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  1. 2009 and 2014 are the gold standards for summer in these parts I think.
  2. Sorry, but temps in the 80s = summer.
  3. In MA this week. Cloudy, rainy, 65F today. Love it! 88F back home with a flood watch....and not a drop has fallen so far according to PWS.
  4. It is AMAZING outside. Unbeatable for summer.
  5. Had the pleasure of being out in Indy the first half of this week and brought this crap back home with me. Not a drop of rain out here this past week. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.
  6. Nice evening last night. Crystal clear skies to veiw a beautiful Crescent Moon.
  7. The worst 3 months of the year are upon us. Dust-bowl season is here.
  8. Can't come soon enough.
  9. Sat out from 1030 until almost 1 AM. Counted 12 in total, including 1 orange fireball so bright I could see it's smoky tail and watched it break up. It may have been the best meteor I've ever seen.
  10. Not a drop this weekend. Summer has officially started.
  11. Perfect weather. Morning frost and comfortable afternoon....without wind. Oh, if only this could last.
  12. Holy crap. That radar loop is the stuff of wet dreams...literally. Such a shame this wasn't 3 months ago, we might have had our 1996 redux. I'm almost at 2" since midnight!!
  13. Agree about the wind. It has been incessant since February out here. It only changes directions.
  14. I'm hoping for one last measurable snow! Hopefully in May.
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