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  1. You are missed my friend. 

  2. Check out the storm between Meridien and Hattiesburg, MS. Local Jackson, MS news network met mentioned that the SPC is ready to issue a PDS tornado watch for most of MS, within the hour
  3. https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/jy31uh/liveshow_202103131041.mp3 Just do not listen to this, I am posting it so I can listen to the quality
  4. 50 degree temperatures for the first time on the Cape this winter season, were in the calendar/met Spring season which started on March 1st, but official spring begins on March 20th. Today, Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 is the first time I recall Chatham, MA reaching 50F+ temperatures, and there was no nipping wind. The winds are light out of the southwest, I do not feel fog will be an issue tonight as temps drop off as is during the Spring months. Again, winter could spread its wings for a short unsustainable day or two, but nothing suggesting a three plus day period. Honestly, I believe winter weather is gone for SNE this year until November, and our hurricane season could be quite active and violent.
  5. We got an additional 1.5" tonight, storm total 4.5"
  6. I could see my area breaking 6" with another 3"+ to go tonight and tomorrow morning, right in line with the HRRR.
  7. What do you think I said to her, does a 26 year old sister listen to her older brother?
  8. It is extremely icy here, freezing mist, rain, freezing rain, sleeting, bad icy. 31F-32F. Bad icy!
  9. My sister just tried to head to Boston she is back home already, extremely icy, freezing rain is really bad here right now.
  10. Sleeting really bad here, temp is 31F, ENE winds still. Back edge of precip shield is quickly heading eastward and will likely shut off precipitation before the bands to my south can dump enough snow to get to 6" (3"+) needed.
  11. Good banding heading my way, I hope it hits from HYA eastward.
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