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  1. I'm not sure if there was some feedback issue with one member of the 06 GEFS, but weather.us shows 50 inches of snow for one member. I've never seen anything even close to this, so that is why I'm putting it here in Banter.
  2. Yeah. I had a straight flizzard for about an hour. Wound up with a dusting on everything but the roads.
  3. They have to measure this on pavement or something.
  4. Looks like several members of the EPS had a pretty good snowfall for the system this weekend.
  5. I wound up with about 1.5 inches near Karns. I wound up having light to moderate snow from 2-8 yesterday, but it didn't really start sticking until around 4 or so. Have some flurries this morning from the clipper, but not much besides that.
  6. Same. Rippin half dollars again.
  7. Mixing with rain now here. Those were some pretty heavy rates earlier driving the big flakes coming down.
  8. https://twitter.com/WBIRWeather/status/1482763722439507972?t=3NCS-xn99DGKM9EyXwCMOw&s=19 8 inches at Newfound Gap with winds blowing up to 60mph already.
  9. Just catching up on the 12z and 18z models today. Looks like the potential for a great pattern over the next couple weeks. I saw this storm on member 2 of the GEFS, would be really something if the gulf states saw some snow like that, but just shows the potential of the pattern.
  10. About the only consistent feature on these models is the warm nose through the valley. Everything else just seems like a crap shoot. I don't envy anyone making these calls.
  11. RGEM is still following this path. Model madness continues!
  12. Looking like just some backside snow showers for the valley at this point.
  13. The 00z HRRR just ran the low straight into the mountains and never transferred to the coast. When it ended, it was a 997 low sitting in West Virginia. It's the HRRR at long range....but don't think I've ever seen a low do that before. Needless to say, it wasn't a good run.
  14. I couldn't imagine the excitement this board would have to track a storm like that. Honestly, the servers would probably crash a few times.
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