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  1. Looks like this is likely to be the biggest snowfall this season the way it's going here. Quite impressive
  2. Snow appearing to be mostly wrapped up here.The models really pulled a head-fake at my latitude for this one. The temperatures were mostly cooperative staying at freezing but the moisture simply wasn't there (ironic) and the ground temps made the barrier of entry too high for the lighter stuff to stick. 7 hours of flurries/light snowfall accumulating to a negligible trace. Sun angle may have had a role in it as well. Still I can't say I was expecting more than an inch so tempered expectations won out. On a broader note, what a sorry excuse for "winter". This winter has thrown climo out of the window, this area is overdue but it's good to see some areas south of here get something.The weather pattern has been so hostile for reasons I don't have the energy to fully understand. (ocean temp anomalies and millions of other things in some complex web of cause and effect) And so winter malaise continues. (sorry for the mini rant) I do plan however to be more active in the following weeks.
  3. Virga finally breaking getting some dime and penny sized flakes now. Currently 34 degrees and holding.
  4. Radar is looking quite healthy but it's still virga here as well.
  5. Something like that would be enough to wake me up from my mild winter malaise. I can dream...
  6. 19 with trace accumulations on the ground mid-day. A very welcome change in my book.
  7. 28 in Honaker. Hopefully the upper levels remain below freezing as well.
  8. And as the last band begins to slide out I report 2.3" where I officially measure. Not bad considering I was expecting something in the ballpark of 2". 1.9" fell before midnight and as of now 0.4" after. In the grass depending on where more than 3" sits in some spots! Perhaps just enough to pull off some rough sledding tomorrow!
  9. After an initial burst snowfall has lightened up quite a bit. Maybe 1/4" on the ground as of now. At this point I'm steadily sitting at 31. Hoping things pick up SW of me!
  10. Snow beginning to stick, things have fully transitioned over to moderate snowfall with a current temperature of 33. And echoing Dan, in light of recent events I'd say this warrants a WWA at least for SWVA and the plateau.
  11. About half and half now heading way up the valley. 36 Now. The mountains during a lull in the precip already looked white.