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  1. ***knocking on wood*** Radar trends aren't looking too bad for you right now.
  2. That's about sums up the 2021 severe weather "season" everywhere not named MS or AL.
  3. Verbatim, the 12s GFS would be a nice ROF setup for our region.
  4. You can say the same thing about places up north and heaters (which didn't become mainstream until the mid 1800s). Would all of the folks who migrated from down south and turned those cities to turn into 20th century boomtowns had moved there if central heating didn't exist?
  5. It's all a matter of perspective. They think the same thing when you guys are dealing with temps below zero in the winter.'
  6. Today's high at DFW was 99*F. BTW, the low of 81*F this morning was a record, breaking the previous record of 80*F set in 2008.
  7. Heat advisory until 7pm for Dallas and Tarrant Counties. Currently 94*F at DFW. Forecast is for a high of 99*F.
  8. Interestingly enough, hi-res models are trying to blow up some convection this afternoon, although they're centering on an area just to the SW of the Metroplex. But even then, the cloud debris from them could keep the afternoon temps in check. We'll see what happens...
  9. Didn't even get below 80*F last night, with a low of 81*F. And now the temps are off to the races as the sun rises. The cloud debris seems to have largely diminished again too.