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  2. I hear you. Hoping we can sneak in some cold and a few flakes before Christmas.
  3. Significantly improved 11-15 on eps for 0z. All of the ensembles (GEFS, GEPS, EPS) like the next Wednesday event as a cold swfe. Good night-day crew take from here....
  4. Today
  5. Next week has interior New England and probably interior central and northern New England at that, written all over it. Marginal airmass, no arctic high locked in to the north, -PNA with a big low crashing into the west coast, +AO, neutral NAO, +EPO, neutral WPO, raging PAC jet, super fast flow, no blocking, northern branch shortwave may outrun the southern branch shortwave due to the very fast zonal flow and lack of blocking. It would be the definition of thread the needle and extremely good luck to get anything of significance (snow wise) here in the metro area:
  6. The wind is ridiculous right now. I’m topping 40mph on gusts easily right now. Every freaking week, another wind event. I’m so tired of it but I know it’s going nowhere.
  7. 1973 lol and that Belmont run was a thing of beauty
  8. Jan 1985 contained the greatest arctic outbreak of our lifetimes.....so if we get that again that would be fun. Then let it warm up in February lol
  9. December should no longer be considered a winter month, it only is because of lazy "met winter"......winter should only be measured as two months long now, January and February
  10. I can already see where mid week next week is heading. It will be a hit to the east. It's either cutter or east coast. We just seem to get dying primaries and cold fronts.
  11. whats keeping us from getting all this nice weather, Don?
  12. good I want my 70s! wont snow so lets get it hot
  13. besides 1917 and 1976 all the coldest falls are from the 1800s? clearly UHI at play there
  14. it was overrated because we had mediocre snow and February was warm
  15. no way, I want coastal storms, 76-77 was meaningless cold, only good for lake effect areas
  16. if we had as little snow during the little ice age as we did in 76-77 no thanks, must have been boring back then
  17. I PMed him last week...read it, but did not reply. May just be going through some stuff...
  18. Well yeah man! I want nothing more than 5”/hr. I’m trying to figure out the best we can do with a stupid cutter.
  19. The time of year when I just start to refer to everything as "a front"
  20. Ideal would look like 24F, good RH, steep lapse rates and 250 degree 25 mph wind. At kick off. Hey, we can dream!
  21. Composite did very well in October and November....too bad that part isn't graded. Now watch me whiff on winter lol November forecast composite was about perfect in the east...only flaw was that it didn't really capture the lower heights that persisted near AK very well. The active PAC jet shifted the core of the warmth north of where I had it the west, buried in the SW.
  22. Driest Novembers On Record: 1. 0.31” - 1904 2. 0.33” - 1914 3. 0.34” - 1903 4. 0.44” - 1999 5. 0.55” - 1976 6. 0.56” - 1917 7. 0.68” - 1933 8. 0.71” - 2021 9. 0.75” - 1875 10. 0.83” - 1878 Warmest Falls On Record: 1. 60.0° - 1931 2. 59.1° - 1963 3. 58.2° - 1971 4. 57.8° - 2016 5. 57.2° - 1953 5. 57.2° - 1922 7. 57.1° - 1920 8. 56.8° - 2021 8. 56.8° - 1927 8. 56.8° - 1914 .
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