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  1. Nice February lake breeze clearly defined earlier...
  2. Yea, 5 minute data.
  3. ORD is up to 70 now.
  4. Easily broken. Not surprisingly, record least snowy February is in play too. Only a T of snow on the month so far.
  5. Even with a much cooler start (35 instead of 43), ORD is 2° ahead of yesterday. Sitting at 57 as of the 10AM OBS.
  6. 70 is where ORD finished temp wise today. Blew past that record of 62 (1981/1961).
  7. ORD has hit 70.
  8. 68 now. 70 looks like a lock.
  9. Up to 63 now, which breaks the record already.
  10. Already have a severe thread, so here's a thread for everything else. Could be a sig snow for parts of MN/IA/WI/MI
  11. Looks like ORD will finish with a high of 67. Blew out that old record of 60 from 1880.
  12. Let's go with 67.
  13. And March will have more than both, right. [emoji6]
  14. ORD up to 60, which ties the record.
  15. Looks like a non-event in this sub-forum.