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  1. 23F for the low. Hope the last 2 mornings cleared some bugs and tap the brakes on the grass. Else I'm mowing next weekend.
  2. Woke up to snow covered ground. 24F. Nice.
  3. I had snow last March. Can't remember the day, but soon after moving here. A heavy dusting one morning.
  4. My brother sent me a deck pic of snow almost to the top of the deck rail. Huge storm in Denver.
  5. My brother in aurora just reported 10" otg.
  6. Love that place. They are going to get buried.
  7. The cold air will make its own storm.
  8. I've seen many many worse winters out here than this one. Not great, but ok. Prolonged cool weather. No big or prolonged torch. Good 24 day stretch of snow cover in my new location, but a far cry from that from winchester south. It looks done in the snow department, now I hope only for occasional cold shots to keep the grass, weeds, bugs, and flowers dormant as long as possible.
  9. Love Biggie Smores. Love Southern Tier too. Have you tried their Hot Cocoa Stout? Excellent.
  10. Lol. I remember well. We had a couple of elderly women who lived down the road. They were the embodiment of the gossiping gaggle....think of the front desk woman at the Columbia Inn in White Christmas....always on the line talking. My older brother and sister would put me up to getting them off the line. Once i told them our barn was on fire and needed to call the fire department to clear the line. In those days you could call the local radio station for lost pets, items, song requests with messages,etc.andvthey would announce on air. Me and my best friend would phone-in (funny?) pranks to WFTR in Front Royal and howl aloud when they read them on air. Our best was my lost cow alert..... Brown and white, silver bells around it's neck, one horn, and from neighbors report it hopped the fence and was heading west towards town. We laughed for days after that one was announced. Several kids at school the next Monday were talking about hearing that on the radio. Lol. That was a different time.
  11. Well, we are getting a nice qpf event today, finally.
  12. Perfectly fine with 40s, 50s, even 60s so long as we could get a damn event with more than .1 or 2 qpf. So sick of this crap.