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  2. The next 8 days are averaging 79degs., or about 3degs. AN. This could mean 2degs. BN, because the GFS is off by +5 generally around here. 76*(95%RH) here at 6am, scuzzy sky.
  3. 95L looks like someone I’ve seen before...
  4. Not seeing it. 2nd half looks torch as WAR links with Midwest/plains ridge
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  6. Again, another day temps underperformed. Hit 87 again today with the forecast high being 88. So far, 87 is the highest temperature reached this month, currently tying the coldest August maximum temperature set back in 2015 and 1915. TWC is now hinting a day with highs in the mid-70s earlier next week.
  7. With all of the heat up north this summer, it's going to be hard for cold air to flow downards for the upcoming winter.
  8. Sorry for the terrible footage but, wisconsinwx had my ole jeep rocking violently like it was 1992 again.
  9. So true. The wind footprint from some of these derechos is sort of like a tropical system over land. Even though you generally don't get house flattening damage, the widespread area of substantial tree damage and low-moderate end structural damage is going to make this one fairly costly.
  10. I know, right? The only way it’d work is if the person who coughed or sneezed was wearing something that covered their mouth and nose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I wanted to see if it was just me in how warm its been the last few years. I went through the monthly reporting data back to Aug of 2015 and we have had 40 months above normal with the majority of months well above normal (+3-+8 range) December 2015 featured a +12 departure...INSANE Since Aug of 2015 there have been 20 months with below normal temperatures. Those below normal temp months departures are very small compared to the warmer then average months. So on average right now for every month of below normal temps we get 2 with above. Global warming is real and its effects are evident in Upstate New York and increasing rapidly. They're calling for a warmer fall and potentially warm winter as well. This is the new norm.
  12. anything Fauci says I do the opposite...I said a long time ago a mask cant protect your eyes if someone coughs or sneezes near you...
  13. We just had a 4 1/2 marathon meeting. As you said opinions all over the place. We were going full in school last week, by the end of the week they changed their stance to full remote. The superintendent was getting nasty emails, including harming him and the board members. Alot of pretty pissed off parents up here. Sounds like alot of the teachers were not comfortable with full time, so they didn't have enough teachers. Many of the subs backed down too. I can see both sides, but the rudeness of people over this, is just wrong. Its no one's fault. Its a terrible situation for everyone.
  14. last years second half of August had 2-3 lows in the 40’s and many in the 50’s . I had it in my mind we had a solid amount of cool nites in Bedford and Nashua and I don’t see many 90’s in ASH last August
  15. Looks like next chance for severe might by the Sunday-Monday time frame... LWX mentions potential briefly in their long term disco this evening
  16. Power out here, going on 9hrs. Was in the QC all evening. Pitch black everywhere there too with pretty much the entire area still without power. Can't ever remember seeing such a wide expanse of damage. Usually after you have a severe storm when you drive around afterwards you come across areas hit hard, then go through areas where there's nothing. In this case everywhere you go there's significant tree damage and in some cases roads blocked off from trees and or power lines. This event will be hard to top.
  17. Someone reached out to me about this gem.
  18. Since apparently it's mandatory to always factor in the fact that it's on this happening at least once between now and late August, lol
  19. Did a quick search on 'leaves' here and it looks like there's been some discussion on this, but any idea why so many trees look like they are experiencing an early autumn? I heard/read it could be from saltwater whipped up during Isaias, but how far inland would experience that effect? I see this at least as far north as the Ronkonkoma branch of the LIRR in western Suffolk (near KFRG.) I did notice that it's the leaves primarily on the south side of the trees that are browned, so maybe that is in fact what's going on. I can't say that I noticed it prior to the storm.
  20. Looking like a mild down this weekend and then ridging getting pinched off ahead of a more substantial cold front next week.
  21. Bump. apparently need to get the place ready early this year... reminder, 3rd worst ever at DCA and IAD last year and tied for third worst at BWI.
  22. I want to know more about these "disturbing movements of planets"
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