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  1. Not in my case - I did NOT keep up with the maintenance of my lawn renovation back in 2013. It is almost entirely weeds and ugly stuff now.
  2. You need to conserve water. You'll need to change your username to assist in the cause.
  3. Very anomalous. I think his statement still holds.
  4. Man...I'm guessing this GFS cold bias is real. That's crazy.
  5. Tree down on a car in my parent's neighborhood with critical injury. Rescue in progress. Gathering more info
  6. We need these wind fields with 3000j/kg CAPE lol
  7. I'm becoming more intrigued by the synoptic wind behind lol
  8. Latest SPC outlook mentions poor lapse rates but 700J/KG of CAPE at IAD
  9. Pressure rises of 5mb in 2hr now indicated on mesoanalysis behind the system. Those have been increasing.
  10. Tornado possible tag in the Maryland warning.
  11. Gust to 48mph in Leesburg it seems.
  12. No warnings locally for now. Pressure rises behind are really cranking.
  13. 67mph non-tstm gust reported in MIneral, WV