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  1. Powerful storm system around March 3rd showing up on all the major models. We'll have to see what happens with that.
  2. Thunder sleet and freezing rain is pretty wild. I remember it doing that here a few years ago with a temp of like 12 degrees out.
  3. Freezing drizzle making roads pretty bad out there.
  4. Yep, everything has to come together just right for this area and there was just enough cold air around. The really cold stuff might be here by next Mon or so and we'll see what happens.
  5. So the GGEM/Euro did the best while the NAM was just awful like usual, right?
  6. Dry slot should pass to your south it looks like. Area to the N and W of the dry slot usually gets heavy snow.
  7. Mesoscale Discussion for area of heavy snow: https://kamala.cod.edu/offs/KWNS/2301250009.acus11.html
  8. Yeah, AR/MO still look good for the most part KS/N OK will have to rely on getting what they can from the backside of the system.
  9. Looks like you'll still get snow, but farther south storm track and precip rates that were unable to cause a changeover with the first part of the system.
  10. 4-6" with up to 8". 06z NAM models still held farther north.
  11. Small shift south on the 06z HRRR as well.
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