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  1. Only made 33 this morning, didn't go quite as low as I expected. If the models are right, and we know how big that if is, we may all blow through freezing in about 7-10 days.
  2. 37 currently, but at 100 percent humidity. Should have a heavy frost again by morning. Expecting 30-32 by morning.
  3. Ended up at 34 this morning. I expect I may dip below freezing tonight.
  4. Another crisp morning, 37 degrees currently, probably have another degree or two down we can squeeze out.
  5. It snowed here several times in October 1995, one about 3/4ths of an inch. Didn't slow winter of 1995-96. Also had 3 inches Halloween 1993, January 1994 was brutal.
  6. Stinks for the southern Valley areas that they missed this round. Hopefully the next round comes along and does better. Per MRX most areas along and north of 40 received .80-1.3 inches of rain. I ended up with .83 which with the cool day, has actually stuck around a little bit.
  7. I'm not 100 percent sure for NE Arkansas, because it was less a correlation for Memphis than the rest of the great valley, but looking into it last year BN Novembers produced memorable cold/snow/ice outbreaks in about 7 of 10 winters. Unfortunately last year didn't work out so well for most of us, falling into the 3 in 10 that don't work out so well. I know for my area a cold November is something I'd rather have on my side than not. Warm Novembers fell flat about 7 in 10 times during winter. With both those said, it seems like analogs are less useful these days in the new climate normals we are seeing these days.
  8. Had a fairly heavy shower, .14 fell in about 30 minutes. Hopefully the heavy rain out west can stay in one piece as it moves this way. Would love to pick up a nice 1/2 inch or so from this.
  9. It's wild how much warmer you've been than my area when we normally have similar temperatures.
  10. The EPO has been predominantly negative since June, if we can keep that up, it could make winter interesting. It drove winter for several seasons in a row when all the other teleconnections looked bad.
  11. It's odd that the graphics suggest warmer than average temps here during the -PDO but during the -PDO of the mid 1940s to the late 1970s we saw our coldest and most snowy winters. In te core of that -PDO that started in 1947, from 1955-1970, for instance was far far cooler on average in winter than the 1985-2000 period in the + PDO that flipped in the late 1970s. ;Looking at the graphic below, you can almost match it up that when it's in the warm or +PDO phase, it's warmer than normal here, when it's in the cool or -PDO phase, it's cooler than normal here.
  12. I'm not sure if it makes much difference at all, but the snow cover in the NH is much more expansive right now than last year at this time in our source regions. Last year NE Canada had more snow than this year. Russia, Siberia, Alaska, Western Canada and the upper Midwest are far more snow covered at this time vs last year on this same day.
  13. Another frosty morning, 35 this time. Leaves are hitting the gas and turning quickly.
  14. I'll be in Florida that week or I would have.
  15. See they finally fixed the reply field. Made it down to 32 this morning. Heavy frost out there.