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  1. When was the last strong Nina winter? BTW-that graph is weak to moderate but who's counting...
  2. lol....started on the main page 2 weeks ago.
  3. Don't be fooled. They're lying muthufukkas.
  4. Rule of thumb. Keep ac available till 10/1. I cover my compressor once I know I won't need a/c-last year it was 10/1 but we had a rough night or 2. I like to keep dead leaves and other debris out of the compressor but pending the pattern by next weekend I may wait. Upstairs can get hot with full sun but usually unless it's a major torch we're good after 10/1.
  5. I'd love this weather for the next month. Then it can flip.
  6. Good call! I'm at 88 and still rising.
  7. Doubt it's that hot.
  8. I think a strong Nina is trouble. Weak is probably good, moderate a crapshoot.
  9. ORD with 94 yesterday, currently 92.
  10. Winters can be quite snowy. See 1995-96/2010-11. Then again there's 2001-02 and 2011-12.
  11. BDL/BOS almost equivalent qpf for September. It's been dry. Nina autumns.
  12. Gene, BOS had less than 0.5 from Jose. We're at 2.15 for the entire month.
  13. Sounds like you got good advice. Good luck with it. Why did they do carotid imaging in the first place without symptoms unless they found sone thing on an eye exam or another test?
  14. Your winter pics are legendary. Beautiful area. Once I'm recovered from my surgery and winter sets in I plan to visit Quebec again-this time for winter.