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  1. Missed it due to weekend work
  2. Even the HRRR sucks
  3. Really boring.
  4. Still out.
  5. Yeah I was never really "in" for this event - but the parameters looked good for a few runs. Even now they look good but no real reflectivity to show for it. Yawn.
  6. Looks like moderate to heavy rain to me on the sim reflectivity. That does not look like severe or anything close to it.
  7. Yoda, just remember - just because parameters are in place does not mean we will get rocked.
  8. July 15 and 22 could work for me. So could Aug 26. All subject to change of course...but this sounds fun.
  9. I mean you can eat and chat right?
  10. Can we just move it to your backyard?
  11. 70/30 (going/not going) - Pending Metro not being a dumpster fire and a few other things
  12. Brown ocean effect
  13. 60/40 (going/not going) Will know better closer to the weekend.
  14. Hoping for some good growth of the cells to impact DC - Good stuff well SW and good stuff NW so far.
  15. NAM 3km kind of does a Central MD split - DC does well though.