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  1. Post record after record of rocking February’s has come to a crashing halt, two absolute stinkers in a row. Mother Nature will always remain undefeated. This decade of 2020’s has had some absolute atrocious winters thus far.
  2. If we get any beneficial rains in the coming weeks I am very curious to see just how fast things green up. We had a two week winter, and without that we likely had the most mild winter on record.
  3. Glad to see you pop in again. 34.5” for Syracuse is absolute bananas.
  4. A string of clunkers has happened in virtually every decade since records began, it’s nothing new, for every string of clunkers comes a string of harsh winters. 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 were disasters, although 2012-2013 redeemed itself in February/March but December and January were torch, as well as the first half of February. 2013-2014 brought what many of us describe as a legendary winter, one I’ll tell my grandkids about. 2014-2015 brought an extremely harsh second half of winter. It’s all cyclical.
  5. 68 in the paign today, record of 67 set way back in 1930 fell.
  6. Good. No reason to try and put lipstick on a pig or polish a turd with useless March/April snow.
  7. Do you foresee a very warm spring like a 2012 lite? The lakes are virtually ice less, no snowcover in the upper MW for cold shots to penetrate and a collapsing Nino.
  8. Without the two weeks of nickle and dimes and cold in January, this winter would rival 2011-2012 as an all time stinker. Extended looks mild and pretty dry.
  9. First tray of bacon wrapped brats for the smoker are done for the SB, with my homemade rub. Onto the smoker slow and low at 225 and then brushed in my homemade bbq sauce, back on the smoker for 30 minutes, and the sauce creates a glaze/crust. Next up, wings and poppers!
  10. With 0% chance now of sustaining a snowpack and the extended looking seasonable and dry, give me an early spring. This two week winter was not one to remember.
  11. 54 in the paign. Buffalo blue cheese smash burgers on the blackstone. Don’t hate it.
  12. No snow for Christmas or New Years and a virtually snowless December, combined with a winter hiatus with a 2-3 week torch during the dead of winter leaves me staring down the barrel of another F winter. This decade of the 2020s has featured some very lackluster winters.
  13. Today had a very March feel to it muddy, cloudy and windy with temps in the 40’s. Kind of don’t want the winter pattern to reload around Valentines Day, towards the end of February my body is craving spring.
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