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  1. Sleeted pretty good earlier, now it's really snowing pretty hard.
  2. Well, this winter was pretty awful as well.
  3. Hanging around 33-34 here. HRRR has come in a bit more concerning in the coming hours when it comes to icing.
  4. Lots of freezing drizzle here, roads very slick.
  5. Moderate snow now, quickly accumulating.
  6. The area around Tues is becoming increasingly interesting, especially for those in KS/MO.
  7. RIP Joel Taylor from Storm Chasers. Bummed me out to hear that news tonight. 00z GFS still looks interesting for the upcoming Day 8-10 storm.
  8. -EPO wanting to come back. Not really getting any AO help.
  9. 85 degree temp difference in 4 days. EF-1 tornado near Mt. Vernon, MO last night.
  10. The MJO looks like it's going to go through the 'warm' phases until Feb. The CFS looks like it becomes more favorable in Feb. In the meantime, the troughing is probably going to shift farther to the west so storms may track to our west or NW. That's usually how it goes for this area though, storms track too far west, or too far east.
  11. Monett had around 3" a bit ago. Looks like probably still around 4-5" here.
  12. It's coming down good here. We've got at least 4-5". Doug Heady just updated and says some areas will see 6-9".
  13. Decent little snow here. Looks like at least 1" maybe.
  14. Looks like Winter Weather Advisory here for some light snow tonight. Another round of light snow on Monday.