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  1. Warnings are real-time as cells evolve. Meso scale discussions and lead time watches are warranted based on synoptic reasoning and conditions that have been suggested by high res modeling and severe parameters. Two seperate entities. Too early to downplay threats when it's not even 22z yet for central areas. Understand but anything happening in MS is slim. I wonder if our Hi res models need a reset. If this underperforms which would be great. Then something is wrong with our forecasting. Chances of people taking any other threats this spring seriously is greatly diminished.
  2. To think in high risk outlook in MS nothing again. To me we’ve got a long ways to go to ever understanding weather. I wonder if SPC throws out too many warnings and watches too easily.
  3. By looks that (reading correctly)? Looks like severe stays south of TN.
  4. Well finally broke the snow dome in Smyrna. Between 5” - 5 1/2”. It’s beautiful out.
  5. All snow here also of Alamaville in Rutherford.
  6. Finally turning over to all snow in Boro.
  7. Yep the snow dome is screwing us again. Well this time next week winter is done. 60 less than a week away! Wohoo!
  8. WSW issued here now
  9. Hopefully you get power soon. It’s bad all over. Windmills frozen. Solar panels frozen.
  10. I will not buy in. I will not buy in.