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  1. Damn-I have to get a job like Tip’s-time to really write!
  2. A better answer is no changes and no credible threats within 5 days.
  3. I mean you have to give kudos to a lifelong weenie who’s making it cash in!
  4. He probably got something while sleeping. Like many of us.
  5. Bingo! One would thInk that’s the end game.
  6. Hot, humid, popup storms most days.
  7. If Joerg Kachelmann can figure out an innovative way to keep it free including forums the entire wx community will migrate over there. And vendors will need to compete. I think no one will be paying in the near future.
  8. He went for group think in 2001-02. He was certainly not alone. Consensus was for a hard winter. What a colossal bust!
  9. Reminds me of one of the Emmanulle movies...
  10. They are so bad...embarrassing!
  11. It’s so easy to get Steve to react...lol.
  12. Outside of one renegade euro run and a separate GFS random was it ever really a threat?
  13. CT has the wimpiest trees...lol.