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  1. So really no reason to worry here in mid TN? Just possibly high winds and lots of rain?
  2. This is at a later hour. Plus the higher % moved into TN at that hour. So wether it’s 90% or 75%. Still do not like that being in my backyard. No thank you please. My brother is just now having his house rebuilt.
  3. Surprised no one is talking about possible threat of severe wx
  4. He means more severe wx. Trouble for Dixie alley and Jeff not rooting for it says a lot. I will pass please. I am definitely looking into getting a storm shelter.
  5. Cookeville search only completed 30%. Morgue setup. Expecting more deaths. Per family member involved.
  6. Have been notified by family in Cookeville in search that a temporary morgue is being set up. Bodies still being recovered of whole families. Estimated around 30 alone have passed in Cookeville.
  7. This is near my sister’s house in Cookeville
  8. My family is safe but my brother lost his house and my mom has damage in Lebanon. My sis is 4 miles from devastation and knows several who have passed in Cookeville.
  9. Thing is no one knows if this virus will stop like the flu in warmer temps. Some reports I have read it will not. I believe it is a bio weapon that has accidentally been released. Plus it keeps mutating. I am ready for warmer temps and dryer conditions away. Amazing that we have had such odd winters last few years.
  10. Just hope this does not mean a cold rainy spring.
  11. I was thinking on fertilizer tomorrow also? Thinking can’t hurt and not to early right?
  12. I want to say thank you to all of you for all the useful info and thoughts about the models and winter chances. This is the best wx blog hands down. I can’t stomach the Southeastwx board anymore. Living off every model run and immature comments. Keep the great input coming.
  13. ‘Smoke-nado’ Spawned by Kentucky Fire From The Weather Channel iPhone App James Spann Yesterday Alabama had 19 wildfires statewide, bringing the total to 156 in the last 7 days and 313 in the last 30 days. We can expect more fire starts, hotter, faster fires, and erratic fire behavior in the dry air over Alabama. It is also harder to get containment lines to hold the fire when humidity is low. Be very careful if you have to do any outdoor burning! These dry conditions are setting the southeast up for lots of dangerous times if it persists. I live next to woods.
  14. The EF5 was in Lawrence County. Only one ever in TN (I think). Also known as the forgotten one. The Nashville one was EF2/3. I am thinking the Nam is way off. We shall see.
  15. Only one word needs to be said to reason not getting snow..... TENNESSEE
  16. Well Jax. Good call about a couple weeks ago. You said possible severe wx in this time frame. When do you see next possible time frame if I might ask?
  17. I remember the Murfreesboro tornado because I was in it. It was cloudy & cool with rain showers. I remember saying to cloudy & cool for severe wx. I was so wrong. Then a couple hours later an EF4 came thru.
  18. Here is to hoping we stay warm. I am thru with what winter there was. Plus I do not want to even see a chance of a freeze. Nature seems ready for spring & so am I. Just hope winter does not mess with spring & severe season.
  19. Still learning but I hope this warming does not me spring is going to be cold rains! I am ready for some spring wx. Give me some nice thunderstorms to sleep to. I do not believe in global warming but these latest winters give me pause. Winters just stink here in mid-TN anymore.
  20. Hope we can score because it looks to be at least a couple of weeks before any chance at cold enough temps. Gotta have cold temps first. Problem then is ground will be above freezing again. Rinse & repeat.
  21. Hopefully will trend North. Or Memphis & Nashville get left out again. Sigh.
  22. Since it appears Jan. & Feb. are going to be warmer. Do you believe it is going to be a very active early severe wx season? Sorry if this question is in the wrong thread. Thanks.
  23. Never understood why this model even exist anymore. Maybe there is a reason I do not know? This map has 0% chance. Which all of us already know. Brings a lol almost every time.
  24. Yes please! 4+ average across TN. Of course specifics still very unsure but great spot to be in at this time. Hopefully will only increase as we get closer!