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  1. Yeah it was amazing, a ton of lightning and a ton of rain, the heaviest rain I have ever seen in my life. It was really humid and muggy that night. It was amazing how the rain split Boston in half, one side of the rain shield went north and the other went south.
  2. I take that statement back, nothing expected for my birthday, just at thought, but looking at the models a giant trough will push everything out to sea when they threaten
  3. 80s this weekend into next week, no landfalls of any hurricanes in the next few weeks as a giant trough will enter the frame after Wednesday and push everything away from New england
  4. I would say they actually upgrade at 11pm, their wording was strong at the 8pm TWO
  5. I think we could have a Hurricane Watch issued on my birthday, not tomorrow but next Friday the 25th
  6. I think 92L is either a fish storm or a SE Coast storm
  7. 92L looks like a depression to me already, closed circulation present in my opinion judging by satellite imagery and the fact convection has been persistent all day also organized enough, I think it gets designated at 11pm tonight honestly. This has a real shot at a landfall in the US, and future 93L behind it, looks to miss the US but head west of Bermuda.
  8. Low level convergence is strong with this system. Could become a hurricane in 96 hours
  9. I'm just pointing out the GFS run, no need to cry wishcasting.
  10. That is what the model showed, I didn't say it was going to happen
  11. 18z GFS brings future 03L into Nova Scotia and has tropical storm force winds over Cape and Islands from the northeasterly wind direction. it has over 100 knot winds at 850mb
  12. 92L could just as likely hit Newfoundland as it could Cape Cod
  13. 92L and the wave over West Africa coast worries me a bit, but should worry Atlantic Canada more. I think one of these systems the high is going to build in, in time to block the next big hurricane from heading out to sea. Gert was close.
  14. Gert is still heading west of due north right now, unless they are wobbles to the west. Her convection is sky rocketing right now
  15. I think Gert is a Hurricane and Harvey will threaten the Islands and then the East Coast in the next 12 days