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  1. I had a trainee from Denver once and when I asked him about rain events in winter he looked at my quizzically. Basically it’s either snow or no and no can include spectacular warmth but no rain.
  2. Oh you’ll be cooking Monday and Tuesday. No way to escape
  3. I’m surprised you lost so much Monday during the day. I left for work with decent cover which was intact when I returned around 6pm. The worst part of the storm was the Monday night dry slot.
  4. Epo can dump cold air into the midsection and give a Chicago blizzard while we have sweaty southerly winds and rain. NAO/EPO combined is money.
  5. Sometimes it’s good to not worry too much about what’s coming. I look outside and see beautiful snow cover still with lots in trees. Cardinals in the bird feeder against the white back drop. Long....live...winter!!!
  6. Correct The 2003 system had a more southern track progged to nearly whiff us. The facet that was poorly forecasted was the deformation band sitting over us well west of the progged system.
  7. 11 inches at Logan when 1-3 was forecasted.
  8. Dews never posts ensemble products in the long range.
  9. Good luck. It will have to be a pretty quiet rest of the month to be that low but it certainly can happen. Obviously I hope you’re wrong but I respect the methodology.
  10. Raindance, regarding the Boston correlation, seasonal total now 7.1 on 12/3.
  11. There will likely be some cutters but with all the cold available and the propensity of at least transient blocking, we’ll have plenty of chances. Pattern is active.
  12. Dec 2003 had 16.9 at Logan and most think that was 6-8 low given pns. That was the storm I got stuck in Dallas for....finally when I could come home I was routed through LGA which reported about the same snow as BOS. No comparison to ground truth of snow otg-BOS much more.
  13. I’m calling it final. Total 9.6. 3.9 round 1 5.7 round 2
  14. Well it was prior run. I still take 1-3...not jaded yet...wait till next month.