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  1. 88 at ORD and 89 at MDW on Thursday. Slightly too much cloud cover one of the limiting factors from adding another 90+ day.
  2. Probably should have switched the last two days. Should have downgraded yesterday, and the it alone today.
  3. 0.50" (Marble size) hail at ORD with a storm that moved through a short time ago.
  4. lol
  5. ARW is very siggy...
  6. Out in DKB tonight... Run of the mill storm, but was able to go out and shoot some lightning. PS isn't working, but this one was good enough unedited.
  7. ORD topped out at 91 today, and 91 at MDW.
  8. I was going to extend the thread to the 17th, but I'm not the creator anymore. You're up Hoosier...
  9. Looks like that line segment that passed between I-80 and PIA produced widespread wind damage.
  10. Topped out at 92 at ORD and 90 at MDW today.
  11. Just had a storm here with pea size hail.
  12. ORD managed to hit 90 just after a small storm moved through. While MDW hit 90 just before a storm moved through there.
  13. Today looks fairly messy, but probably will be good for widespread storms. Looks like a standard slight risk was the way to go, with the severe threat not looking the best.
  14. Enough clearing in the area, with outflow fading to the west, that 90+ looks solid for today.
  15. ORD did indeed top out at 88 and 89 at MDW. Lake breeze begin the OFB just killed the 90+ potential. Given UA temps and high temps in surrounding areas, I'd bet MDW would have it 97 and ORD 96.