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  2. How can you be sick of this when it’s just getting started. Low of 47 here
  3. I want to be a cynic and say it failed the last two times in the 11-15 day. However this time it has plenty of teleconnection support. Also East Asia looks more friendly upstream. That's just for the next 2-3 weeks. For winter, revert to cynical skeptic.
  4. Agreed and counting it. #NovaScotiaStrong
  5. Center of Teddy still appears to be moving NW. Should do the stall and turn to the NNE soon. Cape Breton will probably feel the worst of whatever winds occur. #NovaScotiaStrong
  6. I felt the same watching the Chiefs. When they looked awful I actually said out loud, I wish CBS would have saved me the pain and just shown Baltimore here! Things turned around of course. Why can't we have normal wins anymore? Always with a side order of heart attack, lol! Meanwhile the Saints choked last night. What is it with the NFC South? Can't stand the Raiders!
  7. Let's just go all the way for a super La Nina. It would be interesting to see what it would do during winter and next spring. Severe weather train rolling on for months.
  8. I think outside of Guysborough/Richmond and perhaps the Fundy Coast it will be just a rain maker.
  9. Decent chance it becomes a semi-permanent fixture.
  10. 28.6 this morning...Looks like a warmup is coming, 70s/50s would be just fine until November
  11. I was just going to post to that effect. That’s pretty much a large North Atlantic ET cyclone. Either way all preps are done here. Will see what it brings shortly. #NovaScotiaStrong
  13. This thing looks distinctly post-tropical already.
  14. Late this afternoon should ramp up big time.
  15. We've gone 32°, 27°, 27°, 26°, 28° for lows since last Friday. This rest of this week into the weekend looks like it will be textbook Indian Summer weather.
  16. Waves on the south shore are so unimpressive today
  17. Morning thoughts... Today started off with very chilly and, in some cases, near record low temperatures. Minimum temperatures included: Albany: 32°; Allentown: 36°; Bridgeport: 43°; Boston: 45°; Islip: 43°; New York City: 48°; Newark: 46°; Philadelphia: 47°; Poughkeepsie: 33°; Providence: 45°; Westhampton: 32°; and, White Plains: 42°. Under bright sunshine, a noticeable warmup should commence today. The temperature will likely top out mainly in the lower 70s across the region. Likely high temperatures around the region include: New York City (Central Park): 72° Newark: 74° Philadelphia: 73° Above normal temperatures will likely continue through the remainder of this week.
  18. Get the tent. You don’t want to stress about little things the day before/day of. And congratulations!
  19. 44.4 on my Davis for a low this morning in Cary.
  20. It's weird seeing both the P storm and the second greek storm active simultaneously.
  21. Well, TS Beta is about 6nm closer, pretty much the same wx with brisk NW winds. If that big ball of precip well N of Victoria holds together it might get wet here in a couple of hours. "7:00 AM CDT Tue Sep 22 Location: 28.8°N 96.8°W Moving: NW at 3 mph Min pressure: 999 mb Max sustained: 40 mph "
  22. OK- I need y’alls help today! My wedding is OUTSIDE this Saturday in Louisburg NC. Moisture from Beta will be a factor, but models seem to have trended to a faster passage before a front comes through Sunday. In fact, everything I see seems dry for Saturday afternoon (weddings at 5). My dilemma is I have to let the tenting company know by today if we need a tent for the ceremony. It would be a major eyesore in the front yard of the house and is costly (about 5k). I only want the tent if we need it. What do you all think about the forecast for Saturday afternoon for Louisburg? Currently, I’m leaning towards not having it. Thoughts?
  23. IAD got down to 38F. I saw frost on the roofs of some houses earlier. There's still about 80 minutes of astronomical summer left.
  24. Awesome thread idea. I'm an absolute firewood hoarder. Love finding what the town and power companies have dropped on town land. I'm typically able to scrounge up about 3-4 cords per year with minimal work (except for all the splitting by hand). This year I have about 5 cords of oak, maple, and elm for the colder times and half a cord pine for "shoulder season." Moisture meter says it is all at 14-18% and good to go. I grabbed a bunch of super cedar type fire starters for this year. The up and down temps last me had me constantly starting the stove from scratch and spent way too much time dealing with kindling. So far they seem pretty great. Fireplace inserts take your fireplace (10-20% heating efficiency) and make them comparable to a wood stove (65-80%). That's big and you could fit a large stove in there. I would be more concerned about the dimensions and layout of your home in terms of moving the heat around. We have a large stove (capable of heating 2000 square feet and the upstairs part of our home is only about 1500) but it is in a backroom and have to use multiple fans and the fan from the forced air system to push the air around.
  25. Timing with the tides would have been yore. My son is excited to check out the waves later on.
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