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  1. Gonna be the first to bring this up, but as far as temps and snowfall, this winter has rivaled 2011-2012 in terms of suckiness.
  2. Go ahead and pencil in a rainer for next weekend system, let’s follow the trend of weekend flood advisories. Euro ensembles agree as well.
  3. Two flood advisories. 4.86” rainfall. 1/2” snowfall. Temps 9.9 above average for the month. January 2020 recap for Champaign so far. The extended looks warm again.
  4. Nice. No snow in Champaign, sleet, freezing rain, rain.
  5. The roads are going to go to complete crap later when the front moves through, lots of standing water on the roadways, parking lots, sidewalks.
  6. That band looks great. Enjoy. Sleeted here with a changeover to light snow.
  7. Heavy freezing rain/sleet right now. Sidewalks are ice already.
  8. Not supporting the dude at all. Simply a good laugh during this horrible winter.
  9. Recap of this storm for Champaign 1) Ice accretion early on Friday evening 2) Saturday temps warm to the lower 40’s with 1.5” rainfall 3) temps crash after precipitation ends causing flash freeze, with the cold snap on brown ground 4) the packers are in the NFC championship game 5) I hate this winter. It sucks.
  10. WWA advisory issued for .01-.02” ice, along with a flood warning for an additional 1-1.5” of rainfall. I guess a flash freeze on Saturday will be a highlight of this winter?
  11. It’s hard not to be discouraged. Ryan Maue tweeted earlier about the euro ensembles latching onto warmth flooding the eastern 2/3 by next weekend. One would think with a solar minimum, neutral ENSO, things would align better than this.
  12. He did a pivot from 2014-2015 and is now claiming 65-66 is a top analog. WB has been pounding the table, just like 65-66 winter will come roaring the 2nd half of the season! It’s comical.
  13. Yep same. Halloween dropped 1.5” here. So from 11/1- 1/14 just an abysmal 4”