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  1. They are in the easternmost area of the state, and weren't really expecting much.
  2. Intense feeder bands have been training over that general area for hours, and will probably continue doing so for a while. Sames goes for areas getting the eastern eyewall (like Hammond), the flash flooding will ultimately turn into significant river flooding for some areas.
  3. Flooding could also be very bad for areas who have feeder bands training over them all night. Slidell LA for example.
  4. This thread is absolutely morbid, in an hilarious way.
  5. The radar returns near Laplace is getting ridiculous, they've been getting absolutely pummeled for hours on end.
  6. 939 mb pressure reading in Lockport, which is fairly far inland. Very impressive.
  7. New Orleans Lakefront airport gusting to 82 mph now.
  8. Golden Meadow is about to take it on the chin, Mark Sudduth set up a camera there as well.
  9. Those towns are about to be rocked by a still healthy northern eyewall.
  10. And they likely missed the strongest winds as the inner core is passing just west of them.
  11. Inner eyewall is recovering a bit, even as the moat is still very pronounced.
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