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  1. That's right around when I started exiting my full-on weenie years and becoming a much more balanced weather nerd.
  2. The true Confucius of the Mid-Atlantic. Your posts are always *chefs kiss*
  3. Seems like the kind of day where a bunch of cells with little or no lightning and tops under 35kft will all seem to take on mini-supercell characteristics and perhaps put down a brief tornado. Chaotic kind of days.
  4. I'm a little more in today and less meh - but still pretty meh. The latest (06z) NAM nest looked decent. CIPS had a bit of a signal as well...at least as much as you could expect off-peak season. SREF even paints some sigtor ingredients in our region tomorrow on the 21z frame.
  5. This is true - especially if it's very dynamic at 500mb (negative tilted trough, well timed, and with some overlap in whatever CAPE is available and the shear and forcing). November 2006 had a very dynamic event.
  6. As is common in these out-of-season events...the NAM and NAM nest favor south and east of the metros for any enhanced activity. meh.
  7. Latest NAM nest puts the bullseye in NE Maryland and into SEPA. 12km NAM doesn't have that same max at all.
  8. PWS has max daily gust of 14.3mph since midnight. That means it was quite breezy as even in summer time storms this thing is hard pressed to get above 10 or 11 (it's not an ideal site as it is sheltered pretty well by trees and structures). The NAM nest and longer range HRRR both show a good amount of rain to come in the next "wave"
  9. The new 18z NAM rolling in suggests that there could be a period of good wind gusts in the metro areas between 6z and 9z - higher gusts than the last run.
  10. Took me longer than I'd like to admit to figure out that video higher up on this page was auto-playing. Somebody is going to have a shock when they load this page this AM at work....
  11. BECS for Southern Maryland and flurries for the Mason-Dixon Line
  12. The warned cell to the west has ping pong and ball sized hail in the warning.
  13. 60 percent chance of a watch per the mesoscale discussion.
  14. Yes - the Euro pretty much ingests all pieces of data. They have the best ingestion/assimilation in the world.
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