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  1. Thunder and gusty winds would be fun. Even if we don't see anything locally for Sunday - just seeing some of the guidance for areas of the Southeast is pretty freaky.
  2. And there's plenty of time to move things around. I'm sure we're not at the final setup on the models. We'll see where we stand later in the week. Would suck if most of us miss out on appreciable storms tonight, tomorrow, Thursday and then the weekend too.
  3. It looks intense - but primarily for the SE. I'm not convinced we see much of anything up our way other than rain maybe. Bears watching for sure.
  4. LOL. The 12z HRRR sends a big time cell right through Frederick County, Montgomery County and Howard County this evening.
  5. Yeah...I think NoVa could get some activity. Certainly far west of our area looks much better. We'll find someway to bust on all three days.
  6. @yoda - I read that more as the storm potential will extend into our area - not necessarily that the hatching would come into our area. CAMs are a mixed bag it seems - I'm underenthused for today locally..for now.
  7. The 06z run of the 3km NAM had a nice complex coming through the DC area tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  8. Kmlwx

    COVID-19 Talk

    You can get it again.
  9. Kmlwx

    COVID-19 Talk

    So sorry to hear this. Hang in there! We are a pretty tight crew in here.
  10. Kmlwx

    COVID-19 Talk

    It is definitely possible. The early discussion was about grocery store supplies etc. That type of discussion isn't political at all. Maybe it would be best if we kept the focus to the impacts on our local area and our membership specifically. I agree to an extent with you - but we can definitely have a discussion with our fellow forum members about the local impacts of COVID-19 without having it become a political slugfest in here.
  11. Kmlwx

    COVID-19 Talk

    I've been lurking and I'm right there with you. It's VERY hard for people (even our best of friends on here) to keep things bipartisan when given the opportunity like this to start going at it. Would be great if this could legit be a discussion ONLY about the non-political aspects of the virus and what's going on). Politics very quickly edged their way into the thread. I'll show myself out now.
  12. Kmlwx

    COVID-19 Talk

    It seems to be varying by location as well. I've had perfectly fine luck finding pasta, but yeah, TP is gone everywhere and seemingly is not being restocked. Meat has been decent at the places I've been too. I guess time of day matters too.
  13. Don't believe anything is going to be in the cards for MBY this evening. On to the next event up here!