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  1. 2017-2018 Winter Observations

    It reached 78 yesterday certainly a record breaker!
  2. 2017-2018 Winter Observations

    I'm not sure how accurate my weather station is but it has recorded 3.31 inches of rainfall this weekend. I live just north of the Clinch but haven't crossed it since last night so I haven't got a look for myself. More than anything I'm worried about mudslides especially north and west of here. The topography is a nightmare when it floods out that way.
  3. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    How are things going down in TRI?
  4. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    Here it is! This event was quite an over performer for me. To those who weren't as lucky hopefully the next opportunity turns things around.
  5. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    I'm giddy to report 3.5 inches so far. I will post a pic or two once my camera charges.
  6. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    MRX showed Honaker accumulating just over 3 inches and thus far it seems on pace to reach the forecasted amount. No dice for Mid-Tenn but maybe the ETN/SWVA snow deficit can be made up for. Maybe I can rake in some bonus fairy dust as the storm departs.
  7. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    Welcome! The snow has now become the dominant precip type over the last 15 minutes. Nothing is sticking yet.
  8. Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    36 here too but as a light/moderate mix.
  9. 2017-2018 Winter Observations

    41F with rain, I hope the transition is quick.
  10. 2017-2018 Winter Observations

    A steady light to moderate snowfall has been falling for an hour so far. A dusting is covering the grass.
  11. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Obs

    Apologies, for not noticing this topic. As I had mentioned in the other one things have finally started to get underway. I'm glad I can rest assured the temperatures will drop.
  12. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    A nowcast/observations topic would have been preferable but it's too late for that I guess.
  13. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    It's finally starting here! The temperature is 37 with a mix of drizzle and flurries.
  14. January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    I certainly will as well. My season has been characterized by so many minor events even an inch feels like a great milestone. I think other's on the board especially in the NW quadrant share this with me.
  15. January 12th-13th Winter Storm Obs/Pics.

    With most of the snowfall accounted for I raked up roughly 1.4 inches an inch more than I was honestly expecting. The whole day was characterized by light snow showers. Currently.... 14F, Mostly cloudy flakes still falling with a light nw wind.