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  1. Pretty much. Facebook, FB messenger and twitter are all utilized more these days. It's not just this forum feeling the effects, as storm track and others are having the same issue the past several years. Will bigger winter and severe events still pull a crowd, no doubt. But in average to inactive weather times, lack of posting will rule. Times are a changing...
  2. Looks like a lot-o rain and thunderstorms chances in the next week or so.
  3. 0z GFS with the best looking potential of the season, with two quality Plains days next Wed/Thur. While it definitely looks like there will be severe in the Tue-Sat timeframe, potential multiple waves with non-stop convection and meridional flow issues are concerning at this range.
  4. Definitely potential from the Plains on into our sub-forum Wednesday-Saturday. One issue to watch that has been shown and could be an issue is a meridional flow for some part of that timeframe. A setup like this also tends to have "messy" setups as the days go on, with repeated rounds of convection and debris.
  5. Guidance never looked that great.
  6. Never should have been issued. SPC has not done well to start off the year.
  7. Meh threat was meh. Another good decision not to chase today.
  8. Even out there the potential isn't that great looking. CAM's coming into range are fairly meh as well.
  9. Wednesday's threat is becoming less interesting as time goes on. Might not even be chase worthy in the end.
  10. 0z NAM is definitely sig. Have a strong MCS develop Tues evening in NE/SD, which races ENE into WI/N. IL by Wed afternoon. Nice pressure couplet with that as well. Then you have afternoon/evening supercell threat along the outflow enhanced warm front in E. IA/N. IL. Some very nice soundings in N. IL. Might be some convective feedback though with that MCS thought messing with pressure fields.
  11. I'll just leave this here...
  12. Word is this decision was made a while ago, but wasn't made public until recently.
  13. Some risk for severe the next two days in the region, but Tuesday looks like the next decent shot for something interesting.
  14. Is there any hail still on the ground?
  15. Decided not to chase today, and it was a good decision. There ended up being too many issues in the end... The main supercell that has moved from near MQB to PIA to PNT has obviously been the storm of the day, and has been a nice hail producer.