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  1. Another tragic reminder of how fleeting time can be. Cherish your most precious gift. You just don’t know how long you’ll have it.
  2. I was hoping to have chased a big one up that way by now but I guess I have to hope for a big February Arctic blast. Rough period all over.
  3. I have to admit I’m uncharacteristically agitated by the progression of the last two weeks. I’m holding out hope for February and I’m still with Ray, but after the start we had it’s unfortunate to go this long without a strong wintry stretch. Of course it happens, but I’ve had bad winters on balance since 2014.
  4. We hope for big snows but with each passing day this season’s grade sinks lower. I did appreciate the 9F low with snow cover the other day. That was nice.
  5. Ha, I was just about to post your tweet. Man, I’d love to see that kind of deep winter.
  6. Bone burn is a real problem in my community.
  7. I posted in the wrong thread last night. Mea culpa.
  8. Man, I hate to cut this Reaper Retreat short, but it sounds like I’m needed here. I was really enjoying the tea.