesterday morning they dropped the chance for daytime rain 30% after 2 PM, but continued the 80% chance last night and 90% chance all day today. Waking up to clear skies, no overnight rain, and still an 80% chance, but only after 2 PM. I think I'll go ahead and water my garden this morning.
  7. Turn around. Don’t drown.
  8. 1.65" overnight in Huntington. I was just checking CoCoRaHS reports around the state and amounts vary wildly, ranging from under two tenths to over 3.5". For example, two stations less than 15 miles from here: Columbia City 0.2 NE - 0.26" and Fort Wayne 1.9 SSW - 0.31".
  9. I would be happy with cooler than normal from mid-May on
  10. Hi. Looks perfect for this old retired guy to go on a back yard chase. As I get older, I am shying away from driving for hours. A small target area with ideal chasing terrain, as @nwohweather alluded to, and a familiarity with the road network makes this a go for me.
  11. The bottom one is called a Majesty Palm. I don't know much about it except it is also supposed to be cold hardy.
  12. Absolutely no complaints about the spring weather we've enjoyed in Northeast Indiana. I couldn't walk out of the local garden center without picking a couple of these beauts. No, I wasn't influenced by palm dude, but maybe by the above normal temps we've enjoyed this spring.
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