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  1. Yeah we don't know how the QBO will act,it was negative for over a year before it crapped out into the winter last winter.But this kept the PV weak just as well and we had the early SSWE.If it stays on the positive side we very well could see the PV become a brick
  2. Like to see the drought get knocked out some how in the SE this would help delineate a SER this winter.ENSO is quite different from last year right now when it was more east based.Jamstec did well in our parts last winter,warm and wet which is showed in August but it missed the upper plains big time,but this could also be with the help of the early SSWE in Dec
  3. Climo has been working the last couple weeks.We haven't had much rain recently here but still are in the top 5 for the year to date.Aug-Oct are typically the dry months in the Valley.Parts of the SE Valley are in a abnormal/moderate drought.Looks unsettled the next few days maybe tho
  4. jaxjagman

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    I believe i figured my problem out.I don't think it was this site.I think it was my PC.I switched to my gaming laptop and everything seems fine now.My PC is getting up there in age,believe it's about to bite the dust.:(
  5. jaxjagman

    ENSO 2018-2019

    The SOI finally made it into an more Nina pattern today for 30 days anyways,still has aways for 90 18 Aug 2019 1017.45 1014.60 7.46 0.07 -7.28 17 Aug 2019 1017.60 1014.75 7.46 -0.38 -7.47 16 Aug 2019 1014.80 1015.85 -16.21 -1.04 -7.56 15 Aug 2019 1014.60 1016.25 -19.85 -0.87 -7.26
  6. jaxjagman

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Anyone else having problems with this site?If i stay on this site, American Wx very long it totally kills my memory.Once i close out everything out on my browser it's back to normal until i come back here again.
  7. jaxjagman

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    Right,Flash i believe is a winter person,sure he'll come back when winter gets closer
  8. In 2012 as the low ice was at it's lowest as said above it went into a more Nina pattern tho the end of the year.Really ,right now don't see this happening if you look down into the thermocline it's still warm deep down right now anyways.But,in Jan of 2013 we really toasted
  9. jaxjagman

    Spring/Summer Banter Thread 2019

    It always helps the forum outside our mets to chime in once in awhile IMHO.We don't have many people in our parts to post much consistently.The Eastern Valley is another story.
  10. Sea Ice is on pace to break the record back into 2012 this year,based on records from 1979.We don't know how much it can or will reproduce right now.In the start of 2012 it started out as a weak LaNina per ONI,the first part but went more positive neutral into the summer/autumn but back to negative neutral by "OND" and stayed that way until the spring of 2014.Typically, as you see on the graph the sea ice (loss) does not really peak until Mid Sept. Plus you have to look at the low solar this winter(some say this will be the lowest in over 200 years).I think Jeff mentioned this in another post of, but the wording wasn't the same.How will the low Ice effect the low solar this winter?
  11. jaxjagman

    ENSO 2018-2019

    Like the new color scheme,easier to tell if the anoms are on the +/- side.Not much change this update.Probably see a slight change next update as the CCKW is passing by east of the IDL
  12. jaxjagman

    ENSO 2018-2019

    Jamstec is much warmer with the Enso
  13. jaxjagman

    ENSO 2018-2019

    IMME has a neutral tho negative ENSO in the winter
  14. jaxjagman

    Spring-Summer Observations 2019

    Still got a half month to go.Typically here Aug and Oct are our driest month