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  2. 60394998567__6643D93A-FACB-4669-B679-9A6C1A0BA562.MOV 60394998567__6643D93A-FACB-4669-B679-9A6C1A0BA562.MOV I have a little over 3 “ about 3 “ north of RDU. We lucked out Eyewall! It was looking bad my friend.
  3. Anyone else see these bands starting to re-form west to east right around High Point? Looks like a classic Dewburry-Pennington scenario! All it takes is the right ingredients...obviously those are thickening mesospheres, ground to leeway fronts, transitioning of inflection points for the P-type, and of course the biggest of them all....uplift! This aint over folks! Those in the triangle could see another 3-5 inches at least!
  4. I think you got a really nice weekend all things considered. High Peaks snowpack is currently at a seasonal high. Weather this weekend looks simply perfect for hiking. Sunny skies, light winds, moderate temps. As long as the snow isnt too exhausting you should be able to really cover some ground. Get some good pics!
  5. Picked up 3 inches in midtown Newport News. Last band dropped a 1/2 inch in 20 minutes. AKQ storm reports have 4 inch amounts in Franklin and Suffolk.
  6. That's a pretty tight, steep gradient in snowfall totals spanning from West End, Richmond, to East end, Richmond where I'm at, to the South side in Chester. This wasn't a one-size fits all forecast, for the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area, but I'm glad to see that much of the populous in Richmond did get to see some snow, and at least a dusting, and more than a dusting ( ~ 1/2"), where I'm at, in East Richmond, and one poster had mentioned about 3" in Chester on the South side. It lasted about 3 hours in East Richmond, between 5 PM and 8 PM. It appears North & Northwest Richmond got the short end of the stick on this go-around, with the paucity of reports up thataways, and by viewing STP PCPN estimates on radar. -- cyclogenesis
  7. Nothing is showing up on radar but we are getting enough lift to create some moderate snow here now. Snowing hard enough to cover my tracks in the snow.
  8. Finally snowing in Currituck as the storm is pulling away. 35. Congrats to all who have seen accumulations.
  9. Nice for most of NC to score this winter...finally Would have been great for some colder temps in the Triangle. We'd had a slog if so. Easily got plenty from the sky but BL temps killed us today.
  10. Well after 14 hours of steady rain, amounting to 1.39", it has finally changed over to snow with some sleet mixed in. Temp 34/33.
  11. Mine too, actually almost 2 degrees from my low. Would be funny if it never gets below freezing tonight and the kids have a day off anyway. 36.5 here.
  12. NWS Atlanta retweeted my video. Too large to upload here. Check it out. From today in GA mountains.
  13. Considering these probabilities, I’m not in the least bit surprised that I scored a couple of inches of snow.
  14. First time post! I've got about 3.4" about 4 miles north of RDU. Still spiting snow. Interestingly I did see an uptick in flake size about 2 hours ago when the LP was beginning to develop and the pivot was occurring. Snow geese are fed for now!! RDU officially with 3" so that makes sense. Kudos to the NAM on this one. Not sure but I'd imagine the snow totals would have been close if not for melting.
  15. Yes, it’s over me right now. Light snow at the moment.
  16. I’m in Wilmington for work tonight. Made the 3 1/2 lovely drive in constant steady rain. just stuck my head outside...and still just raining steady here.. fwiw
  17. I think from here winter outlooks until December. Just don't do it, lol Don't even bother (unless it's a mod nino or something)
  18. Where did that come from? Looks legit on radar at least. Maybe someone in WS can verify any ground truth right about now..
  19. Yeah that is no fun. Ouch.. The lee side started to get the famous shadow yesterday during the afternoon runs.. so it nailed my area of zero. .
  20. I stumbled upon this thread by chance trying to look for a precipitation analysis method for an evaluation with respect to multiple (44) winter weather events. The idea was that if I conduct MODE analysis between StageIV precipitation w.r.t modeled hourly precipitation, I can determine the accuracy of banded precipitation vs. several modeling systems (ICLAMS/WRF). Unfortunately, it's recommended (strongly suggested) by the developers to avoid such a methodology due to poorly ingested liquid water equivalent observations under snowy conditions... The rain gauges struggle to observe liquid water equivalent when snow is falling... I'm now considering the RTMA, URMA, or possibly, a satellite derived product instead. "Each River Forecast Center (RFC) has the ability to manually quality control the Multisensor Precipitation Estimates (MPE) precipitation data in its region of responsibility before it is sent to be included in the Stage IV mosaic. The precipitation values,however, are not intentionally modified downwards during snow events. Rather, due to inaccurate measuring of liquid equivalents at many gauge locations (e.g., a lack of the equipment to melt and measure the frozen precip), zero or very low values are reported at these locations. These "bad" gauge values then go into the MPE algorithm, resulting in liquid precip estimates that are too low during winter storms. There are also problems with zero or too low precipitation values at many RFC gauge locations even outside of heavy snowfall events." "There are problems with the RFC precip data in the eastern U.S. during heavy snow events. While ASOS stations have the equipment to melt the snow and derive the liquid equivalent precip, the RFC stations in the East do not. So when there are big snowfall events such as the January 2016 blizzard, the snow accumulations get recorded, but the corresponding liquid equivalents often come in as zero or near zero amounts, which are incorrect." If you're curious (Model Evaluation Tool for MODE analysis):
  21. Hey, congrats to all that got some! To those that didn't, you never know. Still time
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