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  1. Lol. IWX is all over it already. Given the long duration of dry conditions in the forecast, it is possible that a flash drought could occur towards the end of the month. Rain totals across much of the CWA are between 1 to 2 inches below normal for the month to date, and with prolonged dry conditions expected through at least the end of the next week (if not longer depending on how strong the upper level ridge can get), this signals drought could develop. The CPC highlights the southern half of our CWA as an area that could potentially experience a rapid onset of drought conditions by the start of June. This is something we will have to continue to monitor in the coming week.
  2. Almost four hours of off and on nocturnal boomers. A good night.
  3. Normal temps for mid-May here are 72°/61°. I'd take 10 degrees below normal and be happy. Of course I also wouldn't complain about 10 degrees above normal.
  4. That will be my weather for the next two days. The few days of summer-like weather is not a fair trade for the crap we've had to endure, otherwise.
  5. Bo, turn the snow machine off up there or at least keep it in the UP, as it's only a couple of weeks before it's time to head up to the Upper Lower for some shrooms.
  6. The trough just keeps on troughin'
  7. My contribution to the complaint thread. Aside from the one week torch this year, April has been dominated by cutoff lows for the past several years in our sub-forum. This sucks.
  8. I want to see those again some day. I only witnessed them once, 45 years ago. It's very rare to see them in Northeast IN.
  9. I didn't see or hear anything, but there were hundreds of reports all across Indiana. The link you posted has been updated (at the end) to include a security video of a meteor. I'd say mystery solved.
  10. It must be undulatus asperatus season.
  11. That's okay if you are the only one posting about this. Even though,the flooding will be destructive, it is fascinating to read about. Please continue to update.
  12. Fortunately for the east side of the forum, we will remain at least around normal tempwise and normal is ~63°-40°. I'll take it.
  13. D+ White Christmas and 6.7" in late January saved it from being a total failure.
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