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  1. Tornado briefly on the ground SW of Newcastle via Ch. 6 live stream https://www.facebook.com/watch/live?ref=watch_permalink&v=1140074244053960
  2. Newcastle, Bridge Creek and... Moore looking to possibly get hit yet again. Brief tornado already reported. Typical May in Oklahoma.
  3. Another chaser apparently got rolled by a tornado in IL, chaser drama currently ongoing on Twitter in response to it.
  4. Thought I'd note too 2500-3500 MLCAPE and 300-500 j/kg SRH was more than what was encountered in central/eastern AR Friday. Yikes. I will be interested to see how the storm motions evolve too. So far it looks similar to Friday as well. 50-70 mph NE movement. Being at night will be especially dangerous if there's a violent wedge on the ground.
  5. Can't help but feel my area is gonna get nailed tomorrow. Also the same model (RRFS A) that nailed the Little Rock tornadic supercell is showing a storm tracking right over my area after 05z tomorrow night. Also the HREF is already lighting up the STP probs.
  6. Ominous new D2. The familiar trend continues.
  7. SPC Outlooks that seem to be straight out of the movie "Groundhog Day". Lovely
  8. I know everyone is going on about that northern watch box but the southern one will be no slouch either. Both Highs seem justified. We got sunshine down here right now.
  9. My current target area is Searcy, AR, seems to check out.
  10. Pivotal Weather released an interesting new CAM model to their data feed. The RRFS A. It shows a pretty ugly situation for central and eastern AR by early afternoon tomorrow.
  11. I haven't gone out yet this year and I may actually bite on this with the southern target. Looks to have somewhat slower storm motions and its only 4 hours away for me compared to the northern target. It also looks to not be an entirely overnight event, which is a plus. I will decide later tonight.
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