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  1. 19 with trace accumulations on the ground mid-day. A very welcome change in my book.
  2. 28 in Honaker. Hopefully the upper levels remain below freezing as well.
  3. And as the last band begins to slide out I report 2.3" where I officially measure. Not bad considering I was expecting something in the ballpark of 2". 1.9" fell before midnight and as of now 0.4" after. In the grass depending on where more than 3" sits in some spots! Perhaps just enough to pull off some rough sledding tomorrow!
  4. After an initial burst snowfall has lightened up quite a bit. Maybe 1/4" on the ground as of now. At this point I'm steadily sitting at 31. Hoping things pick up SW of me!
  5. Snow beginning to stick, things have fully transitioned over to moderate snowfall with a current temperature of 33. And echoing Dan, in light of recent events I'd say this warrants a WWA at least for SWVA and the plateau.
  6. About half and half now heading way up the valley. 36 Now. The mountains during a lull in the precip already looked white.
  7. Now 38 in Honaker and steadily falling. The first flakes are beginning to mix in!
  8. Currently 40 here with a steady rain. Won't be long now...
  9. The NAM initialized a lot differently than what appears on radar. I know a dry level is causing plenty of virga but I'd say the NAM is underselling the precip.
  10. The ICON believe it or not has shown signs of improvement Plateau and east albeit still very underwhelming. 2 runs ago it had only portions of the plateau and SWVA barely catching a dusting. I'm wondering if the cold air arrives sooner than MRX is expecting especially with what the NAM did.
  11. Notably an encouraging uptick in totals from both the 3km and 12km NAM across the region. The first wave is certainly less dry.
  12. I know one thing for sure, I don't envy the position of the mets in forecasting this potential snow. A lot is going to depend on how quickly cold air advection reaches the precipitation shield. (If there is much of one) I'd say this is a situation where being north and west may be just as helpful as being at a good elevation. On another note the RGEM fwiw sure is making a lot of fanfare for it's debut depicting this one! (hour 54 and still plenty left to go at the end of it's run)