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  1. Aka Aroostook Sailor, Vim Toot, Atomic vomit. I've missed you!
  2. VIM TOOT!
  3. After next weekend cold may not be easy and snow while probably not done may be scarce.
  4. Kind of a growing signal for Friday
  5. Nice cutter 3/6-7 on most guidance. Sands of time are running out. Telling to me is comparing the last 6 runs of the EPS. Just looking st SV snow totals shows how it's changed. Fairly robust in the 12Z runs Friday 2/24 but backed off in SNE run to run and cointinues to do so. We might have to rely on a Hail Mary here south of NH/VT/ME.
  6. The thing is it may take more time for the troffiness to dig deep enough and the resistance from the receding seasonal jet and the subtropical ridge which never really went away this winter looms.
  7. Might be a toned down repeat 3/6-7.
  8. 3/1 may be very warm again.
  9. GFS actually shows that exactly.
  10. This long term deep winter bs looks like a big fail.
  11. There will be maybe 2-3 deep winter days but otherwise more March like.
  12. I wonder if we get stinging cold but come up empty snow wise. Ensembles all backing off some 12z.
  13. Lol...I ended up too lazy so the hose remains dormant but I brushed her. Shirtsleeves for days in February...
  14. Gonna give the dog a bath outside today-rarely possible before mid May.
  15. Just walked the dog in a t-shirt-1AM on a February night. Somehow it's possible to have temperatures 90 days ahead of schedule in February. In August these days-naso much.