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  1. Clouded up today and we only made 85 again. The Northeast can keep the heat and I'll keep hoping for some Sunday evening or night rain, and hope the second shot delivers too.
  2. Hopefully we get a few showers soon. I was just missed on both sides a few days ago. The heatwave itself isn't too bad here. I've not hit 90 yet. It only got up to 85 yesterday and it 85 right now. It is humid though but not the low 70s dps I had a few days ago.
  3. Surprised the terrain isn't generating thunderstorms here so far today. The Eastern mountains, the Highland Rim and Southern Plateau seem to be. Especially since the dp is 72. That's usually an almost automatic thunderstorm here.
  4. After an open windows night last night, with a low of 52, the house cooled way down into the mid 60s. So got by again today with no ac. The humidity got up a little today and the high was 78.
  5. Also, the GFS is all over the place on temps, mainly due to rain. But the western 2/3rds of the forum area have a lot or BN periods depicted over the next two weeks. The cpc extended maps are deep reds. The GFS has lots of blues and even purples and pinks over the South and Southeast.
  6. We may pay the piper soon, but today is another June day where my A/C didn't need to run. That's three in a row.
  7. The rain today is once again free of thunder in my area but it absolutely poured down those huge drops, caused minor street flooding. Looks like we get hot late week and next weekend. Was hoping we'd make it through June without feeling it.
  8. Had an epic downpour this morning. Another moderate shower this afternoon. Still an 80 percent chance tonight. Zero thunder with these showers the last few days. Yesterday we had a big gust front with strong winds but no thunder. I'm on the too rainy side of things and my tomato plants are feeling the stress of it.
  9. Heavy rain again this evening. First four days of June have featured rain and cooler than normal temps. It was sticky out there today but sticky and 78 is a lot better than sticky and 93.
  10. Wasn't expecting rain today but have a legit downpour working through over the last 10 minutes. No thunder though.
  11. The boring season continues here but the first two weeks of Met summer look favorable as far as us not roasting goes. The 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlook favors BN temps and near to bn precip. The first two days of met summer have produced low 70s yesterday and only mid-60s at 1pm here with rainfall both days. The countdown is on until the first true cold front of fall.
  12. 68 degrees at 4:30 on June 1st, I'll always take that. Any warm season days where my AC stays off, I appreciate.
  13. It was 49 degrees here this morning. The last few Nina's were wet as all get out here, overall.
  14. It's been a wet 30 days for most of us and this may be underestimating totals for some areas. The station closest to me is around 11 inches for May with some missing data for one day that it rained.
  15. There's damage reports from around LaFollette. I saw a photo of large highway signs blown off and in the road.
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