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  1. 44 and full sun gentle breeze, truly gorgeous day.
  2. High temps for my area the next nine days 42,19,40,47,49,49,48,45,40. A true bummer of a winter, almost rivaling 2011-2012.
  3. Mid to upper 40s returning to my forecast by the start of next week. I think it’s safe to say “February will not be rocking” this year.
  4. ^ exactly what he said. The precursor to that winter was 11/17/13, the first week of December had a 6-10” snowfall, then the Polar Vortex blizzard, followed with weeks of extremely cold temps and multiple snowfalls. January was one for the record books, on the heels of January came a frigid February, that gave me Thundersnow. man, the winter of 2013-2014 was legendary.
  5. Woah, did not realize you have been starved for a big dog that long, I remember when you had the hot hand for quite sometime. Personally, I’m ready to punt this winter.
  6. The only saving grace was the kinda cool ground blizzard on 12/22. Yeah you’re right, F- it is. This has been bad.
  7. Entering February with 4” on the season, no snowpack, a very warm January, and a cold and dry pattern to start the month. I’d give this winter a solid D- right now. Gonna be weird not to have GHD IV this year, our yearly occurrence.
  8. Saturday the high is 43, that will nuke the 1-2” snowfall after a mere 48-72 hour snow cover. Next week snowfall chances look slim, and that brings us to February already. the ground blizzard in December had no moisture, yesterdays storm had questionable thermals leading to 4:1 ratios. getting close to being done with this winter.
  9. One of my favorite things about winter storm threads are your pictures, you really have a knack for photography. Looks like you guys had a good storm up there.
  10. So yeah that 4-7” busted hard lol.. patches of grass already showing here.
  11. Absolutely ripping right now, beautiful paste job. Sitting in my nook reading a book, and drinking coffee. This is the life
  12. 32 and mod snow in the paign, had some rain mixing in, but back to all snow under a heavier band. Should be a picturesque paste job. Here’s to seeing if we can crack 6”. Gonna be a tall task, looks like a heavy band to my west over near Decatur.
  13. Either works for me. Solid event. The ole 8”er would be a nice surprise.
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