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  1. Kmlwx

    March Discobs 2019

    That's hail according to LWX. ETA: Weird - the system took the wrong quote. My bad Lessburg!
  2. Kmlwx

    March Discobs 2019

    Warning in effect for parts of the metro area.
  3. I had hail in Columbia just before 9pm. Smaller than pea sized - a few good CG strikes too. That's a win in my book.
  4. NAM 3k was pretty dry if not completely dry for a lot of locations in our area.
  5. Gotcha. Honestly - it's weather enthusiasts being weather enthusiasts. I don't think you can fault people for tracking what they love. But that's just me. I don't know your wife and am sorry she suffers from SAD. But I'm going to track weather regardless of whether it's convenient for others. I don't feel as though that's insensitive. Just my two cents though. We are cool - I get what you are saying. I'm just not sure a weather forum should cease tracking weather just because it doesn't match the season.
  6. Totally understand - and mods I apologize for derailing the thread a bit. Using this logic I could also say it's a bit insensitive to hope for warmth because I suffer from horrible allergies. I like warm weather - but everyone has their likes/dislikes. Of course we like snow - honestly that is the biggest reason EUSWX and AmWx were created - snow tracking. Most people on here will track exciting weather - whether it's wind, storms, hurricanes or snow. But it's still astronomical winter for a few days. Let the snow weenies chase snow. I'm still keeping on eye open for flakes. None of it is intended to "wrong" you or "bully" you.
  7. Not diminishing this - but I'm a person who struggles with that some years and sun lamps work fine to alleviate for many. Also - the days will get longer regardless of snow chances. As far as I know the science behind seasonal affective disorder is mainly for the SUN aspect. Nothing to do with snow/cold. Astronomy doesn't care that there are still snow chances - the days get longer no matter what. Unfortunately I think we've grown into a world where not only is social media "poisoning" people - but people get offended really easily. Not saying this is directed at you...but if we continue on this type of path - we're going to be walking on egg shells for eternity
  8. Well south and east appears to be the site for any action this PM.
  9. Been busy at work all morning - what a disaster. Maybe we can eke out a rumble of thunder.
  10. 12-24 inches of hail.
  11. You're not one of us :O Show yourself the door.
  12. 384 is fantasy land - but sub 370 hours is money.
  13. Even in low activity years - it only takes a single day/event to really make a or break our severe season around these parts. A region-wide significant squall line can make a season pretty memorable. Though I'd like multiple storm days ideally. Thunderstorms are one of the few redeeming qualities about triple H weather around here.
  14. It's March...and even though we probably have a few more winter weather threats ahead...it's time to launch the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Severe Wx thread. Pattern stuff can go in here, discussion leading up to events and more. Same guidelines as past years. Thread will probably idle for a month or two - let's hope for some general excitement this year.
  15. Kmlwx

    February Discobs 2019

    Outages aren't that high in the immediate metro area it seems.