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  1. Absolutely no argument from me! Not looking to get into all the well known specifics, but it is flourishing in many industries; public and private. It is all about maintaining a revenue stream regardless of truth or facts...
  2. Agree 100%... He just moves on from one failed hype to the next... very predictable scenario... every year there is at least 1, if not multiple mentions of Hazel, the 38 storm and other historic events. Compared to a decade or 2 ago, his credibility is shot...
  3. Don't worry some storm will form and miss by 1000 miles but he will use it to say "see my forecast had merit"....he is far more predictable than any hurricane.
  4. Nobody had freezes across CT Friday; there will be upper 50's for highs across most of elevated CT... Ryan's number likely reflects the highs for metro areas as well as I-91 corridor...
  5. Hey Walt my interest has certainly risen over the past 24 hrs for potential big totals across SNE... Hedging closer to Tue/Wed, but not trying to get too specific right now. Several overlapping, relatively weak features at the moment that in the past were tip offs to a big rain event. Been waiting for the great flip from drought to an excessive rain event to show itself. Will be interesting to see overnight trends...
  6. As depicted, that would be a fish storm...
  7. Tip... When you have a second, check your messages.
  8. Agree... Also think the long slog back towards more frequent widespread rain events for SNE... It wouldn't be a flip the switch pattern change to a wetter pattern, but I'm encouraged by what I see in terms of rainfall trends down the road.
  9. Looking back at the velocity scans, I doubt there are many NWS forecasters that would have warned on that cell. I think calling it more of a landspout is correct; probably helped along by just enough terrain induced rotation.
  10. It's almost impossible in these types of flows to get abundant sunshine across SNE... Cloud cover is usually fairly widespread. That being said, nature of the atmosphere is still decent for some severe events from northern NJ northeast into southwest CT. SPC meso analysis is highlighting southeastern NY into southwest CT for an elevated spin-up risk over the next couple of hours. Given low lcl's I would closely monitor any organized cells moving across that area? Could see a non-warned event or a late warned event.
  11. "it is clear there is no interest in Meteorology" Truer words have never been spoken!!!
  12. Absolutely correct Wiz... One of the most useless discussions in New England weather forum is the drought, endless Stein chatter. Lack of exciting severe wx or hurricane threats or truly hot periods pushes folks to spend endless time on New England faux drought crap.
  13. Some interesting summer reading for some perhaps? https://wcd.copernicus.org/articles/3/659/2022/
  14. The phrase "settling in" might be a bit overdone. Certainly looks like a nice 2 to 3 day period of summer-like conditions for many, but I don't see anything that suggest it is here to stay.
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