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  1. Also - the stuff over the KDOX radar area has more convective looks to it. Wouldn't be surprised if there are some brief spinnys or gustnados with that stuff.
  2. Will certainly be interesting to see how the wind forecasts fare. On one hand, the storm is weakening...but there is still that pressure gradient and the system will be getting closer.
  3. KDOX radar and the eastern side of the KLWX radar scope seems to support heavy rain incoming in the coming hours. We'll see how it rotates in and if it sustains.
  4. Outages around the area are definitely higher than earlier - but really nothing significant. We'll see how things fare as we get into the afternoon as the system works its way up towards us.
  5. Overall lull in a lot of metro area - still rainy but definitely not as intense as earlier. Looks like stuff will rotate up from the lower bay area and eastern shore.
  6. Really good day to just hunker down and play board games or watch a movie/binge watch a series. Dreary/rainy out there.
  7. 6z GFS has a weird low hook into the coast after 200hrs. Wacky!
  8. Thought I was going to get a lull but it's filled in over PG/Calvert/Charles - really coming down out there!
  9. TEAL72 is up out of Keesler for the next recon stint.
  10. Has evolved pretty nicely in a short amount of time, actually.
  11. Maybe an eyewall trying to form? Some lightning in there as well!
  12. Also due to it being in transition by the time it gets up here.
  13. at the guy in the tropical forum thread saying that the shallow shelf waters were upwelled by Hurricane Lee wtf!
  14. Did you forget where Hurricane Lee went?
  15. Well and also discussions from NHC indicate it will get some baroclinic help. Not a "typical" system or pure tropical by any means. So if folks are looking at satellite and expecting a warm core red-meat beast - they going off of incorrect information.
  16. The low is pretty far west...probably a lot of pinging if not 33 and rain
  17. I figured as much - Mondays really suck. At least we likely will have *something* tropical to track probably
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