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  1. Looks awful.... Above normal temperatures and no snow.
  2. Valentines Day 2007 is my choice for good storm.
  3. Indy TV meteorologist is predicting just six 1” or more snowfalls for the season. That would be awful if he is correct.
  4. I am solo for the holidays and went to a park to photograph birds and do a hike. Lots of folks on the road and many houses had family gatherings. My social media feeds are also representative of family gatherings. Let's see what happen when stores open for Black Friday sales.
  5. Testing is overloaded. We have a couple people who have went for tests from my work and one waited for 8 days for results and the second one is now on day 5 and no results. This is a county health department site in conjunction with the state health department. Completely useless.
  6. Honestly, the federal government is terrible managing things. The country is larger than Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, & Spain combined. A federal response to anything gets bogged down is bureaucracy. No, I am not giving Trump and his administration a pass. I also am not giving a pass to Pelosi, Schumer and their party either. They are all responsible for making the virus and response political (like just about everything else). While I believe the federal government should be working and supporting the larger picture such as encouraging and funding a vaccine and the larger infrastructure to deliver it. Even as the pandemic is seeing all time highs, the decisions on handling things are better done at the state or local level in most instances. Yes, cooperation and coordination between them needs to happen but a federal mandate isn’t the answer. I also am supportive of a targeted stimulus package but the personal fluff needs to be removed. Target people who need the help in a way that does them good and allow more local control over the stimulus. I for example didn’t need a check and don’t need another. I have continued to work every day since this started and have gotten paid and have banked more than enough savings should any unpaid time off occur. (I did lose out on my side hustle income but that was always just gravy and fun money and it will come back.) There will always be users who don’t comply with mandates or recommendations for COVID spread. There also have been people who drive drunk and those who commit violent crimes which put our lives at risk. It seems like a poor comparison but it is not. The truth is you really need to ask yourself what did people doing who are getting infected? Discounting those who are captive in nursing home or long-term care or are front line in health care, how are people becoming infected? I work in K-12 education and we opened our doors on time in August. We are almost 40% complete with our school year of 180 days of required instruction. We have more than 2,000 students and staff across 4 schools. As of today, we have had 14 students and 11 staff members test positive. More than half of those can be easily traced to social gathering more than recommended at an event. We have played sports and had marching band exhibitions and many other activities. I know on the other hand I have avoided large gatherings and visiting other people’s homes. However, I have eaten out, met friends for a bourbon brunch outdoors, and worn my mask. I go to the store and try to go on an off hour and with purpose. I’ve been tested twice for COVID. Once was before I did a sleep study and once before school started when we were asked to voluntarily do it. I also tested for antibodies at that time. I was negative every time. I have run into non-mask wearers and those who come to the store with a full family and kids touching every damn thing they can. Again, I smartly buy my items and get in and out without fussing about it. I don’t waste my time trying to convince others about wearing masks and doing the right thing. They won’t. I’ll come to talking about the federal government and those who armchair quarterback the response. Monday morning quarterbacking is easy. We all do it. I think so many people underestimate the complexities of the COVID pandemic and only look one aspect and (mostly) ignore the others. Science, economic, societal and just a few and each one of those have an almost infinite amount of sub aspects to consider. Anyone thinking there is a simple and singular response that Trump (or anyone) should have provided is not seeing the whole picture. It’s just too complex and people, even those who go along or make the rules have free will and will do what they want in certain circumstances. It is like me deciding to eat out when I could cook at home or sitting with coworkers at lunch in our designated lunch area. We still do it almost every day. I don’t usually post this much even when it is about weather-related topics. I think everyone needs to step back and consider the larger picture and that no argument here will settle anything or change anyone’s opinion. If you are concerned someone lurking and reading is getting misinformation, this is not the place for information about COVID. It is a forum of weather enthusiasts of varying skills and a few professional. If they don’t know the different, they education and life experiences have failed them. I probably rambled here and there and likely everywhere. My apologies for that and grammar and typos. Happy Friday and I hope everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
  7. I know FedEx has been working on the infrastructure for this and has cold storage facilities on all continents but Africa. Like many things, the end of the chain will be the hardest to manage.
  8. Some good news... Immunity to the Coronavirus May Last Years, New Data Hint https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/health/coronavirus-immunity.html
  9. I needed to replace a freezer and they are all but impossible to find except for the very cheap and smaller no name brands. I had to go to Lafayette to get the last one at Menards. As I searched, the employees all said the same thing about everybody wanting to stock up on food.
  10. As much as I love cold and snowy, I am not minding this weather right now. It's good to get outside and have the windows open.
  11. November looks to be a warm month.
  12. I sure hope so. I am snow starved after several back to back winters that have failed to produce much of anything.
  13. Last week I took the CDC stats and made a chart. I skipped over underlying conditions since I was lazy.