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  1. Totally agree Jeff. Barring abundant Precipitation from TC activity, we'll look back and be thankful for all the early copious amounts of Rain.
  2. Yeah, it's way low for here. I discussed this with KMRX several days ago. Basically echoes missing some of the precip and intensity here. I'm at 11.82" for the Month now.
  3. 11.69" of Rain for the Month as of 7 AM.
  4. Severe Storm hit at my home this afternoon producing dime size Hail and flooding. I measured 4.33" of Rainfall from the storm. 4.04" fell in an hour and 15 minutes . Numerous driveways washed out , mudslides aling with fallen Tree's. Some strong winds as well with downed limbs.
  5. Same here. Particularly North and Eastern sections of the County.
  6. More end times events ramping up.
  7. Check out the live eagle cam at big bear . 3-5" hr Rates at least. https://www.friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagles/
  8. Check out the live eagle cam at big bear in SOCAL. Snowing 3-5" hr rates https://www.friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagles/
  9. Sounds like water snake. Although, could be black. Their is a small breed that old timers used to call a Thunderhead. It was either black or gray with a white ring around the Neck.
  10. Maybe it'll kill them bugs out before they get too bad
  11. Yep. Know what you mean man. Sort of like watching an old classic show you've seen before that's like watching it for the first time. That's one good thing about being a Senior Citizen I guess along with the Senior discounts of course, lol
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