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  1. CAD is virtually nonexistent in the Eastern Tennessee Valley. There may very occasionally be a small amount of cold backing up against the Plateau and not scouring out that can lead to precip staying frozen. The entire Tennessee valley is very prone to the warm nose of systems. Especially the further south/west you go. On the east side of the state it really powers up the valley into Knoxville between the Plateau and Mountains. Historically Knoxville got plenty of pure snow events but these days it's rare that some kind of mix/warm nose isn't involved. The guys who live there could tell you more but they've probably not had 10 pure snow events with no warm nose, of more than 3 inches in the last 10-15 years in all but the far north/northeast ridges area of Knox county. I worked there 5 days a week from the late 90s to 2005 or so and I don't remember seeing snow on the ground in West Knoxville in those 7 years. Granted, those were probably some of the worst winters in East Tennessee history for that area. If you're willing to move maybe 40 miles from Knoxville to the West, East or North you'll basically double or triple your average snowfall because you can find places to live above 1500 feet in elevation, which that extra 400-500 feet makes a big difference in many events. If you can get above 2000 feet you'd see 4-5 times the snowfall of Knoxville in an average year that only would increase every extra 1000 feet up you go.
  2. It was just cold and windy today. I went to a soccer event and it was low 40s with a stiff northeast wind around 5 pm. Felt like January after it had been sunny and 60s the last few days.
  3. Had plenty of thunder here, lets see if the snow follows as it normally does in winter.
  4. Made it down to 29 this morning, but am at 66 right now. After it seemingly being 50 or colder virtually all winter it feels pretty good. I'd always take 20s for the high over it though.
  5. The blitzing rain and overnight warm up are likely ending the last of my snow cover. I suspect there may be a few more snow showers between now and April but think winter in any meaningful way is likely over.
  6. It's wild to me that Holston has had such rough luck this winter. If you go 10-15 miles or so NE to 1300 feet on the other side of Cross Mtn there's been 20 inches of snow. I've had a 3+ inch snow event in November, December, January and February, plus ice and the Alaska level freezing fog for days on end, All with only one day of temps below 10f. Here on the Plateau systems that work for the East work for here and systems that work for the mid valley also tend to work for here to some extent. I'll always prefer a big high over the top in eastern Iowa and Northeastern Ohio and a slider/miller A but my next favorite is anafrontal Arctic events like the one for Christmas. Those are the kind that leads to 24-36 hours of snow in the air and super cold behind the system.
  7. Great Euro run. It's been further north/slower which is its bias. The GFS is further east/faster, also its bias. The Euro ticked south and colder. There's also some heavy sleet on the Euro too.
  8. Granted, it's the GFS at range but the column is great on it for the event on that 18z run. No sign of a warm nose anywhere. Just sub-freezing all the way down to just above the surface and 33 at the surface with plaster dumping.
  9. 18z GFS just honked loud that run. Definitely a window to keep an eye on next week.
  10. Getting light snow again this evening. There's a ton of moisture content in the snow out there. It will be skatable tomorrow morning with the low near 20.
  11. 25 inches on the season. Very reminiscent of 2010-11 here. It was never blistering cold but it was rarely warm. Had we gotten the cold western areas got IMBY this would have went from a very very good winter to an epic winter. As it is there's been some snow or ice around for weeks here.
  12. Much to my surprise back to about 50 percent big snow flakes. Think it's rate driven.
  13. Up to 31 with wet chunks of ice and melted flakes falling.