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  1. I got my bedroom window open enjoy it while you can...
  2. Great going to newport ri tomorrow and sunday
  3. A girl posted this on facebook... What kind of spider is this?
  4. Nam and gfs now very wet midweek
  5. Had an orange/red dot on it black widow maybe then?
  6. Saw a brown recluse in nh last year that was nasty lol
  7. Looks like a few meh storms later on... Should be fun watching the storms in the plains later though..
  8. On the way home from work my car was reading 95 to 97 the whole way.. It was 96 when i pulled in the driveway screw this crap
  9. Tropical system coming up off the east coast about half the individuals had it
  10. If you looked you would see there is lol
  11. 6z gfs ensembles are real interesting starting around hour 168
  12. Meh couple days then back to cooler weather
  13. 0z gfs is a soaker!!
  14. Some of the 18z ensemble members take a tropical storm or hurricane up the coast in 10 to 14 days lol. Also moved the low west from 12z for the weekend
  15. Flooding issues on the gfs