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  1. One last shot at glory??
  2. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Good grief. Last year it snowed on April 16th here, this year it's going later. Rain and snow showers likely, becoming all rain after 9am. Cloudy, with a high near 50. Chance of precipitation is 60%.
  3. John1122

    April 13-14 Severe Weather Outbreak

    There were 0 severe storms here but the long duration strong wind event bent a huge metal pole that held signage for a restaurant near I-75, broke a power pole, and blew the roof off two of my outbuildings along with countless trees down. I'd say we had some 70+mph gusts.
  4. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    They got rid of Bob Yarborough too. I guess they are cost cutting with veterans. Glad Rick Barnes came back, surprised to see him pull the seeking job to get a raise card. I guess maybe he's not as financially stable as you'd expect a 64 year old that makes millions every year to be. He's now paid more than Tom Izzo, Roy Williams and some other NC level coaches. He better raise the bar in his post seasons, though he's not very likely to manage that at this age. Still, the big pay bump shows the next coach after he retires that we are serious about the basketball program.
  5. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Rick Barnes just doesn't get it done in the post season. That's a big part of why Texas moved on. At this point I hope he stabilizes the program for a few more years, then retires with good players in place and the job is attractive to a good coach. We've not had a smooth coaching transition without some kind of drama, ever. Ray Mears suddenly retired before anyone thought he would. Don DeVoe was fired. Wade Houston was fired with talent at an all time low. Kevin O'Neil fought with the AD the whole time he was here before suddenly quitting and taking another job. Jerry Green was fired after collapsing his final season. Buzz Peterson was fired for incompetence. Bruce was fired because of the NCAA deal. Cuonzo tanked it for 2.9 years, had a hot tourney and then quit. Turns out 3 years is his max everywhere. Tyndall was a disaster before he flamed out. It'd be nice to have a coach stay here, and then retire normally.
  6. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Had a brief snow shower around 6 this morning. Chilly but beautiful afternoon.
  7. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Same thing happened here around 6:30 this evening. Just rained ice for a bit.
  8. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Someday this will happen again. I honestly feel like a lot of these totals are underdone. Most all of CC was over 18 inches in the storm. Above 2500 was 36+ here. I believe Oak Ridge was at 18 too, much more than this map seems to imply.
  9. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Blindingly heavy rain and frequent lightning earlier as I drove home from Oak Ridge. Lots of urban flooding around Clinton.
  10. John1122

    TN valley heavy rain/flooding week of whenever

    Right at an inch of rain so far today. Probably another inch to 1.5 over the next day or so.
  11. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Norris is around 840 feet at the bottom of the dam and is 1080 across the top. Looks like they are using the bottom as the elevation on it at least. I just recognize it because of the two Rivers and I know once it becomes the clinch again below the dam it works it's way towards Oak Ridge and deep west Knox where it shows it going in.
  12. John1122

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Norris is the red line with the fork just to the left of Knoxville, that's the Powell and Clinch meeting at the fork. The other red line that you are showing as Fontana is very likely the New River/Emory/Obed that originates in Western Campbell and Scott and works south through canyons on the Plateau. I think it makes Watts Bar.
  13. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Transitioned to heavy sleet now with some nickel sized snow flakes mixed. 35 degrees.
  14. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Steady snow w some sleet falling here. Not likely to amount to much, but even seeing it fall is a rare treat.
  15. John1122

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Ended up with a dusting of snow this morning. Sad that this year is so poor it's one of the notable snow events of the year.