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  1. Man,this would be pretty sweet (GOES)
  2. Nice for Mid Alabama National Weather Service Birmingham AL 533 AM CST Fri Dec 8 2017 .UPDATE... For 12Z Aviation. && .SHORT TERM... Today and Tonight. Southwest to northeast band of precipitation has set up across the area as expected. Temperatures range from 35-37 in this area. Already have received reports of snow in Jefferson and Blount Counties, and WFO MOB recently received a report of 0.5" in accumulation in Choctaw County, just south of Sumter County. Also just saw a report of snow covering the ground in St. Clair County. Expect precipitation to continue to change over to snow over the next few hours, with the main rain-snow line setting up just north of I-85 by midday. But areas north of this line could switch back and forth between rain/snow throughout the day based on precipitation rates and hourly temperature trends. Models are in excellent agreement on precipitation trends through the day today. Confidence in the meteorological conditions for snow is high, with the main point of uncertainty being somewhat non- meteorological factors which will determine what happens to the snow when it comes into contact with the warm ground, roads, etc. Short- term models have trended cooler with air temperatures near the surface, and they should be sitting right around 32-34 while the snow is falling, so there is now increasing concern for travel impacts especially on bridges and overpasses. Also, precipitation amounts have trended higher. Forecast soundings generally show saturated sub-freezing profiles, with mid-level ascent in the dendritic growth zone. Some ice pellets may mix in at times with an isothermal 0C layer present at times, but snow should be predominant. Model consensus has also trended wetter for this afternoon, with moisture remaining in the area longer as continued synoptic forcing occurs ahead of the trough. The warm ground temperatures will make it difficult for accurate snowfall measurements, but WPC snowfall amounts and SREF mean values now indicate a swatch of 1-2+" across the area. Really can`t argue with that based on trends, so portions of the winter weather advisory were upgraded to a winter storm warning. There could be a relative minimum in the middle of the warning area along the I-65 corridor where amounts stay just under the 2" criteria. This would be between relative maxima in the southwest counties where heavier precipitation is falling now during the overnight hours, and another relative maxima in the higher elevations of East Alabama. However, opted to go ahead and fill in the gap as it will be close. The advisory was also expanded to include Pickens, Fayette, and Walker Counties based on northward trends. Models are suggesting a deformation zone may set up over the southeast counties later this afternoon and this evening, south of the current winter weather advisory. Thermal profiles suggest this will be mainly rain, but it will be borderline. Added in some small 0.1" accumulations southeast of the current advisory, and will monitor short term model trends to determine if the advisory needs to be expanded for tonight. Temperatures will fall into the 20s late tonight across the area, resulting in the potential for black ice to develop wherever moisture remains on roadways.
  3. Never get excited for weak clippers around here.Just like every year they look great 7 days out then when it gets closer it equates to nothing,just like this one seems to be doing.Least it's not 70 degrees though..lol
  4. Must have been dreaming with the tag. Best way to have resolved the OSU and Alabama thing would have been to let them play each other.You're always gonna have some sort of bickering somewhere, it don't really matter if it's a 4..8...etc..etc. team tournament
  5. Its right above our house.If i had to find something in my yard i'd have no prob..lol
  6. Euro shows us getting down to 18 next weekend,possibly a little SN.Still believe the potential for colder air mid month,we shall see how this unfolds
  7. Jimbo Fisher just got paid didn't he?Good grief.$75M from Tex A&M.Still behind Saban and Dabo per season,but still that's some sweet money. Edit:I just saw Dabo Swinneys buy out if he were to get fired(not that he will) but as of 12-1 this year it would be 40 million.We all got in the wrong profession i believe..lol http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/
  8. Very true.That's more Jan looks.But like you said though it can happen.12z already moderated
  9. heh,,we havent seen that in years have we,let it snow,let it snow,let it snow
  10. 2016 9.34 6.77 3.16 0.64 2.37 3.86 6.25 10.07 10.48 12.83 14.16 15.09 2017 14.92 14.78 14.35 13.88 8.01 -3.18 -10.48 -14.42 -15.28 -16.79 -999.00 -999.00 QBO still dropping SOI ROSE TO 30 + THE 28TH,almost a 30 point rise between the 26-28,then a drop of almost -15 points the 29th We shall see,Asia shows a active period ahead of this time.Seems possible the GFS is on to something in the long range
  11. What's up with the red tag?Didn't you use to be green,not that i know the difference you're still a met..lol.But are you our Mod now?What happened to Mr.Bob i haven't seen him in ages?Can you see i'm full of questions?..lol
  12. I feel sorry for you guys,it's like a big soap opera each day with drama for you guys and you guys are getting ripped up in the social media,not good for recruitment.This is the first year,this year where you can sign recruits early which is upcoming in a couple weeks.You guys really need to fix this,fast !!Fulmer needs to pull a big rabbit out the hat and fix relations.Never in my life seen anything like this.I know if this were Auburn my heart would be ripped out.Good luck guys.
  13. SOI took a big spike between the 26-28 then a nice drop off the 29th.I think looking at Asia in the long range we COULD see a strong cold front/system mid month,the 11-15 period give or take you mentioned above.