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  1. Measured between 8.5 and 9.5 at home epic storm for mid April. Also amazing coming from agawam to here
  2. Maps were good for my area
  3. Still nothing in agawam going home soon.. My girlfriend said we lost power at 945
  4. Still nothing in agawam just light rain going to be interesting driving home later
  5. Nothing in agawam light rain going to be nice to go to winter after
  6. Huge flakes just dumping now. Going to my moms in agawam now wonder if it will be a big difference
  7. Went to snow around 130. 2.
  8. Trees getting that sag look close to 2 down
  9. It should radar looks great compared to earlier
  10. Radar was making me nervous.. Filling in nicely now.. WE SNOW!!
  11. Almost a inch in belchertown now