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  1. Never did see any sun. Lower cloud deck quickly eroded earl-mid afternoon, but gave-way to the solid high cloud deck.
  2. As is usually an issue in the fall (and spring), a large area of low clouds developed and is only slowly eroding. Currently in the mid 60’s, with 80 looking increasingly unlikely. .
  3. Very little color around here so far... A few of the locust trees have started to turn, but outside of that it’s still deep summer lush green. .
  4. 79’d at ORD for the 3rd consecutive day. .
  5. Interesting map. This Sept isn’t a good example though... .
  6. Finally had an chance to look into it. Looks like it was either nothing or potentially sensor related. .
  7. Made it down to 38 here last night. ORD only bottomed out at 46. Coldest in N IL was 34 at FEP and 37 at ARR/RPJ. .
  8. For globals lolz, the GFS has 3 TC in the Gulf/Bay of Campeche between now and mid next week. .
  9. It is a possibility...
  10. There's a shot that some of the smoke may make it down to the surface tomorrow in portions of the region, immediately following the frontal passage.
  11. Outside of the initial MCS, most of the activity was oriented more SW-NE. The map that was posted in the Sept thread shows the steady drop off across the central metro on south/southeast fairly well.
  12. Quite the turn around... ...IMBY... July 30-Sept 5th... 1.04" Sept 6-13th... 4.28" ...ORD... July 30-Sept 5th... 1.13" Sept 6-13th... 2.54" ...RFD... July 27-Sept 5th... 0.65" Sept 6-13th... 6.01"