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  2. I like how winter rainers always feel the press, but whiffs south always trend NW. Science is amazing sometimes.
  3. Bizarre presser by the GA governor but there are going to be some hard hit areas in the south this month.
  4. I certainly don’t blame them at all. It is absolutely a smart move for them. I just wish they would take it a little more seriously. Ripping around on 4-wheelers in the dark, or having bonfires where everybody is drunk, is not exactly a smart move right now. They’ll end up in the hospital for a different ailment and catch it or spread it there.
  5. Omg some of these video conference calls are
  6. A record 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week as the new coronavirus struck the U.S. economy and sent a recently booming labor market into free fall. The large number of claims was double the 3.3 million who sought benefits two weeks ago as the U.S. shut down parts of the economy in an effort to contain the virus. Jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs, provide temporary financial assistance for workers who lose their jobs.
  7. my aunt caught it from her asymptomatic boss
  8. 8 days and counting. I've seen reporting that most experts believe it should be around 3 years if it's like other SARS coronaviruses, maybe as long as 8 years in the best case.
  9. mappy

    COVID-19 Talk

    cake? who has cake?
  10. Take care man and good luck. Let us know how you make out.
  11. I'm sorry to hear this, Take care of yourself and stay hydrated and hoping you have a speedy recovery.
  12. Is it true that when you're hospitalized, you can't get one of the experimental drugs until it is confirmed to be covid-19 via testing? If so, that is an issue considering the time it takes to get a test result and how a person's condition can change pretty quickly.
  13. klw


    diarrhea and stomache can be early symptoms and in one Chinese study they preceded or occurred with more serious cases.
  14. Yeah I agree...spreads so damn easily even containment measures are going to struggle and likely at some point most will experience this virus. The way today’s life is with it’s advancements in easy travel and dependence on other countries this covid 19 was perfect disaster.
  15. This airborne stuff by asymptomatic people is ugh. Wear a mask people
  16. I am so sorry. My daughter came by to pick up her final paycheck from the day care she worked at, laid off, I put it in the mailbox and waved hi to her and my grandaughter. Sucks
  17. 1 for me. They wanted her as a sacrifice to prove she’s my dependent.
  18. This thread takes the cake.
  19. I mean idk. Maybe theres some value in waiting to do more contact tracing after we peak?
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