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  1. The last few days has brought some major swings in the overall five to ten day forecasts. A few days ago the ten day was quite wet and crappy, but with the latest data influencing the latest changes, an Omega Blocking pattern has brought a period of amazing weather conditions for the foreseeable future in Southern New England. Noticed greatly by a trough ridge trough pattern on an upper level map, an Omega block slows weather systems down and stalls them to the west, keeping any weather at home dry and clear. Let's enjoy the next ten days with sunshine and warmth as Summer is a month away.
  2. New draft underway, 65,000 words for the new draft is the goal.
  3. Damn, I mean if you like a party and a crime drama story in a part environment, this is your drama show. I mean its P-town lifestyle, so you get a context of what the show brings.
  4. Anyone hear of the new show on Starz? Hightown is the show, premieres today on Starz. The show stars Monica Raymund formerly of Chicago Fire. She is an awesome woman, and a talented as hell actress. She is the lead. This show takes place on Cape Cod during the drug enraged summer months of tourism season in P-town and she is hunting a serial killer.
  5. My novel draft nine is completed. 100,069 words. over 215 pages ten font. Ready for revising and editing period, begins Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.
  6. My The Awakening Dawn draft is complete. Will begin editing and revising period in two days, take the next 48-hours and relax. Then get back to work. Over 100,000 words in this draft. Over 16,000 words in two days, yesterday alone I wrote over 12,000 words.
  7. I need a date too, I am unable after 8 pm tomorrow night but any other time is great
  8. I don't have the premium account for zoom, so someone else will have to be the group host today.
  9. Are we doing this virtual GTG?
  10. No sure how accurate this statement is in terms of data, but to me last summer was really good. It felt like most days were sun filled, and after the tornados on July 23rd, 2019 it felt like it was a pleasant and warm summer on the Cape.
  11. Love the idea Cold Miser
  12. WE are cooling out here on the Cape, slowly though.
  13. You have no idea, two winters in a row like this for us on the Cape, a grand total of 20.5" of snow, 11" last winter, 9" this winter.