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  1. Got the pleasure of again baking in sunshine this afternoon while Winchester got poured on. Oh well, with thunder booming and the torrent of sweat from my body, if I closed my eyes I could pretend it was storming. I've said it many times, this has got to be the driest area East of the Rockies.
  2. An actual shut-out. 0" Barely over 1" for the month. It has turned dry here. Knew that it would impossible to escape the summer without it.
  3. 87 / 71F. Absolutely brutal today. Stuck in bright sun all day long. Picked a very bad day to mow the yard. Have seen the storms and dark clouds to my north all afternoon. Such an awful place.
  4. Full sun all day long here. All building clouds passing safely to both my north and south. It's absolutely stifling outside. Hope everyone enjoys their storms that form just east of me today from my heat humidity.
  5. LOL. .14" total today. Been missed in every conceivable direction and manner. Go 5 miles south and there is almost 3". Don't really want that much rain, but still.....
  6. Yesterday was as close to perfect as you can get in August. Just incredible. Remarked yesterday to my neighbor that I don't recall ever seeing everything so green all summer long. We had a dry stretch early in the summer, but the grass didn't dry up very much, just quit growing for 3 weeks. I've mowed each of the last 2 weekends, heavy spring-like mows too. I've been too busy working to keep up with things, but this has been an OK summer. We've gotten several nice breaks in the Triple H. Yesterday has given me a serious case of Fall Fever. Octoberfest hits the shelves later this week. Football has started. We are close.... so close.
  7. 1.23" so far today, and it's raining a bit still. This has been a nice 3-day stretch of rain; over 2.5" for me.
  8. Got in excess of .50" this evening. Good rains 2 days in a row. Can we make it 3?
  9. Finally scored a nice downpour. Rained for about 30 min, eyeballing the gauge from a distance looks like .75", at least. Temp dropped to 71F. Getting another light shower now. Might do it for the fireworks tonight. I'll gladly trade that for some much needed rain.
  10. I learned a long time ago that you take the rain whenever you can get it here, because the next drought is usually just one month away.
  11. .10". It literally rained for 90 seconds. Poured, and then stopped as quickly as it started. Stared at blue sky over 50% of the sky while this occurred. Then it moved away and exploded to the NE. Not sure I saw another cloud the rest of the day.
  12. Haven't mowed in 3 weeks now, except for the patched-seed areas that I've been watering.
  13. 78 (2014) 76 (2015) 71 (2016) here, but the mins for 2015 and 2016 were 68 and 64F respectively, so the air was soupy and the cool was the result of clouds and rain. 2014 was a sunny, very breezy 78F at KOKV (which seems high), but the low was 53F (I remember places being in the upper 40s that night). I remember the sun going down that night (2014) and everyone putting on jackets and huddled under blankets for the fireworks (we were at Sperryville, VA). Even during the afternoon cookout, I sat on the deck at my in-laws and enjoyed the cool breeze and just marveled at how nice it was, and how enjoyable summer would be if that were typical weather. It was the most glorious summer day / evening I can ever remember. I get all wispy even thinking about it!
  14. If that 46F stands, KOKV shattered it's record low of 51F. Closest wx station to my house was 52F. Either way, it was gorgeous this morning. Heck the past several days, for that matter. Yesterday was the equivalent of July 4, 2014. Just amazing.
  15. Umm... today is like gorgeous. 45F DP on June 26, are you kidding me? Wow! 53F low at KOKV.