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  1. I wound up with about 1 1/4 inches near the Karns area in Knoxville. Nothing on the roads or driveways, but it's a beautiful sight! Not too shabby this early in the season!
  2. 21z Plume backed down to 2.5 average and 3 members with close to nothing at TYS.
  3. For reference to look back later. Greater than 1 inch probability :
  4. 03z RAP doesn't look bad either.
  5. That's insane lol. It does seem like someone has the potential to see some over performing action based on some of the heavy bands the models are showing though.
  6. Looks like the 00z NAM picked up totals compared to the 18z. It looked like it had some heavy bands setting up for an hour or two. I can see why the MRX is being cautious on their totals though, usually the cold chasing the moisture doesn't work out too well for the valley. Hopefully, it works out for a good chunk of the area this time though.
  7. Not much change in the 18z RGEM. A little less totals on the plateau compared to the 12z run. It's just going to depend on how fast the cold arrives and where those heavy bands setup I believe.
  8. GFS looks like it has a heavy burst of snow for the eastern valley and totals picked up to 2-3 inches across most of TN on the CMC tonight.
  9. Thanks. I thought it might be a higher resolution than the other members, but obviously not as high as the main. I guess that explains why it went bonkers on the latest run.
  10. What is the difference between the Euro Control and one of the 50 members in the Euro ensemble?
  11. Go look at the Euro control for some eye candy. I counted 3-4 "big dogs" on the EPS. Most of the members didn't have much, so we need more support, but something to keep an eye on for sure.
  12. That low pressure is something to watch next Thursday/Friday. I'm guessing it's going to be a cold rain based on climatology and it being mid-November, but I hope I'm wrong.
  13. Picking up on Holston's post earlier, the 12z GFS is a little wetter for the valley and East TN in general. I still think a dusting to half an inch on the grass isn't out of the question for a good portion of the area. Maybe we can score some fatties for 15-30mins at least. Anything this early in November is a bonus anyways. Almost in NAM range!
  14. 18z GFS looks a little more like reality. Low forms a little more south than 12z and not as much moisture available. Looks like a quick changeover from rain to snow along the backside of the front, which is what normally happens around here so much more believable to me.