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  1. Torching at 86 here. Was forecasted 82. Overachieving by a good shot at this point. Winds staring to gust pretty good.
  2. A 2007-2008 winter would be more than fine with me. For the love of god, can we please just have a wintry December? That’s all I want.
  3. Very warm anomalies centered dead center over the lakes, should prime them for hopefully an epic lake effect season.
  4. Hit 83 here today, felt nice, but man, I just want a seasonable October. NOAA 8-14 day temperature outlook features very warm temps for the October 17-23 timeframe. Ugh.
  5. Springfield, Illinois will finish with its second driest month on record, 0.01” of rain for the entire month of September. Records go back to 1879, so that’s pretty damn impressive.
  6. Dating back to Saturday 9/16 the following high temps have been observed at KCMI 90,91,87,83, 95, 93, 95, 94, 94.
  7. Wonder if this heat wave will be damaging to this years pumpkin crop?
  8. Just something about a 60 degree dark gray overcast October day. I love it. Wonder if the La Niña makes her effects felt next month.
  9. Talk about a month literally split in half, from one extreme to another.
  10. Multiple records over the coming days in jeapordy here locally. Currently 95. I believe that should beat 94 from 2010.
  11. Harvest has been in full swing for 2 days now, could be a record early harvest. Heat index around 100 on first day of fall.
  12. 95 here, my car had 97 at one point. This is an impressive heatwave, considering October is now 8 days away.
  13. With 90s appearing likely into beginning of next week, dating back to last Saturday, we will have achieved 90+ Readings 8/10 of days if we make it until Monday 9/25. What a crazy cold first 1/2 and crazy warm second 1/2
  14. Clouds kept our temps in check that today we held steady at 92. 90’s in forecast now through Monday. Very impressive late season heatwave
  15. Can the second half of September’s positive departure erase the negative departure from the first half? I think so.