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  1. Had some here to.... took a quick pic but hard to tell...
  2. Look just west of chicago.. That ones a beast!!!! Hoping we see something tomorrow but looks south for now...
  3. Around that here to im right on the ma ct line
  4. Got it good here tons of rain... Alot of close strikes..
  5. Just got this off wwlp's webcam. Awesome sky
  6. Pretty much flashes every second to the north and west
  7. Got a good view to the west and can see flashes in the clouds.. Pretty neat considering how far away the storms still are....
  8. Im guessing the storms to the west will die out soon.. Hrrr says it does
  9. Average temps start going down in about 10 days!!!
  10. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/coolimg/nc_storm/index.html. Anyone ever here of this??? Pretty neat...
  11. Just something to talk about... Ugh the weather has been boring..
  12. south of Puerto Rico at hr 180.... Then it kills it after that.. Not strong but shows something
  13. It will change in 15 min lol tropical tidbits has it hitting with a pressure of 967mb pretty strong cane for here... Gfs and canadian all alone on it developing....
  14. That is awesome!!!!