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  1. Twas a damn good storm. Just wish mby didn't dryslot and DCA didn't screw up the snow measurement.
  2. Nope. When you quit on winter altogether, your winter weenie soul shall be reaped.
  3. I'll take a 2 for 1
  4. I knew it! It's always the EMAILS!!1!!1 I'm watching you two @mappy and @H2O. First one who provides evidence that leads to the reaping of the other this season may or may not receive a monetary reward.
  5. If you were on either of those two late winter trains to destruction, you died. You just had an unmarked grave. I see we're starting "question the reaper" early this year. I will not tolerate this.
  6. You're the worst. Really though, the contest should be how many people I reap before we close the book on the season. Fastest lap at the beach won't be fair. I'll beat him badly. Still, I'll start training now just in case.
  7. That was the February list. Somehow everyone but you and @mappy gave up the weenie by the end of "winter" but that's not happening this year. I will enforce the laws of nature with extreme prejudice and ruthless vigor this year. Don't slip, because I will catch you if you fall.
  8. The record says otherwise my friend. Don't get caught this season Good lord, look at that list
  9. I hear that Chuck guy is pretty good.
  10. @H2O totally agree. Let the panic virus consume us all again this year. No quarantines. Quick question though, can we create a special tag for me to slap on people I have to reap this winter?
  11. I reserve the right to take my numbers up or down before the deadline. I don't want people stealing my final numbers
  12. BWI: 1.4" DCA: .5 IAD: 2.1" RIC: 1.1 Tiebreaker (SBY): 3.2"
  13. Next week! I've said it before and I'll say it again--every flake is a gift.
  14. No comment