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  1. BlunderStorm

    Tropical Storm Jerry

    What would RI if it occurred mean for the track of Jerry?
  2. BlunderStorm

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Stuck in the haze of summer I have fell silent on the forum. Just checking in to say "Hi I'm still here and lurking" haha. While for the most part it's been pretty dull weather wise up this way I've observed a handful of borderline severe storms. I may at some point later today send a couple of pictures I took of wall clouds.
  3. BlunderStorm

    Spring/Summer 2019 medium to long range discussion.

    If I got such as a flurry of what was depicted I'd have a smile. No other globals I've seen support it but what're you gonna do. The global ensemble system does throw some of us in the far northeast a bone but it's mainly focused to the blue ridge and east. Other than the obvious issues of this taking place in broad daylight during April of all months it seems the storm will more than likely stray too far east to significantly affect us. Let's cross our fingers and hope for more support from model guidance.
  4. BlunderStorm

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Bump. Of note I have a few more flurries to report so that's something I suppose and yesterday I started up the old push mower which had lied dormant since November. "Oh spring how I welcome and dread you so..."
  5. BlunderStorm

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Ok, that is just too cool! Also currently 31 and a few flurries fell so it counts as an observation.
  6. BlunderStorm

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Well, as little as it is I am glad to have awoken to a solid dusting this morning. I just hope I can report over a foot of snow as the bare minimum for my location this season before all is said and done. A little less than an inch to go!
  7. BlunderStorm

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Per, Carver's request and seeing that today is the first day of meteorological Spring I figured we might as well get a thread going. Here's to hoping for warm and sunny days ahead!
  8. BlunderStorm

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    ELO's Concerto for a rainy day really fits the current mood...
  9. BlunderStorm

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    I just want a feb 2015 redux....sigh.
  10. BlunderStorm

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    Starting the deluge with a bit of a mix at 35 degrees. A trace it is!
  11. BlunderStorm

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    I just recently heard some thunder so that's a first for the year. As for the snow yesterday I guess I'll pin it at 0.2 from a close friends guesstimate looking at his backyard...
  12. BlunderStorm

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    Frustratingly I awake to a grey sky. On the ground I see a little melting snow on the ground. I've almost entirely missed it. Radar indicates it did in fact snow for a time but I have no way of knowing how much.
  13. BlunderStorm

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    Now it's 37 with no precip falling. 5 to go maybe 1 or 2 degrees til mixing.
  14. BlunderStorm

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    I'm the most tickled with it laying 3"+ at Virginia Beach.