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  1. KokomoWX

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Everyone was panicking yesterday when watches and warnings were thrown up locally for some basic thundershowers. Spotters activated but I continued to work on a project in the garage. The weather and those forecasting it need to get better.
  2. KokomoWX

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    I hope some storm action makes it a bit further east.
  3. The cold rain continues this week. Nearly two inches of it this week. Sigh.
  4. KokomoWX

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    Kokomo finished with a modest 36 hours (continuously) below zero with a -16 on Wednesday and -11 on Thursday. Not too extreme considering most everyone else's reporting but still enough to close schools and businesses for one or two days.
  5. KokomoWX

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    From Facebook...
  6. KokomoWX

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    Dedicated photographer... https://www.tmahlmann.com/photos/Places/North-America/United-States/Illinois/Chicago/Skyline/i-BXbDvJ8/ https://www.tmahlmann.com/photos/Places/North-America/United-States/Illinois/Chicago/Skyline/i-HRX5cLC/
  7. I guess I was thinking all time records.
  8. Brutal cold for the IND forecast area. (Records not in jeopardy here due to lack of snow cover.) However the long term AFD says a change is coming... Highs will surge into the 40s Saturday...50s Sunday and may make a run at 60 on Monday ahead of the cold front. Pretty amazing to consider the difference in temperatures from Wednesday night to Monday afternoon in some places may be 65 to 70 degrees.
  9. KokomoWX

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    While Kokomo warmed up for warm rain and rapid melting, we are falling fast and dropped from 34 to 28 in an hour. Everything is flash freezing. Accidents galore and car doors frozen shut. It is going to be a long week until we flirt with near 50's this weekend.
  10. Brown ground again and Monday's clipper is a swing and a miss with more cold rain mixing with snow. The historic cold is backing down from earlier forecasts. This winter cannot end quick enough.
  11. KokomoWX

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    The southern band has a new mind of its own.
  12. Almost as good as Cantor showing up.
  13. KokomoWX

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Looking down at Morgan-Monroe State Forest southern Indiana, NWS is showing an inch of rain during the middle of the day on Saturday. Even with near freezing temps, I doubt much can accumulate with that much liquid falling. (I'm camping there Friday noon to Monday afternoon and could come home to a huge mess of snow on Monday.)
  14. KokomoWX

    Winter Storm!? Jan 12-13th, 2019

    I don't have a reliable place on my property to measure and where I normally measure, the neighbor's new dog had fun in the snow making any measurement impossible. Looking around at reports for my area, it seems 5-7" are pretty common. I did see a 7.8" report at NWS but suspect other influences or slant sticking. I have respectfully put my profile pic right side since the distress of not seeing a 6" storm has ended. Now let's keep this going.