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  1. Eps is way better vs 6z for the threat.
  2. Everyone here went middling which was my point.
  3. Can you show me who called cold and snowy?
  4. North of concord,NH at the peak of winter.....
  5. Definitely a good sized jog East on eps
  6. Firehouse special in March 2013. For the meat that is. A lot of preliminary but a hellacious 9 hour thump.
  7. As in all of SNE. And then within the next week we go more consistent wintry. EPS looks good long range.
  8. I think given eps trends we’ll like the euro. Will check it out in the am.
  9. Still a whiff on cmc but that second piece looked promising
  10. Maybe we can get this to open the curtains on a new pattern..edit...not yet.
  11. We blizzard! Wish it wasnt outside of d4.
  12. Eps a bit less weenieish 11-15 but looks good nonetheless