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  1. May 2018 Obs

    Currently under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, but compared to the storm this passed Friday (which wasn't warned), this one has a lot more bark than bite.
  2. May 2018 Obs

    We're getting slammed right now in Newnan. Got some strong gusty winds ahead of the storm, and now it's been raining cats and dogs with lots of cloud to ground lightning for almost 1/2 hour
  3. May 2018 Obs

    Newnan also made it to 91*F.
  4. May 2018 Obs

    Before the high clouds moved in, temps were off to the races and ATL managed to tie the record high of 91*F today (previous record was set way back in 1881).
  5. May 2018 Obs

    Looks like 90*F will happen again today. Currently 89*F at ATL and in Newnan
  6. May 2018 Obs

    The record was officially broken, with a high of 91*F.
  7. May 2018 Obs

    Looks like the atmosphere's more than primed for the mother of all lightning storms today. I guess we should all flee to Cumming for safety...
  8. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    You may like it now, but I'm thinking just wait until all of that starts evaporating under the June sun angle.
  9. May 2018 Obs

    ATL is shattering the maximum low temperatures, but it looks like the record high temperature will be broken today as well (currently at 90*F set in 1956 and 1911).
  10. May 2018 Obs

    Currently 90*F at ATL. I think this is the first 90*F+ reading of the year.
  11. May 2018 Obs

    Only made it to 89*F yesterday, but it was Sunny yet again. See no reason why 90*F+ won't happen today and tomorrow. Monday is looking iffy now, with the medium/long range looking very rainy (not because of troughing, but because of a nearly stationary tropical wave).
  12. May 2018 Obs

    Today's high was 86*F, with again mostly sunny skies.
  13. May 2018 Obs

    Made it to at least 82*F. Again, a few more cloudy intervals than yesterday, but the balance of the day has been Sunny.
  14. May 2018 Obs

    Actually made it to 84*F today, a couple degrees higher than forecasted (despite a few more clouds compared to yesterday).