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  1. Still unconfirmed if it was a bunch of different tornado tracks as they are still doing the survey but I was right next to the one that touched down in Rogers last night. It was definitely a big rain wrapped beast. Rogers literally just got done renovating the downtown area and now much of it is in ruins. This hit close to home literally and will be a chase ingrained in my memory for a very long time. I hate HP tornadic storms at night.
  2. My target area was Enid so this lines up with what I suspected unfortunately
  3. Might be a little gun shy after the 5/20/19 debacle. Totally understandable. Bet it gets reconsidered at 1630z
  4. Fine, I'll be the weather weenie for once and say it goes high risk on Mon morning. lol
  5. Man 2024 is turning out to be a pretty epic plains year, its been too long.
  6. I believe we are witnessing a rare tornado family?
  7. Another one just formed directly to the east of the anti-cyclonic one. Grandfield, OK might be in trouble here.
  8. SW OK storms continue to consolidate and ramp up. Betting we will see a nasty tornado out of this one soon.
  9. My thoughts too... what a crazy couple weeks this has become.
  10. So are we gonna talk about those storms in SW OK? They already had at least 1 confirmed tornado.
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