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  1. Off to the 3rd driest start on record here locally with only 0.52” of precipitation recorded in the first 15 days. Hopefully tomorrow nights rain materializes. Getting deep in the summer, and the corn is letting us know, stalks are turning from that bright green, to that yellow, signaling harvest in about 6-8 weeks. This summer flew by, days are starting to get a tad shorter. Hope we have a normal autumn this year, the last 3 have been complete blowtorch.
  2. 65 has been the high here, gusty winds as well, and steel gray skies. If not for the green landscape, I would say it was October outside lol.
  3. 90/77/105 here. Definitely feels soupy out there, hate that feeling of stepping outside and your shirt damn near instantly clings to your back. Picked up 0.63” of much needed rainfall this morning, just added to the tropical feel outside. Only Midwest folks know what I’m saying when I say, “you can tell we are getting later in summer, when you can start to smell the corn in the air”
  4. 87/75/96 here. If not for the breeze, would be brutal outside. Getting to that time of year where the corn plays a role in the overall feeling of icky ness lol.
  5. Chicago O hare has reached 95 degrees, making it The warmest reading there since September 10, 2013! Like I posted yesterday, mid to upper 90’s have been hard to come by for a few years.
  6. 92/58 here. Hottest temp of the season so far. Again, low dews, breeze, make this heatwave very tolerable. I have 90s in my forecast the rest of the week.
  7. Hit 90 an hour ago per the hourly obs, really puts into perspective how brutally hot summer of 2012 was, we have since struggled to reach even the upper 90’s since then. Although 2012 was a dry heat, hardly any humidity since we had no moisture. Still a historic summer.
  8. Ugh, got 89’ed again yesterday, second time in a week. Today has a higher starting point, already 78 degrees, so our string of 90’s start today. What was once forecasted to be a cooler than normal month, may turn out to be above- to much above for some.
  9. Got 89'ed kind of a bummer. Highest dp reading was 64 earlier this afternoon, felt pretty muggy for awhile. Looks like the best builds back in by the end of the week.
  10. Topped out at 91 yesterday, hottest reading of the year so far, definitely felt like summer. That watseka reading is suspect, they topped out at 96. Edit: 97 degrees.
  11. Impressive stretch of consecutive + monthly anomalies about to come to an end. May will finish cooler than normal, by a few degrees.
  12. In between Decatur and Bement recorded a whopping rainfall total of 6.10". I really hope the farmers around here got everything planted. If it could be a disaster growing season for them.
  13. Warmest temp of the season so far, CMI reporting 85 degrees, and my weather station is reporting 86. Really a text book Mother's Day weekend. Cooking the wife a steak dinner tonight.
  14. Mother's Day weekend is looking top shelf around here. Low 80s and full sun. Ending up getting over 1/2" of rain last night, enough to muddy things up again. A few fields around here haven't been planted yet, I hope an active pattern doesn't evolve in the next week or two, could really put a hamper on the farmers.
  15. Looks like The line is trying to bow out now, I may take a pretty good hit here in an hour. That cell that passed just north of Jacksonville, likely had some large hail with it.