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  1. Jeff Co Vol

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Snowing in Jefferson County now. Really fine snow that has created a dusting and is just starting to accumulate on the driveway. 33 degrees on Douglas Lake.
  2. Jeff Co Vol

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    I'm on Douglas Lake, near I-40 bridge. We have 5" on snow on the ground at 9:00, and flurries are still in the air.
  3. Jeff Co Vol

    Southern System 1/5-1/8 2017 OBS

    White Pine 8:30 a.m. 5 inches of snow and still have flurries.
  4. Jeff Co Vol

    Southern System 1/5-1/8 2017 OBS

    Just started seeing flakes in White Pine. Keep it coming! I've lurked for several years. You guys are great. I've learned quite a lot reading from this site.