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  1. From earlier. Love the smell of rain in the air.
  2. Any of these storms going to be a step up from meh today?
  3. I saw something similar last year and it was completely wrong lol. Haven’t seen it that often though. We’ll see if we get a CAG pattern around the 20th.
  4. I have a friend that could feel an attack coming and our peak was 185 today here.
  5. This was July 7, 2002, which stuck out as the greatest smoke related air quality anomaly in central CT in about 25 years…until the last two days blew it away.
  6. That makes sense to me. Looking up I see a thinner layer than yesterday, but on the ground and near ground it’s still very bad.
  7. The description of the public reaction Quiet descended on city streets: The girls who sold peanuts stopped selling their wares, the fruit vendors stood stock still next to heaps of peaches and newsboys subdued their shouts.
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