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  1. Ended up with 1.63 for the event. Much needed soaker. 47F currently.
  2. Nearest PWS shows 1.46 so far. This has been a real soaker.
  3. Indeed. There is quite a bit of color out here already.
  4. 32F again this morning with pretty good frost. 3 straight nights of freezing temps in mid September. Truly amazing.
  5. Hit freezing again this morning. 32F for the low, but frost wasn't nearly as widespread as yesterday.
  6. 31F. Heavy frost. I cannot believe this is Sept 20.
  7. It is crystal clear and dead calm, and cold. We will be challenging the freezing mark tonight. Truly remarkable weather for mid Sept.
  8. Not a great spot for tstorms. There are 2 predominant tracks, and I'm stuck between if there is westward component of travel. If there is eastward component, it seems I do well. The most important thing, though, is that it's cooler here.
  9. 35F. Patches of frost. Amazing. Smoke layer is gone, last night had an exceptionally clear sky and bright starfield. Was a perfect night for the inaugural fire on my new patio fire pit with my kids.
  10. 39F. Actually is cold outside. Simply amazing. I see a forecasted high of 63F sunny on Saturday. Unreal.
  11. It's consistently 3 or 4 degrees cooler than in town. Not sure why. Only 250 feet higher. Lack of asphalt and buildings does wonders. My spot is not a good location for t-storms unless there is an easterly component. It literally didn't rain for a month in July. There is a track just to my south and another to my north. If there is westward component, then I usually get split. If there is an east fetch, like several nights ago, then it's money out here. Should we ever get another coastal storm in winter, it should be good times. And the snow shouldn't get nuked immediately after.
  12. 49F low last night, with sparkling clear skies. Perfect weather evening.