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  1. Chambana

    April 2019 Discussion

    Finally reached 70 yesterday. 65 currently, but clouds are keeping temps in check, as we were forecasted 73. As cyclone alluded to, lawns are greening up, trees are budding, people are doing yard work.
  2. Chambana

    April 2019 Discussion

    Latest CPC outlook highlighting a warm second week of April. I can dig this. Hopefully severe season starts to ramp up.
  3. Chambana

    April 2019 Discussion

    Winter was essentially a 5 week window here, it faded away as quickly as it started. I do not want a repeat of April 2018, as it ended up being our snowiest calendar month of the year. Heard thunderstorms last night, I’m ready. Fired up my grill last night and made burgers. Bring on the warmth.
  4. Chambana

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Alek? Guest? Is negativeEPO your alterego this year?
  5. Been some miserable cold/wet springs since the infamous 2012 spring season.
  6. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    Next week is looking great around here. Upper 40’s and lower 50’s with tons of sunshine. The 8-14 day outlook is calling for warmer than normal and drier than normal for the lakes.
  7. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    Reached 68 today. Felt amazing
  8. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    Reached 61 yesterday. Felt so nice to hear the birds chirping, a little sunshine and no car covered in road salt. Should top out in the mid 60’s with winds absolutrly howling. Under a high wind warning here with winds potentially reaching 65mph.
  9. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    This cold wave has been impressive. Not only did we break the record with a low of -3 yesterday, we also broke the record high min with a reading of 11. This is the coldest high min reading in Champaign for the month of March since records began in 1888.
  10. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    We have been consistently getting payback for Morch.
  11. Chambana

    March 2019 Discussion

    The low of -3 this morning broke the old record of 1 set back in 2002. Windchill was -20 at one point. Brutal for March.
  12. Chambana

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    One of the most insane pictures I have ever seen. I’m drooling. Is this your deepest depth since you moved there? Another foot to go? Goodlord
  13. Chambana

    February 2019 Discussion

    Really hoping the temps being modeled to open March are way overdone. Have to imagine with absolutely no snowpack, and the fact it’s March would make 0 hard to achieve.
  14. Chambana

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Had a wind gust of 60MPH last night at Willard Airport, even had pea size hail move through sw Champaign county as well. Goodlord Bo and Will, you guys are going to be up to your eyeballs in snow! Literally!
  15. This winter has had more fog and 33 degree rain events than I can ever recall. Ordinary winter for these parts, the highlight by far was the -45 windchills in late January. Actually a chance this winter could end up slightly warmer than normal for here anyway.