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  1. 19F. Clear and calm. Perfect.
  2. Doesn't matter. You could pretty much copy and paste that summer forecast for every summer. 90% are above normal temp.
  3. I think we need more threads on this topic.
  4. dc

    Hot and dry. Of course.
  5. I never saw a flake, but that usually doesn't mean much to your weather.
  6. 36F and never had a single flake.
  7. Yes. Go to notifications and click on 'notification settings'. Many options to check or uncheck.
  8. I think that's just the nature of the beast. East coast storms are usually terribly complex scenarios, often with lows transferring from one to the next, where the coastal low actually forms, how quickly it can deepen and form the CCB that usually provides the meat of the storms has great impact on the ground. That usually means a pretty narrow stretch of the heaviest snows, so slight storm track differences have a huge net effect on snowfall totals and intensities.... not to even mention precip type. It's amazing the forecasts are even as good as they are. I'm not sure the busts are that much more horrible in the south. The last couple years alone have featured some big busts for NYC. The southern areas due to their climo are always more at risk. They have more temp issues and they are closer to the coastal low initialization, so the storm usually doesn't have as much time to mature for them. If the low location is not south enough, or if it doesn't deepen in time, they are screwed. Just give me CAD and a nice juicy low pressing into the OH valley.
  9. Snow weenies lives matter.
  10. Far different story 10 miles south. Awesome pics from Winterwxlvr. Beautiful up there.
  11. It is amazing to see such little melting on March 15. Milky over-cast all day has muted the strength of the sun. Wonderful wintry day.
  12. Therein lies the problem when entities come to think that they know what's best for you. The best play is to always level with the public and then let them decide what to do with that information.
  13. Yeah, I agree, if you're gonna fail you might as well fail big. I didn't mind the record-warm February. Got as much snow that month as January and a lot lower gas bill.
  14. Even at the "height" of the storm around 4 AM I noticed the flake size was crappy-small. No dendrites for sure, so the temps in that zone were too warm probably. Add in some wind, and that gave us poorer-than-expected ratios. Temp was 29 - 32F here for the entirety, so it was a warm event also. Colder up your way, but that layer must've been shallow. Models backing off QPF as a storm rolls in IS ALWAYS a red flag. When that started happening Monday morning, I knew I was toast.
  15. He received a lot more than any of us in this sub-forum.