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  1. Kmlwx

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Most guidance wants to at most brush this near the OBX before heading out. Impacts for DC proper are probably low to none at this point. Could be cool to watch develop, though!
  2. WTOP weather forecast mentioned storms with damaging winds and flooding rains for tomorrow - SPC is not impressed lol.
  3. May just be selective memory - but I feel like mod risks bust for us less often than ENH. I think they are way more willing to throw out an ENH vs a moderate for us - they are (with a few exceptions) only willing to put out a mod for us when something like a derecho or high end tor risk day seems in the bag.
  4. Honestly I feel like I've seen it go both ways. We've had plenty of days of being in a low end slight or "See Text" before marginal was a thing that turned out to be pretty impressive days (nothing derecho - but just higher end stuff in general). On the flip side - we've definitely seen days of high end slights or even moderates go completely up in smoke. Usually it's cloudcover or capping or whatever. Always something to blow the forecast.
  5. Models don't look terrible. Could be some interesting storms to watch this PM.
  6. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Well it depends on the kind of heat you're asking for. 100+ isn't good for anybody but the records books
  7. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    You are the worst. In a good way though. You are like the necessary evil poster.
  8. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Thanks! Unfortunately I lean less towards the programming side of things and more towards IT Training, networking and applications support. But I totally forgot to look at the school system!
  9. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Merriweather has been kind of good and bad for me - It's nice that it's so close but the stupid pedestrians during concerts are the worst...I came home from work one night and almost hit 3 separate groups who were trying to cross in the middle of the road. My next step is going to be to peruse jobs in Columbia. Right now I still work down in Potomac. I'm eyeballing something in the Medstar building right at Little Patuxent and Broken Land - waiting for something IT that I qualify for to pop up.
  10. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Moved in early June! First legit storm I've gotten to see coming in from that direction. There have been some stormy days that I've either missed or came from a different direction. I'm *sort of* splitting time right now between my old haunt in Silver Spring at the parents and my new digs. Well sort of...have been stopping in the mornings before work and sometimes in the evenings. But I'd say 90% of my time is now in Columbia. It feels weird after being in the same spot for 26ish years. And yes - balcony is on the 8th floor and faces pretty much due north. We get good views of WNW to NE roughly. There have been some great sunsets and sunrises as well.
  11. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

  12. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Another update - this move to Columbia is worth it for the north and northwest views alone for storm season...
  13. Kmlwx

    June Discobs Thread

    Looking north from Columbia near the lake as the line heads in. In progress on a timelapse too.
  14. NAM is back to being decent around 21z Saturday for parts of the area. Mid level lapse rates look pretty sucky...but too bad we don't get SE winds like that with many of our events.
  15. That's what NAM sim radar looks like at 84 hours.