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  1. Flurries off and on yesterday, but that was all she wrote. Was nice to at least see flakes fly, used my wood burning stove for the first time this year as well. Looks like the pattern is going dry for the foreseeable future, and a warmup next weekend. No snow in my forecast for the next 8 days. Ugh.
  2. Dating back to last Friday 11/24 KCMI has recorded 61/55/58/65/68. Tomorrow forecasted 55 as well. Really finished the month very warm. Almost impossible to get a really cold month the last 2 1/2 years.
  3. Which is just incredible considering where we were about 7-10 days ago. I might be wrong on my stats but I believe if we can pull of a positive for the month of November that makes 24 out of the last 27 months to finish positive. CMI reporting 65 now, my personal station recording 67.
  4. Wow, what an awesome day outside. 62 degrees already at noon, very gentle breeze and full sun. One of the nicest late November days you will probably ever get.
  5. WSW heck even WWA have been hard to come by the last few years. We did have a Blizzard Warning I believe 2/20/16 which ended up being 3” of wet slop and minimal wind. Does look like a change in the current pattern around the second week of December, until then Zzzzzz and above normal temps.
  6. That winter featured damn near everything besides a white Christmas ironically. Thundersnow in February, snow depth of 12” for 2 weeks, hardly any thaws, just an all around punishing brutal winter. My father was born in 1961 and remembers the winters of the late 70s very well, including blizzard of 78, and agrees 2013-2014 was the harshest winter we will ever see around these parts . This late November warmup is really going to chew away at the negative departure we built up this month. 58 degrees today after reaching 61 yesterday.
  7. Yes you are correct. Never seen heavy snow at 18 degrees, followed by the coldest air mass I can remember. I remember waking up 1/6/14 with a windchill of -40
  8. The winters of 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 were complete turds. Yes the winter of 2014-2015 was cold, very cold at times especially November and February, but December 2014 we tied the record for the least snowiest December on record with just a T, also tied again the following year in 2015. February 2015 we were also whiffed again by “GHD II” almost completely. I agree though, the winter of 2013-2014 was the harshest winter I’ve ever experienced by far, weekly 4-6” snowstorms, the arctic unloading relentlessly, and not to mention one of my favorite storms ever, major winter storm “Ion”.
  9. Car had 62 earlier. A warm thanksgiving weekend for sure. Bo complaining a 8” snowdepth disappearing in NOVEMBER most of us will see that in the heart of winter.
  10. Looks like the pattern in the pacific goes zonal in the extended. Rest of November/ first week of December looking pretty quiet.
  11. Numerous places reporting 2-3” of rain from this morning, lots of road flooding in CMI probably due in part to leaves clogging the drains. Cold front came through and winds are gusting to 35MPH temps have fallen from 63 back down to 40. A very roller coaster pattern.
  12. Looking very likely for a colder than normal November. Ryan Maue even tweeted earlier “maybe this winter will be like 2013-2014?” 12z Euro show very cold air coming down once again in the medium-long range
  13. Enjoy man! Jealous of your accumulating snowfall. Fired up my wood burning stove tonight, while sipping some makers mark to warm me some up a little more.
  14. Watching record lows here locally as well. Impressive cold shot, but quick. Next weekend still looks very interesting
  15. 12z euro has shown the idea for a strong digging trough across the eastern conus for a couple runs now. Would expect with the warm fall so far, the lake effect machine could definetly crank up. Also so another tidbit the forecasted low tonight would be the lowest observed reading since March 16th (15 degrees) that’s almost 8 months, so far the lowest temp has been 30 degrees. Please weather gods, give us a cold December, and a 1-3”’Clipper around the 23/24 of December.