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  1. It was *not* supposed to be fixed yesterday. It was supposed to be evaluated for next steps yesterday (which it was). Bull-gear failure and it will likely be down for 10+ days.
  2. Can you imagine this vort pass in prime winter? This is for the Tue/Wed event.
  3. I'm having a hard time remembering what the cloud cover/precip situation was just ahead of the Sept 2012 event. Based on the SPC events page, it looks like that might have been an event that started earlier in the day. We had mesoscale discussions by mid morning it seems. It seems the guidance wants to track the low nearby or even to the southeast. The low being SE of us is going to probably nix any severe potential. We'll need to see if that trends back north and west a bit.
  4. This vort pass coming Tue/Wed would probably be nice in winter
  5. CTP's radar is also offline - but based on their status message it sounds like that'll be a brief outage once parts arrive.
  6. The LWX radar is the "worst case" scenario - it's the bull-gear. They won't even be discussing next steps until a joint meeting on Monday. Thereafter it looks like the radar is going to be down for a minimum of a week - but likely longer.
  7. CIPS is still highlighting this analog -
  8. What I found interesting is that this failure occurred right after an upgrade or other maintenance. Assuming it's just a coincidence. Lake Charles should DEFINITELY get preference. Is there some sort of contingency that allows them to work on multiple 88Ds at once? Rare case but what if a major storm took out 2 or 3 radars in short order. I guess it's a personnel numbers type thing - can't imagine there's a ton of folks able to do work on radars. ETA: This failure probably guarantees the event of the season on Tuesday
  9. Haven't read back in the thread yet - but it sounds like the LWX radar had a pretty serious failure.
  10. GFS is slower again and appears to be more amped again.