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  1. At this point we should be about to enter a new 30 year climate normal. It's been so warm for so many winters in there that it will be harder to be much above average soon! That's probably not that good a point for the snow lovers across the valley. Fortunately we may be able to cash in at some point even without extended cold. Almost all of our snow comes down to timing anyway.
  2. Didn't get as much rain as areas around 40, but still got an inch and a half and it's been cold and drizzly all day today, currently at 59 degrees with heavy mist. Should help keep the fire possibilities down as leaves from sycamore, apple and walnut/butternut trees have started falling here.
  3. Gruden is a good coach and I think he might surprise some people in the AFC West this year. Jacobs is talented, Waller is amazing and Carr looks like he did a few years ago when he was playing well. Dallas did it all Sunday, three 1st quarter turnovers that led to 20 points. Blown tackles, missed coverages. The defense was atrocious. Hopefully it's just a blip, the defense played well vs the Rams in week one. There were a ton of injuries. My poor fantasy team has IR and D/Q all over it today. At least I don't have Barkley but I do have multiple 49ers, even though I hate them worse than any team in the league. I have the KC running back, so hopefully he is more in his week one form the rest of the way instead of his week two form.
  4. I went from depression to elation as a Cowboys fan this weekend. The Falcons have taken some tough beats the last few years.
  5. Banter, gibberish and hail Mary clown maps, all welcome here.
  6. Really crisp this morning. 43 degrees, got down to 65 in my house. Nearly turned on the heat.
  7. Odds of seeing it in winter .008 percent but it sure would be beautiful. Gonna be tough to beat the weather this weekend. 60s and 40s, should really help the leaves here.
  8. Dripping fall out there. 64 for the high yesterday and 65 so far today.
  9. Last time we had such an active tropical season in 2005, we were basically normal for October and November, slightly BN for December, January was an unrepentant blow-torch that finished +7. February was 3 degrees BN and I had 7 inches of snow during the month. January will probably match this year with how our luck has gone. Not sure if the others will or not. That September was much drier and much hotter than this one has been so far. It didn't rain at all until September 15th. It was 4 degrees AN with 7 days in the 90s. We haven't been above 87 this month here and it's rained some. September 2005 didn't see a day in the 40s until the last day of the month. We should get there this weekend.
  10. Looks like we may dodge the hurricane rains for the most part. I know MRX was initially showing 2 to 3 inches across the area. I'm actually running BN for the month with only 1.3 inches. Creeks and streams are still over full but it feels almost strange to be getting so many dry days, even though it did rain this weekend. MRX also has my highs in the upper 60s late this week. That will feel awesome Friday night after last Friday's humidityfest at Seymour.
  11. It was miserable in Seymour yesterday evening at the football game. I hope that was the last blistering Friday night of the season.
  12. That would be great news if the H would form there and orient itself right. The Pacific really can drive the bus here in otherwise unfavorable NAO/AO conditions. I would really love to see the stars align and see us get a favorable period with the Pacific and the Atlantic. It surely will happen again at some point before the earth stops spinning.
  13. John1122


    Hey Jax, praying for you and your family. Appreciate reading your stuff here. Your ENSO, severe and East Asian stuff bring a lot to the board that I honestly never knew before. Hope all goes well for you guys over the next few weeks and months.
  14. Feels awesome this evening. Walked 3 miles between 6 and 7 pm and didn't even break a sweat out there. Temp has already fallen off to 65 degrees. May make a run at lower 50s by morning.
  15. Day 3, more rain. .52 so far today. .77 for September.