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  1. For 18z in the fantasy range we have rain-snow transition on the entire eastern side of the forum.
  2. Yep, the chances are there for "something" occurring the week of Thanksgiving especially in the northern and higher elevated parts of the forum. Should things turn white I will more than happily post some pictures. To my uneducated eye, things have seemed to be shaping up quite well in the models for the past week.
  3. It's currently 33F with flurries in Honaker and I must say the webcam at Wise is impressive!
  4. TS Irma's outstretched northern precip shield is already knocking on the door of SWVA and NETN. I am curious to see if the rain will remain continuous or break into showers past the blue ridge. So far that doesn't seem to be happening in SETN. Areas further south in the forum area may be in for some local flooding.
  5. Under definition would this be considered the first landfall? Barbuda is centered in the eye.
  6. I have to say, with Irma temporarily weakening according to recon I will be irked if it does not tie Allen for the strongest sustained winds in the Atlantic. Of course it merely a number and the effects of Irma on land have just started. I can imagine seeing Irma on a graph reading max sustained winds 185 mph, 20 years from now...
  7. Hurricane Allen had the strongest winds in the Atlantic at 190MPH sustained, Hurricane Wilma had the lowest pressure in the Atlantic at 882mb, Hurricane Patricia had the strongest non-tornadic sustained winds on the planet at 215MPH sustained with a pinhole eye, and finally Typhoon Tip had the lowest projected non-tornadic pressure pegged at 870mb... Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Ah, I see now. I do believe that is unchallenged as far as I know in recent memory. It is certainly interesting to view how models project a storm stronger than Tip.
  9. We had an 856mb HMON run a day or two ago.
  10. I think this could be applied to 95%> of the people here. On another note I must say I am impressed by Irma strengthening since last night.
  11. If I were in southern Florida I would be looking at alternate routes up the peninsula should the region fall under threat. The greater Miami area is home to over 5,000,000 million people and should evacuation be declared it would become a dumpster fire in five minutes or less. Unlike Houston, where you have plenty of flexibility in where traffic can go it is surrounded to the west, south, and north. Should a more northerly landfall occur in North Carolina I could see situations in which thousands of people are cut off from the mainland without food or fresh water. No matter where the hurricane hits barring OTS, destruction and fatalities will follow. (EDIT) east not north.
  12. Yep I even remember mentioning North Myrtle Beach earlier. I question whether this follows near the coast or heads west like the GFS. (Continuation) West.
  13. Hour 216 landfall, due to limited frames I will guess it likely hit at North Myrtle Beach. 982 mb.
  14. Wow, just when you thought the GFS was out on vacation, the ECMWF nods in rough agreement.
  15. It's looking like a Cuba storm more than anything atm.