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  1. It was rotating with upward motion, but it neither could be characterized as strong. Initially thought gustnado but it didn't occur along outflow. Need NWS report to be sure. Excellent over performing day. Three supercells and all three were TOR warned. Two were STW before an upgrade. CAMs were spot on today about the location but underplayed potential.
  2. No TOR but incredible sunset.
  3. Chasing another TOR warned storm. Bigger than the first.
  4. Near Wray, CO. Likely gustnado? Will post video when I can.
  5. TOR warned. Very close to a confirmed one.
  6. Hail achieved! Probably about 1.5". Big thump on the road and van. Wish I could have stayed in the core. I'm the only one with that opinion...
  7. Incredibly beautiful. First time seeing wind farms lol.
  8. Day 1 Convective Outlook WxWatcher Prediction Systemâ„¢ Dodge City, KS 0930 AM CST Thu May 25 2017 ...THERE IS A CODE YELLOW RISK OF SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS... ...SUMMARY... Chances of isolated severe wx are on the rise today, as thunderstorms are expected to develop across the region this afternoon as a system traverses the area. ...Mid-Atlantic... After a brief period of dryness today, an area of low pressure and its attendant cold/warm front will approach and move northeastward. This is a relatively common severe wx day around the region, with the best shear occurring in the morning, and the best instability occurring in the afternoon. We're pretty terrible at times. As thunderstorms develop, the greatest areas where severe wx is possible are the locations where shear and instability overlap best. Shear may be enough to support all modes of severe weather. Meh. From what I can tell, @yoda is in. That's it. No further upgrade is anticipated at this time. ..WXW007.. 05/25/2017
  9. Thanks! In the last 3-4 days of my trip now. Next few days should be active. Need to close on a TOR lol
  10. Kansas is beautiful. Hopefully I can see stars tonight.
  11. Y'all ok? The east coast (including DC) has been the place to be for tors and severe this year lol.
  12. No, it just happened to be close to where I setup for pics. Did catch some incredible BBQ though. Getting some more in the DFW area today.
  13. Got one more late last night. From a DC split storm
  14. Bad day. Spectacular pics coming out of NM and (maybe a TOR?) but every decision we made today was wrong. Oh well.
  15. That is RIGHT at the border. You could see miles into Mexico from there.