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  1. - But the CFSv2 is sort of suggestive of maybe a big H5 ridge over the middle of the country post-500 hours and setting us up for maybe the "ring of fire" type look. We can dream.
  2. Yeah but then we run the risk of not being able to be served well.
  3. Someday I'll get my shot again :'( It does sound like a bunch of you got a really nice event
  4. Watching the radar loop is entertaining - it's like it knows exactly where the Potomac is and won't go north of it Looks fierce still.
  5. It's kinda following the Potomac. It's going to miss me to the south. Of course. FIgures.
  6. I see outflow. Probably not long before it dies before DC/MoCo
  7. I want a 30% Day 8 outlook from SPC
  8. We'll probably get awful timing if nothing else.
  9. I patrol Pine Lake pretty regularly for Park Police (volunteer). Can't believe I didn't realize that is what fed my portion of NW Branch. Just looked at a map and it's clear as can be. Interesting. I wonder how high Pine Lake got during that ordeal. I'm sure it was sealed off - that was long before I was a volunteer.
  10. It was along the NW Branch Trail in the vicinity of Springbrook High School.
  11. I wish I had a smartphone back then. Would have been nice to have a quick camera with me. I just have to go by memory of that walk through the woods. It was surreal and I don't think it hit at the time how high the debris was into the branches of the trees. I would say that I'm remembering it in an exaggerated form but given how intense that event was I think I'm remembering it correctly. We are talking fish out of water a good 200 yards from where the creek normally resides.
  12. June 2006 was incredible. Went for a walk with friends in the woods bordering my house in the days after that and there was debris stuck in branches of trees way off the ground. We found some good sized dead fish out of water as well nowhere near the creek. Would have loved to have seen how high the water got in person. But I'm not that dumb...
  13. Yes nice signature on it now. Went up pretty fast too. Went from almost nothing to a 1+ inch hail marker pretty quick on GR2.
  14. Interesting storm motion in some of those storms. Some look to be moving SE to NW