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  1. Wear enough layers and jackets are optional
  2. Looks like it’s our turn for the band in EASTERN RI.
  3. Trying to learn more about FGEN products here. Would anybody care to briefly explain how to use the various FGEN products at varying heights to predict where banding develops? In other words, in a setup like this, should I be looking at 700mb FGEN, 850mb FGEN, 900-500mb average, 800-600mb average? I'm taking a wild guess and perhaps the layer(s) which is the closest layer at which DGZ is located in?
  4. Another East Greenwich lurker (formerly BFF) chiming in here. Moved back here from Charlotte after 5 years down in the snowless piedmont. Looking forward to a decent storm.
  5. Brad P's latest thoughts. Does a good job of describing the soundings and would probably be helpful to anyone that isn't comfortable reading them.
  6. Punting this pattern change over what the OP GFS spit out at 240+ hours seems like a bit of an overreaction.
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