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  1. Long range the models are showing the heights rising in Asia,We might see some pattern change upcoming if this doesnt change into July,it is summer tho
  2. Not that far off,someone in the Valley depending on the track is going be dealing potentially with some flooding issues next week
  3. Potential for a weekend wash out seems to be on the table next weekend,much seems to be on what tropical genesis happens the next couple days and where it goes which seems will ride a slow moving frontal boundary.The Euro and GFS keep flip flopping,the Euro today is further east while the GFS went further west.Seems to me right now who ever gets the low pressure could see possibly up to at least 4" of rain with some potential of flash flooding,that's my thinking anyways.
  4. This is hilarious No Santa for you this Christmas
  5. Good rain maker tomorrow.Not much of any shear .PW's through out the Valley could hit around 2.1" at least.Should see some good storms with more or less wind in Mid Tn. and east of us in the afternoon into the evening,we are in a slight risk.Some good instabilities are being shown in the mid afternoon.No change in this pattern tho upcoming,looks more or less up and downs.I went to a jazz festival this afternoon in downtown Nash,my car thremo showed 95 on the way there,maybe island heat going downtown but the humidity wasnt that horrid,it was pretty bearable heat,seems odd the last few summers tho.
  6. Nothing much happened here.Some winds maybe 20-30.Some nice rain though with numerous lightning strikes around.Wind shear was weak as you mentioned.
  7. Jamstec turns the furnace on upcoming in the summer.DJF though shows a weak Nino with a -PDO/EPO.Wouldn't be horrid with a cross polar flow,BN temps and AN precip is what it advertises this last update.
  8. Nino went from strong looking to,meh .
  9. It is the control run.But the pattern looks unsettled to me in the Valley with how Asia correlates to to North America into the Valley.There looks to be a few days upcoming maybe with more diurnal storms,not sure about this even but it looks like a stormy pattern upcoming
  10. WTG Preds
  11. I didn't think the weeklies were that dry Carver.The SOI has taken a decent plunge back into a Nino look today with what seems like to me a possible unsettled pattern past mid month. Where do you fish for trout?Never been trout fishing,usually just fish for bluegill,bass and catfish.About four years ago we got a cabin on the river in Florence.Al., had no plans to fish but said what the heck and went out and bought some fishing gear for the kids(left my poles at home) just to try it out and got some earth worms and went out to the dock we had,that was the best bluegill catch i have ever seen.Soon as they threw the line out they had a fish on it,it was crazy !! I couldn't keep up taking fish off the hook and baiting the lines..lol.Keep telling my wife we need to go back,we just cant find the time.
  12. SOI is back into a more Nino look,-9.Big drop the last couple days.CCKW ongoing,maybe some tropical genesis upcoming ?Either way enso 1+2 is more Ninaish -0.8 today,should stay - for several days The last weeklies don't show no prolonged heat and the mid south is wetter than normal through June basically
  13. Read a little bit about Memphis.3rd worse power outage ever with over 175,000 without power at one time.Must have been a nice shelf mixed in around Shelby Forest where winds were estimated at 105 mph. http://www.weather.gov/meg/May27th2017MidSouthBowEcho
  14. URGENT - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 280 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 515 PM CDT Sat May 27 2017 The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Watch for portions of Southern Illinois Southwest Indiana Western and south-central Kentucky Far southeast Missouri Western and middle Tennessee * Effective this Saturday afternoon from 515 PM until Midnight CDT. ...THIS IS A PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION... * Primary threats include... Widespread damaging winds expected with scattered significant gusts to 80 mph likely Scattered large hail and isolated very large hail events to 2 inches in diameter possible A few tornadoes possible SUMMARY...A very fast-moving line of convection will continue to pose a risk for widespread wind damage as it races east-southeastward through the evening hours. A few tornadoes and hail will also be possible with the fast-moving squall line and/or other line-preceding storms. The severe thunderstorm watch area is approximately along and 70 statute miles north and south of a line from 30 miles west northwest of Cape Girardeau MO to 55 miles east southeast of Bowling Green KY. For a complete depiction of the watch see the associated watch outline update (WOUS64 KWNS WOU0).
  15. Son graduates Saturday then we are headed to the Land between the Lakes on the Tn side,rented a huge 14 br house for kin folk and all as my son wanted to go fishing.Crap of a time for severe weather.