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  1. Almost a whole .10" in the bucket from last night's deluge. Combine that with the .13" pounding i got Sunday afternoon and I'm pushing nearly 1/4" this week! That puts me at 1.73" since May 3! All that in just 6 weeks! What drought?!?
  2. Another dud. 15 minutes of light rain and a few distant rumbles of thunder. Doubt it even wet the ground under the trees. This place is cursed. I cannot beleive I managed to move to a drier place than Stephens City.
  3. And now the storm train sets up to my south. I ****ing give up.
  4. Picked up a another whopping .13" from yet another DOA storm. Absolutely amazing watching it approach and then completely die as soon as it got to me and the N part remain strong and soak those parched areas of Frederick County that only received 3 to 9 inches of rain 2 days ago.
  5. My dream would be to have moss for a yard. Never have to mow it and you could walk barefoot on it in comfort. Hell, you could lay in it.
  6. It really is a great tool. Matched my obs. I could have recorded 50% more rain had i just located my house on the east side of the property.
  7. Illustrates the epic screw job nicely. Thanks.
  8. PWS 6 miles from me showing 2.8" since yesterday. I got less than .5". Even Stephens City close to 2".
  9. Its been raining here now for about 90 minutes. I have .13". In an hour and a half. While other parts of the county have had 9" apparently. .13" in 90 minutes. .13"
  10. I'm surrounded by storms 270 degrees. Rumbling thunder, outflow winds . Bright sunshine overhead.
  11. And I just got the FFW alert on my cell phone. Lol.
  12. I drove through that on my to the sunny desert. Most rain I've seen in 40 days.
  13. Right in the center of the dead zone. Exactly as predicted and expected.
  14. Don't care about the grass. Only the pumpkins, and they're too far away from a hose!