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  1. Wow even parts of Tennessee have had a freeze and parts of Michigan hasn't ?
  2. I wonder if it's easier to get negative departures of that magnitude than it would be to get positive departures ? I couldn't imagine Denver having a high temp of 106 in late October.
  3. Are highs in the 50s to near 60 really that warm for October ?
  4. My question is why does negative news sell. Do people not like hearing about positive news ?
  5. Yeah it seems like the news is quick to point things out when things are going bad, but when things are going better they don't mention it as much.
  6. That seems odd that its been 12 years since the hottest temp occurred in August or later. Its not like August is much cooler than July so one would think it would be pretty common to have the hottest temp occur in August.
  7. Don't viruses normally fade away this time of year ? Why would this virus be any different ?
  8. Lets keep some perspective here. There were about 330 million people in the US before this started, and there are still about 330 million people. Roughly 0.02% of the population has died.
  9. You live in Erie, IL right ? NWS has you at 54 on Tues.
  10. Yeah it's the right move for now. Obviously i think indoor dining will become more widespread as time goes on.
  11. You seriously wont go inside a restaurant until next year ? Wow.
  12. 4 days later and the media is still talking about Trump's disinfectant comment. Unreal.
  13. I dont understand why people need to stay at home as long as they are social distancing, wearing a mask, etc while out in public.
  14. Im just glad May begins next week. Surely May will bring more consistently nice weather ?