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  1. If I remember correctly the only thing they had in common was the last massive severe thunderstorm that produced a major flash flood in the LaFollette area also happened that summer of 1993. It wasn't as wide spread as the big storm earlier this summer, but a smaller area got over 2 inches of rain in about 20 minutes in early July one evening. It put several city blocks under 3 or 4 feet of water. The big storm earlier this year was over a bigger area and had 6-8 inches of rain over a couple hours. It was notable in my mind for wind because it blew down a lot of trees here. Like 20-30 large oak trees. I got rain but not as heavy as LaFollette. It was just an extremely hot afternoon where a big storm popped up and got violent for that 20-30 minutes. It's the strongest wind event I've seen to this day. I'm certain it's just a coincidence though that two big pop up flooding storms happened that year and this one. The warm season weather pattern that year and this one are not at all similar here. That winter of 1993 was warm though. Until late February, we had 4 inches of snow the last few days of Feb 1993, then of course the blizzard two weeks later.
  2. Sumner of 1993 was very dry and very hot. July 1993 was over 90 all but 2 days of the month in Knoxville, with multiple days between 96-100, and those two days below 90 it was 89. Only rained about 2 inches in both June and July.
  3. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Didn't end up nearly as hot today as predicted because it stormed around 11am. Had another round of very heavy rain this evening just before sunset. At 3.31 for August now. Which seems almost dry compared to most months this year.
  4. John1122

    Tn Valley Severe Weather 2018-19

    Noticed some big cells in Middle Valley areas. Heavy rain here right now but just a rumble or two of thunder every 4 or 5 minutes so far. Looks like Nashville is getting some flooding too. Looks like cells in Eastern Arkansas might reach West Tennessee. At least the heat may break there. The H.I in Memphis is 111 and 112 in Jackson with an 80 degree dp.
  5. Figures the radar would be out and a severe threat would pop up. Also take it easy in West Tennessee, saw that the HI could close in on 120 in the Western Valley.
  6. I'm amazingly dry this month compared to the last few at only slightly above normal for the month to date so far. Take a look at this warm season -NAO stretch. Probably the longest negative summer stretch since 2012-2013.
  7. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Had a few heavier showers this morning. Turned out to be a pretty nice but humid day today.
  8. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    .91 yesterday, 2.31 through 4 days in August, looks dry for today with more rain returning soon.
  9. We are in some form of tropical monsoon pattern and it's seemingly never going to end. I would welcome lower humidity but it seems like early fall has been hard to come by lately.
  10. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Looks like the mid-state is getting some heavy rain out there too. Lots of thunder with mine earlier, which I always enjoy hearing, but the thunder moved out and now it's just moderate rain falling.
  11. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    76.45 which was last year. It's currently pouring down right now as a complex of storms has fired on the NE Plateau.
  12. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Had some windy storms this evening. Broke a power pole and knocked power out all over the mountain here. Picked up .74 inches of rain today and this evening. 1.38 after 2 days in August. If we can get any cold this winter and this precip pipeline continues maybe we can land some decent snows across the Valley region at some point this winter.
  13. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    The daily thunderstorm has fired up, we will see how much rain it drops.
  14. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Ended July at 14.96 inches of rain for the month. It stormed a few minutes ago and earlier yesterday too, so at .64 already for August. Over 63 inches on the year imby.
  15. John1122

    TN valley heavy rain/flooding week of whenever

    Had another .55 so far today and a wall of heavy rain is about to move into the area. Flooding is breaking out in Scott and Morgan County and likely will here over the next few hours if that holds together.