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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Ended up with more of a flash freeze last night than with the system a month or two back. Spotty glaze on most surfaces and puddles/areas of standing water were frozen over this morning. .
  2. February 2018 Discussion

    Looks like 65 was this high. Had the first 60F DP of the year as well around the same time as that high temp. Also hit 60F yesterday, prior to midnight last night.
  3. Feb. 19-24 Heavy rain and flooding threat

    Looks like the axis of heavy rain will set up north of where guidance had it the past few days, with much of the LOT CWA in line for 2-6" of rain. Flood potential is high with the rainfall, snow melt and frozen ground. Already seeing areas of standing water with just minor rain and snow melt combo.
  4. February 2018 Discussion

    Had some fog here late last night into earlier this afternoon, but it quickly faded with the passage of the warm front. Temps jumped from the mid-40's to the mid-50's. Snow depth down to 0, with only piles, drifted areas and heavily shaded areas with snow remaining...much of which will likely be gone by tomorrow night with mild temps and heavy rain.
  5. February 2018 Discussion

    ORD finished with 2.0” Had 1.8” here with I got home, but that was a bit after it ended. So likely was a bit of compacting/melting. .
  6. February 2018 Discussion

    Yea, that was a failed call. Granted most guidances wasn’t impressed even as of this morning. I’ve been downtown, and there’s been a nice period of +SN here with big flakes. .
  7. February 2018 Discussion

    Looks like a DAB today with this event. .
  8. Spring 2018 Discussion

    I can see where this is going... .
  9. Current Snow Pack and Depths

  10. February 2018 Discussion

    Ended up with 6 consecutive hours with vis at 1/16thM. 22 consecutive hours below 1M vis. Definitely was sig fog around here.
  11. February 2018 Discussion

    Fairly dense fog around the area the past several hours. Should continue into tomorrow as well. DPA has been at 1/16M for the past 5 hours. .
  12. February 2018 Discussion

    There will probably be some left, but not a lot. And even if there is, the southern cutoff will be fairly close by. Southern three counties on the CWA had under 4” in the ground as of this morning. ORD lost ~4” today so far, from ~10” to ~6”. .
  13. February 2018 Discussion

    Preach. .
  14. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    ORD finished with 4.1" with wave 3. 3.7" here.
  15. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    2.0" here thus far.