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  1. Looks like the Visitor Center is still going to be closed - where do you plan on watching from? Wish it was a nighttime launch...
  2. I'm in Chincoteague 12th-19th. Small world. I'm really hoping the mosquitos aren't awful (I haven't been down there since I was younger). There's a NRO spy sat launch scheduled for 9am on the 15th if you hadn't already seen that. Minotaur IV rocket.
  3. Let's do it. I'm of course out town the entirety of next week. You guys will probably get rocked just because mother nature hates me.
  4. Wouldn't we want to be less squarely under the ridge and more on the periphery for derecho stuff?
  5. It's simply the best. No contest.
  6. If nothing else, at least it has made for some interesting radar watching today. Too bad not every day of heat waves can result in this. Weather has been excessively boring lately.
  7. Man...I wish every day of a heat wave would behave like this. Great little storm in Arundel Mills.
  8. This stuff forming around DC, if it's not relatively intense - may preclude a stronger threat later due to cooling of the air from rain.
  9. It's pretty cloud filled here in Colesville, MD. Some light returns are starting to show up on radar locally as well.
  10. The CU field is mentioned in the latest mesoscale discussion. SPC thinks that the area of CU running from the DC area up to SEPA may be a corridor for new development. Also mentions the surging outflow from the storms to the north and east. On visible sat, the field in general looks a little more agitated now. The outflow is clearly visible on the satellite images as it is just barely into the NEern tip of Maryland and into Delaware.
  11. I think we have to hope that the outflow from the Philly activity can join up with some of the boundaries like the bay breeze and such around us to trigger stuff. Dews have some down at some stations in the area - still high along the bay.
  12. Visible satellite of that Philly cluster looks like a nuke went off! They are getting walloped.
  13. Seems both the NAM nest and the HRRR (even with any dew mixing) keep areas at least a bit inland (west) from the bay in the game. Annapolis might still be a good place for storms. Definitely will be a nowcast type of event.