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  1. .34" Better than nothing, but hardly worth celebrating.
  2. It always is.
  3. Yep. This has complete bust written all over it. Forecast now down to chance of 1/2" tonight. And this is the last chance of rain for at least a week. At least it'll be more comfortable for a few days, but we will be parched.
  4. Picked up .98" of desperately needed rain.
  5. And the 90% pops and "heavy rain" in the forecast is LOL.
  6. LOL. Today was the worst yet. I literally have not seen so much as a cloud since about 2 PM. The sky could not be any clearer here. It also could not be any nastier outside. Everyday, the humidity gets worse and worse, and the skies get clearer and clearer, and the plant life gets browner and browner. .25" now in the last 23 days.
  7. .25" since May 26. 22 days, I've seen this before. Infact, I've seen it every summer I've lived here except 2011. I've had twice as many 90F days as I've had tenths of inches of rain.
  8. LOL. Leave in to Jeb to make a (yet another) miserably hot summer drought enjoyable. Well done. Meanwhile, yet another cloudy night to keep the heat high, only to see the full sun break out during the day to scorch the earth. It is God-awful nasty outside. It's not this humid under water, yet we can't manage to even get a single ****ing cloud to drift in front of that sun, much less a damn thunderstorm. Where else on earth can it be 90 / 72 for ****ing weeks on end and can't manage one ****ing thunderstorm?
  9. Meanwhile, I scored .08" over this 6 hour event. It's been devastating.
  10. I'll bet I make it through the next 192 hours w/o a single drop of rain.
  11. Getting very dry here. Grass browning noticeably. .08" in the last 2 weeks. Soon as the heat hit, the grass wilted.
  12. 1.08" today, .55" yesterday. This was a God-send to wash away the pollen. Started a new job, which requires a lot of time on the manufacturing floor in a non-air-conditioned building. This week has been great. Last week was a challenge. Keep this weather coming. Maybe give us a sunny 3-day weekend for WxLvr, Mappy, EJ, and Baltimore Zen's sake.
  13. Don't take shelter in a barn full of wheat threshers and sickles.
  14. Good storms this afternoon. Just had a second, while on the western fringe; picked up 10 minute downpour and about 2 minutes of marble-sized hail. Added to an earlier storm, it's been a good day of rain. Thankfully, it put out the furnace.
  15. Think the high was about 375F today.