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  1. Don't forget SVFECS: Shenandoah Valley Fringed ECS
  2. Are you measuring the angle of the snow?? Lol. I had 6 before the flip. It snowed more early this morning, but it is sooo windy it's impossible to measure. I don't know how much sleet fell, how much compaction....anything.
  3. Must be getting ready to flip. Now raining huge flakes. Heaviest snow by far of this event.
  4. Flakes looking like dendrites now. Piling up quickly now. Very low ratio sand earlier. Well over 1".
  5. In Kernstown atm, signal knob is not visible. Snow is on the doorstep.
  6. As part of the infrastructure bill we need a seawall built from NC to Ocean City up to the 850 level. That should do it.
  7. You missed one. ...nevermind, it's Hopewell, not Hungwell.
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