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  1. No rain here yesterday in mid TN but cloudy & 64 was unbelievable for Memorial Day! Today sunny but low 70’s. Incredible wx it’s like fall. Could use some rain this week. I will take mid 80’s & humid with rain chances for summer anytime. Longer heat stays away the shorter time it has.
  2. Well so far the wx is bucking the forecast. We ended up with a nice rain this evening. Continuing our every 2-3 days of a good rain. Most chances here Friday & Saturday. Temps look to hold steady with highs low to mid 80’s & lows near 60! More please!
  3. Wow. After the rains this morning. This afternoon has been totally refreshing. Now I’m sitting on my screen porch & it’s like fall! Absolutely love this wx. It’s supposed to be upper 50’s for lows all week! Yes please! I hope summer is cooler than normal with nights like this. The longer the heat holds off the shorter the span of it.
  4. I see the CPC is saying this summer could be the coolest since 2017. I say bring it please!!!! Some rain every 2-3 days & more humid than hot is just fine with me. I prefer green over dry & brown.
  5. I did. I was given Paxlovid & it seems to have done the trick. Yes it’s experimental but what’s not anymore. Still have the chronic cough it brought back intensely but feeling better. Thankfully not even close to how bad Covid was for me the first time I had it.
  6. Ugh. Round 2 of Covid for me. Hopefully not as bad this time putting me in ICU.
  7. We got hit really good here in mid TN also. We have many more rounds to go it appears from radar. Love it! Hate it for the Taylor Swift fans. They are packed into the halls. Wet & sweaty! Luckily my wife & daughter & friends went yesterday.
  8. Rain is welcome. Parts of my yard are dying already. It’s only first half of May!
  9. Nature does seem out of whack. I am noticing not as many birds, butterflies, trees struggling even dying after showing signs of emerging. My Hollie’s are budding some but at the rate they are it will be late this year before they have leaves. I had 2 beautiful spruce trees that were budding new growth now the new growth is dying. Same with my Japanese maple. Other bushes like Azaleas are slowly coming back but again will be several more months before they have leaves. Unbelievable how messed up nature seems to be.
  10. We definitely need rain. The winds have dried the soil out.
  11. This wx is bi polar. Windy is an understatement for this spring. It’s also to dry for this time of year. To think in three months we will be right on the verge of fall again.
  12. I travel for my job. Mileage yearly for me is 35k. I can say with certainty that for every passenger vehicle there is 2x maybe more big rigs. I would say a ratio of 2 passenger vehicles to every 8 rigs in a mile. My trucking & hauling shops can not keep up with the demand at this time. My construction is same. Where is money coming from is anybody’s guess. There is over 50% empty retail spaces in America but yet we see building retail spaces all over. Soon this will hit a brick wall I’m afraid.
  13. I expect cold springs anymore. Soccer starts & cold, windy & rainy are normal anymore for spring. I hate winter more each year when we have winter in spring! We were in Cincy for a showcase this weekend. Good grief this morning was cloudy, windy & 37! It’s freaking end of April! We did go to Kings Island yesterday since our game was very early. Was cloudy & cold but we dressed in winter clothes. What a blast the parents & team had. Some of those roller coasters are insane. I rode the best wooden roller coaster ever there. The Beast. 4.10 min long & 65mph around a cork screw. What an adrenaline rush! I did not do the 300ft high one that drops straight down at 92mph. That was a big NO for me. I hate heights! My daughter loved it. Lol.
  14. It is really dry for this time of year I feel. Mowing the yard & dust everywhere. Some of my yard already shows browning from being dry. Not good with summer closing in.
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