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  1. Actually looks good there. Not the best possible look but, good. Wouldn't take alot to become great.
  2. Would be nice for the PV to split with 1 vort going into SE Canada while a - NAO forms between the 2 across Greenland into Baffin Islands. This in conjunction with a -EPO and active STJ would sure be a delight for snow lovers. To provide a little optimism, this scenario is not far from being shown as being evolved per a couple model depictions. As of now it doesn't fall into the likely category, just yet i.m.o.. I think we need a PV split to help ignite a proper positioned -NAO, particularly if it stretches the direction the EC depicts. As John alluded to, an east based NAO won't help us but, will some of the areas that have been already getting their fair share of snow.
  3. Saw that earlier and thought same thing. A powerful gulf low gets suddenly absorbed or even destroyed by a cutter in Arkansas. Lol.
  4. That is what I envisioned happening when I made post yesterday. I must say I got a bit gunshy 2day and was afraid I jumped the gun regarding Gl blocking. Still am somewhat but, still confident on a better, snowier pattern.
  5. Carvers buddy, you've been on it youself. You definitely know your stuff. We've had so many head fakes and false alarms it about makes us not trust our own experience, insight and ability anymore let alone NWP. Been a tough couple Winters.
  6. I may have jumped the gun with my post irt possible gl blocking setting up. There still is the possibility of somewhat of one as forcing from powerful NE coastal LP's in conjunction with the HB HP will try. However, that strong PV and associated +AO are and will fight tooth and nail. Definitely need a strong SSW to put the kabash on that. It is possible enough forcing from aforementioned players could knock the PV off it's Rocker if it is weakened by a weaker warming event . That thing is so strong, it just deflects everything.
  7. I believe the advertised cold ,and tbh ,probable snowy pattern has legs this time . The eps plot carvers just posted is actually showing a Greenland block trying to setup along with the +PNA and CPF.. STJ staying active as well.
  8. I remember the same things and watching Margie as well. Those were the days ! Yeah, the "averages" will definitely jump a pretty good bit. The problem I have with them adjusting the "normals" is the masking of how much cooler they used to be as u alluded to.
  9. Not surprising buddy. Almost beginning to look like a 90's strong Nino pattern. If so, maybe we can squeeze one heavy wet snowstorm ala, Jan. 98 (upper NE Valley . Or Feb. 98 plateau area.
  10. Yeah, they tweaked too much as now they have rain at 34 @ 2m with -5 @ 850. Also, over emphasize Downsloping in this area and under emphasize upslope in SEKY.
  11. Probably Euro's bias of holding energy back at play causing the cut.
  12. Wound up with a half inch last night. Season total, 7.3".