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  1. 6z gfs is a blue bomb
  2. Even if we dont get hit here im taking a weenie drive saturday
  3. If it does happen it wont be powder even in the hills
  4. Mini version of 20 years ago?
  5. One sref member showing 25 inches theres always one!
  6. Birch bender for sure... Would be nice to see one last snowfall.
  7. We got the nam and srefs on our side... what could go wrong? lol
  8. I was actually thinking about this mainly for the ct river if it stays cold then warms up quickly.. We would need some heavy rain and a very warm airmass after the cold breaks.. I guess its possible..
  9. Can we get a little love to the west.. Still hope but if theres not a shift at 12z we're out
  10. And you thought you were cooked a couple days ago... Congrats your snow drought ended with a bang!
  11. 6z gfs was close
  12. Are you in enfield? Its ripping here
  13. Its snow not fog i thought the same thing at first..
  14. Back to heavy snow!