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  1. Cuomo raising maximum fine from $500 to $1000. Wants municipalities to enforce social distancing order. Some of the photos in the PowerPoint were awful. People not following the guidelines during the weekend.
  2. Good news so far. Cautiously optimistic looking at the NY numbers.
  3. We shouldn’t even be thinking via the framework of economy vs public health. The virus attacked both. You treat this like war—you can’t defeat the virus unless you win on both fronts. It’s not either or.
  4. Last member of the family is out of the hospital. Thank God.
  5. Last member of the family is out of the hospital. Thank God.
  6. Was just about to post. Here’s the link to the BBC article. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52177125 Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests, 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus, Downing Street has said. He "continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus", a spokeswoman said - including a high temperature. It was described as a "precautionary step" taken on the advice of his doctor. The prime minister remains in charge of the government and urged people to follow its social distancing advice. "On the advice of his doctor, the prime minister has tonight been admitted to hospital for tests," the spokeswoman said.
  7. One of my extended family members is recovering and was released from the hospital!
  8. Sorry, I didn’t mean to derail things with media talk. I do have some good news. I heard that one of my extended family members is recovering and was released from the hospital!
  9. It’s easier than ever to hear what we want to hear. It’s a shame.
  10. At the start of this I literally had to argue with people on a group chat that believed that the president was going to nationalize the Guard to keep people in their homes. YouTube was their source. Critical thinking isn’t being contrarian to fit one’s worldview. I’d love to know who among us has 12-18 months of savings for a global pandemic...when a lot of us are forced to spend thousands on child care to work, take care of aging parents in a broken health care system, and take out a mini mortgage to get an education.
  11. And just to add, that’s not a political shot—it’s a criticism of a view of government that is just objectively contrary to what the framers of the constitution envisioned. That the federal government would 1) be absent from the role of organizing and leading when the security of the nation is at risk and 2) effectively compete with the states to have a separate set of resources for the same crisis is just...bad.
  12. That doesn’t comport with the facts on the ground. If states can’t get the PPE, hospitals sure aren’t. https://www.google.com/amp/s/wfpl.org/federal-government-outbids-kentucky-for-medical-equipment-amid-shortage/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2931578001 https://www.google.com/amp/s/abc7chicago.com/amp/coronavirus-cases-update-map/6072209/
  13. And then imagine that you’re a state and bidding for critical supplies only to find out that the FEDS are bidding against you for “their” stockpile. I don’t care what your politics are—that’s just outrageous. I mean, that’s a failure at the most foundational level.
  14. So many have failed to grasp the enormity of the challenge. From the health aspect to economic to societal. Obviously not just an American problem, but in terms of the federal response, it’s baffling to me that their backup approach harkens back to our pre constitution days and views states as essentially independent operators. I get that in most natural disasters the state and local governments lead the way, but if this is akin to wartime, and I totally believe it is, the federal government playing the role of backup is outright dangerous. It’s like putting Tom Brady on the bench to start Blaine Gabbert. Sure, Blaine can do some good things, but at the end of the day, a starter that shouldn’t be a starter won’t take you to where you need to be.