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  1. Looks like sweatshirts for the tourney Kevin.
  2. Nice day today. Currently 70 IMBY.
  3. Lol...it's like dealing with HR...
  4. Muthafukkas!
  5. Actual hourly 87 but that's a blip.
  6. Late surge for BOS. Looks like at least 88 at 1. 90 becoming probable.
  7. Sadly you are probably right but it's not over yet....
  8. Outside chance of an official 3 day heatwave for BOS. We need another 16-17F and I think that may be doable.
  9. Lol....where's your similar talk when it's 14 in winter...construction continues. Extreme wx is why we're here. Heat is part of that.
  10. Would prefer big heat. Who needs the chamber?
  11. Verbatim that's 70ish for us. Like winter and December real summer typically waits until we're deeper into June.
  12. Back up to 95 after dropping to 91 in the cloud debris. I have a stake in 96 because my daughter said on her way out the door this morning-92 today-hot! I retorted that 96 is more likely given the high launching pad.
  13. BOS hit at least 95. Got some high clouds but we're clear again bu I suspect 95 is the high.
  14. We could have some serous heat-by time today. BOS already 76.
  15. 92 at BOS-ties the record from 1977. Now if we can proceed to 1977-78 winter....