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  1. Euro and gfs ensembles have shifted west... Still mostly a miss though
  2. Still think its ots.. Canadian vs all
  3. GEFS ots but a few are close. 0Z was way ots
  4. Slowly falling now
  5. Surprised theres not more maria talk in here
  6. Hes. 6 weeks 6 days and 15 pounds lol hes above the 99th percentile in everything!!
  7. My girlfriend surprised me with a new onesie for our son !!!
  8. Deleted after i noticed... Thanks though
  9. Looks like the RPM hmm
  10. Ton of rain and wind with that
  11. Nice to look at though RPM and the NAM would be a good storm for us
  12. Nam alot closer at hr 51
  13. Fwiw nam at hr 45 is north of 18z
  14. Poured here for about 5 minutes.... It could be
  15. 12z jma looks like a good hit