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  2. 9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Those are like little tufts of grass with a purple or lavender like flower? I have a few of those. They always seem to come out now.
  3. Next 8 days averaging 59degs., or about Normal.
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  5. April Discobs Thread

    Good rains here . Up to. 80" . More on the way Fri morning it appears .
  6. Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    Here's a picture going around up here. It was taken last week and is of the first track day of the season here in Calumet.
  7. April Discobs Thread

    Subtropics should be ecstatic come next week, LOL.
  8. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    WE are going to transition straight into summer and then stay there. This year, Summer will last from late April to late November. Damn Nina loves us so much its ridiculous. I'll be perfectly miserable for the next 7 months, beginning next week when the Ridge From Hell takes over the East and stays put til past Thanksgiving.
  9. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    0Z Euro 90s cancel , sh it 80s cancel
  10. 00z Euro presents quite a volatile looking setup near/E of I-35 in OK at 168 hrs. Secondary vort max rotates around the base of the synoptic scale trough and leads to a south-southwesterly/southerly LLJ surge underneath strong WSW 500 mb flow and plenty of low level moisture (if you're thinking this sounds a lot like the setups in the second half of May in 2013, you'd be right). As a result, the level of turning with height is quite impressive.
  11. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Hard to believe we're going so warm so fast
  12. Spring 2018 Banter and Complaint Office

    Right lol? Seriously patterns always flip until they find balance, a below average stretch is typically followed by something above average, and next week looks terrific around here
  13. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thanks. It is bitter sweet for sure, for a number of reasons. I’m happy to get a job in the field, this one seems like a good fit for me, I’m not a big fan of moving away but ultimately I have more reasons to take the job than not...a lack of met jobs that you can get into right out of college around here is a big reason. Either way, I’m sure I’ll still drop in at times as time permits me to.
  14. NNE Winter Thread

    I’m passing along a few images from this weekend’s skiing at Stowe – some great April skiing!
  15. Clouds - 2018

    This is a good thread. Clouds are so different now. I remember large cumulonimbus in the 1990s here in Maryland. Even on Sunny Sunday's it was a sky full of fluffy cumulus 80% of the time. Now it's these wispy clouds, saturated raindroplets. Someone said the earth has more water/ice now, but I think there is less rainfall.
  16. April Banter

    Classic +AO/5-waves ridging around coming up. Then it transforms 2x to eventually our early May warm up, +5-7 waves Northern Hemisphere both times. Pretty cool pattern shift, we saw none of this in the Winter or Fall. Wonder what it means for the Summer and hurricane season.
  17. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Upgraded Euro para is out
  18. April 2018 General Discussion

    Yeah, consistent mid 50s to 60s the last several days has felt splendid; I don't mind missing out on the 70s, as it will come (possibly next week).
  19. Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    Especially when there is no where to swim with frigid lakes, swimming pools and a 45 degree ocean. That’s the true appeal of hot weather. The exception perhaps is if you go to college and can enjoy some early season campus lawn sights and activities.
  20. Still 57/31 at almost 11pm. Pinch me.
  21. APRIL 2018 OBS

    Just shy of 4 inches of rainfall IMBY for a two-day total. Looks like more later tonight too, with current radar trends. Sent from my Alcatel 6055U using Tapatalk
  22. No liquid... At least not in the winter. In the summer it's easy, the weather station does it.
  23. April Banter

    That's all hogwash. I don't believe in all that jinx stuff. But to play it safe, where your boxers inside out.
  24. 9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Hey ‘boo, wussup?
  25. April Discobs Thread

    .67 so far. Pretty good here in Prince William.
  26. We decided to go with planter boxes so they can be brought in and out easily enough if necessary. We're going to do some hanging planters too, keeps the tomatoes away from the dogs and bugs.
  27. April Discobs Thread

    Has been raining pretty good here for the past hour...
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