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  1. I mean that temperature profile I guess is for the normal flu virus, the one is that seasonal still and we have no cure for.
  2. yeah fresh air is still ideal
  3. my mother was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called central nervous system disorder, and I have type one diabetes, I have had pneumonia twice in my early twenties and I know the battle it takes our bodies to fight that severe pneumonia. I cannot afford to get that again with the diabetes complications. I have never taken care of my body as well as I am now.
  4. It is everywhere already, it had months head start. I believe this virus started the minute the temperature dropped low enough to spread. I guess the optimal temperature for the virus to be destroyed is 60F, the last day it was that warm last fall was the day the virus became an issue. A virus this contagious was likely all around us before we even sniffed its presence probably before Thanksgiving. My dad thought he probably had something similar to this virus in early to mid January. Viruses this severe are present months in advance before we learn of its identity.
  5. that wouldn't be original any longer. She is struggling with isolation more so than the virus, off and on fever, fatigue, cough, sore throat, stuffed nose and nasal congestion. My uncle is also very sick, believed to be he has this virus as well, but has not been tested. He lives with my aunt in Hilton Head, SC.
  6. yeah working on the same damn one for the past ten years. That first novel can start everything if written correctly/ Also the depression of isolation is hurting my sister the most. She turns 25 May 18th, I hope the quarantine is done by then. Yeah my brother David is 21, he was on the west coast with my brother Adam who is 27 and a Navy Lieutenant at Monterrey Naval station in San Diego. They visited him the last week of February and that is where they probably got exposed to the virus. Mary got infected, and my brother David is with me at home and Adam is quarantined in CA.
  7. My sister tested positive for the covid-19 virus test, and is in quarantine. I have been in self-quarantine for the past two weeks given my type one diabetes autoimmune.
  8. I am at a particularly high risk of something major occurring within my body if I get the coronavirus. I have complications in my immune system due to the autoimmune version of diabetes, type one, if I can control my blood sugars from being too high on a regular basis, I can control my immune system and give it a fighting shot against any virus that may enter my body. Let's just figure this out. As a 22-23 year old kid, I fought pneumonia twice, I don't know how it will happen again if I get pneumonia. I have self-quarantined myself, so I do not get subjected to the virus.
  9. It appears that March 11/12th in five days is our next real threat at something decent. We got a healthy shortwave that appears to be going through a neutral to negative tilt as it swings through. Models are a little weak with the system, I just find it to be our next threat. I was really wrong about this superstorm, I seemed to only have gotten 1.5" of snow.
  10. Snow Map shows that parts of ACK and CHH could see as much as 6" while the Canal could see 2-4" and the easternmost parts of SE MA could see 1-3" of snow, high wind gusts over 65mph expected east of the Canal and 74mph Plus for ACK.
  11. EURO was step in the right direction with a more amplified northern stream trough, we need better trends only 54 hours out
  12. Did the 12z EURO show any precipitation falling across SE MA?
  13. Dendrite, EURO is better at H5, regardless of what the surface shows right now, that is a good trend in the right direction.
  14. The 12z NAM improved tremendously at H5 compared to previous runs. I would not pay attention to the surface until the pattern at H5 is resolved, that could be until 12 hours away. I was told by someone wise one day that the surface is the hardest area for the models to see, go with the H5 level until that is resolved, the surface will be what it is, it just doesn't make sense to be that far southeast with at least a partial phase ongoing as the northern stream continues to dive to the south and southeast more and more each run. The 18z 3 KM NAM had the clipper and northern stream energy as far northeast as Upstate NY, now it is diving across southwest MI.