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  1. You have it a bit off there. It’s been the GEM/Ukie camp rolling the Euro/GFS all winter.
  2. Numerous 2-3.5” reports coming in from McHenry Co. likely the same for other areas where that band traversed. .
  3. Hit an area of +SN with peak vis down close to 1/8M for a time a bit ago near Warrenville.
  4. For the first time this season there’s actually going to be a large reservoir of cold air nearby for the multi-wave period in question. .
  5. The “marginally cold air” part is not correct in this case. .
  6. energy consolidating around energy is always the best. .
  7. High ratios didn’t happen at ORD, that’s for sure. .
  8. It’s probably a close 2nd to the GEM. This multiple wave period is still 5-9 days out though. .