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  1. Largest 1hr temp drop is in play at ORD. Record is 30F on 3/26/1908. It will depend on lake breeze speed. Already pushing into Lake co.
  2. Up to 81 at ORD. Easily broke the record for the date. Might add a bit more before clouds move in.
  3. ORD is up to 75 as of noon. Record is 79 (1939).
  4. Looks like a decent shot at 80 even for ORD, if the HRRR has a clue...
  5. Had some decent storms and small hail here with the Sunday night activity.
  6. Finished with 5.0" here
  7. ORD finished with 7.7" 9.3" at MDW.
  8. Second plume of LES pushing into NE. IL now. Should be able to tack on some additional accumulation with it for ORD.
  9. Overnight and this morning lake effect snow made it as far west as near Iowa City and as far southwest as the STL area/W. MO. Impressive.
  10. ORD with an overall total of 7.1" as of now, 4.6" worth of LES. LES finally settled in for a while, but ORD missed out when the plume was at its peak and stalled NW of there earlier in the night.
  11. LES is actually now making a run towards the STL area.
  12. Not that I can recall. Has happened in NW Indiana though, not surprisingly.
  13. 1.7" of LES at ORD thus far. Overall storm total would be 4.2"
  14. Looks like the main plume is finally congealing over the lake, with a dual feed from the length of Lake Michigan, also coming in from Lake Huron. High rates and rapid accumulation incoming, especially if it's not too transient.
  15. It has made it as far west as I have ever seen, closing in on Iowa City now, and likely will make it into NW. Missouri. And as you mention, it's definitely impressive with a ENE wind. Feeds off of Huron and Erie are helping though.