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  1. Mobile Regional Airport with a gust to 91 mph just now , pretty impressive considering how far inland Zeta is. Edit; gymengineer types faster than me.
  2. FL winds of over 100 knots on the eastern side.
  3. Wow, NW quadrant has 97 knot FL winds and unflagged surface winds of over 80 knots.
  4. 93 knot FL winds in the SE quadrant according to Recon, let's see what they sample in the NW side.
  5. They very likely are, the recon is missing quite a few data sets in the NE eyewall so we can't see them. VDM has 85 Knot FL winds, by the highest it's been today.
  6. Recon finding a more formidable storm. Pressure dropped a few mb and plenty of unflagged 65+ knot SFMRs.
  7. Pressure is still dropping steadily and the wind field is as symmetric as it's been. I don't know if the Recon will do another pass in the NE quadrant (it's been out in Sally for a crazy amount of passes) but there are likely 65 knot surface winds there now.
  8. Recon finds higher flight level winds in the NE quadrant (76 Knots) than the last pass (along with some hurricane force surface winds but they're flagged).
  9. While 100 mph is probably a bit high, the highest winds so far were recorded in the NW quadrant so let's see what we get there in the next pass.
  10. Euro still has Sally slightly offshore at 60 hours, that would be days of wind and surge for coastal LA, MS, AL and FL.
  11. The other recon plane confirms the pressure drop as well.
  12. In Laura's Recon flights, we had varying pressure readings as well and I suspect that one of them is not properly calibrated (assuming they're both flying at the same altitude). While Sally is very obviously intensifying, that's just a ridiculous pressure drop in 30 minutes.
  13. Very impressive for being that far inland
  14. Not too shabby for landfall. Looks like something the HWRF would depict and we would immediately discard as overdone.