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  1. Tornado warning for northern Indiana also mentions 80 mph winds. It's odd that they didn't accompany it with a severe thunderstorm warning as well. Either way, rotation seems to be tightening a bit.
  2. Confirmed tornado on this one. Hard to tell what to make of this velocity scan, the inflow and outflow look a bit disproportionate.
  3. Maybe strong embedded tornadoes? I'm not sure why they went 15 percent hatched, but so far there has been at least one embedded tornado doing some damage and has had a tight couplet for a surprisingly long time considering it's embedded in the line. It's also in a radar dead zone so it's hard to know for sure how long it's been in the ground.
  4. The storm between Alexandria and Nelson has a confirmed large TOG. Has a nice TDS signature as well.
  5. SPC upgraded tomorrow to a moderate risk for MN.
  6. Two warnings now and the western one has a decent couplet. Weird that they're not putting out a watch yet.
  7. Some 95 mph bins starting to show up on velocity scans north of O'Neill Nebraska, warning out for that area is for 90 mph. Very impressive wind event underway. ASOS report for O'Neill of a 76 MPH gust, with mesonet from the area topping out at 88 mph.
  8. SPC added an significant tornado contour in northeastern SD despite expecting things to grow upscale very quickly. Even with a messy storm mode, backed surface winds and eye-raising instability can lead to a couple of significant embedded tornadoes. Here's a cherry-picked sounding in SD from the latest HRRR.
  9. A couple of confirmed tornadoes embedded in that line now. It's hard to stay on top of it given how fast they spin up and disappear, which is probably why they're doing this.
  10. That monster cell took a bit of a north turn so the NWS is spreading out 3 seperate warnings in all directions. Probably smart given what some of the Oklahoma tornadoes have done today.
  11. Absolutely vicious rotation in the cell just south of Lockett TX, hope it's not a populated area.
  12. Okemah looks to be next in line, over 120 MPH GTG sheer on that.
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