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  1. Problem is, we have these type of storms about once every ten years and a storm of NEMO intensity 16-20" about once every 2.5 years, and with one or two winters with nearly less than 10" for the entire three to four months. Our last 12"+ storm I believe was 2017.
  2. From HYA eastward snow becomes enhanced by northerly surface winds and brings some snow accumulations to the region from Hyannis to Provincetown tonight after 6 pm EST. Models show some accumulation, maybe about 1-2" of snow.
  3. Today we will experience extreme weather at its finest. Severe flash freeze is setting up to enter the region as soon as later this morning, when temperatures sweep west to east with a 20-30F temperature change in the next 18-20 hours. It will happen suddenly with the change of the winds vector. AS the warm balmy 50+ degree southwesterly winds will change to a violent northwest cold dry bone chilling cold arctic air howling over 30mph. Rain will change to snow and temps will bottom out in the lower 20s. BRRRR!!!!!!!!!Current MESO OBS
  4. This will be my first and official snowfall map for the early week snowstorm.
  5. Temps out here on the Outer Cape dropped to 30F.
  6. First snow flakes November 8th, 2019 - Harwich, MA. Ocean Effect driven.
  7. Oh I know Greg, not really excited, just piqued my interest at this point.
  8. I mean how do you not like what you see for next week. The 00z CMC had a bomb passing 25nm east of CHH in 6 days or so, the GFS is on point still, we just need a cleaner phase to occur and within 7 days of time, it is plenty to work with.
  9. Hey Anthony (Snow88), man it feels good to finally get cold air worthy of supporting a coastal snow event. 00z GFS prints out almost .750" of QPF for Snow for CHH on the 12th and 13th of NOV. That coastal storm threat looks so close to being more. 00z CMC looks mighty good.
  10. Strong anomalously cold air heading towards the CONUS, eastern 2/3rds, east of the Rockies, Very warm air across SW CONUS, including the states of CA, NV and NM. Fire dangers will continue for the areas impacted to this date. Very little mountain snow/rain for CA, OR and WA. MT to Great Lakes and Northeastern US will see above normal snowfall, perhaps quite intense snowfalls in the coming weeks November will bring snow and cold for most of the eastern CONUS Alaska should remain rather dry and mild, I wouldn't say warm Big storm threats for snow along the I-95 corridor and the immediate coastline of the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions will being next week, Monday-Wednesday Pattern now is a combination of a -NAO/-AO/+PNA regime Upper level pattern establishing itself now will favor prolonged sustained cold air and snow potentials due to anomalous ridging in Alaska and the PNA regions, and Greenland block developing in the North Atlantic Polar Regions Below are the maps of the pattern present and the snowfall and storm tracks anticipated for the next 48-60 days.
  11. I am not really liking this threat, I am more intrigued as the arctic air is present for early to mid next week period. I need the arctic air situated before I like threats.
  12. With my illustrations below to show you why we can expect a cold month of November, I will leave you this post.
  13. While models decide their differences in the next day or so with the incoming precipitation threats, the one thing the pattern is adjusting to show is the appearance of arctic air masses invading the Northern 2/3rds of the CONUS. While large sustained +PNA is present, we will be getting some major league arctic air invading our region and the eastern 1/3rd of the country. While CA and the SW US bakes in record heat and fire weather, the MS Valley eastward will be experiencing the first cold winter snap of the fall season. While October snowfall wasn't the case this season, it appears we will not escape November without a few chances of snow. With such an arctic air mass in charge the coming weeks, we will see record highs and lows fall. Right now, get the winter gear in order, we will need it.