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  1. Last few frames look like a flash flood threat radar - lots of little cells popping up all over the metro.
  2. Weird cluster of strikes showing on the ENTLN data just NNW of Middleburg, VA. Not associated with any significant returns on KLWX or TIAD radars.
  3. Pretty nice wind signature on that storm for the time of day. Looks like it's riding a boundary (WPC analyzing a stationary front across the area)
  4. Lots of thunder from that Chevy Chase cell now. Getting the northern fringes of it now in Colesville. PWS showing a ton of lightning strikes in past 5-10 mins.
  5. Just the other day didn't Potomac get hit pretty hard?
  6. The MoCo cell looks like it's losing intensity.
  7. Interesting that the storm is also warned for hail - on a day that was supposed to have very little hail risk!
  8. DCAPE is really lacking for most of us. Lots of CAPE though.
  9. Ditto. 76 in Colesville, MD as well.
  10. 10z HRRR initiates stuff around 2pm locally. ETA: More like 1pm a little cell is already W of DC on the Potomac.
  11. Think the biggest thing with this heat wave is that the dewpoints never really mixed out - seems on our 100+ days the dews come down just a bit on the downsloping. My dewpoint has been 70 or higher all day with no signs of dropping. High of 94.5 on the PWS which is still nasty with the humidity...but it's tougher to hit the century mark without that help.
  12. Wavering between 91-94 depending on amount of sun it seems like. Dewpoint wavering around 70-73. Heat index right in the 100 range.
  13. 93ish/71. Dewpoint is bouncing around a bit on my PWS. Heat index sitting right around 100.
  14. My temperature has actually RISEN behind the outflow...
  15. Nice consolation prize outflow. One of the more impressive outflows I can remember. As for the storms...looks like it's going about as advertised. Really losing any semblance of a line or storms as the activity comes east.
  16. Definitely had some punch here in Colesville. Could hear the wind starting to go through the trees as it approached. Given how far we are from the dying storms - I'm pretty impressed with that boundary. Nothing severe - but it put a ton of leaves into the air here.
  17. Also - a lot of the activity to the west of the VA/WV border is likely being aided by terrain. Not sure any of that would exist if the higher elevations weren't there.
  18. Think our only hope will be if a good enough push of rain cooled air from those storms pushes east and kicks off something closer. If I wasn't a weather enthusiast and looked at this radar - I'd be expecting a pummeling tonight.
  19. The 18z NAM nest at the 20z frame looks comically different versus reality.
  20. 19z HRRR is a big tease. Kills precip right before it gets to me (and appears to be sub severe well before then). Radar looks really deceivingly good, though to the west.
  21. Additionally, the record high stats at BWI are such that only 3 days have record maxes below 100. And honestly...even though these are the "new" normals from the new period...we are getting hotter (everyone agrees except for a few). Would anticipate that by the time the next refresh of the "30 year average" data BWI will look more like DCA and DCA will look more like an oven.
  22. We are in the climatologically hottest part of the year. BWIs peak average temp is 89 and runs from July 2-26. You are statistically the most likely to have big heat in that period.
  23. Radar is starting to have that flood threat kind of look with little cells continuing to pop up behind the outflow boundary.
  24. Outflow is really outrunning the storms now. Well into MoCo (almost to Rockville even).
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