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  1. No sustained negative AO, been stormy at the pole. No blocking. Haven't had a negative AO since the end of Dec. Models were always wrong in the long range, seasonal models weren't bad as they indicated that would happen. After a long sustained -AO for months before winter, it had to flip back to balance out. The EPO wasn't able to sustain itself either. End result. Fast moving zonal systems with mostly Pacific air.
  2. Yeah, sleet is so useless. Eats up your snow. There may be more storms to watch out for when it comes to frozen stuff, models can't figure it out yet, though.
  3. KSN measured 5 1/2" of snow on the SW side of Joplin.
  4. I don't know why Springfield can't recognize similar setups and build in a bigger warm nose than anticipated since the models frequently miss it. Similar systems have the exact same issues time and time again.
  5. Heaviest of the day, can't see 2 blocks away, but the back end is just to the west.
  6. Probably 2-3" here in Joplin. It's pretty coming down at times, Snowglobe.
  7. Pretty underwhelming. Had some pretty good snowfall for a bit. Seems there's a bit of a dry patch now. HRRR really narrows the band.
  8. Models putting Joplin back in the heavy band I see.
  9. I also like watching the HRRR every hour and see it produce these little unexpected convective bursts every now and then that don't appear in previous runs...