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  1. T:34 DP:27 Can't wait to get into the action in a few hours.
  2. It really is impressive!
  3. T:37 DP:29 up in SWVA. Cooling quickly and partly cloudy.
  4. Since 1 the snow has been falling up this way. Closing in on 3 inches thus far! At this rate it will be the biggest winter event so far for the season.
  5. Little over an inch and winding down. 36 and Mix. Very slippery haha.
  6. About 2/3 of an inch on the ground now with visibility down to a quarter mile. Fun surprise!
  7. Flurries up this way this morning interestingly. So far a trace has accumulated on the frozen ground.
  8. Roads are white, grass is getting blanketed with Nickels and Dimes falling. Nearing an inch on the ground with plenty more to go! Currently 32F.
  9. It has taken a while but flurries are finally reaching the ground here. The air column was relatively dry here.
  10. I took that measurement in NE Russell at 8:15 on Christmas Eve. A final total would more accurately be 4.2" haha.
  11. Final Snowfall Total for the synoptic snow and Christmas Eve as a whole is roughly 3.8". It's been a fun lead up and I'm glad I was able to participate and contribute to this storms forecast and obs threads. If significant NW flow snow happens I'll be sure to give yall an update. Until then Merry Christmas and Goodnight!
  12. End of the synoptic snow for here. Looks like some healthy NW Flow cooking in east KY headin this way. The Cumberland Mountains especially on the KY/VA line are notorious for wringing them dry by the time they reach the valley though. Fingers crossed for SWVA and TRI posters and lurkers. With a modified arctic air mass maybe we cash in.