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  1. Midwesterners are "polite". Not overly friendly in my experience compared to places like Texas and Oklahoma. Midwesterners just seem very very anti-social. They pretty much keep to themselves and don't really strike up conversations with strangers. Im sure people who have always lived in the midwest don't even notice this, but I've lived all over and am very observant.
  2. Some of you people remind me of why I can't stand so many midwesterners. I miss that southern hospitality.
  3. I hate inversions. Why does it seem like Indiana has more inversions compared to places on the east coast and the south ? Is it all because of Lake Michigan ? Im just trying to understand why clouds are more stubborn here than in Atlanta or New York.
  4. That's interesting that Detroit is 3 times as likely to have snow on fhe ground on March 1 than Dec 1. I can only assume the avg temps are colder on March 1 than Dec 1.
  5. We will be at the half way point of winter on Thursday. What a horrible first half in Indy. Unless the second half delivers something memorable this will be a winter to forget.
  6. Highs in the 40s in March is considered warm ? Sounds awfully cold to me. Im hoping to see 70s in March.
  7. Who wouldve thought that Jackson, MS would be under a Winter Storm Warning before Indy?
  8. At least in Indy, the % of possible sunshine increases from 35% in Dec to 44% in Jan to around 50% in Feb. So we should be past the cloudiest time of year.
  9. This is one of those REALLY crappy weather weeks. Cloudy and cold day after day. No precip. Just cloudy.
  10. This says it all folks. Look at all that snow in the south compared to Indy.
  11. I grew up along the I-20 corridor where we would go years without even getting a flake !
  12. As someone who has lived in the south most of my life, i miss the excitement that even the smallest of snows brings down there. Up here, if there's a 1-3" snow nobody even mentions it. Last weekend when they were calling for 1-2" in Indy ( which never materialized) i was super pumped up and stayed up until 4am and then gave up. I just hope to see the ground covered again before winter is over.
  13. Im more bitter when the south gets snow since my family lives there and i don't want them to rub it in.
  14. There's talk of this being the most favorable winter weather pattern in 10 years across the south ! An epic, possibly once in a lifetime winter is in store down there. Why can't we have any fun up here ?
  15. The people in the south are going crazy. It would be nuts if Atlanta and Birmingham get more snow than Indy this winter, but i think that will happen.