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  1. It was sitting at 79 for a while this afternoon, but CU was pretty heavy around the same time, thus potentially preventing 80. In any case, a strong wind off the lake didn't help either.
  2. I know this is one Hoosier was following... Todays cooler temps has ended the 85+ steak for Chicago at 15 days. This is tied for the 3rd longest 85+ streak on record. Also, you might notice 2012 missing from this list, as it "only" had a 13 day streak. 21 - 6/19-7/9/1949 16 - 7/8-7/23/1983 15 - 6/27-7/11/2020 15 - 7/8-7/22/2005 15 - 6/29-7/13/1966 14 - 7/27-8/9/1988 14 - 7/26-8/8/1983 14 - 6/28-7/11/1955 14 - 6/9-6/22/1954
  3. All guidance is onboard for Wed being a solid severe wx day somewhere in the area/region. The main question is, where does the boundary set up after Tue nights activity, in which Wed activity will run along. .
  4. If this is the new “grazed by a thundershower”, I want in. .
  5. KDVN has 75-90mph winds at just 250ft...incoming there now.
  6. Cyclone is gonna get rolled as well, if this holds together.
  7. 75-90mph bins on velo showing up as it passes CID.
  8. Tue-Thur looks like the best chances as of now, for multiple MCS's across the region.
  9. It has maintained to a degree, but nothing significant as of yet. Shall see if it perks up moving into IN this afternoon. Otherwise, looks like a loose complex taking shape in MN will dive SSE, into the DVN CWA by this evening. .
  10. The threat around here today looks marginal worthy at best, and even that might be too much. Looks like that MCS currently in NE IA/SW WI is riding the instability axis, and could dive SE through the DVN CWA and into C IL...if it is able to maintain over the next few hours. .
  11. That MCV might become a hurricane, with how warm those waters are. Cat 1 into BUF today. .
  12. While not anything record breaking, this was definitely a decent heat wave. If not for the two 89'd days, this period would have tied the longest 90+ streak on record. Additionally, the heat indices were only around/above 100 in the area for about 3-4 days during this period. ORD high and low temps from June 29-July 9th... 93/91/89/91/91/89/94/95/96/93/93 72/73/71/69/69/71/71/75/73/74/73
  13. ENS are still very supportive of ridging with hot temps and a ROF pattern...Here or very nearby for both. .