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  1. It was a fun storm! And as you alluded to, majority of the sub cashed in on the action! Although I only received 2”, it was fun as hell seeing it whipped around with 25-35mph winds.
  2. Fell to -1 last night. Completely smashing the record of 7 set back in 1911.
  3. Dropped down to 32 last night, the one thing I don’t miss about colder temps is the inevitable car scraping. Amazing October day. Chili, college football, drinking rum with apple cider and cinnamon sticks with the family.
  4. Didn’t the winter of 2013-2014 get off to an abnormally early start? I think the plains were hit with a massive snowstorm like the first few days of October?? Some similarities between now and 2013 as well as far as ENSO, the blob, solar etc.. EDIT: it was October 3-5 2013. Almost the same areas affected by this blizzard as well.
  5. So frustrating. For the second day in a row we tied a record from 1897 with a reading of 92 degrees. Would have been nice to see a 122 year record fall.
  6. We tied our record of 91 degrees from 1971 yesterday. Ready to usher in the first true push of autumn air.
  7. The decade of Septorchers continues.
  8. damn near coast to coast above average temps.
  9. Moderate drought was popping up in my area as per the latest drought monitor. Not much rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Currently it’s 87 outside. September a lock to finish above normal once again.
  10. For real. Nothing exciting for the next 7+ days. Getting awful dry around here. I leave next Saturday for southern Alabama. We rented a lake house down there for a week. Can’t freaking wait.
  11. Had my first notable rain event in 3 weeks today. High pressure parks over the region for the next week, looks like a nice week. Seriously can’t believe Thursday is August 1st.
  12. Never made it above 92 during this heatwave. Highest HI reading has been 107. Nothing to crazy, almost run of the mill for peak summer heat.
  13. Nice bowing segment plowing through west central Illinois. Wouldn’t mind getting a healthy drink before the heatwave, but it appears the heaviest precipitation will fall to my SW.
  14. Wishing you a speedy recovery Hoosier. Your health is the most important thing you can have. Glad things are slowly improving for you.