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  2. Eastern Suffolk always seems to do better than Western Suffolk, I don’t get it. Quick shower here but it amounted to nothing.
  3. .58” total on the day, lost power about 90 minutes ago, part of a decent sized outage ...really hoping I don’t need to fire up the generator but this is the reason I have one, we’ll see.
  4. Welp... guess winter 2020 is over per the CANSIPS
  5. Your post sounds similar to @Blizzard of 93 who thinks the MDT airport measurements are very often wrong. I think most of us on the Eastern half of the state at least verified today if not over achieved. Forecast high at MDT was 98 as of now but I think it was set lower this AM and it is 96 right now.
  6. That obstruction near the OKX radar gets on my nerves.
  7. yoda


    Even though we don't agree on some things... I'm sorry to hear that Ginx. I hope your family gets through this tough time and prayers for your entire family for your loss
  8. yoda


    You could have just commiserated and sorry to hear the news... but nope... you couldn't do that
  9. Thank you doctor. Quite likely she may well have recovered without COVID-or at least not died now. Lots of folks managed with CKD.
  10. Another steady stratiform rainy day.
  11. 77/72 here, the temp plummeted during a quick shower but the sun is back out now.
  12. A late high of 95 here which is the current temperature.
  13. A late high of 95 here which is the current temperature.
  14. Farmingdale at 92. Warmest day of the year for them
  15. IDK but it doesn't matter at all to me, perhaps some day people again will have empathy without politics in this country. Pretty sick of all of it.
  16. Things will peak mid-late July in terms of capacity and chaos. Sadly people who need the beds will not get them(heart attack, car crash ete, elective surgeries are already toast). I think all young men under the age of 40 should not be treated by hospitals. That would free up plenty of room.
  17. I'll be in Maine at the cabin July 8-17 so bring it.
  18. Seems Pittsburgh will underachieve again, as usual. Looks like official readings stopped at 89. Maybe there's an inter hour 90+ reading, but wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make it. Made it to 88 just before noon, so it seemed like a slam dunk 92-94 degree day, but in true fashion the airport measurement doesn't move after that. Probably best to expect to come up short by 3-4 degrees from forecasted highs for this heat wave for my area. Usually, how it is anyway. It's weird because everywhere else around the area will touch at least 90 on days like this, but the airport rarely does. I think something is wrong with the measurement device. Also, I think they're observed weather is always off. Many times it will say the day is mostly cloudy, when it very clearly is clear or mostly sunny everywhere, with the satellite showing no clouds. I think that's why they classify Pittsburgh as very cloudy, the official recordings are always off.
  19. Very nice heatwave. Little humidity, dry. The kind of pattern that showed up in July 1936 quite a bit I would guess. If we were as dry then, now, it would be pushing 100 quite a bit.
  20. I don't really know her at all. Met her at the shower and wedding, nice lady. Matriarch of a large family who settled in Hartford from PR after Hugo. Lots of loss in the country.
  21. In my humble opinion - we are not done with this thing by a long shot. There is too much of the virus out there that the law of averages will start to catch up and it will creep into the vulnerable populations (I can't help but think of George Carlin when I hear the phrase "vulnerable populations"). Being a person who works with numbers for a profession, the number of cases does matter - statistically the odds of problems goes up exponentially as the case numbers goes up. There is the argument that there were 10 times or 80 times more people infected and we did not know it. While this is true, we don't know and can't know at this point what that number is. I understand asymptomatic cases exist, but speaking for myself, I'm not going to through the hassle (and waiting in line) to get a nasal swab jammed up my nose unless I have some concern that I have Covid or I have to for work. Now we have gotten better in many areas and hopefully that will off set this, but with this much virus out there, it is like throwing ammunition into a campfire. Maybe it does not hit anyone when it goes off, but the more you throw in there, the greater the chances.
  22. The kidneys are probably the cause of her eventual death, but it will be considered COVID. Politics.
  23. missing the heavy stuff..mostly cloudy drizzle/light rain 90 after high of 92.
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