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  1. Thundering a bit here but absolutely no sign of rain on the radar yet. Looks like a potentially wet 40 and north especially over the next 24 hours.
  2. Thin clouds giving a hazy look to the moon, but it appears that its beginning to get shadowed on the bottom side.
  3. Ended up with a solid 45-60 minutes of moderate to heavy rain from that storm. It was a real soaker.
  4. Getting a good popup thunderstorm right now.
  5. Saw a lot of lightning this evening but the storms have rotated from SE Kentucky into Scott County. One pulsed for about 5 minutes just NE of me but it died quickly.
  6. Crazy how you flipped from epic wet to that dry.
  7. Another round of drenching rain underway now, but 0 thunder in this one. Looks like the dynamics for t-storms are out of here now. Hopefully things clear out some tomorrow.
  8. It's been the main story here. This is actually probably underdone on the 24 hour rainfall here.
  9. Had an epic rainer with pea sized hail and probably 40mph winds around 4:30. Caused quite a few extra flooding issues. Well over 4 inches in the last 18 hours now.
  10. Had a pretty strong storm roll by a bit ago and it's thundering quite frequently now with a major downpour. That heavy rain has been the main story here. Between last night and today, I've gotten 3.4 inches and it's adding on fast.
  11. First tornado warning for Bell Co Kentucky. Radar indicated. That area has been prone to tornadoes in the past.
  12. .74 from that storm. Watered me tomatoes about 2 hours before it hit. One of the better ways to bring rain, since I actually carry creek water in a 5 gallon bucket to water them.
  13. Pounding down out there right now, frequent thunder and lightning too.
  14. Managed some t-storms and rain here around midnight to 2am last night. Looks like there could be some heavy stuff Friday. This is the first time in 3 or 4 years we've not had at least one historic flooding event by this point in the year. So while it's not truly dry here, it seems like it compared to the last several years.
  15. Heavy frost this morning, 31 degrees. I hope this is the last one of the season. Looks like nothing lower than low 40s until May 3rd.
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