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  1. Nope. Bring us our heat!
  2. As far as drinks Brett-water, coffee or tea, small amounts of your alcoholic beverage of choice. Exercise is very important-I'm 70 and it's still a critical part of my daily routine.....maybe that's why I'm doing better vs many my age.....or maybe I'm lucky (most likely)
  3. I agree with the post. I understand the rot in hell sentiment but my reaction is primarily one of sadness. When Aaron Hernandez lost his father, he needed intervention that apparently was not available. As he went forward, behaviors that should have alerted a lot of people were ignored because he was shining on the field. The end of a tortured life but don't forget the life he snuffed out-at least one.
  4. As far as diet-it's simple. Eat less food if you want to lose weight. In order to do that more easily, minimize refined carbs. Portion size is really important. Also,drink coffee!
  5. Through 4/16: BOS: +4.7 ORH: +4.5 BDL: +3.9 PVD: +3.8
  6. We've had a nice period-now we pay up..lol.
  7. Summer is right up there with winter to me-love it! Fall and spring blow particularly spring.
  8. It's in my policy to avoid this airline now. Their service blows vs others. And if they thought dragging someone off of a plane would not be a PR nightmare then maybe I don't want them making critical safety decisions.
  9. As I'm boarding my return to Boston last night on you u guessed it-united-they start giving me crap about my minuscule carry ons saying the overheads were full. I basically said they'd fit under the seat but of course there was plenty of room above. Good bye UAL-too many other options...
  10. Speaking of severe-flew BOS-ORD yesterday. Worst turbulence I've experienced on a plane in over 20 years I'd say. Two attempts to land aborted 100 feet above the ground due to cells moving in at the last minute until the pilot found an opening 30 minutes later. Was bouncing from western NY all the way in. Awful! Hey at least they didn't drag me off the plane!
  11. Pretty cold 11-15
  12. 2015 maps 6/1-5/2015 at BOS: 49/49/56/58/59.
  13. Was it 2005 that we had 40s and rain/drizzle over Memorial Day weekend? i am sure that 2005 brought us 50s and misery for a week in June!
  14. Shoulder surgery is under rated for the pain involved. My wife's had 2-still with some pain but she's been told no more surgery.
  15. That's rough! Good luck with it Steve!