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  1. pride in chicopee just off the pike when you would be heading on 291 towards springfield
  2. Well this would be something if we had a storm coming right now
  3. look at the intense convection about to wrap in.. thats a big change from a few hours ago
  4. Thats actually a big hit on the Cape most do good though.. to bad its so far out!
  5. Ill be at the BIG E Friday morning and then Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach Friday night at Mohegan Sun I dont care what the weather is... going to be a fun packed day!
  6. I would love to be in this.. the adrenaline rush is probably insane!
  7. I would want a cat 2 or more to make it worth it lol
  8. On vacation as of this morning.. tempted to go there but doesn't seem the storm will be strong enough or worth it ugh
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