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  1. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    As far as I'm concerned anything over 45F is spring, and anything over 70F is summer.
  2. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    A few 50s thrown into the mix would be even better.
  3. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    I agree. I'd gladly trade a cold, snowy winter for a -7F, wet summer w/o a single 90F high. Granted the latter is pure fantasy and physically not possible in these parts.
  4. April Discobs Thread

    Yep. Same. Drought posts will be coming soon.
  5. April Discobs Thread

    The forecast for here is between 1/10 and 1/4 inch. That's very likely to result in a T.
  6. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Good. That's 3 days too much.
  7. April Discobs Thread

    .40" over 24 hours. Came down in buckets.
  8. April Discobs Thread

    .30". This one was a total dud. Not nearly enough of what was needed. And it doesn't look like a good chance of anything meaningful for at least 7 days... and 90s waiting in the wings, apparently. Misery. Pure misery.
  9. April Discobs Thread

    Let it rain. Pollen yesterday was brutal.
  10. 2014 was the best weather year I can remember. As you noted, there were several continental air intrusions that summer. Not to mention a great winter to-boot (starting in Dec 2013).
  11. Oh yeah. Breezy, refreshingly cool/dry air-mass. High temps in the low 70s. People in sweatshirts and huddled under blankets for the fireworks. Lows dipped into the 40s that night out here. I remember actually being chilly that late-afternoon (in the shade) at a cook-out. DPs in the low/mid 40s. It felt like October. It was simply amazing, and every-bit as rare as a HECS. In fact, I'd argue it was more rare, and I enjoyed it every bit as much.
  12. IMO, the best event, and by a very-wide margin, was the July 4th Canadian air-mass of 2014. That was straight out of my dreams. I would rate that weather day as one of my top-5 weather events of any type in my lifetime.
  13. April Discobs Thread

    30F for the low. Gorgeous day from start to finish. Pollen starting to build again, though; need another rain storm.
  14. April Discobs Thread

    28.4F according to nearest PWS here. Calm, brisk. Perfect.
  15. April Discobs Thread

    Periods of flurries this afternoon. Impressive cold for mid-April. Definitely enjoying the cool weather after last week's furnace. I thought I'd grown sick of chilly, windy weather, but then last weekend happened and I was reminded I liked that a whole lot less.