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  1. Sometimes they’re too high and sometimes low. Their snow algorithm is weird at times. I guess the take home is we may have some winter left.
  2. I didn’t see 10 other than a patch in the berks. Not sure what we’re arguing about here....
  3. Is there that much difference between 3-6 and 4-8 on a clown map for 15 days?
  4. I don’t think he read the legend...lol
  5. NYC as of now should be considered way ahead given the sizable climo difference. Also, most of us in the area are now 50+. I’m at 54.8.
  6. My advice is don’t pass it up. But I’ve lived in the healthcare world so it’s automatic for us. One thing that seems clear is that those who get vaccinated are largely protected against severe covid.
  7. Or another way to put it is keep your shoes on at TSA airport checkpoint.
  8. And a preliminary happy 75th!
  9. I’m hearing from friends VA is mostly Moderna. Moderna is easier to store and a US company which the VA usually likes. Also, VA was able to vaccinate their entire work force in December and January. My first shot (at Gillette) had a lot of arm soreness but nothing systemic but supposedly the second is more sicky for 24 hours. My friend and his wife got the second and his wife was fine but he had a rough 24 hours. Even after one the protection is supposedly pretty good. We’ll be getting our second 3/16 and 3/18. I hope everyone is able to get one of them soon. I had to use my eligibility as a non covid provider as did my wife. I’m hearing Maine started with 70 and up. MA first group was 75 which I initially just missed until we played the card. (I’m 74)
  10. There’s your 1956-down to same days of the week!
  11. Still in my top 5 of snow periods I’ve lived through