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  2. Damn fine sleeping weather. Which I am finally going to go experience. Night all~
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  4. It was 50° up in the hills between Binghamton and Middletown a few hours ago. Mmm, felt good driving along with the windows open. So 30-40% chance of showers Monday and Tuesday huh? Yeah, whatever. Time to give up on the garden and stop abusing our well pump I'll keep the herbs and strawberries going because they're a few years old now but everything else is on its own now.
  5. The gfs and cmc have a nice noreaster....for Maine.
  6. Congrats Maine on the 00z gfs. Misses SNE with surgical precision
  7. Below 70F here in the west end for the first time in about a month. DCA still holding strong in the low-mid 70s.
  8. Down to 58 already. Impressive. AC hasn't kicked on in nearly 30 minutes.
  9. Lucy Ducas and Courtney Barnett are amazing. Also it’s 60 at midnight. Also amazing.
  10. The bad news.....98L is vanishing. The good news....look off the SE coast.
  11. Thank you so much for informing me about the shower, it was awesome to watch them with the new airmass in place. Also was the first time I’ve seen a shooting star and they are so cool.
  12. I have no clue anymore on Peng-Robinson, but my 'fugacity' (I know it sounds like slang) subroutine in my Fortran program ( I used to use DOS and UNIX!. I remember 386 processors and models than ran for 2 or 3 hours) was a nightmare to compile. I can differentiate or integrate a polynomial, sin/cos or e^x. I am no longer oilfield, but a lot of the job was 'black box'. Not all. A fair amount of empirically derived formulas, and labs using Excel to best fit data. I remember the classes, not any of the content
  13. A pro met who only trolls, (I have never seen in regional forums for winter except to troll people hoping for the perfect phasing, he just weenie tagged me for noting a possible 30 knot Texas TD) made me think. Engineering, diff/int calc, diff. eq, physics first two years, departmental classes in matrix algebra, 'system of linear differential equations' (1990s reservoir models based on D'Arcy's (Or Darcy's) Law, mass balance and the radial diffusivity equation solved with transforms and plus 'Monte Carlo' which smells like ensemble modeling because hard data is spotty), thermo (Gibbs Free Energy was a poster, not just a thermo term, so I wonder), for heterogeneous/isentropic and multiple phase flow (and petroleum gas behaves differently with different compositions, we were taught Peng-Robinson EOS). I am not as good as several amateur posters here, but I think I am better than most. People get deep into planetary waves, I lose the plot. On Twitter, I'll ask 'how much for Phillie', or rather, what is the sensible weather? I think most professionals were weenies, many probably still are, but have a filter to keep them from allowing wishcasting to mess with forecasting (Joe Bastardi comes to mind. That, and I left WxBell, his PPV contents were more political rants than discussions. And the price was near triple the intro pricing.) I win the Lotto and go to FSU, can I get a BS in 2 years? (Tropical is my favorite, OU is severe central which I also love, but their football fans are obnoxious. Not aggie obnoxious,) OT- was DT a degreed met? He seems gone, although I see quotes off his Facebook on Twitter.
  14. We’re about to have a long stretch of boring aren’t we. Summer severe had its roar. Next up a late November nor’easter. Probably time for another earthquake. .
  15. Yikes. The rest of the game sounds solid though.
  16. I can't tell if the board is stuck in early season or late season blues, that this middling circulation is the most exciting thing we've been able to track in over a month.
  17. Anyone looking up to the sky for the Perseids tonight? https://www.imo.net/viewing-the-perseid-meteor-shower-in-2022/
  18. Not a cloud in the sky, lots of stars, and a supermoon to boot. A full house of katydids for audio and temps in the upper 60s - all making for a fine August night!
  19. Finally it’s not swamp air. Temp dropped from 81 at 7 to 68 at 9.
  20. Always photographed in pairs and empty.
  21. 83 at Wintonbury Hills today with 37 putts! My weight distribution tweak/adjustment carried over today but my putting…needs work.
  22. Our son built a nice one when he was in high school. (He was in the carpentry trade thing). Super comfortable. We have a few plastic ones for the pool deck and fire pit. I want some more permanent ones
  23. Just the other day I happened to look at this and was surprised just how warm Ontario was.
  24. Watching rocky 3 for the unknown number time and each time it resonates with me that Mr T is the worst boxing actor I have ever seen.
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