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  1. That was a cold 12z GFS run. Looks like we may skip Spring and go straight to Summer at this rate.
  2. MRX writeup for this event. I wound up with right around 8 inches at my house. What a way to close out winter! https://twitter.com/NWSMorristown/status/1503407140853145605?t=wL3iD8RhdjCNgC9zz81byA&s=19
  3. Snowfall map per reports from MRX https://twitter.com/NWSMorristown/status/1502742413768601607?t=0r295HePyic_UJ0h7XdU_g&s=19
  4. Always amazes me how quickly the snow will melt in the March sun.
  5. I ended up with about 8 inches. Snow already mostly melted off the roads around here though.
  6. Going to get a little sleep. I measured right at 7 inches near Karns and it is still coming down. Overall, very impressive system! Most snow I can remember having in a long while.
  7. Probably the largest flakes so far in this band in Knoxville I've seen all night.
  8. I've got 4 inches on my deck. Still coming down pretty good. Might wind up with 6-8 if I get another 2-3 hours of this
  9. Probably have close to an inch and it is just puking fine snow.
  10. Yeah. I'm just watching the wind swirl from all different directions. Deck is already white in just 5 minutes
  11. Snow starting to mix in here. I live in between Cedar Bluff and Karns
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