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  1. I’m in SC currently but doesn’t look like gonna hit 50 in RVA. Am I seeing this right?
  2. Thanks! That ice in RVA would make this past weekend’s ice look tame. As per this GFS run anyway.
  3. Anyone have freezing rain/sleet maps that includes all of Va from 12z gfs? Please
  4. I don’t see anyway we hit the mid 50’s. MAYBE 50
  5. I GUARANTEE you it won’t be 50° in NY State. The TRENDS continue to be colder. Anything else is just nonsensical speculation at this point. Can the trends change? Of course. There are no signs that they are. @Bob Chill talked about it last week-In this hobby as long as I’m not hugging one model that has the most snow etc but look at what the major models are showing and then the mesos within 48 hours or so of an event, most of the time we will have a general idea of what will occur, using the TOOLS at our disposal.
  6. Exactly-More than half of these comments so far hopefully get moved to banter. Garbage. And yes this one should be also but it had to be said.
  7. There’s really no jinx when more than half the comments so far are people whining about frozen precip type off of one Euro run. Reading the comments instantly thought of this guy. Hopefully storm mode soon so can be they can be moved to banter haha.
  8. GFS ensembles are more snowy than sleety or icy. So that’s good. And not one of those is rain. From what I see anyway. Not one.
  9. Yeah..sleet or snow. No ice. I’ll be tracking, while playing golf in Myrtle Beach lol.
  10. Well said! I think he’s more interested in being “contra-wise” more so than making the best call. So he can crap on other forecasts and forecasters.