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  1. In my experience South Carolinians are nicer than North Carolians in general.
  2. Im new to NC. Is Fayetteville generally considered to be one of the less desirable places to live in NC?
  3. How much snow do you still have on the ground ?
  4. For the sake of that guy who drove 800 miles from Tuscaloosa to Elizabeth City, I hope they got clobbered.
  5. Overall this was just your run of the mill NC snow that you see pretty much every winter. Nothing notable or memorable about this storm. However, I will increase the grade for this winter from an F to a D-.
  6. Raleigh NWS says due to a fresh snowcover they have cut back temps for tonight several degrees. But with a strong late Feb sun will there even be any snow left by the end of today? Ive noticed in the past that a late winter sun can do a lot of melting even with cold temps.
  7. Probably won't be many areas with an inch left on the ground by daylight tomorrow with the melting going on before the colder air arrives later tonight.
  8. I cant believe there are actually some school closings in SC. I wasnt aware that any part of SC got that much snow.
  9. 1-3" sounds more accurate for the Triangle. Actually 1-2" with a few isolated 3".
  10. Hard to believe this is a fairly minor (1-3") event considering how excited everyone is, but i guess thats because how crappy this winter has been.
  11. Raleigh NWS lowering snowfall totals. They still expect about an inch. Who was it on here that said Raleigh would get 3-5" ?
  12. It's too bad temps are not colder for this event. I wonder if Raleigh will even get to 32 while snow is falling. Looks like a sloppy 33-34 slush event.