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  1. Nice hot day today. Gotta pick up my paxlovid so I’m thinking of walking the mile to cvs and double masking inside.
  2. Fail! At least for 7/1 it is….
  3. Interestingly enough, I took a home test after confirmation of covid via pcr-the gold standard-and as of yesterday it was negative. When the home tests are + you have plenty of virus! I was a little tired yesterday but feel better and stronger today. Kind of holding my breath till Monday and if ok at least I’m out of isolation although I’ll need to mask another 5 days. Hot today-feels like summer! After all it’s 7/1!
  4. June is over, my weekly (required for where I’m working this summer) PCR test came back positive. Minimal symptoms so far and hopefully that stays so I can get out of covid jail after Monday. Bad timing and for the life of me I don’t know where I got it.... Beautiful day for sitting in the yard today. That I can do!
  5. Feels like dews coming in now-got a good sweat going on my walk tonight.
  6. Lawns are for playing ball on, rolling on (dogs), occasionally mowing, and providing soft surface for lying on when you’re not in the hammock. Nothing more.
  7. Nice rainbow around sunset. Too hard to post pictures here…but I think this will work.
  8. All day soaker. Hoping to walk tonight once it moves out. Regarding the Fenway discussion-we went to a late June game around 3 years ago on a night with generally comfortable temperatures. Inside it was pretty sultry though. We were there one night in July 1995 after it was near 100 with not a lot of cooling by game time. I remember Canseco hitting one over everything. We were in the bleachers-younger then but on a hot night probably the coolest seats.
  9. A lot of people just go with appetizers....
  10. Not sure it happens today. While most of us are near 90 now BOS holding low 80s with sea breeze.
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