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  1. Today's even was really a surprise. It once looked good, especially a bit north. Guidance backed off yesterday to a DAB. Even the HRRR had mostly rain as of this morning. FGEN band overproduced on the north side of the disturbance for sure. Still was transient though.
  2. 1.3" here from today's clipper. Short duration, but had a period of +SN. Also had 0.5" with Saturday mornings clipper.
  3. Max wind gust of 49mph at ORD and 48mph at MDW with this event. Crib topped out at 62mph.
  4. Solid winds the past few hours, with gusts in the 40-55mph range across the area.
  5. 65 was the final for today at ORD, so just missed the record. 65 at MDW as well.
  6. Yea, the amount of mixing is still in question. Either way it will be windy, but difference will be 30-40mph or 40-55mph. 3km is most bullish, but the HRRRx and HRRR are fairly windy as well.
  7. As mentioned above, the latest HRRR has solid mid-60's tomorrow. Record for Chicago tomorrow is 66 (1998).
  8. No chance of that.
  9. As others have already mentioned, with low cape, nice wind fields and mid-upper 50 DP's, could see some isolated severe wind threat in portions of IA/IL/MO.
  10. Rain turned to snow for a few hours here this afternoon. Snowed long and hard enough for a non-measurable slushy dusting on some surfaces.
  11. Event performed slightly better than I thought. Slight worthy in the end for sure. Nice November QLCS.
  12. All in all it'll be a fairly average system. Severe, snow and wind chances all not too great.
  13. There was never a chance that much of the CWA would turn to full on snow though. That was just a NAM pipe dream. 3km was just horrible.
  14. Bad call will be bad.
  15. 3km NAM is lol worthy bad.