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  1. OK Mesonet: "The 95mph 10-meter gust at El Reno is legitimate. The site also measured 79 mph @ 2 meters as bow & embedded couplet passed over site."
  2. 95 MPH wind gust at El Reno?
  3. Two of them are from my neck of the woods. I've followed his stream for a long time. Always saw him on spotter network around the area as well. Sad news indeed. I haven't heard who the third person was yet, I've heard rumors but nothing confirmed.
  4. Depends on context. In reference to what Brett was saying, I believe he is referring to "convective initiation".
  5. AO was nearly + the entire winter except for a few days in Feb.
  6. Enjoyed the light snow today. Probably winter's last gasp.
  7. You all getting snow down south? We had a few flurries earlier.
  8. That storm over SE KS is probably dropping some big hail.
  9. Thanks. So it's just the GFS being too cold as usual, eh?
  10. Anyone still get Euro data? What's happening with that system on Saturday? GFS is colder than the NAM.
  11. Strong NW outflow winds here now... 61 MPH gust at airport.
  12. Springfield, MO did a 21z launch. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/soundings/17030621_OBS/
  13. Pretty tame when they came through here. Pittsburg, KS was getting very strong winds way out ahead of the storms, so I'm not sure if they gusted themselves out or what. Maybe a case of the shear being too strong for the instability that was present? Maybe the cold front undercut them, not sure, but sure glad it wasn't bad.
  14. Springfield MO, and DVN special soundings now showing up. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/soundings/17022820_OBS/
  15. No tornado watch here last year at all (very rare) but already under a tornado watch this year.