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  2. Firing golf balls off the dome.
  3. What did Ekster do again?
  4. The wind definitely makes it look worse, but they are definitely getting good accumulation up there. I'm stuck using the Villeroy radar though north of the mountains because GYX is down.
  5. raindancewx

    ENSO 2018

    This is kind of why I cringe a little when people say "the whole west will be warm". The rains in Arizona have really set the heat back quite a bit since September.
  6. Windspeed

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Here is Hugo's wind distribution by the man himself, Dr. Fujita, courtesy of Texas Tech. His handdrawn maps were works of art. Posting this version despite the watermark, as the one available from NOAA is a very low resolution scan. Regardless, Hugo was perhaps the standard for long-lived inland hurricane intensity, remaining a major well inland into the South Carolina interior. Yet to no surprise, the peak wind assessment is in gusts as that best translates over land. Fujita knew this. Also, the highest reported gust on land by Hugo was 137 mph.
  7. vortmax

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Nice band lighting up over NE Monroe..
  8. tim123

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Heavy graupel showers here in to rochester area
  9. I mean you can see footprints in the snow up in Coos, so there has to be totals over an inch now.
  10. Snowing here too. Deck iced over and minor accumulation on the railing.
  11. Nice at least yours stuck, mine went from grap to flakes to melt in minutes... looking forward to hopefully a fulfilling season
  12. powderfreak

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    That's awesome. Love those mayhem cam shots. This was from a friend at 1,000ft in Stowe.
  13. See I ain't the only one who had first flakes tonight!!! Congrats, welcome winter season, I've missed you so much!!
  14. Today
  15. BTRWx's Thanks Giving

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    I think a warm November is exactly what we need for a memorable winter.
  16. TugHillMatt

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Hey, wolfie...looks like a nice area of snow has formed over you. Looks to be moving this way. Had some nice snow showers between 6:30 and 8 as well. How is everyone else faring?
  17. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Here's Charley and Harvey maps. They look pretty similar. My guess is winds get upped in the coastal region on the final map given the extent of the damage.
  18. wxeyeNH

    NNE Fall Thread

    PF, nice to see the snow...I had a graupel shower around 530pm with temp at 44F. Then cleared up this evening. Rain showers then moved back in. Went to moderate snow for 5 minutes or so at 36F with gusty winds to 34mph. 1030pm with flurries in the air. I'm sure a wide area of NNE had the first flakes of the season tonight.
  19. weatherbo

    October 2018 General Discussion

    With cleared skies and a wee bit of snow on the ground, it’s down to 24 already. Loading up the stove and goin to bed.
  20. Pounding in Pittsburg
  21. stadiumwave

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    Yes. I agree. I'm not worried at all about a warm winter based on 2011-12 reasons, if we had one it would be more warm Nino reasons. Everything points so much towards a great chance of some good winter periods in the east U.S. that it's almost to good to be true. I'm very optimistic but have a degree or 2 of pessimism & caution.
  22. OSUmetstud

    ENSO 2018

    Thanks. The October run last year actually did great for Dec, Jan, and Feb here. March failed because of the Feb strat warm event that caused a completely unpredicted pattern reversal.
  23. 1030pm Graupel shower earlier dusted the ground. Then cleared out. Rain showers moved in around 930am and turned to moderate snow squall wind gusting to 34mph. Now just light snow. First snow of the season.
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