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  1. Watch short range models, they are slowing down that lead piece of Pacific jet energy, but the NAM hasn't bitten on this yet.
  2. That first piece of energy is almost to the US border with Saskatchewan, Canada
  3. You are probably right Ray, maybe we don't get a blockbuster, but I would gladly take a 3-6" event for Friday
  4. Buffalo is going to get more heavy snow soon as the band tracks further northward
  5. It has dropped below freezing now down to 30F in Chatham, MA
  6. Our Clipper system for Friday arrives in the US in 72 hours
  7. Plus it looks like this energy from the Pacific jet gets sampled sometime Monday over BC, Canada
  8. I think Will is right when he said after Wednesday looks like a better chance for snow cover on the coastal plain. The Friday into Saturday systems looks like a far south enough tracking clipper low to bring Chicago, IL to Pittsburgh, PA to Philadelphia, PA snows and further north into SNE, there is just enough arctic jet energy in the trough to get a coastal low going, perhaps turn into a nor'easter.
  9. Not this run, so don't know if it will happen, but if it does, you will be the first to know
  10. I like clippers with a southern stream moisture touch, this thing could end up phasing
  11. We have until Wednesday to say no
  12. How is the EURO with the Friday threat?
  13. It looks like we could have a full on phased jet structured storm system become a large nor'easter with snow and wind come Friday of this week and into Saturday, GFS shows the jets disconnected now, but we just need the northern stream to speed up some, which has happened in the past, remember the Blizzard of 2010, Boxing Day Blizzard 2010?
  14. Thanks Tip, I needed someone else to say it to believe it. Friday appears a better chance given there is nothing to crush it
  15. I am not taking rain again, but it looks like I have too, darn it