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  2. If we were going to get a revisit of 09-10, it would have been this year with the strong el nino, but as they say "no two el ninos are alike". Our last true enso neutral season was 2013-14, a blockbuster snow season (although the year before, 2012-13, was another enso neutral season, but not a great snow season). However, it's unlikely that we're getting that in 2024-25. The most likely scenario is the strong la nina. Good news: The last strong la nina was 2010-11, which followed the strong el nino of 2009-10. We had an above average snow season in 2010-11, and the Atlantic was warm in 2010. 10-11 is one of the best analog years (along with 73-74) for 2024-25.
  3. Back to northern Maine only now on the NAM. It was a fun dream!
  4. 6z gfs says what snow for eastern SNE.
  5. Cloudy and 49°F at 6:20 AM. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  6. Mod rain and a chilly feeling 41 with the wind.
  7. how to you kill it. moss ex was meh the one time I tried it a couple years ago
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  9. Nice Sultan signal showing up for SE CT into RI
  10. winter is over sadly at least it was better then last year.
  11. George BM I would like you to consider writing us up a freak snowstorm in April in the DC Region which is an UNPRECEDENTED triple phaser with the storm in a 40/70 Benchmark location relative to Washington DC. Please? And this biblical blizzard gets STALLED in the 40/70 benchmark position for days on end? Please! You know how to do storm writeups! Kocin and Uccellini should be takin serious notes from you! The storm has a ton of frigid cAk Siberian air to draw from to produce unprecedented amounts of snow over the entire sub, but this scenario takes into account the very warm oceans' input to such a storm resulting in ice-age-like implications not just during the storm, but well after!
  12. Are you kidding me? It's snowing pretty hard right now in Palisades AGAIN! https://www.palisadestahoe.com/mountain-information/webcams#tab=alpine https://www.palisadestahoe.com/mountain-information/webcams#tab=palisades
  13. 00z Euro and GFS are definitely an improvement for CNE over 18z/12z. 00z Canadian is not as zonked as 12z.
  14. True, many of the members in the SREF ensemble are NAM like/based, but the ARW based members in the SREF are hinting at snow as well, at least when I briefly looked at the plumes.
  15. We are gonna start a new thread. It will be entitled, "The Ji-WW Alliance Snowstorm: Our Last Great White Hope" After what I saw at Mammoth thru a camera for 4 days, I am officially batshyte crazy about 190 mph blizzards with 4-10 feet of snow in the Sierra. Or about any snow we can get in March in the DMV.
  16. I know, I'm pretty batshyte crazy right now but I'm in, if there is a chance for snow in the Mid Atlantic in March. I guess I am pretty happy from watching 39 inches of snow get blown around by 125mph winds on a camera at Mammoth the last 4 days lol. If this can happen - Let's bring this one HOME! Use the Force! Let's track this to death! Let's see if we can salvage some snow in the Mid Atlantic!
  17. Most of this afternoon/evening's activity has skirted this immediate area, but a nice cell just hit with a brief torrential downpour and some sleet sized hail. Picked up a quick 1/4" of rain.
  18. This was a big ol' dud here. I got 0.02". The late-week system had better pan out.
  19. The whales still have all the manipulative power. I'm not invested but my guess is that the rug gets pulled out from under the retail investors, before the BTC halving in April.
  20. I'm ready. When I work overnights this time of year and sleep during the day, the closed door and sun beating on the roof can get my bedroom up into the 72-73 degree range. No thanks. I flip those heat pumps over to cooling.
  21. I'll hopefully be in Hilton Head SC on Sunday morning.
  22. Bulbs coming up all over the place, forsythia buds swelling. We spring
  23. The NAM has certainly liked that idea over the past few runs. Hints of it in the SREF as well. None of the globals seem interested whatsoever though.
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