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  1. Is that assessment from all of your years living there or a wag?
  2. I wish I could say that! I’ve eaten too much. Another coping mechanism but I’m not happy about it...
  3. You too! We all have to make sure we eat right and sleep enough.
  4. Sounds like a sad time. Hang in there man...one day it will be over.
  5. No need for N95 off the COVID-19 ward or similar situation with another infectious disease. Regular mask,. My glasses cover eyes and I wear gloves. I do have N95 just in case...but that would mean someone in my house has it.
  6. You too! Be careful! Is crime down now which I would think yes especially person on person crime?
  7. As more people who are ambulatory get it even older folks that death rate should drop. Still, when I speculated 100,000+ a month ago most met that number as alarmist. I may have been too conservative. I’m now masking when I go anywhere that has people in it like a grocery or gas station. And of course all day at work.
  8. I hope it stays that way.
  9. Is that the French study of weeks ago recycled or new? I told you the comments of front lines physicians using it, in a word,,,,meh.
  10. “Come on you seer of faraway visions, Come on you raver you piper you prisoner and shine”
  11. GW looks bad heading into the city....
  12. Florida is going to be a shit show with spring break and Desantis unable to restrict religious gatherings. In fact the SE USA is going to be bad in general. Right now the quieter areas are the highly rural inter mountain areas.
  13. Are we heading there? Like 1400 tomorrow and 2000 Friday and 3000 Saturday? I have no idea.