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  1. Here’s the storm surveys. Looks like the structural damage I observed near Wrightstown was the result of a tornado. https://www.weather.gov/grb/072019_severe_event
  2. Drove through Appleton today on our way back from Lambeau Field. There is an immense amount of damage up there. Branches down on every street, including big trees that split or were uprooted. Several roads were completely blocked off because of downed trees. Also observed significant structural damage in some areas just north of Appleton that might have been the result of a possible tornado. Structure damage looked worse than straight line wind damage IMO.
  3. That’s the highest wind speed I’ve ever seen listed for an SPC watch. Saw on twitter the only other instance we could find was May 31, 1998.
  4. I’m a little surprised that the watch values were 50-50 given that there’s a moderate risk over that area for tornadoes. Watch probabilities don’t really mesh with the SPC outlook IMO (not that it matters that much).
  5. Parameters like STP aren’t as valuable this time of the year, but these are still eye-popping. 14 STP on the effective layer map on the SPC Mesoanalysis. Over 20 EHI. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen EHI numbers this high before across a severe risk area.
  6. This is an all-timer sounding. This is the Aberdeen sounding from a little while ago.
  7. Have they completed the storm surveys yet for these tornadoes from yesterday? CC maxed out at 24,000 feet with this and there was a debris fallout evident on radar as well. That’s highly suggestive of an high-end EF3 to EF4 tornado.
  8. Mentioned this in the other forum, but the Dayton tornado was just upgraded to an EF4. That means we’ve had two violent tornadoes during this prolonged outbreak sequence. Matches with the radar data we saw in real time.
  9. NWS just upgraded the Dayton tornado to an EF4. We’re now up to two violent tornadoes during this outbreak sequence.