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  1. A lot of the precip for today/tonight has yet to develop.
  2. 78 at ORD yesterday and 77 today, a nice way to end this extension of summer we've had. Looks like fall is delayed, but not denied... With it looking more and more like the first cold day of the season on Tues. High in the 40's and lows in the 30's, with flakes possible in WI/MI. Beyond looks fairly chilly as well. All good things come to an end I guess...
  3. Paging rainsucks...
  4. I'll keep it on ice for you.
  5. ECMWF is cooler too. Average highs will down into the 50's and lows ~40, but I'd bank on some days with highs suck in the 40's and lows in the 20's given how things look as of now. Oh, and please point me in the direction of the GFS ensembles that go past very early November, as well as the CFS weeklies that show the whole month. (Weeklies are around normal for weeks 3/4 by the way) It's clearly going to be the end of the end for consistently mild/warm weather.
  6. I was talking more on the 8.10" totals, which were from Saturday.
  7. All of that precip occurred on Saturday.
  8. 4.19" at ORD on Saturday. Broke the daily record of 1.15" (2003/1881), as well as the wettest Oct calendar day record of 3.95" (10/3/1954). It's also the 2nd wettest Met Fall calendar day, only behind 6.64" (9/13/2008).
  9. Heavy rain the biggest story, with a corridor of 3-8" in N. IL/SW. MI...
  10. 1.43" of rain at ORD so far today... Already broke the record for the date of 1.15" from 2003.
  11. Severe threat looks meh for the eastern half of that ENH risk. Bigger story will likely be the multiple rounds of storms, with heavy rain/flooding from E. IA into MI.
  12. Probably won't since you mention it.
  13. HRRR/RAP showing widespread clouds and precip, with temps holding in the 70's tomorrow.
  14. I'm thinking the same or cooler for tomorrow, unless things significantly change. As for Wednesday, probably depends on precip chances. But I can see a midnight high in the 70's. Maybe another post front peak in the afternoon.
  15. Topped out at 83 at ORD and MDW today. Might end up being the warmest day of the period, with increased cloud and precip chances in the area tomorrow...and then the front passes tomorrow night/Wednesday morning.