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  1. Just got done shoveling and man its awesome having to only deal with a few inches of light, fluffy snow. Usually those of us on the coast end up with the classic pastejob in feb/march but thankfully not the case today. Give me a few more of these and we'll call it a season haha..gratz to everyone else who ended up with a nice refresher
  2. About 6" of slop in total today which definitely creates a nice durable base to work with. Personally, I'd take the 3" of currier and ives type snow we had over two days last week than this type of snowfall. I feel for the plants and trees out there as this stuff sticks to everything like glue, although I'm sure the snow was nicer further inland. On to the next I guess..
  3. Just a slushy coating otg here, 34f with the usual gusty winds+rain we get during these storms. Gratz to everyone further west who escaped the dreaded ocean influence and are cashing in nicely.
  4. Power just went out here..I think the duration and intensity of the rain has been the biggest surprise thus far, at least along the coast. Glad I'm not dealing with that nasty paste this early in the season, especially after going balls to the wall with the yardwork just yesterday!
  5. I thought 2014 was exceptionally dry, 2016 as well..but if this type of dryness continues through August, we might be making a run at one of the driest summers in recent history (at least in this area). At least some of the morning fog/high dews have kept things moist some of the time lol..
  6. Yep, 90 on the nose here as well. At the least the air was a little more breathable today but still classic weather this time of year. What a month it has been! And plenty more summer still to go
  7. A few spritzes here but other than that, nada. Another steambath today of 98! Amazing how difficult it is to do much of anything once the wind stops. I liken this environment to a giant sauna! Glad I could get to the beach yesterday but man, even there, it was hard to find much relief..gonna pour me a nice glass of lemonade to cool the bod down after walking the little yipper hah
  8. This probably won't surprise you guys too much (especially the country folks in the far north) but we had a coyote roaming through our neighborhood as I was walking the little pooch around sunset yesterday. The little guy must've been hungry because as I started heading back I could see him shadowing us ever so slowly. Interestingly, he continued following us up my driveway even after I got the dog inside. I did manage to chase it off but its just insane how brazen the animals are right now. Wondering if the lack of human activity and the lockdown policies have had any effect on their population or behavior? Either way, that was a bit of a wake up call hah. Honestly, thought it was a curious dog initially but its movements were just a little off for it to be someone's pet that had gotten loose lol
  9. Awesome shot! Been able to spot a couple red headed woodpeckers in recent weeks here at the feeder. You can always tell when they're around when you hear drumming on trees in the yard, usually early in the mornings..
  10. Guess my evening shower will have to wait a little bit..more worried about getting zapped than contracting the beer virus right now lol
  11. I, for one enjoy being able to walk outside not bundled up like an eskimo. Guess that's what makes weather so subjective..for now, we take and relish in the unusual mildness and then its back to hibernation for a while.
  12. Beautiful night out there..mild, comfortable and dare I say, a little dewey?
  13. 35F and just a cold rain here..great evening to sit back and watch the puddles build up while sipping on leftover eggnog
  14. For me, a little bit of consistency would be nice with the weather. If it's going to rain, let it rain and stay that way. The same goes with the snow as well as the temperatures. It's hard to get used to the weather when we go from 60 one day then down to the 30 the next. This shit can't be good for one's immune system, let alone our sanity. Right now, we have 2" of crusty, cement like snow on the lawn from all the melting/refreezing and the rain-snow events from just the last week, not to mention a layer of black ice on the driveway. Kind of sucks when you're caught in the battlezone between the picturesque snows to the north and the moisture/dews to our south. Anyways, just venting a little here, please go on..
  15. Hard to believe it was 55 here just a couple days ago. Now it suddenly feels like mid-January, go figure.. At least you guys up north are putting that cold to good use There's nothing more picturesque than snow falling in the middle of the night, kind of like watching an approaching thunderstorm on a steamy summer evening. Both weather events will always have a soft spot in my weenie heart.