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  1. Yeah, I've had almost nothing other than occasional drizzle / mist for this event. 3 days of rain, and the ground beneath our Sequoia remains dry, and my driveway is about 10 degrees inclined. It's damp, which has been a blessing for the grass seed I put down, but we got no rain of significance. A day in the 80s and every drop of moisture we got will be vaporized.
  2. Been a terrible season for me so far. A lack of any substantial rain, temps that zoom above normal almost every day, and above forecast everyday, and constant wind. All combine to make it a rough season. Thank God for Zyrtec. Anytime I'm outside for an extended length of time working in the yard I wear a good dust mask too; it's a huge help.
  3. Unexpected and very-welcomed rain today. .34" so far and still raining.
  4. I didn't even boil the eggs... they cooked solid in the convection oven outside.
  5. We roasted in 2010. Hard to believe it could have been worse than this. An absolute miserably hot Easter. It wasn't. Just checked. 77F (April 4, 2010). Still brutal for early April, but the the real heat didn't begin until the day after (84F). First 90F of the most miserable summer ever came the following day (April 6). I don't know if I could make it through another summer like that one again. What a freakin' nightmare.
  6. I'm sure there will be many more to follow.
  7. Yeah, maybe today. Seeing lots of PWSs reporting mid to upper 80s. Terrible day. Hot, dry, pollen. Yuck.
  8. FYP.
  9. Was able to find Founder's KBS at my local Better Beer Store. They only sell 1 bottle per customer per day. Getting ready to try it. What is preferred serving temp (online searches give a range of 50 - 60F)? Drink from the bottle or served in a beer glass?
  10. 4/4: 0.04" 4/6: 0.60" 4-17: 0.36" Month: 1.00"
  11. Should have watered last night. Another fail here. Picked up .08" this morning, and everything is tracking east of the BR. Should have known better than to plant grass seed. You'd think you'd be safe in April. Not here.
  12. Well, this event was a total dud. .04". 2 days ago the forecast was for .75". Planted grass seed Sunday in anticipation of a wet pattern. FAIL.
  13. Exactly 1" today, including a few rumbles of thunder around 8 AM. Much needed.
  14. Thanks. I found it makes more sense to edit the original post rather than provide new posts with each event. Doing this would keep the number of pages low, and prevent you from having to scroll through them. If, like I do, one references the previous post when updating, then it saves one from also having to scroll through to find the previous post as well.
  15. Table Mappy posted shows me with 3.6" for some reason. My updated total (Page 1 of this thread) lists my total of 8.9". Thanks, Mappy, for your map-making efforts.