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  1. The NHC upgraded Michael to a Cat 5 post-mortem. No reason why they wouldn't do the same for Zeta if conditions were met.
  2. Yep. DTX just released an update about this: 000 FXUS63 KDTX 141411 AFDDTX Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac MI 1011 AM EDT Mon Sep 14 2020 .UPDATE... Mid/upper level trajectories have taken the smoke plume from nrn California and the Pacific Northwest into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. Satellite representation and visual observation suggest the high altitude smoke overhead is quite opaque. So even though some of the morning strato cu has been and will continue to dissipate, afternoon sun is going to be very filtered through the upper level smoke. This seems to suggest more or less filtered sunshine today as opposed to outright sunny skies. So an update will be issued to increase sky cover today. Otherwise, the going forecast looks reasonable.
  3. Nothing severe here, although looking at the radar, the line of storms definitely exploded SW-ward like ripping off a band-aid.
  4. As of the 00z suite of runs, the GFS is kind of on its own with that solution.
  5. Looks like storms are already firing up in West Central MI and over Lake Michigan. Definitely something to watch for the afternoon hours.
  6. Point being, saying that higher education is "less essential" than K-12 education is ridiculous.
  7. If you had the choice between hiring 2 people for an administrative role with the same exact experience (clean background, can pass a drug test, etc.), except one has a HS Diploma and the other has a Bachelor's Degree, which person would you choose?
  8. Well that escalated quickly. Wasn't even expecting it to rain today, but we're getting some pretty good cracks of thunder and downpours blowing in from Lake St. Clair after a sunny morning.
  9. FWIW, this was the original Day 1 outlook...
  10. Looking at recent frames on the infrared satellite, there is a bit of warming with the cloud tops
  11. Welp, the posts about this Summer's weather being "meh" haven't aged that well.
  12. It'll probably dive more SE when it crosses Lake Michigan. We'll have better luck with whatever activity pops up in Northern / Central WI.
  13. Their leaders are finally admitting what those protests in Michigan with the confederate flags were all about... Michigan Commissioner Blames Black People For Virus, Uses N-Word "When asked by a colleague why he wasn’t wearing a mask before the meeting on Tuesday, Leelanau County road commissioner Tom Eckerle said “well this whole thing is because of them (racial slur) down in Detroit,"
  14. Well, it is exurban Georgia...