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  1. Here are the excess mortality numbers.The numbers only to go to early September due to incomplete reporting. I look for that curve to increase soon based on the sharp increase in cases. This gives a new view to those here that are still downplaying the seriousness of this virus.
  2. So you're hinting at an insurrection? Really?!
  3. Well, this is a forum for weather buffs and meteorologists, so we have tendency to follow the science, however "left" that may seem to some.
  4. Thank you for admitting that the federal response has been questionable, except that it has been most of the time. Thank you for admitting that the administration played politics with people's lives.
  5. I mentioned to my wife that I feel that it's demographics. What I mean is that whenever I go in early in the day, I noticed that about 80-90% are wearing masks. If I go in during the mid to late afternoon, the percentages drop by a lot. I have also noticed that during late afternoon, many more shoppers are younger. I fell like there is a correlation of age determining the percentage of wearers.
  6. With colder air dumping in early Friday, I thought maybe the departing system would spit a few flakes. In fact, my p-n-c earlier showed a rain and snow mix Friday morning. It has since been removed. Just hoping.
  7. I ran into the local Wal Mart this afternoon. Was there for less than 10 minutes and lost count at 53 the number of people without masks. I am estimating that 50% were maskless, and that's not counting the people wearing them improperly. No wonder Indiana numbers are skyrocketing.
  8. It's looking more and more like we will see snow here in October for the second year in a row. The average for FWA is once every five years with an average snowfall of a laughable 0.3".
  9. He is doing better now, but is a "long hauler." He says that he will be back irritating the board soon. Also, Josh, please forgive me for not mentioning you too. So anyone who posts in our subforum knows at least two people who have been infected.
  10. Strange, I have two friends who died, two more that almost didn't make it, and six more who had varying amounts of symptoms from mild coughs and shortness of breath to being hospitalized for an extended period of time. Oh, and let's not forget our own Jackstraw, who is suffering from a serious case.
  11. Same here. We had fairly dense fog until late morning when the sun broke through and temps skyrocketed to 80°.
  12. Welcome to climo in the Lakes/Ohio Valley sub forum.
  13. In reference to the mask talk a few posts ago, this is pretty crude, but spells out nicely the effectiveness of masks.
  14. Yep. The Midwest is the new West.
  15. This graph from the New York Times shows that our subforum sucks.