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  1. Given the reports coming in now out of Detroit proper and Roseville are 5.8" and 6.8" respectively, I'm going to call BS on that 3" report from Grosse Pointe.
  2. It looks like your favorite spotter out of Grosse Pointe has come in with his lowball report of 3".
  3. Impressive to see that you guys are going to get another warning criteria snowfall in the "warm sector" of a system, given it also happened not too long ago and how unusual it is.
  4. Even down there, where the average yearly snowfall is a whopping 2", there's plenty of banter about the lack of winter weather from fellow enthusiasts. Yet, what's funny about it though is that they would kill to experience the "less than impressive" Winter you guys are having this season (that was, in small part, why SnowlessinCarollton was excited to come up to your neck of the woods). I'm just amused by the reactions about this current storm system along with responses from folks like beavis1729 about winter as a whole followed by michsnowfreak coming in to bring folks in from off the ledge (and yes, he's not wrong). I don't have to be reminded that I did a ton of whining about the lack of Big Dog storms when I was still there, but that aside, even I will acknowledge you all have had an overall impressive stretch of winters in the last 15 years. So the feelings of despair from some clashing with michsnowfreak's relentless positivity in somewhat bad winters that could be much worse intrigues me, and I'd hate to see what the discourse is like if one of those sub-20" winters happened.
  5. A part of me is interested in seeing you all experience a truly awful winter (talking 1930s or 1990s awful). Detroit and much of the Midwest hasn't had one since weather forums and social media became a thing. So I can just imagine the meltdowns would be on a whole 'nother level of cringeworthy, especially from normally positive michsnowfreak.
  6. It's happened plenty of times, although I can't name the storms off the top of my head.
  7. That is impressive, considering you've been on the southern edge of the best banding.
  8. I've been lurking and waiting to see how long it would take you to get hyped up. It's absurdly early for a snow event this significant (then again, so was the Halloween snow event for Chicago). When's the last time DTW saw 4"+ of snow this early in the season?
  9. Don't hold your breath for that (2 weeks out).
  10. Gotta say, while I'm generally good with no snow, getting whiffed to the south by a 12"+ snowstorm (in GA of all places) would definitely piss me off.
  11. I see that a long lost stranger is making appearances again.
  12. Don't hold your breath for a whole bunch of action down here either. Things typically dry out by mid-August through the rest of Summer/early fall, unless there's a tropical system.
  13. It seems like for the first time in forever, Detroit is finally getting some severe action.