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  1. Officially moving to Templeton MA a half mile north of route 2 elevation 1,030 ft.. should do a little better in the snow department..
  2. Can the long range NAM be right just once
  3. June 2022[67] LV0010[68] CC, SLC-46 TROPICS × 2 19 kg (42 lb)[69] LEO NASA Planned First of three launches for the TROPICS constellation. Series will launch six satellites in total.[70] 10 June 2022[67] LV0011[68] CC, SLC-46 TROPICS × 2 19 kg (42 lb) LEO NASA Planned Second of three launches for the TROPICS constellation.[70] 11 July 2022[67] LV0012[68] CC, SLC-46 TROPICS × 2 19 kg (42 lb) LEO NASA
  4. 11 years ago today the Springfield MA tornado was crossing directly in front of me
  5. Spc has 15 percent severe for western areas day 4
  6. 0z CMC trying to bring that tropical system close by..
  7. Insane pre looking feature on the GFS .. won't happen but thats wild for some in NNE
  8. I had a pretty big one on me yesterday glad I found it as it was just crawling on me
  9. Anyone know what this is? Kind of looks like a black widow but not sure it's hard to tell if there was a marking on him after I killed it.
  10. had a few snow showers earlier this morning perfect late April day!
  11. I'll be in Templeton tomorrow through Wednesday morning above 1000 so hoping for something there
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