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  1. After looking back on the recorded low for today if my weather station is to be believed. (Kinda skeptical) It dropped to 8 this morning. Regarding additional snow beyond midnight, from what I measured in the morning I got an additional tenth of an inch. As of now I'd say I still have roughly an inch on the ground. (I live on a north-facing slope.)
  2. As the final total for the 12th I recorded 2.2 inches with flurries still falling on the measurement tile. In the grass I measured as much as 4 inches in some places. Currently I'm sitting at 16 degrees with the possibility of reaching single digits for a low tonight. It was nice to see old man winter finally return. I'm glad most folks in our region got some (or a lot) of flakes as well. Hopefully this sets the trend for the upcoming winter.
  3. And just like that I've been getting slammed with NW flow snow for the past hour under the radar. Needless to say no final measurements will be taken yet. Currently in a snowsquall.
  4. After 5 in the morning I crashed and decided I would just wake'n see... and wow, I have to say this system did not disappoint. Currently sitting exactly at 1.8" on my level tile surface I use to scientifically measure. In the grass I got as much as 3"+. As of now there's still some nw flow action under the radar so another 0.2" to round the total out is completely possible.
  5. Currently in the middle of it at 31F. 0.25" of snow already on the grass with it beginning to take hold on pavement.
  6. Currently in a dry slot in southwest Virginia just as the temps flipped to favorable conditions for snow. (Currently Flurrying) 33F as of now. As per the radar though it looks like things are reloading for a good couple hours of solid snow.
  7. Alright, guys it's great to be back after a busy day to enjoy this hobby we all share! Here's to an early start to the season! Unless anyone objects I see no problem submitting observations. Any more reports on the snow in West Tennessee? Currently sitting at 51 here with a drizzle.
  8. To sum up my thoughts after yalls input:
  9. We're seeing support for significant moisture behind the front across the board when it comes to models (at least for eastern areas). Can it all be wrong? Maybe, climo is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps someone could provide some insight?
  10. Well, once we get to around 12-18 hours before an event, that's when I switch over to watch and see mode by beginning to monitor the radar and reported temps. It helps to watch the models but at some point reality has to take precedence. It appears that time will soon arrive.
  11. With significant post-frontal snow looking increasingly possible for the northern and mid tiers of the Tennessee Valley under current modeling, going forward I figured I'd start ourselves a little thread dedicated to it and the potential early start to the winter season!
  12. Would it be a bad idea to create a forecast/nowcast/obs topic? A whiff is still very much on the table but...
  13. Well looks like I'm recording a trace for Halloween to start the season! And to think 8 hours ago it was in the mid-70s (now mid-30s) What a day of weather!