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  1. I wonder if that large area of convection offshore will put a bit of a lid on things later. Either way, most mesoscale models show a decent nocturnal tornado threat, though they're likely to be embedded in a line.
  2. There are some reports of damage to homes coming in from that area.
  3. There's was a brief TDS with this couplet
  4. Fairly large 10 percent tornado contour for today. Not the most impressive wind profiles but we can probably get numerous weak spin-ups in the warm sector.
  5. The Wednesday evening/night threat still looks decent.
  6. They compromised and slapped a severe warning on this. SMH.
  7. Yeah, this isn't a new phenomenon. The storm has had a tight couplet for quite a while now.
  8. Yeah, looks impressive from multiple radar sites. Pretty surprising that it doesn't have a warning.
  9. The tornado warned storm in northern Alabama doesn't look too shabby either.
  10. Does anyone know if there are any ground reports from Cave Springs? I hate that stupid radar hole.
  11. If that storm in Cave Springs is still producing a tornado, it looks like it just went right over them.
  12. Man, that cell is still going strong and is about to enter Georgia.
  13. Wow, the motion on that tornado east of Ragland is wicked!