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  1. After the past few years, it's hard for me to share that positivity. However, forgetting meteorology and just playing the odds, we're overdue, changing climo be damned.
  2. Normally I'd be lamenting being bullseye for an inch and a half of rain rather than what could have been at this time of year, but it's so dry around here, I'll take it.
  3. There should some code written into the model's algorithm that won't allow a solution with isobars packed that tightly past 96 lol
  4. Watch it. That might get the old "fake snow" debate started again. RIP Congrats on getting a rare Lake enhanced/LES that packed a punch.
  5. Almost as much as my composite total for the past three years (87.1").
  6. It has been snowing/mood flakes almost constantly for two straight days now here. Just enough for everything to stay white and feels like mid-winter. Looking forward to rain and 55 on Christmas.
  7. BuffaloWeather in Hamburg is getting destroyed
  8. The NFL is ruining the excitement by moving the Bills game to Detroit. They may not have had a lot fans in the stands, but the ratings would have been crazy. Of course, all of that was based on the Browns making it there.
  9. I was anxious to see his final call, but he already made it...rainer.
  10. Shades of the 2017 Bills-Colts Snow Bowl game.
  11. Same here. Have had radar returns all day, but haven't seen a flake/drop. Dry air munch.
  12. Welcome back Beau. Kinda looks apocalyptic out there. Measurin' in feet. Poster BuffaloWeather is in Hamburg, which looks to be ground zero for 4-5 feet.
  13. Todd Holston's discussions are usually...let's just say they're succinct. For him to write more than a couple of sentences says that he's pretty bullish.
  14. I don't know what would be worse for him, CAD and or a warmer by the lake 33 and rain.
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