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  1. Wild ride with that line of storms. Sub-severe here but it poured rain and blew a bit. Just to the south and east probably got it worse, wall cloud was spotted down by Neosho I guess.
  2. Population usually (areas with higher population). Typically like a tornado emergency for flooding. Nearing 4.25" here and nearly all of it was runoff because of saturated ground. Some areas to the south probably have 9+" by now. I know they just shut down the city of Seneca and are having the MO Highway Patrol/National Guard rescue people and evacuate the town now. Neosho lost 2 water pumps and are on the backup towers now, people have had to be evacuated that experienced flooding. Pretty bad in this area.
  3. Flash Flood emergencies to my south. Already 8 inches of rain and still pouring down there....
  4. Tulsa survey found, 2, EF-1 tornadoes last night with the head of that bow echo near Adair, OK. Looks like they were on the ground at the same time.
  5. Large and Extremely dangerous TOG in NE OK?
  6. Speaking of the HRRR. Did 15z not finish and 16z didn't make it very far?
  7. Moving on... The 00z NAM is coming in......
  8. Goodman tornado going to be at least an EF-2, survey continues.
  9. Goodman apparently took tornado damage at their elementary school and downtown. Small town, basically a speed trap.
  10. Storm around Cassville looking a bit suspicious as well.....
  11. He's got his wife with him today so he doesn't have to do 7 things at once while chasing. He probably still tries to though.
  12. It probably has to do with the expected surface conditions. If conditions don't favor surface based storms, or if the storm is elevated, or the radar beam is hitting it high and they suspect it's elevated, they won't issue a warning. On days that favor surface based storms, and the atmosphere is very unstable, they'll warn everything, at least in the Springfield CWA.
  13. Getting going just west of Parsons in SE KS.
  14. My local news stations are all about Kelley Williamson and Randy today since they lived in Cassville, which, is actually pretty close to the 10% hatched tornado today. Story about Kelley Williamson. He usually doesn't drive, his partner does, but he was apparently the driver yesterday. http://www.kspr.com/content/news/Remembering-storm-chaser-Kelley-Williamson-killed-in-crash-in-Texas-417400153.html
  15. OK Mesonet: "The 95mph 10-meter gust at El Reno is legitimate. The site also measured 79 mph @ 2 meters as bow & embedded couplet passed over site."