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  1. That is impressive, considering you've been on the southern edge of the best banding.
  2. I've been lurking and waiting to see how long it would take you to get hyped up. It's absurdly early for a snow event this significant (then again, so was the Halloween snow event for Chicago). When's the last time DTW saw 4"+ of snow this early in the season?
  3. Don't hold your breath for that (2 weeks out).
  4. Gotta say, while I'm generally good with no snow, getting whiffed to the south by a 12"+ snowstorm (in GA of all places) would definitely piss me off.
  5. I see that a long lost stranger is making appearances again.
  6. Don't hold your breath for a whole bunch of action down here either. Things typically dry out by mid-August through the rest of Summer/early fall, unless there's a tropical system.
  7. It seems like for the first time in forever, Detroit is finally getting some severe action.
  8. And there's video and photo evidence of the 2016 instance, when WJBK was live at the Eastern Market for Flower Day.
  9. Calling this May a gradient month would be an understatement. We've been pushing 90*F here for the past several days (10 degrees above normal) with plenty of sun. I know one person who's probably not complaining though, lol.
  10. Parts of Metro Alanta have already made a run towards 90*F more than once this week.
  11. I could never live that far north. I would be about ready to gouge out my eyes if that were still happening in May.
  12. Persistence is the word it seems, with the gradient temperature pattern. Summer time well underway for the SE, while in-between weather continues for the Great Lakes/Upper Midwest.