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  1. 49.6 this morning. Currently 68 degrees. Yesterday as rain showers whipped through, it was actually windy and felt chilly, temperatures fell into the mid 60s as the the rain moved through.
  2. 52 this morning. Currently up to 73. Feels like early October.
  3. I've got a raft of leaves already down from the huge sycamore by my driveway. The black gum tree alongside it also has several branches that have turned fully red.
  4. Had a heavy rainer this morning already. Looks like summer is basically over. I'm sure we'll get a few Indian Summer days, but my current 10 day forecast doesn't have a high above 76. The accuweather long lead, which I think is ran off the weekly models, so not terribly accurate, doesn't have a high in the 80s through the rest of the month or all of October. As a matter of fact, it has frost by the first week of October.
  5. Had a little over an inch of rain this evening during the severe warned storm. Thundered forever before it finally got here.
  6. I'd like to see it have a warm bias but I think it more has some odd extreme bias. Last winter it was way too cold when the big cold shot happened for Christmas. Seems like it was showing -10 to -20 around the area several days out.
  7. The GFS is probably overdoing it in the opposite from normal direction, but the 00z run is throwing out some lower 60s for afternoon highs imby next Wednesday. Could even see some upper 40s in spots for lows several days in a row. The canadian has most of the forum region between 47-52 by Friday morning the 15th.
  8. All summer long here. Very much so vs modeling.
  9. Been low to mid 80s here over the weekend. Another heatwave that didn't materialize imby. It's currently sunny and 80.
  10. It's approaching 3pm on a sunny August 31st and my AC unit hasn't kicked on today. That's hard to beat. It was 57 this morning and it's 74.8 right now.
  11. It wasn't out to the finish when I had posted that. I think it was at 222 or so. Either way, I'd feel comfortable betting my house that we aren't seeing 110+ in the forum area.
  12. The GFS has backed down some on it's extreme heat, not surprisingly. It's still well AN though. The Euro also has some pretty good warmth. The Canadian is more content to throw out upper 80s/around 90ish temperatures vs the mid to upper 90s the other two are tossing out. At least the 103-106 degree stuff disappeared.
  13. 75 for the high today. Looks like we will close out August in the 70s imby. I was 79 Sunday, 73 Monday. Rare to see a Sunday-Thursday to close August with highs in the 70s.
  14. I meant 8am in that post. It rained some overnight here. We had around 2 inches since yesterday morning here. It's crazy that your area is in a micro drought almost. I've noticed it's just about a county in size on the drought monitor.
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