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  1. Sounds like the Brent-Centerville tornado will end up at EF-3 for a rating. We got so incredibly lucky that this tornado tracked where it did. I have no doubt that if this thing had occurred just a few miles further north, we would have seen EF-4 to EF-5 damage. As bad as last week was, it could have been even worse.
  2. The storm approaching Memphis from the south is looking extremely dangerous.
  3. This is a legit regional tornado outbreak in progress right now. We’ve already had several confirmed tornadoes from NE Texas to as far north as Illinois. Several discrete cells too in a favorable environment for tornadoes as the low level jet has ramped up.
  4. To be frank, it seemed like most of the models missed on this feature, not just the Euro.
  5. This was from before the final storms further to the south went off, but this suggests to me that the high risk area ended up being too far west (we already knew that), too far north, and not far enough to the east. Can’t say that I blame the SPC at all either. This shows how off the models were at handling this set-up as they quite a ways off to the west and north with this.
  6. Let’s just hope these people took shelter because this might have been a Greensburg-esque situation. This signature is about as high-end as it gets.
  7. Huge debris ball. Newnan is getting hit by a violent tornado.
  8. Today certainly was a high risk day. It just happened much further to the south and East from where models had suggested the greatest threat was, even through this morning. I would love to hear theories on why modeling has been so off on this the past two high risk set-ups, but we can save that for when this event is done.
  9. I fear that the debris ball likely came from Franklin getting hit.
  10. Radar is kind of cluttered, but I think we just got a massive debris ball pop after it tracked very close to Franklin.