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  1. 1st weenie run of the season!! Courtesy of EPS member #33. I actually thought this was rain at first because it was so big!
  2. Not sure where to post this, but it is an interesting read on how forecast accuracy is down due to less flights because of COVID. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/18/weather/fewer-flights-covid-weather-forecast-hurricane-impact/index.html
  3. TYS actually tied the record low of 39 this morning.
  4. Cole Sullivan, from WBIR, tweeted that there are still 77 people missing in Putnam county. This is awful news and I'm praying for everyone that was affected in these storms!
  5. GEFS had a few members that were pretty big hitters the first week of March.
  6. Big, fat flakes have stopped now off Lovell Rd and it is a lighter snow coming down. Grass, trees, & cars are white. Nothing on the roads or sidewalks here.
  7. Been ripping fatties for the past 10mins off of Lovell road & Dutchtown. Grass is starting to turn white.
  8. Plumes for Knoxville went down .07 qpf for the mean and went back down to around 2 inch average in snow totals.
  9. Pretty good increase on the GEFS mean for this system at 18z. For reference, there was no blue in TN on the 12z mean outside a very small sliver in NE TN.
  10. Very nice increase in the plumes for Knoxville. Went from 1/2 inch mean to 1 inch mean, including one big dog and several more showing more than the 15z
  11. It's looking like it will start in East TN Thursday morning (6-9am-ish), so the majority of it would be during the day on Thursday, but I'm not 100% sure. It is always difficult to determine the timing on the models for me.
  12. Starting to get light snow in Karns. Congrats to all of you south of Knoxville. Long overdue!!
  13. Close to 5 inches near Karns. I think February is the new monsoon season here in East TN. Hopefully the models back off some totals from next week's system as well.
  14. I'm not getting my hopes up here in the valley, I'll believe it when I see it. I do think the plateau and mountains will do well though.