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  1. Wanted to get a thread up to discuss the upcoming two day severe weather event that looks set to unfold on Thursday and Friday. Right now, the SPC has a slight risk in their first day two outlook for Thursday night into Friday morning. Similar to the event we just had on Monday night into Tuesday, we should see an overnight tornado and wind threat along the gulf, although areas further north could see a threat this time around. The more substantial day, however, appears to be Friday. The SPC has already gone enhanced over AL, GA, SC, and a sliver of NC. In their discussion, there’s mention of the possibility of discrete, tornadic supercells across these states. While the past two days were certainly active, this upcoming event could be more significant and bears watching. .
  2. We are fortunate that this system wasn’t a few hours slower. There are several discrete tornadic supercells just off the coast of NC at the moment with intense couplets. That being said, a few of these may continue to make landfall and impact the coast before the evening is over.
  3. Said this in the other forum, but the Palestine Il debris signature is absolutely horrifying. .
  4. The debris signature from the Robinson Il tornado is massive. .
  5. Who needs discrete cells when you’ve got this going on. Major tornadoes in progress in Iowa right now. .
  6. This is the strongest wording I’ve seen in an SPC outlook in a long time. They’re always mindful of their wording and it’s very notable that they not only use the word “violent” to describe the tornado threat; but that strong/violent tornadoes are “probable.” .
  7. Good thread here from a SPC meteorologist discussing how the office currently views high risk issuance. .
  8. Thread has been a little quiet, but today and tomorrow could still be quite active. Looks like the greatest threat for discrete supercells capable of producing tornadoes today will be across eastern Arkansas and Mississippi this evening and overnight. .
  9. Thought it’d be a good idea to start a thread now on the looming threat of severe weather coming up on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Looks like we could be dealing with back-to-back days of significant severe weather from Texas to the gulf coast. We may need to expand the time frame of the thread to the 20th and 21st as well if models continue to show the potential for a major event, although that’s still a long ways out. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/exper/day4-8/ .
  10. Tornado emergency for Autauga county Alabama for what’s likely a violent tornado. Huge debris fallout and very intense velocity signature. .
  11. Wanted to start a threat regarding the severe weather threat on January 2nd. SPC has issued a 30% enhanced risk contour for Arkansas, northern Louisiana, and Far NE Texas. We could be starting the new year with yet another significant cold season severe weather event. .
  12. Literally everything is rotating right now and we've got some wicked velocity signatures early.
  13. These videos from Trey Greenwood are really informative. Here’s his discussion today on the tornado threat. .
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