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  1. 95-96 was weak Nina. 94-95 was Nino and a warm one at that.
  2. Yeah, same here; just 0.15" this go around . After finally dousing away the drought last Weekend it's right back to the dry dome.
  3. I have one of those units and it has served very well for 2 years. Very accurate Station, all parameters other than wind speed of wich appears a bit low . I would think more than likely Batteries in outside unit. If new one's doesn't work, could be contact moisture within the unit as sometimes the seal around the internal components can crack or come unsealed. Happens with high end Stations as well. I've had Sensor failures and they don't fail simultaneously unless for whatever reason the Unit gets fried. I have 3 Stations now and just lost contact with wind unit with one. Probably corroded or dead solar cell as it's been going for over 3 years. Dread the task of taking it down and getting it back up.
  4. Yeah, we'll really be hurting in the Lee, Wise and Scott County area's as much of this Region missed out on the abundant Rains during Summer.
  5. Amazing ! Wound up with a quarter of an inch here yesterday. 0.03" today. Paltry. Same story since April. It's as if we have some kind of Shield around here this Summer. August Total still above Average due to first half. 6.04" . May, June, July were each well below.
  6. Sure is man. Totalled 0.27" yesterday. Enough to keep grass alive but, nothing for water levels. Sad. The persistence of the Pattern this Summer is rather uncanny. Complexes continue to travel in pretty much the same path ; not much shift at all. Nino really showing it's print along with other rather anomalous parameters. I'm thinking the massive Wildfires and the excessive smoke are having some effect, not only on sun filtering and T's but, also larger scale. What's your take John ?
  7. Amazing how this patterns been. Very dry here as have only received 1.54" this Month with under 2 inches last month !
  8. Wise Virginia, recorded 3 inches of Snow May 7 1989. Pennington gap, Va a Dusting that Morning with an afternoon high of 42. Eastern Ky and portions of extreme SWVA received up to 10 inches May 20, 1894. Even Lexington recorded 6 inches. Another System brought Eastern Ky several inches the 24th.
  9. Yep, never fails when the pattern is what we had during Winter.
  10. Yep. We knew this would happen after the terrible non productive Winter we've had.
  11. Yep, sickening but, not surprising.
  12. Good post . It appears we're honing in on what the cause of the SER on every Steroid there is, IS. We were thinking it probable the western Atlantic SST'S were at least part of the culprit. The linking of the SER with the big - NAO has been the puzzle, really, as in times past was almost unheard of. I think you've came up with the main reason PSU. Makes sense with those boiling Gulf SST'S.
  13. Speaking of 1979. You are spot on and it was strong upstream blocking that produced for us
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