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  1. jaxjagman


    Starting to think you were on to something back into early Dec,Seems possible the cold pool waters will get sfifted eastwards thats into 3.The subsurface is cooling west of the IDL,plus we have an active CCKW starting to get past the IDL which should help upwell the warmer subsurface east of it
  2. Looks like a active CCKW is passing east of the IDL.The subsurface is warm as well.3.4 ,3 AND 1.2.Seemingly the STJ is going to get active towards the end of the month into the first of next.Seems like the up and downs of the SOI we could be looking at a decent system around this time .need teleconnections to work out for once tho Date Tahiti (hPa) Darwin (hPa) Daily Contribution 30 day Av. SOI 90 day Av. SOI 19 Jan 2020 1012.31 1007.65 0.24 -5.28 -6.36 18 Jan 2020 1010.58 1007.80 -8.62 -5.57 -6.28 17 Jan 2020 1009.03 1007.95 -16.62 -5.51 -6.06 16 Jan 2020 1009.70 1007.85 -13.00 -5.22 -5.76 15 Jan 2020 1009.84 1007.70 -11.63 -5.24 -5.59 14 Jan 2020 1009.50 1007.15 -10.64 -5.35 -5.43 13 Jan 2020 1009.89 1005.85 -2.68 -5.49 -5.34 12 Jan 2020 1009.84 1005.45 -1.03 -5.78 -5.46
  3. This sucks For folks using my Albany webpage for tropical meteorology monitoring, I've been made aware that the rainfall dataset I've been using has been retired. I will be retiring any product with rainfall as a result. This will mean no more monsoon or rainrate products.
  4. Forgot what cold was like.least i got to see some some snow in Chicago yesterday.We pulled in about an hr before some heavy snow started yesterday afternoon,snowed about 4 inches but the warm nose kicked in and changed it over into rain while i was sleeping.Winds are westerly now so the flakes should end soon as the trough passes by.Cold night tho wind chills of around -15 when we check out early in he morning.Son wants to get home in time to watch the titans tomorrow so i told him we'd leave early..arrrggg
  5. jaxjagman


    Subsurface has warmed somewhat,not much change with the surface,not much left of the cooler subsurface in the east as well.
  6. Its still weak and maybe to late,but a definite QBO switch upcoming
  7. Yeah i have no doubts there are more EF-4 and probably even more EF5 before hand we just dont know
  8. I see what you are saying,but these were downgraded https://www.weather.gov/ohx/forgottenf5
  9. But this was in Alabama,it's marked on that link i posted above from NOAA
  10. There's only been one confirmed F-5 in Tn since 1950,that was the Lawrenceburg one,now if you want to consider parts of Northern Alabama as parts of the Valley,i'd agree with you.Its really insane tho if you look at North Alabama per capita how many F-5'S they had,that's just crazy https://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/f5torns.html
  11. You definite want to keep the GEFS look.Even tho it loses the -NAO it keeps the -EPO with a +PNA starting up still around the 19th-20th,least it's showing consistency