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  1. I remember those well too John. Had those recorded in my records of which got misplaced during relocation. Don't know why those didn't come to mind. Only snowed once here oct. 95 . Recorded 1.5" Halloween 93 with about 2" the 1st of Nov. . Jan. 94 was cold here but only received 1 significant snow. 7 inches. 95-96 ; 52 inches.
  2. I can remember October 1976 being one of the coldest on record as was November and the Winter became the famed frigid Winter of 77. The following Winter had an early severe cold blast that brought snow to even the lower elevations on the 13th of October. However, the rest of the month was rather mild as was early November . Things changed abruptly after the 20th and Dec thru mid March was cold and snowy. So, there are exceptions to the cold October =mild winter, cold November =cold winter rule. Of course, we are in a different era climate wise now and of all the years of record, odds favor the cold November cold Winter rule .
  3. Picked up 1.07" here from a Tstorm yesterday. Broke 22 day dry streak.
  4. Picked up 1.07" here in a Tstorm yesterday so, broke the 22 day dry streak.
  5. We pretty well knew this would happen, unfortunately.
  6. Yeah, kmrx was wrong on the heaviest axis 2day as it has setup through seky/swva. .93 here as of 2:30 pm...some areas along the border already at 1.5+ inches 2day alone.
  7. Agree with causal and effect. However, in the end the MJO Rooster ruled the Roost. IF that Rooster would decide to roost in a more favorable area we should still get things lined out for a decent snowstorm... or 2. Late Feb. and March may be the saves.
  8. Nothing here as that band moved up the Valley and went to my east.
  9. Zilch here as of 9:20 am. Heavy band that moved up the great Valley missed to my south and east. Bummer !
  10. I'm seeing into now. As it stands, the Lee County Airport Station west of Jonesville is down and has been since last summer. So, Temps are being projected by models from topograhical smoothed elevation plots and closest Stations. The plots are basically smoothed more on some than others, as is evident. Also, Downsloping is a little overdone as spillover upslope snow survives into the western Valley sections and then disappear further east. Also, there is a somewhat upslope flow from the ssw that is never modeled of which affects precip totals as well. Snowfall reports come from my data and probably the Pennington gap water plant, of which is a terribly location as it is 1 mile south of town right on the banks of Powell river at a much lower elevation than most of the county. Also, that station has a proven history of the workers there reporting erroneous data.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Apparently not very precise or as you said about the borders.
  12. I don't know what has been done to some models lately or what data is being ingested but, they have been forecasting temps too warm for Lee County and underforecasting precip. Snowfall projections are wrong as well, generally too low. Even the once decent (Euro model) for the area is doing it now, as well.
  13. Good analysis and prognostication PSUhoff. We were and have been so close to having a great Winter. Now, so close to having a great ending. Will the powers that thwarted what was on track for a great Winter thwart the ending as well.?..My guess is yes to some degree. One other factor that may play a role in fighting against us is the rising + QBO. . Although, probably not much weight from it as correlation rather weak.
  14. Mid section has had a great Winter and looks to continue, even if we do get in on it.