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  1. Had .5" snow before brief flip to sleet before ending. Prob all fell in 45 minutes between 4 and 5 am. Now seeing some rain start to fall.
  2. Beautiful fat fluffy dendrites. Gorgeous watching it come down. Wish this would last longer.
  3. Snowing moderately. Close to heavy now. Ground is white. But the band of precip is narrow on radar. 28F.
  4. Let it be warm. Selling my house and preparing to move. Warm and dry would be preferred for the next month or two.
  5. Sky here is breaking. 4" on the nose on elevated surfaces. Trees caked in heavy snow. Beeuuutiful!
  6. Certainly 2"+ here. Roads covered. Beautiful winters scene. I can no longer figure out imgur to post pics here so.....
  7. Solid half inch on the cars and grass. Starting to accumulate on edges of the streets and driveways and sidewalks.