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  1. Decent so far. Looking forward to the peak here.
  2. One of the greatest comedy sketches of all time
  3. Nice looking (non-tropical) coastal storm verbatim next week on the Euro.
  4. We’re still a ways out but the signal is starting to reappear. Western Caribbean lighting up with a deep E CONUS trough is a recipe for trouble. I think the MDR can still produce activity, but the threat zone has definitively shifted to the Caribbean, eastern Gulf of Mexico, and SE coast.
  5. it’s so early for me. I want a good winter for everyone but it just doesn’t look great right now. Niñas are great for tropical but not so much for winter, especially down there.
  6. It was a little concerning when I flew down to LA for Laura as it was my first time flying since the pandemic started. There was little mask wearing down south where I was, but I wore my mask and sanitized and when I returned did my two week quarantine. I also got a rapid test afterward to make sure I wasn’t asymptomatic. It was my third corona test but by far the easiest. I was good to go in 25-30 minutes. Rapid testing would go a long way in helping us identify spread as we try to stabilize and then fully reopen.
  7. 2013-14 was the most fun season I’ve ever tracked. Absolutely loved it once we turned the page to January.
  8. Brother I can all but guarantee you’re going to take an L on that argument The things we do for love lol
  9. I wish I had the memory of some of you with these things. I think I vaguely remember 3 mesos? Really cool event either way.
  10. That sucker hole over my house makes perfect sense
  11. It has been very good with tropical