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  1. Please Titans. Send Tannehill & the off. Cord. Packing tonight. They both suck.
  2. Welllllll… The thing that is depressing me is the higher heating bill that will be coming for this dry & cold wx.
  3. Nice big flakes here again but it’s a big ole slop fest. Took dog out & its like a swamp.
  4. Yes it can change quickly but as of now the middle & west part of state is looking mostly dry & cold. A lot of times if air is to cold. It pushes the storms to south of area. I sure hope that changes.
  5. I hope it’s not cold & dry for middle TN but it sure looks that way. Par for course unfortunately.
  6. @carvers Looked good for this storm or after?
  7. Thermals seem way off of what kinda precip is falling.
  8. I would expect 1-2”. More than that would be a nice surprise. Hopefully it is more for all of TN.
  9. I’m still laughing at this forecaster out in northern MS. He has the whole area even up to Nashville with nothing to 1”. . Then a small heavier band. Very small. He’s making sure he’s right. That way someone gets nothing to 1”. He can say nailed it.
  10. Thanks. She’s annoying. I watch WSMV.
  11. Is say you will see a lot of those WSW dropped for west & Middle TN tonight.
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