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  1. main circulation centers at low and mid levels appears to be organizing just northeast off the coast of the nation of Honduras east of the Belize coastline and east of Swan Island. This system could intensify a moderate clip now as circulations appear deep to mid levels.
  2. 12z GFS is a Caribbean Cruiser for our central Atlantic disturbance
  3. Circulation at the low levels developing over the western Caribbean Sea.
  4. Our Cabo Islands wave is showing excellent divergent pattern aloft or outflow pattern aloft with convection developing over the center of circulation, development odds should be higher this afternoon.
  5. Our tropical wave is growing in organization quickly, nice spin to it, good moderate sized convection staying persistent.
  6. Tropical development at 20% five day chance for the disturbance near 20W
  7. Microbursts are certainly interesting
  8. GFS since at least 18z last night showing a large western Caribbean GYRE type of low pressure development possibly leading to tropical cyclone development, the 00z CMC and EURO develop a tropical storm of some intensity as well from this system around the 18/19th of June.
  9. My brother starts his first game for UMASS-Dartmouth on Wednesday and I want there to be no rain in the forecast and temps in the mid 50s
  10. The title is "A Wild Weekend to remember, a love story" there will be a continuation of Marie and Walter's weekend in the second short story and then a continuation of the story. James Warren Nichols, written by A couple, a love story.docx
  11. Hmmm, why aren't people flocking to a newly written novel
  12. Take a look at my attached novel, give some comments too. The Year 2029, Catalystic Beginning.docx
  13. It is not as bad as I thought for Cape and Islands, should be a colder scenario playing out.
  14. No venturing to Europe for me
  15. Wow that is awesome, no guarantees man