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  1. You know it's bad when you make Dallas' trash defense look good.
  2. In fairness, he said "cooler" December. As in cooler than July.
  3. In that case all toes swollen, so no choice but to wear flip flops. Winter cancel.
  4. We'll see. Honestly, wet slop that vaporizes in the Feb and Mar sun does little for me.
  5. Epic -AO and -NAO during the entire heart of winter, and I have not, and very likely will not, seen 1 flake of snow for the entire month of January.
  6. I'm reminded of what i heard when the Euro shows snow and the GFS doesn't..... ....Almost like a voice in my head.
  7. I'm in winchester and am watching line after line move to the SE. I can see the hills in NE Warren County are white. Dark curtain of snow reminiscent of a spring shower.
  8. When did you take the snow pic? The fall scene is spectacular.
  9. If it would actually stay on the ground, I'd happily sign up for 2 6" storms per year.