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  1. We got an additional 1.5" tonight, storm total 4.5"
  2. I could see my area breaking 6" with another 3"+ to go tonight and tomorrow morning, right in line with the HRRR.
  3. What do you think I said to her, does a 26 year old sister listen to her older brother?
  4. It is extremely icy here, freezing mist, rain, freezing rain, sleeting, bad icy. 31F-32F. Bad icy!
  5. My sister just tried to head to Boston she is back home already, extremely icy, freezing rain is really bad here right now.
  6. Sleeting really bad here, temp is 31F, ENE winds still. Back edge of precip shield is quickly heading eastward and will likely shut off precipitation before the bands to my south can dump enough snow to get to 6" (3"+) needed.
  7. Good banding heading my way, I hope it hits from HYA eastward.
  8. Man we have been getting light rain mist, freezing rain, sleet occasional snow, but nothing persistent on the snow end. Man this is so frustrating, I hope the HRRR is right and we make up for it after sunset.
  9. CC radar shows mixed bag of crap over the Cape and Islands, BID isn't even snowing right now under the best reflectivity. I want my temp to drop, but it won't because that is what living on Cape Cod is about. Looks like NE MA is the winner today and tonight. However, the 00z HREFs went bonkers for the Cape and Islands.
  10. Bands south of Long Island mean some business
  11. It looks like it is snowing from ocean effect right now as the bands are approaching from the southwest, snowing on Block Island, and the Vineyard.