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  1. Lol, yes that was me being a moron and an emotional weather enthusiast who wants to see amazing snowstorms, but the norm is against that happening especially for my neighborhood. So I should be more realistic in my ideology
  2. Man I am not convinced this winter will be better than last winter here. It is possible that we end up with less snow. However, 11" is quite easy to beat given I am at 7.45" right now. We just need 4" more. I think March will be a snow filled month with several large blizzards.
  3. Sorry guys, not gonna happen. All rain event.
  4. lol, the instability is there, wind direction is there, fetch is there, we need freaking moisture, the dry air is killing it.
  5. I know Ray. I am excited for snow, we have had another bad month plus of winter.
  6. Strong Ocean Effect Snow bands developing over the Bay and east of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Convection is developing as instability at the surface increases through Delta Ts over 18C. Differential in temperatures between the 850mb level and the surface of the ocean. With a -15C 850mb temp and a sea surface temp around 8C, that combination should produce extreme instability with Delta Ts over 22C. Cold Cloud tops cooling suggests there is no real inversion layer and there is strong humidity levels between the surface and 700mb. Winds align through the column later this morning into the early afternoon. Not sure if accumulations can occur given the dry air at the surface.
  7. Strong banding developing over Cape Cod Bay and east of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Infrared imagery shows developing vertical growth in the clouds as the cloud tops continue to cool. Instability is quite high now over 18C delta Ts present with a NNW wind currently. Bands developing all over the Cape right now, even favoring mid-Cape. However with the arctic air mass in place, comes very dry air too. Relative humidifies are just below 70%, which is not currently ideal.
  8. Ocean Effect snows could give a few inches from HYA eastward to Provincetown from 1 am to noon
  9. 3 feet of snow with hurricane force winds, not bad
  10. Steven, Scott, there is something odd happening over SE MA right now. Tim Kelley said its snowing in Weymouth, MA right now. What is happening?
  11. what was the final totals from the blizzard?
  12. Anyone watching the system moving through right now? The upper level vort max is over western MA and CT right now, but a large area of moisture is developing just southwest of Martha's Vineyard and ACK. Anyone think the backend of the precipitation shield can back into Cape Cod and ACK?