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  1. Had some really good gust here earlier!!! Surprised you didn't...
  2. Getting some big gust here.. We got a field behind the house so maybe that helps the winds
  3. Saw a couple cloud to ground pretty close by
  4. Crappy pic but we got pellets in enfield
  5. Had light snow for about 20 minutes at work in ludlow this morning... Was awesome to see
  6. Can always hope that would be awesome cant wait to show my 3month old his first snow!!!
  7. 0z NAM
  8. Hug the nam for a few flakes?
  9. Hahaha you know some would say that
  10. Models an hour earlier now.... its coming
  11. Canadian with a nice snowstorm lol
  12. Yup... Saw stars and the moon just to the west as it was still lightly raining.. Then the wind maxed out right around then
  13. 6Z gfs.:) long way to go it will be gone the next run
  14. Saw two trees snapped on my street and alot of branches down... Im on spruceland
  15. Had to be some kind of downsloping where i live tons of branches and trees down from what i could see until i reached springfield.. From springfield to ludlow wasnt that bad at all... My part of the valley got hit good... I got high hills just to my east could that have caused it?