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  1. Hardly any rain IMBY also. South of 40 pretty much struck out. My redbud is losing leaves rapidly now. Many of the trees on the woods behind me are losing leaves. My yard is gone. Definitely will be overseeding in the fall if we can get rains to soften the ground for aeration. It’s going to be fall here early. A large brush fire broke out locally here Sunday. It was put out thankfully. Lower humidity is nice but increases fire danger the longer this drought goes on.
  2. Well, the trend continues. The rain just does not materialize.. the drought is growing by the week. I’m watering my trees, but they are definitely struggling and leaves are already falling.
  3. Absolutely has been perfect wx here in Yellowstone & Tetons so far. Now by Wednesday it’s going to be a furnace here also. 93-95 highs. I love this area!
  4. Let’s hope Beryl makes TN wet this week. I’m on my way to Yellowstone. Would love to come back to green grass.
  5. Sadly the last 2 chances of solid rain have went poof here. A solid line of storms & rain looked certain to hit mid TN. Nope it all fell apart. Sigh.
  6. Definitely obvious the soil here in Johnson City is dry. Amazing how brown it is compared to Nashville. Here moving my son into his apt. for pharmacy school. Good to be back in the part of TN I grew up in. Missed the mountains.
  7. Yes thankfully we had a really good storm here today. I’d say close to an 1” of rain. Another solid chance of rain Wednesday. If we can just string together some storms every 3-4 days then maybe it can keep at least some things green for awhile longer.
  8. It just does look good for my yard this summer. I would have to spend a lot of money watering it to keep it somewhat healthy. The heat & dryness I believe is not going to let up until maybe mid September. At this point I think im going to focus on my shrubs. They are new & those I don’t won’t to lose. I will just have to have over seeding done in the fall. My fear is we have a bad fire season. Leaves will fall early if the heat & drought continues. Long range paints July as brutal. Ugh.
  9. My family & I head to the Grand Tetons(staying in Jackson Hole) & Yellowstone (staying in west Yellowstone) July 6-13th. My in-laws are out there now. Snow still on ground in higher elevations.
  10. I will take rain every 2-3 days to keep the temps at bay. I’d love for a wetter than normal summer. Yes would make it humid but better than oppressive heat & dry.
  11. I’m keeping my axe sharp lol! Cool & rain every few days is fabulous! My yard says THANK YOU! My lawnmower says ugh! Love the GREEN! Much better than brown!
  12. Let’s hope a cooler & wetter summer prevails. Hopefully October does not torch. I feel the wx is unpredictable these days. I don’t expect much of a winter as in snow. I am afraid severe wx is going to be the common theme instead. Hope I’m eating a lot of crow about winter.
  13. Sure looking like middle of June is going to be cooler than normal.
  14. Maybe this will be a summer wo a summer. Expect the unexpected. Wx is full of surprises lately.
  15. I was referring to the rain amounts. Sorry for the confusion. The light show was awesome last night. Only thing that surprised me was it did not seem to be as loud as one would expect with that much lighting.
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