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  1. Down here, we've had temps mostly in the 80s with low humidity and mostly clear skies for the past week, and it will continue for another week.Can't get more top shelf than that. Only some weirdo could hate this weather
  2. A reporter with another media outlet blew right into Jim Cantore while he was giving a live update on TWC.
  3. One good reason a Cat 4 vs. Cat 5 designation matters is because it factors into the amount of financial assistance that can be authorized to aid in recovery.
  4. This one will likely be Delta'd as a Cat 4.
  5. Severe thunderstorm warning here. No lightning/thunder, but getting some sideway blowing rain. EDIT: Got a few loud cracks of thunder. It's one of thise storms too where the sun is still out.
  6. I don't miss that crap at all. You have my condolences...
  7. GHD 2011 in Chicago, or NYE 2008 in Detroit's NW suburbs.
  8. A Groundhog Day pattern has returned. Every day will be like the last for the forseeable future. Sunny with temps in the 90s...
  9. My rate was $424 in downtown Nashville, granted that was at one of the "budget" hotels (Hilton Garden Inn). I booked it over 1.5 months out, and most hotels were already sold out at that point.
  10. Fortunately, I'm in the path of totality this time around as well. I went to Nashville for the last one (that was before I left Michigan). But no travel for me in 2024!
  11. After sunny skies through early afternoon and highs in the mid 90s, just got smacked pretty good here with a severe thunderstorm. Addison airport gusted to 51 MPH. Had an awesome-looking sheil cloud too.
  12. High dewpoint depression, especially at the surface, helps.
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