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  1. It might almost be November, but we have an orange off the East Coast.
  2. Low analyzed at 1002mb off the NC coast. NHC giving it 20% 2-day and 50% 5-day odds of subtropical development. Wouldn't be the tropical guy if I didn't mention that lol.
  3. I wish. Everything is lined up perfectly to go east…except a local meeting I can’t miss… Not sure traveling to the cape tomorrow night is a good idea
  4. 55 with misery mist at HFD. Feels like November lol
  5. Rain wrapped spouts ftw Even if there’s an apparent fix—I need to see it work in reality. Other guidance is robust along the coast as you said though. Should be fun for someone.
  6. Last night I went max gusts to 35-45 inland/45-55 shore with highest gusts in eastern/SE CT, 3-6” of rain (would probably go 2-5 now given recent guidance), scattered outages and an overall moderate impact event for CT. Decent event here but the good stuff is in LI, SE MA, and the Cape IMO.
  7. It’s got some work to do to earn my trust even at short range, though I know this isn’t tropical season where it’s really at its worst..
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