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  1. Don't viruses normally fade away this time of year ? Why would this virus be any different ?
  2. Lets keep some perspective here. There were about 330 million people in the US before this started, and there are still about 330 million people. Roughly 0.02% of the population has died.
  3. You live in Erie, IL right ? NWS has you at 54 on Tues.
  4. Yeah it's the right move for now. Obviously i think indoor dining will become more widespread as time goes on.
  5. You seriously wont go inside a restaurant until next year ? Wow.
  6. I don't think most people are going to fault Trump for the economic issues that is largely the fault of China.
  7. But i don't think Biden has much of a shot with the sexual assault allegations. Hes done. Plus he just comes across as an old, confused man.
  8. 4 days later and the media is still talking about Trump's disinfectant comment. Unreal.
  9. I dont understand why people need to stay at home as long as they are social distancing, wearing a mask, etc while out in public.
  10. Im just glad May begins next week. Surely May will bring more consistently nice weather ?
  11. Even Minneapolis is forecast to be warmer than Indy over the next 14 days !
  12. I was averaging forecasted temps for St Louis and Indy over the next 14 days according to, and St Louis is forecast to be a whopping 9 degrees warmer over that time span. Why such a large difference between cities with fairly similar climates ?
  13. According to the model im looking at, it looks like deaths will stop almost completely in 2 or 3 weeks ? It looks like a huge decline in deaths almost every day from now until mid May.
  14. I see nothing wrong with having people in the stadiums but trying to distance them so there's several seats in between. Its better than having completely empty stadiums.