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  1. My brother starts his first game for UMASS-Dartmouth on Wednesday and I want there to be no rain in the forecast and temps in the mid 50s
  2. The title is "A Wild Weekend to remember, a love story" there will be a continuation of Marie and Walter's weekend in the second short story and then a continuation of the story. James Warren Nichols, written by A couple, a love story.docx
  3. Hmmm, why aren't people flocking to a newly written novel
  4. Take a look at my attached novel, give some comments too. The Year 2029, Catalystic Beginning.docx
  5. It is not as bad as I thought for Cape and Islands, should be a colder scenario playing out.
  6. No venturing to Europe for me
  7. Wow that is awesome, no guarantees man
  8. I'm working on a deal that will have a screenwriter write a movie script for me based upon my novel story
  9. Is it really 12 hours on the NAM?
  10. Yes it now appears the snow event is on Saturday night into Sunday morning 18-24 hours of snow on the NAM.
  11. 12z Models are in and bring some snow to the Cape and Islands, they are further south than the 00z runs and this still makes me believe that the models are not quite there in there handling of the H5 low just yet. I will give a full blog update tomorrow morning.
  12. 6z GFS brings 8" of all snow to CHH.
  13. Nothing impacts me emotionally any more, other than real life problems.
  14. Wow, you guys give up too easily, just because it shows a snowstorm for Cape Cod you just give up, I haven't given up on this event, and until I do none of you can give in to your negativity. I witnessed a rainstorm, ok I didn't have a choice, but I stuck through it for hope for a better future, ok mid March isn't the best time of the year for snow on the Cape, but this storm is happening.
  15. Models tend to break down the PNA ridge much quicker than reality would have suggest.