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  1. Whiffed to the north and south. 1.2" here.
  2. From roughly effingham to Terre Haure, IN has been dealing with substantial rainfall, as they took the brunt of the precipitation last night and now this morning. Someone posted on Twitter, from Paris, IL they've recorded almost 4".
  3. Picked up 0.90" although some scattered reports of 1" from cocorah. Very wet weekend on tap for many, and that 8" bullseye in NW Arkansas and SE Missouri, is crazy.
  4. No and euro ensembles agree that a cold may could be in the works.
  5. NAM-3km had a nice looking QLCS affecting parts of MO and IL tomorrow evening.
  6. Our sub is dead almost through the month of April and just 5 pages of replies.
  7. Just read an article in my local newspaper that the University of Illinois has opened up their pools already?! That's absurd. So far temps are running 5 degrees above normal, and 18 of the 24 days have had above normal readings. Almost tagged 80 today. U of I may regret that pool opening decision, chances of a cool start to May have been appearing.
  8. Ended up reaching 84 today. Just 2 degrees off the record of 86 set back in 2002. Hate to say it, actually had to turn the AC on, as the house was 78 degrees when I came home from work lol.
  9. I would take a 2010 repeat in heart beat. That was a great spring/awesome summer.
  10. GFS on board for an extremely wet pattern taking shape. If this verified, hardly no drought conditions would exist.
  11. Last few days have been top shelf. Mowing in full force, the wonderful aroma of grills filling the air, flowers blooming. JB trying to pull 2009 as a summer analog lol.
  12. Latest drought monitor was released, and wow hardly any extreme or exceptional drought across the entire country. I read somewhere this is the first time since 2000 the US has less than 10% of the country in drought. Euro ensembles also showing a very wet pattern developing the latter half of the month. I wonder what implications this will have rolling forward into summer? Espically the developing Niño paired with no extreme drought out west.
  13. NAM 3-km coming in very wet over the next 48 hours, has widespread 1-1.5" rainfall totals over a large portion of the sub. Further south it delivers a gut punch to the developing drought.
  14. I'm jealous of you during the core winter months. Seeing that heading into April? No thank you
  15. Oh tell me about it, last year was ridiculous. But coming from someone who does landscaping for a living, last summer was a mowers dream. Still early, but this potential El Niño could spark a cool summer.