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  1. Kmlwx

    October/November Mid/Long Range Disco

    06z FV3 looks like it goes for a Miller A at the end of the run hehe
  2. Kmlwx

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Started a few weeks ago.
  3. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    If it's that slow and tough to navigate - I may bail on the subscription and just go back to getting PBP here...it isn't terrible so far but it's definitely not what I'd expect from a pay site.
  4. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    Yeah - I love the graphics - don't love the navigation. Page is also slow for me to load a bit.
  5. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    I broke down and bought a weathermodels.com subscription. Probably will let it cruise through March if the need arises. Pretty maps galore.
  6. Kmlwx

    November 15 Snow/Ice Chance

    That map kind of reminds me of the 2009-2010 storms in terms of being Mid-Atlantic centralized
  7. @high risk - how much CAPE do you think will be enough to do it?
  8. HRRR is showing some pretty intense updraft helicity ETA: less impressive on latest run
  9. Kmlwx

    October Discobs Thread

    No kidding. I just looked and that look at H5 is drool worthy. Hopefully not laying down the tracks too early
  10. Kmlwx

    October Discobs Thread

    It's disgusting...my parents house (where I am tonight) is so humid we've got a dehumidifier and the house A/C running - along with a window unit in one of the rooms.
  11. Kmlwx

    October Discobs Thread

    Looks like they just kept the short term forecast product and no dense fog advisory. Funny thing is it doesn't even include eastern MoCo and it's plenty foggy here still - was socked in when I made that post. I guess maybe they decided it was going to be relatively short in duration. I can't believe I missed my exit! Sure was creepy out there.
  12. Kmlwx

    October Discobs Thread

    NWS needs a dense fog advisory. I drove from Columbia, MD down to Colesville, MD in the past 25 minutes and visibility is in the toilet. Much better near water sources but elsewhere the fog is so thick I missed the exit to the ICC because I couldn't see it.
  13. Kmlwx

    September Discobs Thread

    Something is trying to spin a bit up near Thurmont.
  14. Kmlwx

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Sandy Part 2.
  15. Kmlwx

    September Discobs Thread

    Newest HRRR run that is ongoing right now looks less impressive - it also focuses most of the storm activity along and to the east of the metro area.