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  1. Kmlwx

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    This post above is probably a good indication we are going to get shellacked
  2. Kmlwx

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    First big snow since moving to Columbia. We're on the 8th floor and I've lost my ruler so no official measurement. It's dumping out there the last hour, though. Looks like two reports near me of over 9 inches so I'd assume I'm around the same.
  3. Kmlwx

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    You do realize that he is a professional meteorologist. If you want to butt heads with somebody - probably going to lose that battle going up against a red tagger and people like psuhoffman and Bob Chill. Yes...we can fail. Glad you're taking the ops and claiming "persistence" - the fact is we have a snowfall enroute for this weekend...that alone has broken your persistence theory.
  4. Kmlwx

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Wut... That's now how that works. The ensembles are run with each member having slightly varied initial conditions. The ensembles don't automatically paint a better picture. Okay - I'm done. Thread can go back to normal programming.
  5. Kmlwx

    January Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Nobody is "acting like we're guaranteed to get slammed" - You really should post a little less. you're contributing almost nothing to the discussion at this point. The 20th is 9 days away. Glad that because the GFS and Euro show something similar it's locked in to be a cutter. If you're so sure that we are cooked for the 20th - why don't you just stop posting until the next threat pops in. There's nothing wrong with discussion - but if you're just going to pollute threads with crap don't post at all. Ever wonder why you rarely see me in threads during the winter until it's the obs thread? Because I know I don't have much to add and I'd just clutter the threads. A high post count doesn't make for a smarter poster. Don't go for quantity over quality... I get it - we've all been there before. I was weenie tagged in the EUSWX days. Just take a step back... ETA: you aren't even in the right subforum...if you're going to come into a subforum outside of your region...you need to at least be courteous of the other members. I don't come derail discussions in the PA forums.
  6. Kmlwx

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Fantastic write-up! Always enjoy reading your posts!
  7. Kmlwx

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Party like it's 2007.
  8. Kmlwx

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    I'm pretty sure you can change your own username in the user settings!
  9. Kmlwx

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    You really think by Monday or Tuesday we'll be "locked in"? How long have you been in this hobby?
  10. Kmlwx

    November/December Medium/Long Range Disco

    More members would be nice as well...but not sure they have the computing power available for that?
  11. Kmlwx

    November/December Medium/Long Range Disco

    Yoda will still post them but preceded by "FWIW" or "we take"
  12. Kmlwx

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    06z FV3 looks like it goes for a Miller A at the end of the run hehe
  13. Kmlwx

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Started a few weeks ago.
  14. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    If it's that slow and tough to navigate - I may bail on the subscription and just go back to getting PBP here...it isn't terrible so far but it's definitely not what I'd expect from a pay site.
  15. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    Yeah - I love the graphics - don't love the navigation. Page is also slow for me to load a bit.