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  1. It's because of the period at the end.
  2. lol @ SPC adding the marginal risk at 1300z and removing it at 1630z. Probably wasn't even warranted to begin with - guidance has looked pretty meager for anything except showers with a little gusty wind.
  3. That I will agree with. - We'll see what method we follow to failure this time
  4. We'll see. Meh.
  5. PEPCO outage map ticking up now. Last 15 minutes I've heard either large branches coming down in the woods or transformers. No big gusts yet but it does sound windier than earlier.
  6. More interested in wind than rain. Rain is pretty boring even if we need it. It takes a TON of rain to make for "interesting rain" otherwise it's just H20 coming from the sky.
  7. I bet we won't get a HWW
  8. 925mb winds appear to get into the low 40kt range looking at the CoD site. Hopefully the power goes out at work and they close the office on Monday...
  9. BTR made an oopsie Anytime you see a cell ID, that's more than likely cell motion not wind. You need to check velocity for wind speed potential. Not to mention, for 77kt wind you wouldn't be seeing a lack of LSRs. 77kts would be widespread destruction along the path. Derecho style wind. Max potential will be around 50mph probably. Further, those winds are not going to be out of the north either.
  10. We'll see - but I'm not sure there will be enough surface based instability. But a few CYA tornado warnings could definitely be possible. Wouldn't be surprised to see an isolated spot ot two get severe level gusts - but most should be 50mph or below.
  11. Let's see how we can screw this up for our yards...
  12. With remnant tropical cyclones you're really not going to get any sort of hail risk most times. TOR would be the main threat IF any severe threat materializes. Even damaging wind wouldn't be up at the levels of a regular DC area severe threat. TOR is what you have to hope for is you want a severe threat.
  13. All I want is some rain and severe risk.
  14. Gimme some tropical TOR action
  15. See the last few pages of discussion.