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  1. Interesting that the SPC includes East TN in the 15% probability of severe weather, while MRX doesn’t seem to be concerned about seeing severe storms on Wednesday in their latest disco.
  2. I’m probably going to have to put it on hold until next season. I got enough snow today to make me happy.
  3. I don’t have a measuring stick, but it looks like I got about 2 inches in South Knoxville. Thankfully, I don’t have to join the panic room.
  4. Nickel to quarter size flakes in South Knoxville.
  5. Mempho, is there any vacancy left? I might be moving in if Knoxville sees 0 inches of snow while just about everywhere else North, South, West, and East of the city does this weekend.
  6. 1. Congrats to the SE valley folks. 2. C’mon snow. Move up north enough for Knoxville to get in on the action. I don’t want to have to join the panic room, lol.
  7. From the MRX disco on Sunday night's event: A brief break from rain chances on Sunday ahead of our next fast moving system, a shortwave moving out of the southern plains Sunday night into Monday. Model soundings are showing profiles conducive to snow, especially north of I-40 and along the Cumberland Plateau. This means that we could see a quick shot of snow as the system moves through. Models continue paint this system as being relatively moisture starved and fast moving, so accumulations look to be pretty limited at this time, remaining below Advisory Criteria. Biggest concern with this system will be the timing of the snow with light snow possibly beginning to accumulate ahead of the Monday morning commute, so while a low end event looks likely as of now, it may cause degraded driving conditions.
  8. I'm actually seeing some flakes in South Knoxville.
  9. Tornado Warning in Rhea, Meigs, and Roane counties until 4:45 PM EST.
  10. Me trying to read the winter discussion thread:
  11. I need to stop thinking that when the SPC mentions the TN Valley in their severe weather outlooks that they're talking about East TN. When I saw Jax's post in the severe weather thread about the upcoming severe weather potential, I thought that the TN Valley wording in the SPC included East TN.
  12. In MRX's latest discussion, the short version is that they will not be issuing any winter weather advisories due to their thinking that the road surfaces will be too warm and the snow won't be heavy enough to stick around on the roads. Their current thinking is 1-1.5 inches in the plateau, 1-3 in the higher elevations in the smokies and Northeast TN/SW Virginia, and maybe a dusting in the valley, all on grassy surfaces.