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  1. It’s raining but 0.25 is an extreme long shot.
  2. I thought there is a negative correlation but unsure of the sample size.
  3. Whoever comes up with the technology to bury wires without huge cost will cash in. It’s out there somewhere.
  4. Losing power is a big deal. People depend on electricity and some need it reliable for medical devices, etc. we as a society need to spend the $$ it takes to have underground wiring.
  5. I think the pig isn’t so hard. NAO is tough
  6. An inch at BOS. Mind you, if I got 5 inches and BOS gets 0.3 slop we’re good.
  7. Looks like November opens kind of wintry.
  8. Interesting in that there wasn’t much in the way of debris aside from a lot of leaves seen from my house to work in Jamaica Plain.
  9. We’ll be thrilled with the ensuing winter.