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  1. .3" yesterday evening. Per normal operating procedures the good stuff missed to my east.
  2. Low of 50F. Yesterday was near perfect.
  3. Glad I planned a trip up north next week. That forecast for here is just awful.
  4. I just started my car and will now let it run overnights.
  5. Not zero, but a far cry from the 15"+ of the DC metro areas. In the past 3 days, I have as much rain as fell the 3 months prior.
  6. 52F and feels glorious with the breeze. Everything is Ireland green.
  7. It produced the best weather of the day in winchester. Nice gusty heavy rain. No thunder though. Unfortunately, that line developed east of my yard. Would have been a fun way to cap this off.
  8. Lol. Im doing ok today. But mother nature takes summers off where I'm at.
  9. The area just west of winchester, and east of me, is getting pounded with rain.
  10. Getting some decent rains and breeze in winchester atm. Hopefully this makes it out to my area.
  11. 1.3" so far. It's a solid rain event, very beneficial. But its just been some moderate rain at times. I'll take it, but this is a rather boring event.
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