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  2. Soup season! Curried Chicken Soup
  3. While true, the odds would be greater than climatology. Even indirect effects could produce flooding. Of course, what will likely become Sam could recurve if the pattern is still evolving. But there’s always the possibility of additional storms, as it has been a very active season.
  4. But let's remember that the chances for anything to happen here are extremely small. What usually happens is a storm into the SE or Gulf or even more likely out to sea, which is what's been happening this month.
  5. I like the extended dry spell, let's get that here first.
  6. I hope we’re struck with her sainted fury
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to it. Might stay down there for the weekend if it clears up.
  8. I guess we have to let the community decide how much it carries on. The fact that the rock(s) looks like Coffin's vs. making people go into Coffins does take some shine off.
  9. You guys got me wondering if my station is running a little warm lol It does have a shield but wondering if it needs to be replaced..Sure enough my station running a few degrees warmer than the "official" spotter, especially on hot days and during the day.. Even during the nights there seems to be some discrepancy, 3-6° within a mile distance, at times..May need to upgrade come Christmas lol I did find it funny how the spotter report shows the same temp 4 straight days(8/9-8/12) and then 3 more days lol (8/16-8/18) I guess it's possible, rounding up or down but idk lol
  10. Coffin Rock shouldn't count IMO since it's not a place - it's in Renovo. It's just the local name of a part of the mountain I think. You can see the weather radar on Google Maps. https://www.google.com/maps/uv?pb=!1s0x89ce87f4692cbf39:0xab2b90263fb6df31!3m1!7e115!4shttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/p/AF1QipMbWi3XcRPt8odGpCu77jdKXiEo7KB2RUh_0fU%3Dw650-h218-n-k-no!5scoffin+rock+pa+-+Google+Search!15zQ2dJZ0FRPT0&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMbWi3XcRPt8odGpCu77jdKXiEo7KB2RUh_0fU&hl=en
  11. Sam I am will have to be watched but my bet is Mother Theresa is the one that will be worrisome for many. Falls in my October 13th timeframe I mentioned earlier
  12. Coffin Rock(s) is our first entry for "Short Pump Name of the Season Winner." I have the unofficial popularity tally for summer showing the following ranks. 1) Pillow, 2) Palouse, 3: Paw Paw, 4) Todd, PA. I feel like I am fogetting one or two.
  13. Getting some Irma vibes here...
  14. You can see it here: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/ed47c97ebe7246868ce8ef3e7139a0b4 It's a standard fire tower. Nothing unique.
  15. Today
  16. This is a place to study and it would be cool to have a picture of the weather station
  17. The HRRR raises the ante on this coming rain event being less than initially forecast for the LSV. There is almost no rain at all tomorrow and decent amounts are now pinned on the front slowing down/almost stalling as it nears the area on Thursday. 3K looks fairly similar at least for tomorrow.
  18. Don’t remember the last time I’ve seen rainfall amounts forecast this high here tbh
  19. The guy might as well said that the virus was engineered to go after the right, being especially deadly among the 60+ crowd who are largely conservatives. I think you can find bat shit craziness like this on both sides though, its not just the right.
  20. It seems like the delayed development is hurting us downstream as this doesn't find the first weakness north. Lets see what the next GFS shows but the Euro showing this consistency is a bit alarming.
  21. GPS is showing much above average by next weekend and beyond. We had too many days of above average this month, please tell me it's not true.
  22. COFFIN ROCKS Clinton County 1921: A 60-foot Aermotor tower erected. March 8, 1926: "Those who claim to know, say the view obtained from this tower is one of the best in the state. For an unbroken expanse of wooded landscape, this view is unsurpassed. From Snow Shoe towards the southwest to the Bald Eagle mountain below Jersey Shore, one can scarcely find an open field. The tower takes its name from a large coffin-shaped rock in the vicinity of the tower. It overlooks the Tangascootic creek and the Scootuc country, and the scene of extensive coal and clay operations. Evidence of these operations are still visible on the ground. The tower is best reached from Renovo by taking the mountain road, which leaves the township road just west of Pete's run, and continuing on to the forks of the Beech Creek and Snow Shoe roads. At this point signs will direct one to the tower, which can be reached by auto. This sixty-foot tower was built in 1921 and stands at a ground elevation of 2,325 feet, according to the United States geological survey. It the tourist wishes to avoid a descent to the streams north of south of the tower, he had better bring his drinking water with him." (Lock Haven Express) June 1, 1939: The tower at Coffin Rocks has been raised in height from sixty feet to eighty-six feet. (The Wellsboro Agitator) 1985: Lookout destroyed in a tornado. 1987: A 93-foot Aermotor steel tower erected, includes wrap around catwalk.
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