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  1. Ya we have to watch the remants combined with a cold front I think..
  2. Amherst is the second pic. My kid eatting snow in the first in Belchertown incredible difference
  3. You could literally drive 2 minutes from fall to winter
  4. My mom said the grass was covered in agawam
  5. I was shocked at almost nothing though lol
  6. This storm is so weird looks like winter here drive down into amherst again to see the difference and some spots dont even have snow on the grass
  7. Was eyeballing about 2 here. Cant wait to take little weenie sledding
  8. Or the plow driver gets pi$t and turns the sander on full blast as he drives by it ping ping lol
  9. Got about an hour or so.left here of the goods I think
  10. That band about to come through looks awesome
  11. About the same here my phone takes terrible pics and my girlfriend is still sleeping to use hers lol
  12. Just drove down the hill again to amherst and nothing is accumulating there... we white here . My kid is going window to window like me lol. future weenie