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  1. This storm was warned for 80 MPH winds and even that might have been understated. On a related note, do I need to update my Radarscope membership to see the actual max on velocity scans or is it a setting?
  2. Those velocity scans are impressive and really expansive.
  3. GFS has 70 mph gusts for the UP of Michigan. Other areas look more in the 45-60 mph range, especially on a line from Chicago to Detroit northward. Nothing crazy but a decent wind event nonetheless.
  4. Not sure where to post this but the supercell NW of Rapid City ND looks beastly. It's currently warned for tennis ball sized hail.
  5. If it gets named before the 5th, it'll be the earliest C storm on record.
  6. Big hail core on the cell moving towards Waco, has a couplet with broad rotation as well.
  7. If mesoscale models have a clue, tomorrow might have a slight tornado risk for coastal NC.
  8. Interesting little feature entering the northern suburbs of San Antonio.
  9. Nice little couplet in southern LA approaching Church Point, had a weak TDS associated with it as well.
  10. Tornado warning for areas west of Elk City for embedded rotation in the line. We'll probably see quite a bit of that today.
  11. That is quite the prolific cell considering it's embedded in the line.
  12. It may have hit other parts of the city though. There are pictures on Twitter of a tornado just outside Waycross but I'm not sure how accurate it is.
  13. I'm not 100 percent sure it wasn't in the clear air but I think there may have been a decent TDS on the south side of Moultrie.
  14. Absolutely insane, it might've already been on the ground in Woodworth but it's going crazy again to their east.