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  1. April Discobs Thread

    Neat radar look if nothing else
  2. I woke up to one very nice clap of thunder and that was about it. The season is extremely young...I don't expect much this time of year. By May if we aren't tracking some shots of severe then we can start getting itchy.
  3. Noticed that. Impressive radar images down that way.
  4. @WxWatcher007 - No kidding. That thing looks like it means business.
  5. I think odds are better for you. There are indications it might not surge north. Somewhere around DC seems probable. Not sure it'll make it back up to say Baltimore. We'll see.
  6. We'll have to hope for the backdoor front to lift north a healthy amount. You can see the cells that were around/south of Culpeper are dying as they lift north.
  7. FWIW...HRRR (18z) actually tries to push a very narrow tongue of parameters (SCP etc)...it gets almost to MBY before fizzling out. Even updraft helicity is non zero but it seems to peter out before reaching DC proper.
  8. Does not change my original message. 3km NAM does show a healthy line gusting through overnight Sun into Mon. Nonetheless I'm not expecting anything other than a potentially gusty squall.
  9. Believe that discussion is mainly targeted for the area running between a line running from coastal NC up to the southern Delmarva.
  10. 2018 Mid-Atlantic Reunion & Reconciliation

    That might work better for me. I was about to sell concert tickets that I have (going to Austin) for the 28th to chill with you folks.
  11. Wooo - our first shot at our first meh of the season!
  12. April 7-8 snow event

    Getting flurries in NW DC right now.
  13. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Psbl Haz Type on COD has TORNADO lolol
  14. The timing for Wednesday is quite early in the day. But the 12z NAM does get a brief/narrow nose of okay parameters for this time of year into the area around 15z.