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  1. Doing nothing but going poof on my doorstep so far. As usual, no such problems with under-performing winds.
  2. Another very warm one. 76F. Getting real sick of hiking in shorts and sweating. Every weekend is the same.
  3. 34F at OKV. Had to scrape the windshield. Patchy frost on the ground. PERFECT.
  4. This is what I wait all year for. I'm just sorry it was 24 hours too late.
  5. No, it's not. Not in October. Kiss of death for winter if it happens.
  6. Ugh.... my bad. Mondays......
  7. Briefly? It was almost half the month? LOL.
  8. Now, this is more like it!
  9. A couple frosty mornings would be nice. I know I'll be mowing this weekend.
  10. Very unexpected rains tonight. Pushing .75" this evening and over 1" for the day.
  11. Just got a quick heavy shower. Easily the heaviest rain I've seen since early August. Looks like a quick additional .20". Might be another batch on the way.
  12. That's almost correct; you just forgot to include the +9 November and +10 Dec that will be on its heels. .35" today.
  13. They probably just want to hurry up and die in order to escape this god-awful heat.
  14. .23" yesterday .81" today. 1.04" total. Much needed, but a far cry from the 2 - 3" projections just the day before. Rainy day turned into mostly sunny by noon. Shocker. Mega-torch. Shocker. 8:30 PM on October 9 and the temp is 78F. Unreal.
  15. ^^This fall is a complete disaster. The best month of the year wasted. Another year with a 6-month long summer. On the bright-side, we've got all winter long to recoup all those upper 60s highs/low 40s lows we were robbed of this month.