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  1. The airmass honestly isn't that bad. If you can get this under light precipitation, you can certainly cool the column in a more dynamic storm. Especially if you can an idea phase from the northern stream, it's always tough for things to align perfectly for us but it won't take all that much here to get a solid snowstorm out of this.
  2. That significant tornado contour is massive
  3. PDS warning now with this cell as it enters Sandersville.
  4. Massive CC drop for the cell that passed Sumrall MS, they very likely took a significant hit.
  5. Winds at 850 mb are supposed to dramatically increase over the next few hours (HRRR shows 850 winds briefly topping 90 mph) but at the same time convection will decrease as it moves into this general area. We'll see if we can mix down any significant winds here as we tend to do well with southerly winds.
  6. White Plains gusting to 55 mph, very impressive for that location.
  7. Recon now finding borderline category 4 winds with an unflagged SFMR of 114 knots and flight level winds of over 120 knots. Pretty incredible given its satellite appearance.
  8. While some of the higher elevation observation sites always come in with high numbers, the 100.5 knot reading at the airport is pretty crazy considering they're at the southernmost edge of the storm (though there's a discrepancy between IR and radar as to exactly how close Humberto was to Bermuda at its closest approach)
  10. It looks like the storm surge for the far eastern cape is near historic levels, I'll wait for the official numbers to come in.
  12. That's pretty impressive, pressure still pretty steady and both flight level winds and unflagged SFMRs are higher than I thought.
  13. Does anyone have a link to see between hourly observations? I'm curious as to what the highest gust and minimum pressure readings are but the hourly observations doesn't always capture it.