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  1. ....and mid-Atlantic winter is upon us.
  2. Disappointing 20F low. Temp began rising around 4 AM. Looks like due to 3mph southerly breeze.
  3. The wind blew over your car!
  4. Nearbyest (?) PWS clocked the low at 18.5F. Impressive cold for mid Nov.
  5. I'm going to buy a 100" TV and hang it in front of my living room windows and stream the snowshoe webcams. As long as I dont leave the house, I wont know the difference.
  6. With 2 more nights in the low 20s next week, that's it for my yard. Good to see you back in here posting!
  7. 20F. See some PWSs in the area as low as 17F. Impressive. Been below freezing since just b4 7 last evening, and below 25F since midnight. Grass season is definitely over.
  8. 36F at 8 pm. Having that extra hour of darkness is really going to allow the temps to bottom out.
  9. 33F. Quite frosty this morning.
  10. Made it down to 27F. Thick frost on the cars, and crunchy grass. Beautiful stars early this morning as I was sitting on the patio enjoying hot coffee at 6 AM. Last night was perfect weather for November.