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  2. A coating here from the squall. Looks better to the east of here Temps dropped from 24 to 18 in the last hour
  3. Worth mentioning that the strat is still trending. With 61% of gefs members on the 00z now having a ssw. Which is higher than I ever saw at any point during this last attempt. Just an observation this morning.
  4. Euro trying to make clippers great again for Middle TN overnight: Some EPS support (like 5/6 members, which is more than I would have expected for such a little system)
  5. Anyone getting snow from those radar returns?
  6. Literally missed being under the heavier blobs by a couple miles. Down to a broken cloud deck with a few flurries and a dusting. Temp stabilizing a bit at 29/dp 22.
  7. Weather forecast/discussion for Mt. Washington, with absolutely insane wind chills expected - quite a read! https://www.mountwashington.org/experience-the-weather/mount-washington-weather.aspx
  8. Not sure the front has even crossed you yet. Should be shortly though. There was a wind shift with the snow showers, but the real temp drop didn't start until the second boundary passed.
  9. Temp dipping now. 31 -28 in the last 15 minutes. 28* to 19* at Pit2 in the last 30 minutes.
  10. If you live in NNE and/ or like rain in SNE sure. Looks like 2 weeks ago
  11. Decided to run today which is usually a day off instead of tomorrow. Was fairly windy but not what I was expecting. Maybe that comes after sunrise? Temp fell from 27 to 23 in the time I was out
  12. yeah. it's bad. and you know the pattern will flip cold and wet in mid march through may,
  13. Now have a dusting on cars, ground, and other colder surfaces. Light snow showers continue... I may end up in a donut holed between 2 heavier blobs.
  14. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/2023-us-spring-weather-forecast/1475920?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=AccuWeather&utm_source=facebook
  15. It was like a downsloping warming and as the front hit with the winds, the temp has been dropping. Temp now down to 30 w/dp 24. Edit - now down to 29 and continuing to fall.
  16. Just because it missed us to the east with it's main accumulations does not it mean it didn't happen. Could also add one of the most impactful 1-3" snows given the wind and cold associated with it over a wide area I've seen in some time. So of course, it leaves us with;what could have been.
  17. Odd. Been around 29-30F since around 3:30 am...29F now.
  18. Getting a snow shower and flakes are sticking to cold surfaces (cars). Temp is now rapidly dropping and is down to 31 and falling, with dp 25.
  19. Front is here and now getting a few flakes but also the winds. Temp has increased up to 35 ahead of it.
  20. Today
  21. Under a heavier blob, hard surfaces slightly coated w/swirling/blowing but yeah, almost done.
  22. Currently virga and not a solid cloud deck yet. Temp 34, dp 23.
  23. Down to 0F at home and -3F at 1500ft. 1” of new snow or so eyeballing it.
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