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  1. Incredible!! Awesome stats. Also goes to show you, extremes date back to before records were kept.
  2. What's really impressive is the mild winter of 1918-1919, that came off the heels of a truly benchmark epic winter during 1917-1918.
  3. Nobody is happy with this winter. It was a dumpster fire, sewer rat. I don't think we need a separate thread, however. Even the lake belts were subject to brutal thaws, not to mention many of us surpassing 2011-2012 snowfall departure, and warmth.
  4. Liking the looks of this. Especially for the extreme southern portion of the sub. Glad to see severe season getting off to an early start. Last 2 years have been a drag.
  5. Tuesday has potential to break the record high of 67 set just last year, if that occurs that would be two records we broke set in 2016. Also if we reach 60's on Tuesday, that would be 11/28 days in February to have a reading of 60 degrees or higher. Really incredible.
  6. That really is just insane. No other way to cut the cake. Amazing stretch.
  7. Amen. This point in the season is always brutal, especially even more so this year. March can be such a lousy, depressing, windy, damp month.
  8. Winds have shifted from the south to the west and temps have dropped accordingly. Reached 68 degrees and was forecasted 65, so another overperformer. IND reached 74 degrees, breaking the old record of 71 back in 2000. Looks like a few days of seasonable weather and closing out the last 2 days of February with above normal temps once again. Carefully watching the ORD record tonight, and biting my fingernails lol
  9. 68 here at CMI, unfortunately the record of 70 degrees from 1930 will be safe, the front is getting very close.
  10. Hahaha! Catching rays UP style
  11. anyone else think I-80 south, winter is over?
  12. Hit 70 here. Broke the record of 69 (1922). I'm happy. For the month we are running +10.5
  13. Na it doesn't suck. This is historic. Embrace it. Numbers wise it doesn't look as impressive but this is February man, unprecedented warmth shattering records left and right.
  14. Why am I using the words "only 63 in February" in a sentence. Like I'm disappointed lol.