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  1. April 2018 General Discussion

    There have been several factors involved in the cold period. The NAO was previously one of those said factors. Right now one of them is the MJO...It was stagnant in the COD, moved through cooler phases, and has been stagnant in the COD since then again.
  2. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    0.5” at ORD and 0.4” here last night. .
  3. April 2018 General Discussion

    Just today really, and even then it won’t be too bad with temps near 50 and sun. .
  4. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Changed over to snow a bit ago, with 0.2" thus far.
  5. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    After having periods of showers/drizzle this morning/afternoon, now that the sun has gone down precip has turned to freezing rain...with a glaze on trees, cars and other elevated surfaces thus far.
  6. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    2" seems like a good call for ORD for now.
  7. April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Depends on the observer on shift. .
  8. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    I'll just put this right here...
  9. April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    Ended up with 1.2” here from the snow last night/this morning. ORD ended up with 0.4”. That amount is likely off though, with reports surrounding there of 1.0-1.2”. .
  10. April 13-15 Severe Weather Threat

    Couplets galore in the QLCS SE of CLE... .
  11. This was not a 15% tor day. Plain and simple. .
  12. Here's something you don't see everyday... Check out the DP spread ahead and behind the front in S. Texas. Low 70F DP's ahead of the front, and below zero DP's behind it. That's a 70F+ DP spread in <100 miles.
  13. You obviously don't know how it works if you think it actually worked out.
  14. We shall. Honestly, the QLCS has been underwhelming thus far...which is where I thought most of the tors would come from. Instead looks like little to none from it, and most of the tors were from the early discrete activity.