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  1. FWIW, this was the original Day 1 outlook...
  2. Looking at recent frames on the infrared satellite, there is a bit of warming with the cloud tops
  3. Welp, the posts about this Summer's weather being "meh" haven't aged that well.
  4. It'll probably dive more SE when it crosses Lake Michigan. We'll have better luck with whatever activity pops up in Northern / Central WI.
  5. Their leaders are finally admitting what those protests in Michigan with the confederate flags were all about... Michigan Commissioner Blames Black People For Virus, Uses N-Word "When asked by a colleague why he wasn’t wearing a mask before the meeting on Tuesday, Leelanau County road commissioner Tom Eckerle said “well this whole thing is because of them (racial slur) down in Detroit,"
  6. Found this on Reddit about United Shore. It's extremely detailed, but take it FWIW: "I went there for a summer internship position, and for orientation they sat 100 interns in their small gym less than 6 feet away from each other, with only small plastic barriers barely separating us. They only separated the tables between us, so if we turned either way, we were still fully exposed to our other interns. Masks were completely optional, and I was one for 3 interns wearing a mask. We were sat in that room for 9 hours, only being let out for an hour at lunch, and 15 minute breaks ever hour or two. I quit after my first day there, anyone with a brain could see that it was only a matter of time before there was an outbreak here. Walking around the facility, there were hundreds of employees in the dogpits, sitting less than 6 feet away from each other and not wearing masks, some desks didn’t even have the plastic dividers. During lunch, their cafeteria was fully open with no seating restrictions at all, everyone was sat close to one another. There was no reason that their employees needed to be back in office. No reason. The only employees who needed to be there were sysadmins and maintenance. Everyone else could have been working remotely. This was a ridiculous display of ignorance on the company’s part. They put their employees lives at risk, when they so heavily proclaim that their “company is one big family”. No one deserves to get this virus, it’s terrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. In my resignation from my internship position, I made clear my worries about their coronavirus measures, and they ignored it. I wish the employees there the best, but this was completely avoidable had the company just had some common sense."
  7. In Michigan, after the company forced workers back into the office... 53 coronavirus cases linked to mortgage company United Shore
  8. "Strung out POS" has become the norm lately.
  9. Georgia Students Suspended for Sharing Viral Pictures of Packed School Hallway
  10. Welp... One man with coronavirus attending Ohio church service led to infection of 91 others
  11. The spread of covid-19 in the South shows the risks of anti-intellectualism
  12. Welp, Georgia is officially worse than Mississippi... Gov. Reeves issues statewide mask mandate
  13. Better late than never. Getting a nice and gusty t'storm now. Rain blowing sideways in sheets.