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  1. Still not seeing it, but whatever... Besides the factors mentioned earlier, we've been socked in stratocumulus for majority of the day (limiting instability).
  2. Below is another good video of the same storm, as well as images of the aftermath...
  3. I'm sure that'll make Stebo happy.
  4. Just got a heavy rain shower, so I guess it's not a complete shut out.
  5. Don't forget 2014, with the August monsoon here.
  6. They made it up to 88*F with winds from the SW and then got knock backed down to 85*F as the outflow boundary blew through and winds flipped to the NW. The wake subsidence has probably squashed mixing heights as well.
  7. For whatever reason, SPC continues to maintain the slight risk for tomorrow despite little model support for it. Between strong mid-level drying and being in the Left-Rear Quadrant of the upper jet, very little's going to happen.
  8. That seems to be the money shot.
  9. Not even a drop of rain here, let alone severe weather. Looks like Lucy's going to try it with the Football again on Sunday. Yeah right.
  10. Meh, would likely be more enjoyable in Atlanta or Dallas, where you at least get some active weather.
  11. That's a decent setup also, as the area under the total eclipse would be in the subsidence region of that trough.
  12. Sad part is, we're doing much better to-date (based on storm reports) than we were last season.
  13. As far as the bolded, oh yes by far (even without pulling up the stats). At least the Chicago *area* is.
  14. Flint / The Thumb / Tri-Cities are half-way decent when it comes to big snowstorms and severe weather. It's the Detroit area that's comparatively "blah" when it comes to weather events that aren't run of the mill.