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  1. True. I’ve been in Chicago since a week before Memorial Day so my perception is skewed. Warm but comfy dews here today-definite COC
  2. Many a June is a lot less summery but honestly consistent summer typically waits until the solstice. Seasons in seasons.
  3. That’s pretty serious heat in Death Valley! I don’t think anyone could be put during the day. And it’s not even mid June!
  4. Beautiful area! We’ll miss you Raul!
  5. Yup. Read that about 15-20 years ago
  6. Well if I were home it would 60 suck. You’re lucky to be at your location
  7. Well if I were home ot would 60 suck. You’re lucky to be at your location.
  8. I’m sorry but 60s in June isn’t a top 10er. Hot and humid in Chicago today…probably a piece gets to you over the weekend
  9. So much evidence they it’s not yet summer
  10. I know but for most of us planning a summer vacation the first week in June is fraught. I go solstice to equinox. It better represents our summers. Maybe solstice to 9/10
  11. Maybe because it’s not summer? I feel like wx wise I have the best of worlds. Warm here in Chicago and finally returning to Boston week of 6/28 which should be legit high summer.
  12. Also, while we acknowledge BOS probably reads too high keep in mind the readings from 1925 may well be naturally higher than today’s (since 1935) location which is less representative of the majority of Boston metro.
  13. Widespread 5 day heatwave is quite impressive considering normals are still low to mid 70s or lower throughout New England.
  14. Looks like BOS Will bank 5 straight AOA 90 today.
  15. Well by mid June we should be solidly above for the month and then likely above beyond 6/20.