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  2. That’s what I and others experienced. That’s why I tend to meh everything since. Bob was legit though.
  3. That must be really nice in pesky damming scenarios. I'd love to see that when the icing was schedule to flip to 33 rain yet it's still accreting almost to Kevin's How often is that update - like ..hourly or half hourly ?
  4. Euro doing Euro things. Slower frontal passage Tuesday. (But 91 to 64 in 24 hours in my neck of the woods.)
  5. Xmacis2 has the data. 2nd warmest temperature on record during the Dust Bowl in 1936 in the DFW area. This winter was much colder at -2. The winter of 1936 only got down to 10. 1 1980 113 0 2 1936 112 0 - 1909 112 0 3 2000 111 0 4 2011 110 0 - 1998 110 0 - 1943 110 0 5 2018 109 0 - 2003 109 0 - 1954 109 0 - 1912 109 0 6 2012 108 0 - 1977 108 0 - 1964 108 0 - 1952 108 0 - 1901 108 0 Time Series Summary for Dallas-Fort Worth Area, TX (ThreadEx) - Jan through Dec Click column heading to sort ascending, click again to sort descending. Rank Year Lowest Min Temperature Missing Count 1 1899 -8 0 2 2021 -2 198 - 1949 -2 0 4 1989 -1 0 - 1930 -1 0 6 1912 1
  6. We've had some decaying strong TS events, but look at the 50s to 1960. Imagine that period. Legit storms too. I don't mean a gust to 55kts at an exposed hurricane barrier.
  7. Euro is definitely a more rainy day here on where near the amounts out in Western PA vs. the GFS. There is @pawatch 90 for Monday.
  8. Rap real time is a good site too It's the one I use the most for regional obs
  9. The 2/1/21 storm definitely had one of the bigger coast to 128 gradients we've seen in a long time. As Scott and others have said for years, it was due to happen. The moisture was pretty incredible though in that. Most of my 17" fell in like 5 or 6 hours. I think you'd have to go back to January 3-4, 2003 to find a storm with that much coast to 128 gradient. There's been plenty of other storms since then with gradients, but not from "near zero to 3-4" of slop" on the coast to over a foot in like a 10-15 mile span since that '03 storm I don't think. Oct 2011, the gradient was more between 128 and 495....and February 24, 2010 was more of an elevation dependency....between like 495 and ORH hills. Jan 17-18, 2010 was kind of similar but not the prolific amounts. Coast got mostly skunked while 128 and westward had like 5-8"....but not over a foot. Maybe I'm missing another one in there somewhere but I don't think so. You prob have to go to 2003 to find one that big between coast and 128.
  10. It looks like a remnant EML plume gets wrapped in ahead of that front. As long as we can get some forcing strong enough to trigger convective initiation on Sat. afternoon, there will likely be some severe and good parameter space for some evening supercells.
  11. I think that was “Irene” but not 100% on that Edit: still N of pike nails it
  12. It's Rittenhouse's Sphere of Influence.
  13. Honestly I think we're doing okay as far as hitting quotas. I read the return rate ..well, we should all just know this by now, is 30-years for that sort of parabolic express job, but with a peppering of in-betweeners that remind us we're at the party, just not in the popular crowd - heh. The problem is, the atmosphere doesn't abide by human definitions. Isabel, not on the above list, still ( imho ) probably counts in that equation more than we would like it to. Ultimately, it didn't affect much here, but it was a Verdi opera that sang along he EC in general and to "Earth" ... you know? Just because a TC doesn't layout according to some idealized Cat 3 moving at 50mph, bifurcating LI and grinding off the tops of Wachusett and Monadnock summits like a circular sander, the TC still makes the cut. But yeah, "any" affect at all is a different stat vs the return rate for ideal impact scenarios - We've had Tropical Storms fit, too. Which one was that? It came up and rode along the beaches from Norfolk to NYC and brought like 20" or rain to VT.
  14. Can I see my 3rd consecutive sub 70° Max in a row? Guess I'll have to wait and see lol Forecast high was 72°, so far we have maxed out at 68.5° but has since dropped a couple degrees.. Obviously still plenty of time to warm...Another picture perfect day..
  15. Been a coc week in Chicagoland. Coolish especially by the lake past 2 days. Warm today but dews quite low. Little isolated cell moving in but we’re inside with family at infusion center with no windows. May have to go outside….
  16. Who’d have thunk that sans Bob (not Cape Verde) that would be the only Cape Verdean hurricane to directly impact NE in over 36 years?
  17. Unvaccinated doesnt mean there isn't some level of immunity. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  18. The closest I ever came to a headlong experience with a hurricane was 'Gloria' in 1985. I was living in Acton/ fam. I doubt we saw 74.5 mph winds that far inland, but timbre cracks were frequent for a couple of hours in probably routine gusting to 60 .. 65. I can assure, the journey before the storm AND the storm its self, was a constant seamless crescendo of awe. I hate this word but, 'transcended' was the power of the wind as the straining 200 year old oak and maple, and the deafening white noise mixed with timbre claps as massive limb failures rained ... I guess the word is apropos. The power went out, which I loathe ... but where ice storms fail to recoup a sense of 'worth it,' Gloria did not. She was really very good at suck and blow... hahaha... sorry. Anyway but on Sept 15 or whatever as it were, it wasn't that big of a deal to a young guy. It was mild and we had planned with tuna and ham sandwiches. It did get chilly toward the end of the week as the trough that drew the cane up the expressway came through with a shot across the bow air mass. But the power was only out for 3 days. Ha, as an after thought, I remember later in school the next week people were bantering about how bad the winter was probably going to be because of Gloria. I remember thinking simultaneously how eerily portending and tempting it was, while knowing it was ludicrous. Indeed, I think 1985-1986 might have been rock-bottom for that truly abysmal decade ... This area of the world seemed to pay for 1978 eternally - speaking of irrational causation
  19. Tropical Weather Outlook NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 200 PM EDT Thu Jun 17 2021 For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico: 1. Cloudiness and thunderstorms associated with a broad area of low pressure over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico have become a little better organized today. This system is expected to move generally northward, and a tropical or subtropical depression is likely to form over the west-central Gulf of Mexico tonight or early Friday. A tropical storm warning will likely be required for a portion of the northern Gulf Coast later this afternoon, and Potential Tropical Cyclone advisories will likely be initiated on this system at 4 PM CDT (2100 UTC). An Air Force Reserve Unit reconnaissance aircraft is en route to investigate the disturbance this afternoon. Heavy rainfall will continue over portions of Central America and southern Mexico during the next couple of days. Heavy rains will also begin to affect portions of the northern Gulf Coast on Friday. Please consult products from your local meteorological service for more information. * Formation chance through 48 hours...high...90 percent. * Formation chance through 5 days...high...90 percent. Forecaster Pasch
  20. I use mesowest to look by station manually often. I’m sure there are much easier ways to do it.
  21. I kinda hate CV storms anyways. Let’s hope we can get a homegrown system into the gulf or Carolinas before august 20th instead of counting on the MDR.
  22. AOL and frozen orange juice futures.
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