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  2. They may have been referring to the leading whole synopsis across the continent included - I mean the cyclone alone ...
  3. Time frame is Saturday morning into afternoon?
  4. Chaim's done a good job finding pitchers, Whitlock looks like a rule 5 steal, and from the Yankees no less.
  5. This thread. This wholesome and happy thread.
  6. The Red Sox have had strong pitching. Always has been the name of the game.
  7. First it has to survive those first ten years of teenagers texting while driving and leaving the roadway, anhydrous wagons breaking tongues and combines running between fields with the heads on before it can even think of those lofty goals. Being that close to the road is kind of a crap-shoot (please pardon the expression).
  8. Georgie said that this morning, and Somebody said this morning that 4/97 was a completely different set up? So Who knows?? NAM hasn’t backed down.... definitely making it tougher to discount it each run.
  9. NAM has actually had a pretty decent winter compared to how brutal the other models have performed.
  10. Lmao.... you can have it. I have a tee time on Saturday morning.... I want to play
  11. Mm perhaps ... the best comparator in situ ( meaning not including the area outside the storm which I don’t know how that compares…) really does seem to presently be 1997 in that NAM
  12. found the guy who cancelled the snowstorm so he could get more rain. i can't believe he did it, this is gonna start huge weather drama.
  13. Well now I'm reading there was a 25 YO male who got the clots during the clinical trial. Great. Of course I'll be fine.....but you never know! And coinbase IPO!
  14. One day, I hope to have a property where I can house a tree (or two or three) of that size but suburban living won't cut it Congrats though, that thing will be beautiful in a few decades.
  15. Ooookaaay. Classic Lower Hudson Valley folk trying to keep city folk away to gatekeep the Catskills.
  16. What's starting to make uneasy is the amount of virus still out there globally. I believe this is where vaccine passports are going to have to become necessary to travel internationally
  17. Holy cow just looked at 0z 12k/3k's... like Gronk coming out of season retirement for one more spike. That would even at least whiten Boston metro area. NAM has been pretty consistent with digging that shortwave decently southeast of others
  18. Here's a good article on pros and cons of leased land properties, The Pros and Cons of Buying Property on Leased Land (
  19. Jesus, not sure if this pertains to your exact type but according to Wikipedia they grow to "at least 165 feet". That's some tree you've got there.
  20. Good post imho We touched on that facet earlier - the eerily stalwart behavior.
  21. More rain. I’m over this weather.
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