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  1. Also as a reminder….it’s December 5th. Almost all years feature 40s for highs, low 30s for lows here in sne.
  2. How can it eat what isn’t there? Had a dusting of snow overnight-literally just a few flurries flying around.
  3. Felt like winter in VT today. Low 30s when we left past noon and aob freezing to mid 30s until we reached the banana belt just north or MHT. We may need to return around the 19th and I suspect by then most if not all of VT will have snow otg.
  4. I don’t think you were the target. We’re about to pick up our 23 year old at her place in Burlington VT for breakfast. I’m 76 and I’m thankful for the opportunity to retry parenting over age 50.
  5. What-application of logic? What’s the world coming to!
  6. In any case, a compromise between GEFS and eps yields a nice solution for snow.
  7. Walking the streets of Burlington VT-47 with squally rain at times.
  8. Then again, George went 105 inches for BOS in Roger Smith’s thread. Hopefully he’s right but I’m hanging onto my money…
  9. I think once the Pacific responds better we cash in. And then it takes a few days for it to affect sensible wx. That brings us to mid month.
  10. I think around 12/16 and beyond is our time. We could get lucky before but I think it will be tough beforehand.
  11. George was waxing poetic about the miller B on the long range op CMC last night......
  12. 47 here in Essex Jct, VT. Dank and wet. Not what i envisioned when I booked months ago. Next weekend in Chicago. I'm traveling to different places until the pattern change comes. It may be an expensive winter!
  13. WC is great but FIFA is an abomination.
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