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  2. No hail here either but the wind was strange. I was cleaning up outside and could hear the wind roaring in the distance before it came through. Nice lightning and thunder...one "out of nowhere" clap which startled the bejesus outta me. More fun than anything this winter... 48F/Breezy
  3. Jackson NJ tonight. Guessing Mt Holly will be out there later today?
  4. A large storm system on Monday night will most likely be a close call for heavy snow at Fort Collins and Estes Park.
  5. It was pretty interesting driving my Jeep up 270 from Olney a little while ago. Right into the wind. My balcony furniture hasn’t blown to the side yet, so not sure how to rate this event. The one a couple weeks was probably worse up here…at least so far.
  6. Our basketball hoop blew over. That’s never happened before and we’ve had some strong winds. Luckily it rotated a bit first or it would have smashed into my car.
  7. low-instability severe squall came though here around 11:00AM. At the time I didn't realize there would be this storm report of over 82mph over the Lake
  8. What was your pack at after the snow last night ..30”?
  9. The wind changed from the west around 2pm along with the dewpts and humidity dropping rapidly put the end of the show for us folks up this way.
  10. Yikes. Luckily for me it was only a 15-20 foot section of fence lost. The strength of the wind gusts tonight probably tied Isabel and March 2018 intensity-wise... legit.
  11. All this huffing and puffing and I did not notice that bronny James is coming to state college. Wow
  12. Didn't really get much more than some heavier rain for a short while. No thunder or wind beyond a little breeze.
  13. Russia has been cold Oct-Apr. I wonder what correlation that is to next Winter. Here you go.. since 1980, next Winter analogs: https://ibb.co/Xzm5Hh1
  14. The 500mb anomaly, shown here with Jan 10th-Mar 30th, highlights the exact area with the most precipitation this year: mid-California
  15. They have been saying that the main tornado alley has shifted from texas and Oklahoma over to Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, mississippi and alabama. Those areas were moderate risk, now it looks like we are on the fringe of that area.
  16. I am hearing a lot of down spouts rattling. Was not bad at all daytime but a little more serious tonight. High gust is 47
  17. CabinMtn-2. Last report shows 27F w winds gusting to 58. Brutal.
  18. I don't think so. Check out some of them on findaspring.com.
  19. Yeah, like i said earlier, the NAM suite has been off this storm season. It was horrible with the last 2 outbreaks and outperformed by the other models. Its doing the same thing, like you said, it did with yesterdays outbreak.
  20. The wind is roaring against the brick side of my house here in Marysville.
  21. I lost a section of pool fence in 2008 due to wind. Posts were rotted enough to snap off, bam! About 40' of fence on the ground.
  22. The NAM was massively west with yesterday too if I remember right no?
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