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  1. Well I say, winter is now over with except for a couple of cold spells and the normal blackberry Dogwood winters. Hopefully we don’t have a killing freeze. Except for one week in January this winter was a complete sham..
  2. Looks like winter is over with for the lower elevations. Now we hope to not have a cold snap to kill the spring growth. Also appears wet times are ahead for the area. Hopefully any severe is DOA this spring.
  3. I grew up on my family’s farm just outside Damascus
  4. I feel like nature is hard to predict these days. Seems everything is reverse of what it should be. This winter was to be a backloaded winter & instead we had 1 week in mid January. From MJO to teleconnections we keep adding or finding something that affects the weather patterns. I remember in the last 2 years it was supposed to be a hot dry summer when it was the opposite. Nature sure is bipolar! Lol.
  5. Cold springs seem to be the norm anymore for this area. I agree winter is not done & we will have some cold. Just hopefully not everything starts blooming then a cold that kills all the blooms comes along. March is my least fav month. Plus March lately has produced severe wx I won’t no part of. I hope to never see it again here but I know that’s not likely. I believe tornadoes follow certain geographical boundaries. Like they rotate back to that area every so often. Well where I live the clock is ticking I know. We are due for one to come thru here. Murfreesboro has been spared many years now. To me it’s like earthquakes. I consider tornadoes following fault lines though they really are not fault lines. Eventually earthquakes hit the same areas as will tornadoes. Sorry for the rambling.
  6. Warm with sharp cold fronts usually lead to severe wx. I can do wo that type of wx.
  7. One thing is for certain. BAMA will be mid tier. OSU & TX should be the teams to beat. They bought the most players & we’re not even done yet. Players can transfer after spring practice and after 3 games next season. At least EA sports should be more realistic.
  8. Once we get pass Saturday the wx looks really good for end of February. Mid 50s to 60s. Unreal last few years seems we have one week of winter & that’s it. Definitely the wx patterns have changed. The environment has changed a lot. Things will be blooming early this year meaning most likely will be killed by a freeze. Ugh. I already have bushes to cut back again from the damage from week in January.
  9. Snowing officially in Smyrna! Sure is beautiful.
  10. We have had some good thunder the last two days here.
  11. College football can burn at this point. Bama had Grubb as their OC all of 3 weeks. Lol. None of these coaches are going to stick around when the NFL calls. Just wait till spring & after the first 3 games of next season. The portal will be beyond full. The teams now paying millions will only increase their payouts. Ohio State has bought their championship. Texas right behind them. I see Sanders, Kiffin, Kirby, Haupel all going to pros in next 2-3 years tops. Why work 365 days when in pros you work 5-6 months a year. If you have not read what Locksley said about it all. Go read it. A 3rd string RB asking for $100k! lol!
  12. I do like we have rain to help going into spring. I am not complaining about the temps either. Mid 50s to 60 is perfect soccer weather to sit & watch my daughter.
  13. Spot on truth. Ohio state has an estimated $18 million in NIL deals. That’s called buying the championship. Same as pro sports. Manning at TX has made over $3 million & never played a down yet. Caleb Downs from Bama to Ohio State is estimated to have been paid $1.5 million to sign with Ohio State. TX paid all their lineman $50k bonus at end of season. Out of top 10 schools spending on NIL. Only 1 school is in top 10. That is UGA. Now we see why Saban & eventually all the good coaches will do. They will retire or go to the NFL. Steel DC who just retired said he & Saban would visit kids in last 3-4 months. The parents would look at them and say “We know we can win a title & go to the nfl with Alabama. Problem is you are not even in the ballpark of the amount of money we have been offered”. That is Alabama they are saying that to. The GOAT of college football. It’s not about winning anymore. It’s all about the money. Now you see Pitino saying it’s out of hand. Just wait in 2-3 years we will have $5-$10 million NIL bonuses to 1 player. That’s more than NFL rookies sign for. Why even leave college.
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