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  1. Too bad the fantasy maps never happen. 12z GFS might have a little rain/snow mix for KS/MO on Thurs night.
  2. Well, it's looking like it could be a Modoki Nino, which is decent for our area I believe. The AO was mostly negative during the summer. So it's either going to spring back positive for an extended period or remain negative during the winter (persistence) which would be good. We'll have to see as things move forward though. The last couple years have looked like they would be good and in the end, things changed or didn't turn out as planned.
  3. Yeah, I was pretty jealous of Montana. That's a crazy amount of snow. I think we paid for the above normal snowfall we had in the mid 2010's with the lack of snowfall for the last few years. Looks like we may get a weak El-nino this year. Was hoping for a neutral.
  4. I updated the title a few days ago for this year, hoping the 3rd time is a charm. Looks like winter will get started in the Northern Plains by the end of the week as the first big winter storm hits. Not sure what to expect this winter as there are some conflicting signals.
  5. True. Looking like a La Nada year though, and the last couple of those were really good.
  6. Frigid and Snowy this winter says the Farmer's Almanac?
  7. Carl Junction tornado and Golden City tornado were EF-3.
  8. Looks like maybe EF-2 damage in Carl Junction based on the roof damage/decking being gone. Estimates are 100 homes damaged. Moderate damage to a couple of homes in Oronogo. All those trees though. It's a big mess.
  9. Carl Junction reported no fatalities and just minor injuries after search and rescue ended in the Briarbrook area.
  10. 3 fatalities just reported in the Golden City area by sheriff's Dept.
  11. EM Keith Stammer on phone to TV. Damage mainly in Carl Junction. Roof damage, trees, power lines. Area closed due to debris and no school tomorrow.
  12. Seeing video on TV around the Carl junction area of houses with damage. Looks like at least EF-2 with destroyed roofs on houses.
  13. Damage has been reported but not sure about extent.