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  1. I have anxiety issues and for some reason wearing a mask has actually made me less anxious when i'm in public. When I go on job interviews, wearing a mask also helps me to perform better.
  2. About time to start a Spring Medium/Long Range thread. After all, spring starts in about 9 days !
  3. How does Dallas, TX get to -2 but the coldest you can manage is -1 ?
  4. According to TWC, Cincinnati has a snow depth of 12-18" and Fort Wayne 18-24". Is this accurate ?
  5. Lots of sunshine here today is already melting the snow despite it being 14 degrees.
  6. You didn't list Fayetteville, AR but they were at -20 this morning. Also, Jim Cantore said DFW was -2, not -1.
  7. Is anyone here other than in Chicago getting snow ?
  8. Did the majority of models correctly predict this dryslot ?
  9. Still another storm in a couple days so if you miss out on this one maybe the next one.
  10. I wonder why TWC chose to go to Cincinnati instead of some other cities ? Not sure Cincinnati will be the jackpot.
  11. Very close to 4". Nearly 1" in the last 30 min.
  12. I just measured 3". Over 1/2" in the last 30 min.