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  1. Brad P's latest thoughts. Does a good job of describing the soundings and would probably be helpful to anyone that isn't comfortable reading them.
  2. Punting this pattern change over what the OP GFS spit out at 240+ hours seems like a bit of an overreaction.
  3. Not able to view any threads again. Like an idiot, I selected the out of date theme.
  4. starting to see a decent amount of flakes now near fairview and providence
  5. The heavy showers that we have been getting are perhaps cooling the column down faster than the models are expecting. FWIW, 1z HRRR initialized about 3-4 degrees too warm for CLT.
  6. The precipitation rate is higher down here right now. As rates come up for your area, the temperature should drop some.
  7. Brad P doing a storm update now
  8. 34.5/31.3 near providence and fairview edit: 34.3/31.2
  9. Temp steadily dropping with the onset of heavier precip. Sleet mixed with rain near Providence and Fairview. 35.2/32.7
  10. 35 hour output from HRRR is useless.
  11. Not a bad sounding right there for CLT at H42. Fully saturated in the DGZ.
  12. GSP is discounting the NAM’s thermal profiles: “The NAM is substantially warmer with temps aloft than any of the global models we have at our disposal. For now the NAM profiles are being discounted and not used in the fcst process, not only due to the consensus in the other guidance, but to help maintain better forecast continuity” Also, they are thinking the mountains are going to see a larger percentage of the precip fall as sleet: “"Snow" totals have declined by a few inches over the northern GA/SC zones and in the more western NC mtns, as more of the QPF is now expected to fall as sleet.”
  13. switch to radar (rain/frozen)
  14. Believe it or not, there is far more to meteorology than model hugging. Some would do well to bone up on the basics instead of blurting out their IMBY reaction to the latest model run.
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