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  1. He’s giving them to all of us. Seems like too much effort to me...
  2. What’s with all these weenies from mersky?....lol.
  3. That’s my way to and from work daily-well I’ll soon have that in past tense. I live near putterham circle,
  4. Thank you! Up to Vermont weekend after next. Maybe some early snow?
  5. Yeah I’ve been feeling the anxiety for weeks....just allowing it to happen....a good winter will be helpful! Summer of 2020 was stolen from me and if I’m lucky enough to make it to summers in the future that won’t happen again!
  6. Thanks Steve! Kinda surreal now....after looking forward to this day for decades it’s here!
  7. Maybe we can combine 2010-11 with 1995-96 and go Thanksgiving to April!
  8. What I’ve done going forward-retiring with my last day Wednesday the 30th- is to manage risk. So to avoid all the hassle of schlepping, I opted out of face to face care in my retirement gig. Spoke to the authorities there and was asked “are you ok working remotely but only 1 day a week?”. Am I ok? I’m fukking ecstatic! One of my assignments is to develop remote care options-something I’ve provided for millions in the system I’m retiring from nationally for the past 16 years. A lot of people want my services so I need to be careful-time is what I’m looking most forward to-that and euro pbp in mid winter in the middle of the night...lol.
  9. True. But we now know that some people are long termers n the effect and it’s nearly impossible at this point to decide who. The best bet is to use common sense and so many 18-30 year olds don’t.
  10. I’m on the ginxy train. We were the only ones in 2010-11 also.
  11. Gorgeous NNE and some SNE pics! Hopefully hold it into next weekend for the lakes region and white mtns.