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  1. My daughter up in BTV is cryin for her poppa from the heat. I told her I’d come up and get her uninstalled in 2 months.
  2. Speaking of lightning strikes, I was on approach to DCA around 30 years ago and the plane got hit. Extremely bright and you’d think the plane would shake but it didn’t. Pilot came on the intercom and said “yes we were struck by lightning”.
  3. Assuming I’m one of the 3 yes! Just back from my mid day walk-nice and sweaty.
  4. It’s amazing the a few miles from Boston I leave my doors unlocked while you in the country have break ins. What’s going on there? hot and humid today!
  5. Nice hike! Did that with a broken wrist 3 summers ago...need to get back into the whites....
  6. True story. We have a 12 year old golden retriever. When she was around 2 our daughter was 11. We were vacationing on a lake in NH near the ME line. It was a hot day and she went out on the lake on a big tire raft. The dog decided she was out too far and swam to her, put the rope tow line her mouth, and swam her to shore. I have a photo of it somewhere...an amazing moment!
  7. Same here more or less though I try to keep 68 in winter, 72 summer.
  8. Looks good in about an hour of it holds together
  9. My skin says who cares-just keep it dewy
  10. New Zealand is supposed to be among the great places to be!
  11. Well hopefully travel is easier soon so you can see some snow!