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  1. I just realized only 5 storm threads have been made for this winter. 3/5 which didn’t pan out for the majority. yikes.
  2. 0.3” snowfall total on the season, rolling into February. Put this winter out if it’s misery.
  3. 0.1” snowfall total on the season will do this to you.
  4. Well it’s January 8th and my ice total may match my snowfall total for the season. That’s cool……I guess.
  5. Ahh yes, it’s got the classic CMI screw job, so yes lock it up.
  6. What a turd of a winter. Shades of 11-12 are ringing in my head.
  7. Here in CU December finished the fourth warmest on record only behind 1923, 2015, 1889. we finished the month with 0.01” of snow that melted within an hour on 12/28. January looking cold and dry. Gotta say, If things don’t turn around soon I’ll be hoping for a very early spring. our seasonal snowfall total stands at 0.01” with not much hope on the horizon.
  8. I’d love nothing more than to experience a UP winter for just two weeks. The adrenaline has to be off the charts.
  9. The decade of December is an extension of fall continues. Incredible run of blowtorch December’s.
  10. I’m just going to leave this right here, I don’t care who I offend anymore, but you all need to start asking yourself what is more important long term. Long term as in the economy, suicide rate, drug rate, child abuse rate, children socially, and academically. This virus Has a very very high survival rate among humans with no underlying conditions, and the majority of us under 65 will be absolutely fine. You want the government to tell you how to live your life, but yet the government ignores their own draconian measures. Long term the inflation from the trillions upon trillions we have spent are going to be devastating. How any of you feel like shutting down a multi trillion economy AGAIN is beneficial is baffling to me.
  11. I didn’t realize Ron DeSantis joined the 5G nanochip crowd? And explain to me why Florida real estate is exploding. People are fleeing democrat strongholds. Florida is wide open and numbers are good.
  12. I say we just keep the country locked down forever, keep printing trillions upon trillions, and never let children have in person learning ever again. What could go wrong?
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