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  1. You know, you have a good point there as it does appear to be moving that way. Some odd but, interesting things going on for sure.
  2. Probably a combination of that plus other factors like the warm western Atlantic SST'S and possibly some fairly unknown driver's as Terp alluded to. The SER dominance and occasional NAO block hookup for instance used to be rare. If this continues during Nino then we can speculate, research and see what we can come up with as far as cause and maybe get a clearer picture. The warmer climo would play a part as far as the NS diving as the deeper the cold up north the more the press as we know. Also, the PNA Height of course. Even with that, the SER seems to still want to block anymore it seems.
  3. Yeah, it does appear NS Systems are not diving as far south overall as they did back in the day. There's been some fluke , throw back years (i.e,95-96) that Miller B's and Clippers dove well South but, not many.
  4. The NWS COOP Station's are owned and setup by them. You are correct in some of those not being set up to meet their "official guidelines". One example is the Pennington gap station. It's TH Sensor is about 12 Feet from a metal building (heat source). That is way off the 30 ft away structure guideline, let alone a metal structure. As far as the Airport problems, there are more than one. The Temp. FAA Guidelines we know are one, another is siting as well. The Lee County Airport ie is located fairly close to a Metal Hangar, thereby getting heat from it occasionally. It is no wonder our Model's have issues and our Climate Data isn't accurate, let alone some of the less than par Observer's at some Co-op Station's.
  5. Yeah, for the most part they are accurate and many are high end Stations. I have 3 in the Network at various locations.
  6. The missing 50-50 early on looked like the culprit. However, even with it the HP still didn't do as you'd want.
  7. Yeah, sad. He also said the reason NWS didn't have their own Stations was funding. Sad on all accounts.
  8. Exactly. Even though many have said it's been more Nino like. The La nina augmented Ridge has been very evident and potent. Other factors created a Ninoesque pattern of sorts in some area's.
  9. If you take a look at the MADIS and COOP station's around KTRI you can see a difference. I spoke with the Chief Met at KMRX and he said it was about 3 degree's high . It is governed by the FAA and they allow a 4 degrees swing either side of actual with their Temp. Sensor's. NWS just uses FAA's Equipment. So, there you have it. No just speculation on my part. I agree in the precip reporting from some of the Official Station's. If it's Airports they're owned and governed by them unfortunately.
  10. I'm going to talk with KMRX about the Station at KTRI to see if they can go check it.. Pretty positive it's T readings are running too high.
  11. 13 at my home. (Ele. 1732 ft). High yesterday was 30.
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