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  1. May or may not have been posted... Chicago/O'Hare received 3.4" of snow on November 11th, which broke the record snow amount for the date of 1.9", which was set in 1995. Finished with 4.0" here and 2.9" at MDW.
  2. 3.4” at ORD. Hard to get a good measurement here with blowing and drifting, but came to an average of 4.0” .
  3. 2.2” here as of a bit ago. 1.6” ORD. .
  4. Started as a bit of rain here at the start, before flipping to snow. Have a dusting so far. .
  5. LE already approaching the MKE shore in SE. WI.
  6. Records going to go down again at ORD... Snowiest 11/10 is 0.4" in 1991. Snowiest 11/11 is 1.9" in 1995. It's also on track to be a top 5 snowstorm this early in a season.
  7. ~6” is looking like a lock around here. .
  8. It actually wraps up a nice little wave now. .