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  1. I wonder why Minneapolis was 101 today and Rochester was only 96 ?
  2. I'm not even sure Cairo is considered East of the MS River.Part of the MS River is East of Cairo and part of it is West.
  3. Dewpoints in the 50s in Northern Florida and 70s in Iowa. How is that possible ?
  4. Wow. 37 in Mid April sounds brutal. I'm guessing thats well below normal ?
  5. Is it safe to say you will still have snow on the ground in June ?
  6. It's going to be 74 in Johnson City on the 29th according to TWC. Going to have to be a lot colder than that for it to snow !
  7. There's no freakin way it went from 5 to 35 in just 4 hours especially since you say you have cloud cover ?
  8. I bet most of your snow will be gone by tomorrow evening.
  9. My uncle who lives in the UP of Michigan considers 2-3" a dusting.
  10. According to wikipedia, Marquette averages 14.2" in March and 8.4" in April. It says the source is NOAA.
  11. That's crazy that you have another 50" left to go on average. Marquette only has another 22" left on average. How far from Marquette are you ?
  12. I personally like March more than February. In March, warm days are much more common and the weather can be more interesting too with anything from snow to very warm weather. I've seen temps near 90 in March ! I also love the longer days.
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