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  2. Just a gut feeling but it's a little early for fronts to be hanging up and training I think, especially with this bully airmass that'll be dropping in. I think it'll push through a little faster than progged with an attendant wind threat. If it does stay back we'd at least have a shot at something discrete popping out ahead during the afternoon, which we always say... For whatever it's worth.
  3. Left the house in Dundalk at 830, was foggy, cloudy and a little misty but once I got to about Parkville on 695, the sun popped and it’s been sunny here in Timonium area since I got to the park here at 9am. Great day to park watch and make sure nobody breaks any rules!
  4. Popcorn graupel in Junuary?
  5. My worry would be lack of moisture...would like to at least see dewpoints in the mid-50's. But for Friday...looks better perhaps for upstate NY into northern New England. Probably see an unorganized line consisting of pulse-type t'storms that are slow moving...maybe flash flooding potential? This really might be a garbage severe season
  6. Back to the office last week, but I've been working full time from home during all of this, plus we have our own 2nd business we own that keeps me busy nights and weekends.
  7. There were some that thought(think) he’s Walt Drag
  8. maybe can't rule out some kind of popcorn pulsers with enough solar insulation and totally uncapped. Big fat rain drops that so look like they want to flip to hail, but then don't. Anyway, we can still cheer on hopes for a marginally severe line on Friday in the meantime.
  9. Not much to really say here. This winter was an abysmal wet mess, best to be forgotten. The grades (all items are equally weighted) Overall Seasonal Snowfall: F Well under average snow fell. This may have been my worst snowfall ever in any of the places I have lived (Albany, NY area, Lake George area, Bristol, R.I., Washington DC, Arlington, VA, Boston, Ma, Stoughton, MA, Brooklyn, CT) . I don't think I have ever had a winter season where the snow total was less than half of the average. Even the 2011/2012 had more snow. Snow vs. Rain: D+ Such an ongoing sh.itty set up for my area from January onward, and it seemed to just repeat itself all season. Cold rain was king. Staying power of the pack: F Pack? Local winter enjoyment: D- Limited hikes(w/ snow) hikes or snow, and zero snow shoeing hikes. Temperature: D Snow Storm Quality: C- Only one "memorable" event was the first event of the season, December 1-3. There were ZERO double digit events. Overall Grade: F The Vid took my mind off of the later part of the season, but even a late blooming April event couldn't save what was a complete and utter dead rat of a winter. On to the upcoming 2020/2021, Winter of Mask
  10. What are Cranky’s credentials?
  11. Sprayed triclopyr with a surfactant yesterday, now have to wait ~3 to mow. Didn't realize when clover and chickweed germinate They are taking over right now.
  12. Ant, this could be your future on Staten Island. @MJO812
  13. Surface low seems to be forming right on Daytona Beach. As NWS said, too much shear for this thing to get going. For what it's worth, the NAM (I know) has a frisky tropical low moving into the Carolina coastline tomorrow and proceeding up through the Piedmont with heavy rain. Also, towards the end of the GFS, it has been advertising development in the western Caribbean/GOM for a couple days now. It did a good job with Arthur in the long range as well.
  14. Looks fine to me I haven't really hanged up with my fiancee since March. She is really taking this virus seriously. I mean yes it is bad but you can't just stay in and do nothing for the rest of the year.
  15. You would think we could at least muster a solid cold pool convective event from that setup...but nope. ughhhhhh
  16. Yeah you would think we would have to level out at some point...although not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess that could be considered bad if the leveling out is due to more of an uptick in people being admitted into the hospital as opposed to people being discharged. But given how we not only continue to see hundreds of new cases per day but the fact that active cases keep increasing, we're bound to see these hospitalizations level off...or even increase a bit at some point.
  17. I agree-I doubt you're going to see a big outbreak that originated from groups sitting 6-10 feet apart on a beach. Silly media coverage for sure. They'll get tired of it at some point and move to the next thing....
  18. At some point we'll level out and you'll see a bunch of +/- 5 to 10 hospitalization numbers going forward...perhaps we are there?
  19. Look at these nursing home stats.
  20. Nice fog this morning. Another day the garden won't need much watering.
  21. And a beach environment is different than a place like an outdoor concert or sports arena when you aren't spaced out at all. I'd have to think the odds are extraordinarily low in a beach environment when most groups are 6-10 feet away from eachother. Different story if they are all jammed into an outdoor bar/club breathing all over eachother.
  22. I wonder if this will lead to outdoor events with limited attendance and doubled ticket prices? Baseball stadiums with every other seat blocked off? Concerts in stadiums similarly set up? Maybe the logistics plus issues with public bathrooms would be too much to overcome and I know I would definitely not pay double these price for these type of events. Hell, I rarely go to anything like that as it is.
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