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  1. The thunder is crazy this morning. It lasts 15 or 20 seconds per lightning strike. Not sure I've every heard such long lasting rumbles.
  2. Thank you! I'm going to assume it didn't quite cross over into Campbell, but that's as close as it could get without doing so. The debris ball stayed in the air well into Campbell. Looks like we still stand at 1 tornado in the last 70 years.
  3. 25 this morning. It was subfreezing from 10pm til after 9am. It's why I never start gardening until May here. I wish I could talk my fruit trees into not blooming.
  4. About every hour a big dark cloud pops up and it snows for about 10 minutes.
  5. Still having flurries out there. Upper levels must be very cold. 38 degrees.
  6. Flakes in the air this morning.
  7. I'll be curious to see if they find anything in Campbell. Generally, as the graphic shows we are the least Tornado prone County in the whole state. The possible Tornado today was just right along the border of Campbell and Scott. The 1 confirmed Tornado in that 70 year period here also barely clipped Campbell County but on the far eastern border. I've always assumed Cross Mtn plays a big role in disrupting storms that are possibly tornadoic here since 99 percent of them seem to move SW to NE and it shoots up to nearly 4000 feet in the SW section of Campbell. The one Tornado that had hit here came from the NW to the SE on the Claiborne line.
  8. Straight Creek on the Scott/Campbell border.
  9. From 141/Royal Blue exit looking West during storm.
  10. I'm going to do some container gardening this year and plant more corn and sunflowers in my plowed areas. I'll probably get things in around May 10th. I never try before then. To many first week of May freezes hit my area.
  11. Some lines down. A barn destroyed in the area. But so far no reports of injury.
  12. Local hail.
  13. Had some quarter to slightly larger hail. No Tornado thankfully. The debris ball passed a but NW of me.
  14. Hook is going to pass very close to me very soon. Frequent thunder.
  15. Starting to get a lot of thunder here.