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  1. 8.3 inches here, excellent event though the sleet will make it impossible to shovel.
  2. Just passed 2 inches here with heavy snow continuing to fall with some rather strong gusts occasionally.
  3. Best deform band of my life by a mile, watching the snow come down like a wall was surreal. Sorry about the OT post, light snow here now and the temperature has fallen below 30.
  4. So much whining over something we have zero control over. Just hope for some small adjustments south in the next 24 hours but whatever happens, happens.
  5. That's a big deal for the coast of Nicaragua, if it can avoid any significant northerly motion it'll likely spare the biggest town the worst impacts (in terms of winds at least, surge will likely be very bad)
  6. Mobile Regional Airport with a gust to 91 mph just now , pretty impressive considering how far inland Zeta is. Edit; gymengineer types faster than me.
  7. FL winds of over 100 knots on the eastern side.
  8. Wow, NW quadrant has 97 knot FL winds and unflagged surface winds of over 80 knots.
  9. 93 knot FL winds in the SE quadrant according to Recon, let's see what they sample in the NW side.
  10. They very likely are, the recon is missing quite a few data sets in the NE eyewall so we can't see them. VDM has 85 Knot FL winds, by the highest it's been today.
  11. Recon finding a more formidable storm. Pressure dropped a few mb and plenty of unflagged 65+ knot SFMRs.