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  2. Surprised to wake up to 0.34" in the bucket. Nice watering for the fields.
  3. Has anyone seen any fireflies yet? This is probably the latest in the year where we have none. I'm sure after this weekend's torcher they will be out!
  4. The way that front is slowing down it may not come through here until Wednesday Some funky stuff happens tomorrow night too...looks like the front actually retreats to the northwest a bit back into the Missouri Valley region as opposed to continuing towards the Ohio Valley.
  5. I got almost 3/4 of an in. Came in on the gauge at .73"
  6. I got exactly the same, 1.21.
  7. Lululemon has to be swapped out for LuLaRoe at the Fitchburg city line. Too fancy. Event at Game On? Gonna scorch up there on a south facing hill that's been clear cut.
  8. Hopefully the DALL Jones does better today AS I do not want to lose any more money.
  9. If you go back and get to Bergen, the historic fish market is wonderful, though mobbed when we were there. One stand had samples of reindeer and whale meat, both tasty, and we all had some sort of fish for lunch. Mine was "fish on a stick", 4 golf-ball-sized pieces, salmon and white fish, about 3/4 cooked on the griddle but great anyway - was primed for the undercooked part by our visit to son/DIL in Japan the year before. Clouds held off last night, so we had 30° and light frost this morning. Still sunny here. Median date for last frost is May 23, so the 19th is no surprise.
  10. They took the Brunt-son of the Dub's wrath last night.
  11. Mid-upper 80s today, 70s tomorrow, and then a stretch of several days of 50s and 60s for highs. After the long and cold stretch earlier this spring that would normally be kind of annoying, but after that 4-day stretch of intense heat I'm fairly okay with it.
  12. Picked up .65" total here, .05" of which fell before midnight. That's 1.92" of rain since last Friday PM.
  13. 101 in June, then the Sat-Sun-Mon (7/4) weekend had 100/103/98 at Central Park. LGA reached 107 on the 3rd. Then NYC notched 101 on 7/13. Met summer 1966 was NYC's hottest and driest summer on record. The precip record still stands but met summer 2010 topped 1966 by a couple tenths.
  14. Reminds me of the original MJS. Michael Jack Schmidt. It is Yuengling now.
  15. 99/58 on 5/19/62. I was tossing the baseball around with friends that day. We had the radio on, and when noon's 89 became 95 at 1 PM, we chose to go inside. Not too humid, as the temp fell to 64 by next morning.
  16. At one time Schmidts was the official beer of the Philadelphia Phillies, is it still the official beer of the Phillies?
  17. Not sure if either of you have been at a 'World of Beer" location, but they were the most expensive I have ever seen...until this pic. The Schmidt's is in with the rest of the waters.
  18. Today
  19. looking at some returns in NE CT and only 0.06 so far with 0.07 for the month
  20. Nothing good in there. At least at the Senators games you can get a 24oz for $9
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