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  1. Hoping I can get something here.. so far pretty meh but things are looking better
  2. I saw a post somewhere earlier saying it did.. but I'm sure it beats the Canadian
  3. Some of the EPS members next weekend early next week are fun to look at
  4. 0z GFS kind of looked like the CMC just OTS long ways to go
  5. Gfs and CMC also develop a late season Hurricane no threat to land but still neat
  6. Except I wouldn't be living in the valley this time around.. that snow cutoff is nuts
  7. Still insanely heavy snow going on after hr 240
  8. Gfs gets down to 940mb but way ots and in the long range
  9. ICON a little more interesting mid week
  10. wachusett opens tomorrow.. I was hoping to go this weekend but kind of looks bla
  11. dews in the low single digits now
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