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  1. Heads up guys, I just talked with Larry Cosgrove, he says the cold air damming is waayyyyy overdone by the models. Should be a cold rain for most .... ;-) :-0 (got to be a board oldtimer to appreciate that one)
  2. Man, 18z RGEM just plastered the mountains of NC/TN/VA.
  3. Greetings to my SE friends -- I'll be rooting hard down here in the panhandle for every one to hit the jackpot. I must say, though, I would exercise caution on this one for a couple of reasons: 1) this ULL is not very strong and thus will not necessarily drive high QPF rates which means ... 2) Boundary layer issues will be real -- the latest Euro run, for example, never gets it below 36 in my old stomping grounds of Shelby -- even during the highest times of precip. That's no bueno. If I were in the mountains/northern foothills of western N.C., I'd feel good about this and with ULLs you just never really know what's going to happen in more marginal areas. But it looks very very borderline for the I-85 corridor. That won't stop me for wishing for a Hail Mary though! Good luck!
  4. A worst-case track for New Orleans -- Zeta comes "ashore" right up Terrebonne Bay, keeping it over water for as long as possible.
  5. Still strengthening, per latest recon pass -- yikes.
  6. Yeah that half-a-cane Michael was really pathetic. Could barely even tell it was a storm. #facepalm
  7. How much value can these model runs have that are initializing the surface pressure 20-40 mb too high?
  8. Cold chasing precip -- a recipe for disappointment.
  9. NHC will start "Potential Tropical Cyclone 16" advisories at 11.
  10. Frankly, a bit surprised NHC hasn't initiated some sort of pre-cyclone advisories on this system. Seems quite likely that at least a tropical storm will make landfall within 48 hours in an area still recovering from Michael. It's getting very little play in the panhandle.
  11. 0z RGEM keeps ALL of Spartanburg County below freezing all the way though 13z Sunday.
  12. WB at Shelby airport now at 31.6 with 32 Temp and 31 DP. Euro/GFS never had Shelby getting at or below freezing.
  13. HRRR busting on temps by 2-3F — latest runs have southern NC Piedmont/Upstate 36-37 at 1z — current temp in Shelby/Rutherford 34