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  1. Had Pfizer and the arm soreness started near the injection site and about 8 hours later progressed to my joint. Also had fatigue and nausea. All good in ~24 hours.
  2. Rough period for chasers out there. Though I’m sure normal people are happy about that. I’m considering a trip to the northern plains this spring. Maybe I can get in front of a high risk derecho . Anyway—on topic. End week looks robust lol. Nice signal but I worry about rug pulling inside 24h. Berks look nice though.
  3. What was your search process if you don’t mind my asking? I’m thinking to get a drone before I start hitting the road for chase season but I don’t know where to start.
  4. Literally my first thought
  5. Retired and fully reanimated now lol. In all seriousness though, I think we see a similar setup to last season in that the environment looks more favorable in the western Atlantic than the MDR. Given how hyperactive the Caribbean was, we might see more activity in the Gulf and off the SE coast rather than big Caribbean systems. The 180 ACE predicted by CSU is just shy of last year’s season. Fewer storms but longer lived this season?
  6. Just get me in the center of a strong 2 with a tractor tire eye and I’ll be good.
  7. BREAKING: CSU calling for a well above average season. 17 named storms, 8 hurricanes, 4 major hurricanes, 150 ACE.
  8. You know I’ve felt this for a while, but I really consider this subforum blessed to have your presence and contributions. We never know what wonders or calamities life will throw at us, but we always have the choice to spread darkness or light. You choose the latter. At least when you’re not joining into the bad food conversations @H2O inflicts upon us.
  9. 2010? I agree with Phin that WFH is tough for a less mature professional. There's a lot that's lost in terms of mentorship and example setting when a new professional or someone that hasn't acquired higher level time management and communication skills. Those first years are really critical, especially in spaces where someone can quickly be overtaken or fall behind due to the pace of the job. The goal should be to become great in a career, not adequate at a job. That requires some discomfort which can be lost when a boss puts you on cruise control in a virtual environment. The loyalty piece is interesting. I've kind of always viewed that as conditional. With the exception of one job, I've never really felt the need to island hop jobs because when I interviewed with each I made sure we were both clear on expectations and opportunities for growth. I've turned down much higher paying jobs because a current employer was clearly investing in me via mentorship, challenging work, etc.. It's business at the end of the day, but it's generally a bad idea to jump at the first or second sign of discomfort to make what's basically a lateral move. I see a fairly significant amount of that with some of my cohort.