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  1. 1994-95 was active but warm outside of the Tip alluded to deep and short lived cold snap after the one good storm that imby flipped with a net gain of 2 inches but we had 6-8 down in the initial hours. MLK Weekend was warm per memory-I remember talking a. Long walk in just a tee shirt MLK day. 1997-98 was going to be good but super ninos don’t work for anyone. I do remember the potential wasted that winter and the 12/23/97 event was really good. Tom Chisholm reporting on the fact that it was snowing hard by 7:30 AM telling viewers not to worry, the strong December sun will bring bare ground by afternoon. Never to be heard from again...lol.
  2. Yeah I was commenting from the mby perspective. 2/25 had promise but watching Todd Gross hit Boston hard while ACK flipped back to snow worried me. Sure enough, we just missed the good stuff.
  3. Kind of looks like an ideal getaway for anyone desirous of being completely off the grid.
  4. I don’t think 1998-99 should be lumped into the big ratters. It was sub par for sure but it had some good moments.
  5. May have to end my shorts season after the upcoming week-at least as a 100% default.
  6. That’s kind of 1995 for me. My mother passed 11/29-the day of a nice 3-6 event. We flew to Rochester and spent 10 days there. Lots of LES. Came back to the great winter of 1995-96.
  7. I’d rather decent Pacific and meh atlantic vs meh Pacific and decent Atlantic. At least for SNE on north.
  8. Actually, I rode my bike to meet a friend for dinner on Columbus Day evening in 1995. Temperatures were in the 80s that day. It flipped about 2-3 weeks later.
  9. As we move to fall and winter,RIP to friends lost- messenger aka clinch leatherwood real name Scott Simard James Nichols (his real name)
  10. 2/3/61 may be the heaviest synoptic snow I’ve ever seen. You could actually see it pile up on top of the antecedent deep pack.
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