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  1. 1-3” for RVA. least NW areas. Most SE areas. Possible 4” snow lolli.
  2. Gfs is dry. 0z Euro has a bit more now. But less than an inch total.
  3. For this winter it’s more than the cusp lol. The 0z NAM is like 12/9/18. Just that model tho.
  4. Yes it’s been awful, but not a “now you see a storm, now you don’t” awful. It’s just been nothingness. Here is something at least.
  5. Haha. Unfortunately it’s not. Jaded emotionalism lol. But not parody. FWIW 0z NAM is north btw.
  6. Meh. When tracking it doesn’t matter what has happened earlier in the season. And as far as sun angle? It’s generally an overused cliche and definitely doesn’t matter when it’s dark. Plenty of late winter/early spring events the past several years.
  7. Actually 18z has something. Which is better than the nothing we’ve had all winter so far lol.
  8. 72 hour forecasting has been very good. Outside of that there will always be error. The consistency of ensembles for the most reliable models are much better than even just 5-10 years ago AND exponentially better than 20-30 years ago. “They” have done really well for Dorian.
  9. Amazing how it seems to just stay on the exact same path as the coastline from Central Fla all the way to NC through hour 102.
  10. Watch Levi Cowan video from tonight on tropical tidbits (twitter page also). He actually says last couple minutes of video that a slightly weaker storm could mean it stays in a westerly movement longer and into Fla like HWRF model shows.
  11. For Fla yes. For the Carolinas and SEVA, not so much.