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  1. Snow showers and flurries off and on since about 9:30.
  2. Came thru a heavy snow shower in Duffield as was coming back from Kingsport about 6:30 this Evening.
  3. About 4 and a half inches here in Jonesville. 6" + in Southern Lee Co. along Tn. Border.
  4. Ive noticed this happening strongly lately. Dont know the exact reasoning but, may be just the "newbies" basically doing estimates , or manipulating to their thinking on how they feel the area probably did in actuality in "their" minds. Quite possibly basing some of that on how models "see" the area. They also do this on their website with their, " this day in history". They mention way less snowfall amounts with events than actual reported amounts. Sad !
  5. Be nice to get one of the cutoff Low storms, ala, April 1987.
  6. Seasonal Total in Jonesville Va : 28.4 ".
  7. This was Norton, Va March 3, 1942. Dont know why pic loaded sideways.
  8. I, like Carvers don't disagree so much of our area averaging AN. My reasoning being due to the Nina forcing in the Pac mainly. However, changing wavelengths, possible continued HLB along with possible MJO effects considerably decreases the odds and magnitude of the AN prospects. The problem I have is NCEP's outlook in basically overamping, if you will, LaNina pattern reflection for March. They have 90 to 95 % of the U.S. forecasted AN.
  9. I see some outlets have already jumped the gun and pulled the trigger on their March outlook. Above to much above Temps for everywhere except Pac NW...Lol.
  10. February has pretty much become Floodurary the last few years. This one may be no exception albeit a bit late if, it floods b4 Month's end. Also, i believe winter weather is pretty much over if we don't get a western ridge. Blocking without that ridge this late in winter is most likely not enough to get it done at our latitude. However, it does spell WET. So, hopefully Carvers is right and we can get all to coincide. If so, there would exist the possibility of an old fashioned March Big Dog.
  11. Speaking of Totals guy's, I've been fortunate I guess in that many of the marginal events worked in my favor. Officially, 28.4 inches at my location east of Jonesville, Va. 1732 ft. Ele. Something noteworthy ; This Total would be average in the 1950 to 1980 climate Record period.
  12. Look at that dog face in that image ! Or is that some chick from the 70's with her mouth open. Lol
  13. Had about 3 inches of Snow here around 4 a.m..then sleet and rain kicked in and really packed and melted alot. False reports were reported here due to that. They reported what was on after they got up this morning. Just 1 to 1.5" left as of noon. .75" liquid has recorded on my Weather Station.