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  1. That's a possibility. Winter isn't over yet though and Feb is typically our snowiest time of winter and it just takes 1 storm. That sustained winter that most are hoping for didn't happen, but at least we saw some flakes before Christmas, and the ice storm wasn't too destructive for most everyone. Next year is looking like it's back to El Nino, either a weak or moderate one.
  2. Weeklies have the +PNA type pattern towards the end of Jan with the eastern trough. Looks like something wants to come underneath as we go into early Feb. Mid-Feb becomes a little less defined as the troughing out near the Aleutians wants to push back east a bit, faint signals of a bit of something over the south and southeast though, then it looks stormier in late Feb into early March at the end of the run. Temps in an hour or so. EDIT: Temps are below normal at the end of Jan into Feb.. normalish through mid-Feb... then above normal through almost late feb, then below normal late feb into early march.
  3. Euro ensembles are still going to the general +PNA idea in the long range. Weeklies will be out soon to see if it continues.
  4. Looks like everything is still on track with what the Euro Weeklies showed on Thurs. Warmup coming up as things shuffle around. Then into a +PNA type pattern developing at the end of the month into Feb, which should drop some colder air into the central and eastern US.
  5. 32 and pouring rain here. Trees looking awfully iced over. Temps can raise a few degrees, that would be fine by me.
  6. Freezing rain and thunder here. Temp is 32, should rise above freezing tomorrow morning at about 4-5 AM.
  7. About 0.9" of precip. Temps will be hovering around freezing around Monday afternoon though.
  8. Don't think so. Empire's outage map has no current outages. lol at people asking for an apology on NWS Springfields FB though.....
  9. Yeah, a rain shower just came through, temp is 31 here and 30 at the airport. Edit: Roads still aren't slick.
  10. Well, they moved the Chiefs game to 7:20 PM now due to safety concerns with the weather. Packers/Cowboys game is still at 3:30.
  11. Ah. There's a little frontal circulation centered across NW AR. This has been resulting in more of an easterly wind today across MO. Even a bit of a SE wind in SW MO. Later tonight and early tomorrow morning, that circulation is going to move a bit farther east, which will result in a more northerly/NE flow. This is what's helping bring the freezing line back south a bit. Yuck.
  12. You've still got another batch but that seems to be wanting to stay in STL and points south. Temps are really iffy on Sunday for STL. Too close to call.
  13. It's annoying when the freezing line is going to be on top of you. This run of the HRRR has temps falling back to 31-32 in Joplin early tomorrow morning with another batch of precip moving up from OK.
  14. Also, a shockingly high number of people don't know what an ice storm is. 1. "It's just rain." 2. "Yes, but it's below freezing" 1. "There's no sleet, it's not an ice storm, just rain" 2. "No sleet because the air is really warm above the ground so it melts and then freezes when it hits the ground." 1. "So it's just rain" 2. "No, it's freezing rain" 1. "It doesn't look like it's freezing to me" 2. "Then why are all the trees covered in ice?" 1. "Oh" 2. *facepalm*
  15. Not sure about the county but roads are doing ok. About 0.25" of ice accumulation I suppose. Temp is about 32-33. Electric company outage map: https://www.empiredistrict.com/Outages/OutageMap