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  1. That's definitely about as good as it could possibly get as a potential scenario forum wide.
  2. There's a few surface similarities to 1989. '89 had some warmth early. 89 had waves of cold with brief warm ups inbetween. 89 had a very deep south unusual snow event and 89 was very dry here. .75 or so for the month if I remember correctly.
  3. Picked up around 1/2 inch so far, the road got dicey on 75 at MM 144-150 as did 25w between Jellico and LaFollette in places where they cross above 2500ft or so.
  4. Managed a heavy dusting and some pretty stout snow showers.
  5. Getting moderate snow now. Really picked up after dark.
  6. Finally getting some nickel sized flakes with this next round of moisture. Not much but better than nothing. I was afraid I was going to essentially waste the cold weather and not even see a flake fall from the sky.
  7. Virga here as well. Oh well, maybe next week will bring a few actual flakes.
  8. The radar echoes are right on my door step, we will see if they produce much of anything. I'll take a flurry.
  9. Not a single flake here, now waiting on the clipper to see if it can wring out a snow shower or two. Of course it's clipping faster than predicted and will arrive at peak afternoon heating.
  10. I'm going next weekend most likely, if not then, I'm going for New Years.
  11. Unfortunately the current system is missing 90 percent of the forum and the clipper train now looks to be driving from Minnesota into New York. A surprise might gin up between now and then but I figure with the dry pattern it might be a good while before most of us have a good shot at anything. The GFS is hinting at a pattern change to warmth for a week or so and a big cutter that should at least break the dry part up for us. Still too far out to tell for sure though.
  12. Got a pic from ETSU, looked like about 1.5 to 2 inches on the ground there. I think there might be 2-3 more inches east of 81 down to East of Noog.
  13. There will be a few more pulses per the HRRR, this was bonus snow for many that got it, most modeling had it moving in over night as the low moves north. The current run of the HRRR has snow over my area, hopefully it happens, I'd settle for flakes in the air.
  14. MRX is so often a day late and dollar short on their warning/advisory products. They didn't take this nearly seriously enough outside of their normal stance of saying snow will be limited to the mountains.
  15. Still thinking 1-2 inches east of Knox/I-81 with increasing totals east and up in elevation may very well be possible.