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  1. The snow showers are making it into the valley from the plateau up this way. Making for a pretty morning all considered. Yesterday while in Abingdon I experienced a first. In the late afternoon some dime size hail was followed by some bursting snow say 20 minutes later. Temps were in the upper 40s and dropped to the mid 40s. My only guess is a strong downdraft associated with the storm allowed the flakes to reach ground altitude as much of a stretch as it was. Really ties in with the crazy wind we've been getting.
  2. With the exception of Clintwood I would argue all of swva is off broadly speaking. Especially for the 2nd depiction. The storm reports are a testament to that much. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/reports/?&all&date=20220312
  3. Got a low of approximately 6.8 here. Second coldest night of the year unless december has something to say about it.
  4. Weighing in at an average of 6 inches in the yard maybe 6.5 on the tile I measure on. Wow! And still more to go!
  5. It's a rare but welcome sight for a weather weenies tired eyes. At last in the dead of night, it has arrived. You had about written the season off but a week or two prior. You looked under a skeptical lense as a potential storm presented itself mere days prior. Surely the models had one too many... Now at last you look out your window to what appears a winter wonderland in the 11th hour. You then look to the radar only to see a solid ocean of deep blue and can't help but grin. "Finally!"
  6. Getting into the meat and potatoes of the winter storm now. With 2" on the ground the fat flakes have been replaced with a steady stream of fine flakes like those stovepipe mentioned earlier. The main road has cleared though I don't suspect it will remain that way with some of the heavier bands coming up the valley. Currently on track for the biggest snowfall of the season barring a dry slot.
  7. Getting huge puddles of silver dollar sized crystalline water.
  8. Now 35 and mixing. No sleet in the mix from what I can see. Clean transition. Here we go.
  9. The rain is now falling in the far east and the temps are about to collapse. Winds getting into the teens and currently 43.
  10. Definitely a step up for far eastern and western TN. Plateau loses some but is still smacked. Not bad at all.
  11. Bit of a late response but... Well let's see how 0z holds up. I'm hoping the 3km fills the ETN "snowhole" but really even that much would be a nice close to the season. Dear God...mp4
  12. Relative elevation as well as the orientation of the mountains also plays a major role. While I may be roughly 350' higher and at the 37th parallel, living in a river valley puts my annual snowfall totals beneath yours consistently.
  13. I know I was forecast for more than a dusting up this way but I was too cynical and underestimated it. After the initial virga and marginal temps things have really materialized in the past 2 hours with an inch of snow already accumulating and the median of the road whitening. Radar in general has improved leaps and bounds from 6 hours ago for the backend of this system.
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