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  1. There's that, and then also the subtle SE wind off the water. That said, 90*F+ may actually happen today. DTW and DET were both at 88*F at 1pm.
  2. You'll get plenty of the weather you like 3 months from now.
  3. It looks like DTW's going to go out in style this time with the string of 89*F highs.
  4. Legit June-like weather in Georgia. But ultimately, it appears DTW was 89'd. Maybe we'll tap 90*F tomorrow or Saturday.
  5. That also looks like yet over tropical system on LA / MS.
  6. Very smoky today, making for hazy conditions. It certainly doesn't seem like a day in mid-September. That said, it will also help to keep temps somewhat in check.
  7. I'm sure Stebo can attest that there's something about the peacefulness of road trips. It feels good to explore areas outside of your backyard at your own leisure (whereas on a plane or train or bus, you're bound by their schedule & procedures) while simultaneously not having to worry about fighting a bunch of traffic or getting to/from work at a certain time.
  8. That's kind of funny, because it was the east side was socked in remnant mid-level clouds from Irma for a good part of the morning, while there was full sunshine between the mid-level clouds here and the fog on the far western side of the area (including at DTW).
  9. And best of all, they're both American made by Detroit-based companies.
  10. It's all kind of threading the needle either way, because if Jose goes too far out to sea, that leaves room for the western trough to squash the ridge. One thing that does concern me on the ECMWF is the 850mb moisture. Hopefully we won't have to deal with WAA stratus / stratocumulus.
  11. Fortunately, it's looking like Jose will come along just in time to correct Irma's **** up.
  12. Hmmm, the calls for a cooler than average September may have been premature if current indications are correct.
  13. That's been the story of almost every severe weather event the past several Summers.
  14. Yeah. The biggest problem looked to be models overdoing the moisture pooling (and thus instability). Had they been a bit higher, we would probably be having a different discussion. It looks like areas near the Oakland / Livingston / Washtenaw County border area got smacked pretty good (that's when / where the instability / moisture was maximized).
  15. Over 300+ strikes per minute now.