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  1. 33f. Solid frost on the cars and roofs, patchy frost on the ground. Wonderful morning.
  2. Today is a 10. Absolutely perfect.
  3. .4". Always the minimum, but a decent total for this time of year. Glad to see everyone get some beneficial rains. Really feels like fall outside now!
  4. Brother in aurora just sent me pictures....15F currently and snowing. Ground is white.
  5. 40th anniversary of the most anomalous weather event of my lifetime. This time 40 years ago I was playing in over a foot of snow and helping to clear the many trees that came crashing down blocking our driveway and access to electricity and running water. Wandering a very confused landscape of green-leafed trees exploding under the weight of all that wet snow. I can still hear the sounds in my memory, like it was yesterday. How can I be this old??
  6. I'd guess about next weekend for elevations under 2K. Further south as the elevation climbs, it'll be sooner, obviously.
  7. Should be able to combine it with discussions of New Years plans.
  8. Picked almost .2" last night. Over .75" the past 2 days.
  9. Almost .6" since yesterday afternoon. Cool and damp. Very needed rain.
  10. Hopefully, it holds together for you. Nope, not tonight. Nice rain. Lol. Nice.
  11. Good soaking rain this evening. A chilly rain too.
  12. 42F and depth of stars not often seen. Up early to sit on the patio and enjoy coffee beside the firepit. Feels amazing.
  13. Today was just as bad as yesterday.
  14. This ****ing better be the end of this bull****.