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  1. * At 635 PM CDT/535 PM MDT/, a confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located 14 miles southeast of Sidney, moving northeast at 20 mph. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. TAKE COVER NOW!
  2. I think they meant "a few supercells evolving into upscale growth"
  3. It's not so little with all that moisture moving due north
  4. While this video is definitely inconclusive, it's kind of odd how stubborn they are about issuing a TW for this storm. It's been close to the ground on multiple occasions.
  5. First Tornado Warning of the day near Susank KS. The storm to it's west (near Hays) is an absolute beast of a cell and is dropping some huge hail at the very least.
  6. The cell near Hays could really use a TW now. Edit; it looks a bit broader now but from what I'm seeing in Twitter it likely produced a brief tornado.
  7. And the run coming out now (16Z) has quite a few cells across KS later.
  8. 15 percent hatched tornado contour added to the morning update.
  9. Embedded rotation near Abbeville, which was hit by a tornado recently Edit; TW now.
  10. Not to derail the discussion, but it's not a new issue with them. Anyways, looks like it was a brief, but intense, spin up.