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  2. Haha, well you picked a good game to go to, hot as hell tho, in total we did 48 medical calls in those 4 hours we were there.
  3. Yes he is! Saying he's expecting winter storms to start showing up around here in 6-8 weeks!! Good times ahead! F the backloaded winters, let's rock!
  4. The LCL's tomorrow are going to be ridiculously low tomorrow...about as low as I think I've seen. If we generate enough 0-3km CAPE that's going to make things extremely interesting. With the degree of directional wind shear/speed shear in the lowest few km with those low LCL's...something will produce.
  5. It had just started raining when I left for Roanoke at 10 am this morning. When I got home at 9 pm the rain was easing up, but looking at the CoCoRaHS gauge on deck I'd estimate 2.5-3.0 inches fell in the 11 hour period here. It POURED while I was in Roanoke this afternoon.
  6. Temp actually rising 70 / 65 now, winds SE and picking up some stesam
  7. Yup, Subaru WRX is the number one car modified in New England it seems from my useless anecdotal thoughts... I mean you see those things everywhere you go. Those and Chevy Impalas for some reason.
  8. FWIW, with all of this concern about what's dying out as it comes east this evening, most hi-res guidance correctly shows this first batch falling apart as it comes east, with a more pronounced line later tonight. It's best depicted in the 18z NAM nest.
  9. crap...that's my fault for only looking at a bufkit sounding for Waterbury. I would have harped on the synoptic wind threat more. I completely agree...this event has a ton more potential than most setups we see of this nature. Having no inversion (or any noticeable one) just above the deck makes this pretty eye opening. Won't take a great deal of cape for things to happen. Just a question of whether we get enough cape to really worry about rotation and meaningful rotation. I'm sure everything will be rotating to some extent
  10. Thanks. That is what I meant.
  11. I remember both November and December being very cold in 89, New Years eve was warm, the rest of the winter was mild in Wethersfield Ct, the winter of 95-96 in Farmington CT was one of the best early winters I remember, cold but not extreme cold with many mid size snow events and the January blizzard
  12. You're probably talking a few tenths of a degree that is preventing the "mixing algorithm" from catching it. Given the neutral at worst look to boundary layer stability this event has a lot more potential than those inverted days with a 90 knot LLJ lol
  13. Sometimes police don't appreciate it, and will cite you for faulty equipment. I have no problem with people flashing to alert you or even one polite flash when approaching on a multi lane highway from behind. They do it in Europe, but not aggressively
  14. holy crap. why isn't the WTBY sounding as impressive with those winds? Really that much of a difference in wind potential between the two places.
  15. Following up on my previous post regarding correlating the November pattern and temps to DJF pattern and temps during Ninas, I added individual month data for each composite (summarizing the 5 warmest Novembers as all +4 or more). At least based off Chicago data, the dataset features no cold Niña winters when November was far above normal. The warmest November to precede a colder than normal winter was 2010 at +1.2. Still can never rule things out in long range forecasting, but based off this it seems safe to have higher confidence in leaning normal to colder than normal if November manages to end up cold and warm if November torches like last year. For what it's worth, the new Euro weeklies trended much colder for early to mid November with a strong signal for AK ridging/-EPO. The rest of the month seems to relax the pattern on the weeklies, but noteworthy that it's been at least a few runs of the weeklies in a row without a signal for an extended duration of a black hole over Alaska. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  16. SREF sig tor probability. Initial convection - and even overnight stuff - needs to be watched given the amount of low level shear.
  17. They were very optimistic last winter too and outside of a few places in NC and SC, it was a dud.
  18. Doing nothing but going poof on my doorstep so far. As usual, no such problems with under-performing winds.
  19. Looks pretty good to me. We have a bit of CAPE out there so convection could make things pretty interesting.
  20. Low blow...but we are fixing the infrastructure. Come back to visit in 2030, we should be better then.
  21. Robert at Wxsouth still very optimism on this coming winter. Sure hope he's right.
  22. Damn.... I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the highest terrain of the UP gets 18 inches.
  23. It feels like I haven’t looked at a radar since Maria made landfall in PR. I couldn’t even remember where the RadarScope app was located on my phone’s home screen.
  24. It’s the guy coming up behind you and flashing you that’s the annoyance. I’ve been on 89 passing a line of cars and had some douche in an Audi come up behind me flashing is lights at me like I’m in his way. I’m alreadybxoing 75-80 passing a line of cars, where the hell does he think I’m going?
  25. Philadelphia 10/24.. Highest max. Lowest max. Highest min. Lowest min. Max. precipitation.snowfall 83 in 2001.....46 in 1889.....63 in 1900.....25 in 1969.....2.26" in 1917 78 in 1900.....47 in 1937.....62 in 2009.....29 in 1964.....1.41" in 2009 76 in 1940.....49 in 2002.....62 in 1908.....33 in 2003*...1.16" in 1971 * also in earlier years...
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