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  1. Great description Gene! I'm booked in Nashville for the eclipse and may drive north to expand the time of totality. Totally psyched!
  2. Booked my hotel-probably the last room in Nashville. A ifelong bucket list item. Because I waited so long I'm paying $$$$. This venture will cost $2,000 just for me-for a 2 day trip. But worth it.
  3. 3 day heatwave confirmed at BOS. 3rd of the season I believe
  4. Don't you love how he implies 82/71 is a little chilly with the "not overly chilly" remark...lol
  5. The point is the wheel signal has been there a week and now it's getting stronger. It's the prevailing pattern tbh.
  6. you'll be wrong again. Unless off and on rain and 68 is your idea of high summer.
  7. How warm? 77? Lol...
  8. Dirty smelly wheel Sunday and Monday wx wise?
  9. Eating and drinking with abandon offset by running is what many of us did. Hard to dial down the consumption when running is no longer possible as tends to occur with most of us.
  10. Hard to argue with cognac!
  11. I should have drank last night....
  12. I agree with scotch and bourbon is pretty nice too. But over the decades I've developed an appreciation for fine wine. That said, I typically go weeks without touching alcohol and then maybe 1-2 glasses or whatever for 3-5 days then go weeks without. I find it's easier on my body to have long periods of abstinence.
  13. Congrats on being a high functioning alcoholic.
  14. I've been in the Alps in summer-much better than you describe.