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  1. IRI enso product flipped to La Nina. Interesting seasonal forecast:
  2. Looking increasingly like we're going to get a La Nina this winter. Most blue I've seen on the JAMSTEC in a long time.
  3. They'll be in the eyewall, shortly.
  4. Live feed from a Chaser at Marco Island: https://livestormchasing.com/stream/bart.comstock_secondary
  5. You think so? The whole "Irma isn't going to be weakened by Cuba" forecast last night sure hurts their credibility with their forecast now.
  6. 12z GFS "gust" product does have 120-140 mph gusts on the FL peninsula right before landfall over SW FL though.
  7. The HRRR Caribbean is currently updating the 12z run. It's out to 25 hours. Still showing Irma with a really big eye towards the end of the run. https://rapidrefresh.noaa.gov/hrrr/CARIBBEAN/
  8. Looks like the majority of the 12z hurricane intensity guidance keeps Irma a Cat 3, couple low end Cat 4. Also maybe a tiny tiny shift to the west as well.
  9. That's a ginormous eye showing up at the end of the HRRR run the last few hours after it heads back over water.
  10. Latest storm surge warning for that area has 3-6' storm surge in surge prone areas.
  11. Yeah, but all the 12z hurricane models are basically in that exact same place as well.
  12. Think the Euro did this, eye was so big it resulted in the eyewall hitting basically the entire southern half of the state.
  13. Yeah, that's a big jump SW on the 18z GFS compared to the 12z at hour 60.
  14. FWIW, the Euro 'gusts' product is showing gusts probably 120-130, takes the center of the eye just to the west of Boynton Beach.
  15. That's an MSLP map, not a wind speed map?