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  1. KC might get some snow up that way on Sun/Mon?
  2. Not unless it's backed up by at least one other model.
  3. Well, usually it's the 'last gasp' that it might happen. But this year, the warming did happen. The vortex did split. Arctic air did dump, on the other side of the world though. The vortex itself is expected to remain weaker and not recover. Typically it takes 2 weeks for the effects to play out. It's possible it has no effect on the weather here.
  4. Sure is boring. At least we had a "front loaded" winter for most people, for once.
  5. Speaking of Flizzards... Just had one here a bit ago. Very wintry outside.
  6. Already had a dusting of snow here with a band that moved through.
  7. 06z GFS was interesting. I want to get back to the fun pattern. Also apparently the polar vortex split or something? There's news articles about it. We've had a -AO for like ever.
  8. 12z GFS was also a decent run today. Looks like the next interesting system will be next weekend or so. 12z ICON was really fun.
  9. More interesting 12z GFS run today with systems digging farther west in the long range.
  10. 12z Euro is going to do a little something with the weekend/Monday system as well. Kind of rare to see it displace a system by so much within it's typical "good" 120 hour range.
  11. The weekend/Monday system is a bit more interesting on the GEM this morning for Arkansas as it goes neg tilt as the GEM tries to close off a small upper low over NW KS and SW NE.
  12. Takes me back to my school years where 0.5 degrees is the difference between a snow day and having to go to school. Waking up to 6" of snow on the first day of Spring when nothing but rain was forecast, and waking up to rain and 33 when snow was forecast.
  13. 12z Euro is a bit farther west so SW MO, NW AR still looks like the sweet spot for rain/snow.