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  1. I recorded 3.25” last night and my folks just to my north recorded almost 4”. 2020 continues to be a disaster in more ways than one, Several farm fields remain unplanted around here. The remnants of Cristobal should they track through the area could be devastating.
  2. Had to take the Covid-19 test yesterday. 3 co workers came back positive, 2 of which are exhibiting symptoms, and I came in direct contact with them.
  3. A much needed sense of normalcy coming for Illinois residents, as bars and restaurants can allow outside dining with social distancing rules in place May 29th. What I fear is the “second wave” of this during the fall months when flu season ramps back up.
  4. Barf. Not only are we dealing with a pandemic, but Mother Nature is delivering a complete stinker of a spring. I think I speak for most when I say let’s fast forward to 2021.
  5. Hands down the worst May I’ve ever experienced. This is just awful.
  6. This will change not only America, but the world forever, and that’s not a bad thing. When struck with a catastrophe the human race pulls together, when the human race pulls together we can defeat anything, including Covid-19. This isn’t China’s problem, this isn’t Europe’s problem, this isn’t America’s problem, this is OUR problem, our meaning the world. Let’s push politics to the side, and let the wonderful doctors come together for a vaccine and ultimately come together for a stronger healthier world.
  7. It’s absolutely horrifying what is going on in Italy. New York City is having a horrible day today as well. Anyone who thinks we wake up tomorrow and poof this is gone is delusional. The fact of the matter is, this is going to continue spread violently, and unfortunately result in many many more fatalities.
  8. Thank you sincerely front lines work is very very difficult right now, for everyone.
  9. Coming from a frontline a job: grocery supplier to the Midwest. We are absolutely tired. Things seem totally surreal right now to us. I just pulled another 16 hour shift, 60 hours this week, and yes I have another 16 hour shift tomorrow, so putting my total at 76 hours. some of us broke down and cried today out of frustration and anger, the work and product billing overload just doesn’t stop. Many of us finally had to tap out and go home. To all the essential jobs staying open, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  10. Rainy gloomy day, was a good day to stay home not that many of us had a choice anyway. With all the craziness, my mind has sort of faded and just realized we are heading into April already. I am ready for morels, crappie filets, and thunderstorms.
  11. A malaria drug from the 1940’s is having good results, but what kind of side effects will this bring? And to the people hanging out at the beach in Florida, good job, you just spread the virus more.
  12. Thank you for your kind words, and everyone’s at this point.
  13. New York reported 1,800 new cases since yesterday. Eagerly awaiting Italy’s numbers to roll in.
  14. Finally off work, clocked out today with 44 hours already lol. Very thankful for a day off tomorrow, I am so wiped out, just grabbed me a dominos pizza on the way home, cooking was the last thing I wanted to do. Whats going on in Italy is truly horrifying, and even under constant quarantine, cases spreading like wildfire. Be kind, check on your neighbor, and stay positive everyone! As for now, I am heading to bed, really looking forward to this 8-10 hours of sleep.
  15. Appreciate everyone kind words during this hard time, especially during our line of work. Not one to fish for sympathy, but after being treated like crap throughout the past week, it’s imperative to get some positive feedback. To anyone worried about any food shortage, I promise you We are working around the clock to make sure food is going straight from warehouse to your home.