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  1. In SNE that is...
  2. Nice! I should have learned skiing better in my 20s/30s...
  3. I can see why you'd wait until deep into March-slopes to yourselves.
  4. They st pats day torch?
  5. I packed it in this cold when I was 30...lol.
  6. I thought I was losing it..lol.
  7. Is that guy with the white beard Steve? Unrecognizable...lol
  8. Cold as a mofo today.
  9. And those cold highs showing up in Canada are back door fuel.
  10. I strongly agree!
  11. Seasons in seasons
  12. And Monday...lol.
  13. That's a snowy and cold Sunday on the Euro!
  14. She's no bro bro.