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  1. Power finally back on. Whatever happened for PEPCO last night must have been pretty serious. Big chunk of outages popped up around 2am and the numbers didn't budge until a little before 7am. Had to have been a feeder line or substation...usually the outage is wide to start but quickly is trimmed once they figure out where the actual issue is. No such luck on this - generator failed as well - finally managed to get it running around 5:40am.
  2. No reduction in outage count roughly 3 hours later. Must be a major failure or facility down. No word from generator service company either.
  3. Major outage in Eastern MoCo and western PGCO. Been out since around 2am. Generator picked a great night to fail.... Must be a big transmission line or substation. Usually those get isolated quick... No such luck this time. Seems over 20K are impacted.
  4. Some crazy radar estimates for rain amounts in parts of Montgomery.
  5. Radar just keeps blossoming for MoCo. If this keeps up it could get a bit more serious.
  6. My PWS lightning count is up to 491 from all this activity. Has tended to estimate low compared to what is reality as well.
  7. Backbuilding/new cells developing back towards Seneca in Montgomery Co. Will reinforce any small creek/urban flood threat . Even a minor hail marker showing on the TIAD scans.
  8. 0z HRRR keeps activity forming overnight - appears non-severe of course, but some areas could still be in the game for some quick downpours even as late as 10z.
  9. Somewhere in the area between Wolf Trap to NW DC up in the MoCo Belway area to College Park is probably going to see a Flood Warning (or FFW) at some point. Lots of heavy rain sticking around.
  10. Yep - new little cell. Not seeing much lightning on it. We are probably transferring to more of a heavy rain threat with any new activity. Beefy stuff up by Baltimore could still trigger a warning or two.
  11. Doesn't look like it'll cycle up like the original storm did. Radar looking messy now as more little cells start to pop up elsewhere (W of Leesburg, Laytonsville, Sykesville, N of Ellicott City.
  12. Some new strikes being shown near Potomac on the ENTLN data coinciding with some weak but new reflectivity returns in that area. Maybe some back building? These storms are relatively slow movers too...definite risk of urban or small stream/creek flooding.
  13. The original warning was updated as well to indicate the trees down reports from Potomac, MD (pretty close to my office, actually!).
  14. Seems there are two "cores" or local maxes in reflectivity. One is down W of Kensington area and the other is that new warning. The new warning is the dominant one it seems.
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