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  1. Heck it’s 85 at BOS even with clouds.
  2. 85 at BDL seems suspect given th surrounding generally 3F less.
  3. Yeah 82 at Logan at 10 translates well to MOS.
  4. Satellite shows plenty of intermittent clouds.
  5. In the end, it probably will be garden variety heat and nothing more today. Probably will feel more infernal when I get to DC bit even there it is pedestrian (M-U 90s is garden variety for them).
  6. debris may kill the big numbers.
  7. I may hit 90 today. Up to 85 now.
  8. Debris is always the wild card. Probably among the most impressive hot days I’ve seen was a day I needed to be in DC in 2006. Solid overcast and they still hit 100.
  9. Doesn’t really match the output though.
  10. 96 for you Monday is my call.
  11. Man DC is gonna roast-can’t wait!
  12. Heading to DC Monday...torches there the way they’re supposed to be...
  13. This June is behaving. Classic evolution to normal summer wx from 6/10 to 6/20.