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  1. A big Tip melt that night...lol. 18-20 around Boston with exhaust over Ayer-maybe 6-7 tops?
  2. Just went into the local dispensary (legal in IL too) to see if I could get something to quiet my essential head tremor. Sub lingual 20:1 CBD/THC does the trick amazingly with no real psychoactive effects! No longer being a fed has freed me-picked up some gummies too!
  3. Not west enough unfortunately....
  4. We tested 16 of us Thanksgiving morning at an MD family friend’s office. All negative. Biggest gathering since a year ago. Hopefully accurate amd no one gets sick...
  5. GEFS steadfast. I wonder if eps caves a bit towards it?
  6. Angst from mistaking chickens for turkeys?
  7. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Despite my FIL travails here we’re going to enjoy the day. We all got access to rapid tests which we did this morning and thankfully all are negative. This protects everyone tested for 24 hours as long as we don’t exit our personal bubble. Given the fragile nature of those way older than the mainstream it seemed wise.
  8. The squirrels in Chicagoland are morbidly obese.
  9. Pouring here-dark and dank-November as it should be.
  10. December looks good especially by mid month. That’s not really debatable from this lead time.