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  1. A t'storm had popped up overhead yesterday afternoon. But otherwise, no complaints with the sunny weather and temps pushing 80°F in November.
  2. lol at Jonger.
  3. That's right. In fact, I think he said it was the biggest snowstorm he's seen since 1999 (if not ever).
  4. Didn't YBY get a pretty big snowstorm in November recently? Plus, I distinctly remember freezing my butt off in November 2013 and 2014 (and complaining about it).
  5. There were even snow flurries reported in the northern suburbs of Atlanta on Sunday morning. Nothing here IMBY though. But I certainly enjoyed the taste of Detroit-like weather to remind me of home (not!). It was one of the coldest October days ever down here as temps didn't get much above 40 until very late in the day when the stratocumulus clouds finally mixed out. But now, things are back to normal for the foreseeable future (Sunny and temps in the 70s).
  6. Skycover's busting too. It's been solid overcast all day, despite the forecast for a Sunny day.
  7. I have on the heater as well as the oven in my home, trying my best not to turn on the heat. Even being from Detroit, this is too cold for me and way too early!
  8. lol at Jonger and rainsucks.
  9. 2015-2016 was a gradient winter. The problem was all of the semi-formidable storms kept getting ripped to shreds by the confluent upper-level flow.
  10. It's just a coincidence, or (as some may call it) bad luck.
  11. Yeah, that's why I'm targeting Dallas.
  12. Looks like the storms pretty much split Detroit proper, but overall it wasn't a bad event for October. You know it's been a pretty awful season for severe weather even the best event comes in October of all times.
  13. I think Irma was the first Tropical Storm Warning ever issued for Atlanta too.
  14. Talk about one hell of a welcome to Georgia. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for most of the Atlanta area. I'm flying out tomorrow to do some house hunting, so I shouldn't have any issues getting there. That said, it may still be fun times with Nate impending upon the region.
  15. Could potentially see more 80*F+ Saturday - Tuesday, depending on the extent of precipitation / cloud cover from the remnants of Nate.