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  1. Hey, uhhh thanks for taking my call. You know what really grinds my gears? How is it that the Americans can put a man on the moon in 1969 and we can’t get one of them supercomputers to keep a snowstorm in 2019? I’m here, sitting at my desk, wonderin’ how much for Philly, and neither the GFS or... HEY CHUCK? WHAT’S THAT OTHER AMERICAN MODEL WE LIKE? THE ONE THAT GIVES ALL THE SNOW? (pause...inaudible...) ...the NAM can tell me. Just throw em in the trash and fire the programmer. Anyway, you know how much I can expect here in Philly? Go Eagles.
  2. The models don’t give me the feels like most others during winter, but boy I do always like seeing a nuclear strike.
  3. We have a new guest! Welcome! Dearly Departed Eskimo Joe Watch List BristowWx Rhino16 PrinceFrederickWx EastCoastNPZ
  4. I read that to mean it’s fine to post on a site like this, since we’re not using it for commercial gain.
  5. Weathermodels Terms and Conditions section in part: 2.2 You may elect to purchase a Personal Forecastersubscription. An active Personal Forecaster subscription entitles one (1) user (“Personal Forecaster”) to use the Site and its contents and services for the Personal Forecaster’s personal, non-commercial use. A Personal Forecaster may re-publish Site Content on personal, non-commercial websites or social media channels, not to exceed five (5) maps per day, provided that the Personal Forecaster retains (i) identification of the creator of the Content, (ii) any resident copyright notices, (iii) a notice that refers to these Terms and Conditions, (iv) a URL or hyperlink to the page on which the Content is available from WeatherOK, and (v) the Site logo. A Personal Forecaster shall not crop the Content or remove the Site logo from the Content. A Personal Forecaster may download, view, print, and copy the Content and other downloadable items displayed on the Site for personal use only, provided that the Personal Forecaster maintains all copyright and other notices contained therein.
  6. Watch list, reaper call, or are you like EJ and have your own dedicated wing at my place?
  7. 11.4” on the season now. More than a third toward last year’s total. Great start. Let’s produce next week.
  8. This is about as good a start to the season you can get. Beautiful day.
  9. Indeed. Our gift shop slays! We have Christmas tree ornaments which are a hit with the younger weenies Home decor that make great gifts for the in-laws And don’t forget our festive holiday wreath!
  10. I hear ya. Any measurable in December is good. It’s been hard to come by in recent years. Hopefully it’s just the beginning for you folks.
  11. Unless we get more, I'll finish at 2.8" here. I expected widespread delays, but I'm kinda surprised to see so many cancellations. Nice call Ginx.