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  1. My Birthday is on the 2nd.. Might get something around then?
  2. Eyeballing 1 1/2 or so. Looks and feels like winter great to wake up to . Woooo hooooo.
  3. Stuff entering the Berkshires looks good..
  4. Snowing here but probably to far north for anything good later
  5. ICON is rain for the 26th and the GFS is now snow to rain. Unbelievable!
  6. If it doesn't snow soon I'm going to build a snow gun and make it snow my damn self I'm over this snowless crap! First covid makes it so we have nothing to do and then winter says screw all you winter lovers we'll just keep it snowless so you're even more depressed when you look out the window ugh!!!
  7. Little weenie walking around along with squalls in the distance...snowed hard at Quabbin for 10 minutes or so.. Edit: picture wont upload for some reason
  8. Instantly craved reading this
  9. That was another crap storm at my house... I remember 10 miles away did really good
  10. Been getting random flakes pretty much all day.. Kind of depressing seeing bare ground though.. Seems this week doesn't offer much hope either
  11. Cuts into SNE but a good amount of snow first
  12. I would have a epic meltdown lol snow hole near me.. Congrats northern NH AND western VT
  13. Someone on radarscope is showing sleet just north of Hartford. I guess we might start as a little frozen