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  1. Not quite. Don was a generation earlier. Don was provably in his mid 20s when Bruce was born.
  2. Chrome warned me on that link. To put it in perspective, Bruce is probably close to 80 years old. He graduated college 4 years before I did and I'm 75.
  3. The funny thing is December 1970 is not memorable despite having a lot of snow and cold after about the 10th. I remember watching Scwoegler’s map and it looked like the progs were seeing but we were mostly on the good side of the gradient. Impulse after impulse...some bringing 6-10 which was about the ceiling.
  4. It seems to want to do that so it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.
  5. Yeah the low heights are flushed out of AK but then the ridging doesn’t seem to build. Hopefully that changes.
  6. 0Z ensembles are pretty ugly. Maybe some light at the end of the tunnel at the end of the runs but for now, expect doo doo especially 12/10 and beyond unless they’re wrong which is possible.
  7. What does it imply? That it’s not going to snow at 65,000 feet.
  8. We do care but honestly if the wx doesn’t go our way our lives are not substantially impacted-at least mine isn’t. Disappointment lasts 10 minutes and then we move on happy to be alive and well.
  9. To me the biggest takeaway is the guidance is advertising SWFEs. Latitude ftw and consistent with decent nina winters.
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