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  1. That construction is still happening, and will increase quite a bit over the next few years as I-490 is built.
  2. That would be a high of 90° there. I’m out of town right now helping guide a storm chasing tour in the Plains, so am not around to enjoy the heat/humidity at home. However, I did experience a transition from mid 70°’s DP’s near OKC earlier in the day on Monday, to a high of 102° Monday afternoon as we traveled through W Oklahoma behind the dry line.
  3. There will be several days with severe potential in the Midwest next week.
  4. well, it would be well above normal. maybe the warm front will stall at the border and you can sit in the 40’s all week instead.
  5. 7 consecutive days of 70’s/80’s around MKE is the new ‘squashed south’. in the words of alek, tth.
  6. how’s that working for you now? that’s why it’s ENS>OP at this range for overall pattern recognition.
  7. As was expected, the cool/active Midwest/Great Lakes/Northeast troughing pattern has continued into the first week of May. The good news is...As several have recently alluded to we will be seeing another pattern flip coming up, and a significant one at that. This upcoming pattern will feature the best and most sustained spring conditions most have seen so far this year (I know that's not saying much). This new pattern will set in this upcoming weekend, continuing through next week, and then quite possibly into the following weekend (May 14/15th) as well. This upcoming pattern will be dominated by a -PNA/Western US trough, an Eastern Canada/Eastern US mean ridge, and a +NAO/Greenland area troughing. This pattern will support overall mild/warm temps for most and an active/stormy period as well.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154839724066?var=454947912027
  9. I was wondering when some of you would start mentioning the positive flip we’re going to see.
  10. This makes it the second consecutive year that there’s been a tornado within 15 minutes of home.
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