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  1. Guessing we had probably 4" or so before it melted. Big flake size, it was very pretty, and then a few hours later it was almost all gone.
  2. It's a freakin' snow globe out there. Big flakes, cached to the trees and it's coming down at an impressive rate.
  3. Snow coming down at a good rate here now. It's accumulating due to the rate.
  4. Eh.. for me it's the marginal temps and narrowness of the band of heavier snowfall and where that narrow band ends up.
  5. Well, at least this time the Earthquake wasn't accompanied by tornado warnings....
  6. Looks pretty boring winter-wise through the first week of Feb.
  7. 0.25 to 0.50 with 20+ mph gusts. Yikes. Hope you don't lose power.
  8. Ground temps are really cold due to the recent arctic air so it will probably accumulate pretty easily, but with southerly flow, it will eventually turn to just rain as there's no continued cold air advection feeding in.
  9. The Canadian is probably too cold, that seems to be a bias it has. It does look like there will be some freezing rain though but temps do look to warm for most of us by the afternoon. Maybe not for Doramo's area though. The 00z Euro did come in several degrees colder with more freezing rain. Gonna have to be watched.
  10. Yeah, sleet sucks when you are expecting a lot of snow, and the amounts are gobbled up by sleet instead. Not to mention the annoying "ping" sound against north facing windows. Small amounts of freezing rain/ice accumulation make the trees very visually striking, but too much is very destructive. Gets a lot of the dead limbs out of the tree though.
  11. Sleet sucks because it could be snow. Nothing more annoying than having a storm that's supposed to produce a good amount of snow end up being a sleet storm because it's 33 degrees in some part of the atmosphere and the 'warm nose' wasn't modeled well. Ice storms suck worse because you lose trees and power lines. 2007 was the year of the ice storm here and with over 1" of freezing rain is crazy and everything looks like an alien world.
  12. Nothing like being -1 outside with steady snow coming down, even if it is small flakes. Long range forecast looks the same still, gonna lose the -EPO and the source of cold until late month when it becomes re-established.
  13. It was never going to be a super big storm, it was a weak/dying shortwave moving though. With that being said, 2-4" of fluffy snow is generally possible due to how cold it is. It may even overperform in the most prolific band. Looking ahead, it looks like we should lose the -EPO in a week or so but it looks to reestablish itself by the end of the month. Looks like they moved the Buffalo game to Monday since they are expecting FEET of snow. With that being said, Go Chiefs!
  14. Yeah the 06z GFS has an additional round on Monday night-Tues this run. Interesting stuff.
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