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  1. I'm not too optimistic, but still holding with near Carbondale as my target. Nearby areas are a backup option, but I'm not gonna drive deep into MO or KY for it.
  2. lol
  3. Right now I plan on heading downstate to around Carbondale for the eclipse. If precip/clouds are an issue down there though, might have to deal with a near full eclipse up here instead if conditions are better.
  4. Scattered severe storms across WI/IL/IA currently. Across the LOT CWA, even though there's a watch, not expecting anything more than isolated severe.
  5. lol
  6. Yea, cloud cover broke. RFD made it well into the 70's.
  7. Had two decent storms when I was out and about today... The first storm produced decent, but sub-severe winds. 6" diameter tree was snapped at the base in the parking lot I was in. Second storm produced some pea size hail.
  8. Through the 8th? Sweeping system will make this 2 days and done (Thur/Fri).
  9. July was the 6th wettest on record for Chicago... Top 10 Wettest July's On Record 1. 11.15" - 2011 2. 9.56" - 1889 3. 8.98" - 1957 4. 8.84" - 2010 5. 8.33" - 1982 6. 7.68" - 2017 7. 7.58" - 1969 8. 7.31" - 1963 9. 7.18" - 1875 10. 6.78" - 1950
  10. Zzzzz
  11. Today was never more than a marginal. None of this is surprising.
  12. Severe threat will probably be meh. Very surprised they have an expansive slight risk, as a marginal will likely do it.
  13. Forgot to share this before. I was on vacation in St. Pete Beach, FL from May 20-28th. Had an awesome sunset one of the evenings, probably one of the best I've seen. Didn't have my DSLR on the trip, but cell pics were definitely good enough...
  14. Not much at home this time, but another hit where I was in Schaumburg. I was very close to where I was during Friday's storm, and that hardest hit area. This time had some penny size hail, as well as 50-60mph winds. Some 1-4" diameter branches down around here. Pretty much hit the exact same area again. Also, as was the case on Friday, there was significant flooding with several roads and fields under 6-12"+ of water.
  15. Delayed, but not denied. During this stretch... ORD: 89/88/88/89/88/90 MDW: 90/89/89/89/87/91