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    Monday, May 20, 2019 Convective Potential

    I have learned to be wary given that the forcing is lacking and a trigger lacks until the sun begins to set, that could offset the CAPE and dynamics a bit. We shall see. Of course, it is too early in the season for Eastern SNE to see severe weather.

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Windspeed, The ghost is known for his posts.

    Outer Cape/Summer Get Together

    I think there should be a get together here on the Cape. Considering how far I need to go to other cities, the closest one is Providence, RI/Boston, MA.
  4. Hey everyone, I am in the workings of creating a creative business that focuses on ideas and making them into stories to tell the world. I am focused on working on a novel and get that published first. I have a partner now. Not official yet, but in the process of working the kinks out. We are going to make a novel series and perhaps make movies after each novel in the franchise that now has a name, "The Awakening Dawn" series. Each of the three novels has titles now, they are still working titles, and are subject to change. 'The Awakening Dawn" 9Book one), "From Dawn Until Dusk" (Book Two), "The End of the Awakening" (Book Three). These novels will continue the story of the main characters, Jack Irving (25 year old hurricane specialist), Abi Acheson/Irving (Jack's fiancee in book one and wife throughout the rest of the story), Michael Reed (Jack's best friend since Kindergarten) and Marie Givens (Mike's girlfriend and wife later on and bosses daughter in book one). Secondary characters who appear in every novel: Jack's family members: Daniel Irving (Brother), Sarah Irving (sister, unsure her future), Siobhan Irving (Jack's youngest sister), Edith Irving (Jack's mother, dies from pancreatic cancer in book one), William Irving (Jack's father, lives in all three books). Other characters include Abi's best friend and secretary, USAF Reserve 53rd WRS hurricane hunter pilot Major/Lt. Colonel Brooks Carter and his crew. And others... Next project and potential big-time franchise novel/movie series... 'The Terroristic Behavior Series" This is a story about a duel between a CIA trained assassin turned into terror suspect who terrorizes the US's world interests, many mysteries exist and are unraveled as the story goes on as former terror expert and ghost hunter, FBI special agent Sebastian Jenkins who is recently divorced and has three children. He is hired by the FBI again or transferred to GHOST PROTOCOL. He is hunting a person the government of the US considers a ghost. The story lasts three novels and shows potential to become a big-time movie franchise. Characters include Carter Avril - ghost, and Sebastian Jenkins Ghosthunter. Still a work in progress in terms of character development and story development. There are other individual projects considered as well that could provide to the workload. This is for the far future to determine. James Warren Nichols/Kyle Bass

    Outer Cape/Summer Get Together

    Then lets ask for a minimal cane

    Outer Cape/Summer Get Together

    ok sounds good

    Outer Cape/Summer Get Together

    Is it your work schedule?

    Outer Cape/Summer Get Together

    Hey New England weather lovers and weenies. Today I am bringing up an idea we should have done a while ago. This summer Harwich might have a pretty good season. With the number of tourists and people visiting this year, the Cape will be the spot to be on most weekends from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. How about we plan a get together on the Outer Cape, we have plenty of amazing bars and places to meet and gather at. I have my thirty-year-old birthday coming up in the end of August, the 25th to be exact, I want to have a big birthday celebration with friends and family. Everyone is invited, just let me know a month ahead of time. If you want to do the celebration with me or have a separate get together than let's plan one. I have a great place in Harwichport, MA called Perks Coffee Shop and Beer Garden, they a variety of beers and wines to chose from they have a limited food menu and they are awesome people to be around. I have been going here for the past three summers. So let's decide as a group what we want to do.

    May 2019 Discussion

    This weather pattern makes me sleep a long time throughout the day. So I am awake at night, like a night owl. Ahh, can't wait for the upper 70s to lower 90s.
  10. How is it going? Can i PM you now?
  11. Your inbox is full
  12. Do you want to help write a novel? Something that will blow every reader's mind?
  13. Someone with writing experience or meteorology experience doesn't matter how much, just need some. I have a writing project I would love to partner up on.
  14. Anyone with writing and/or meteorologist experience is needed for this tremendous story opportunity
  15. Working on a new draft should be done within a month's time, getting better at telling the story I want to tell.