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  1. What if the models beyond 48 hours only showed H5 panels. Would sure cut down on the snow map weenies.
  2. Yeah isn't it the unpertubed (same initial conditions as the OP) but run at the resolution the pertubed ensemble members are run at?
  3. Outage numbers for PEPCO are pretty low so far. Though it could just be a slow refresh of the map.
  4. 30.7 now in Colesville. Appears to be raining lightly out there. Definitely getting slick on surfaces I shoveled earlier.
  5. 29 degrees now. The temp rise has been quite impressive.
  6. Temp is really rising now - up to 26.1 it looks like.
  7. Looks like 2.25" as the pingers started here. Compaction will really start now.
  8. Was out shoveling the driveway and heard pingers here in Colesville.
  9. Around 1.25" so far here in Colesville, MD. VERY pretty outside with cold fluff. 24.4 degrees for the temp and 17.4 for the dewpoint. So they are closing in on each other now. Expecting pingers in the next while here.
  10. H5 low is showing in North Central GA per mesoanalysis - we'll see where it goes.
  11. Mesoanalysis has the lowest pressure in extreme NE Tennessee.
  12. Venturing a guess - but once the surface winds shift and change from being what they currently are (NE or NNE) - the temps may start to respond fairly soon after that.
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