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  1. Are you saying I'll need to do an outlook this weekend?
  2. @George BM I just want to check in and see how you're holding up. We're still all thinking of you.
  3. I'd rather have 100 if we're gonna get this hot, but totally agree.
  4. Wx is really good at providing misery without excitement around here.
  5. 87/75 HI 95 At midnight at home.
  6. Now that's good. Big heat lol
  7. LOL. More Ian than EJ
  8. !! Where can you do a closer look?
  9. Probably a rounded 99 yoda, which means the real reading was 98. Spiked to 97 at home. Sigh.
  10. 96 at home
  11. 93/71 at home.
  12. 96 at home!
  13. Lol I'm glad you got the joke. Euro was atrocious last winter. I think bringing cash will be easiest. If I can get to a store early enough though I'll grab some lays chips and sodas.