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  1. Not sure how far south core of the strongest winds will build? Northern CT / MA border air could be the southern limit, but it's a fluid setup and could come further south. NY site I referenced had 4 gusts; 55, 62, 66 and 72!!!
  2. Agree... With our data checking that's my general memory as well. The thing that seems to stand out more than anything right now to me, is the relative crappy nature of Aprils these days...
  3. The 700 fronto analysis on the SPC meso-page was a thing of beauty. That was locked in early enough to jump all over the big central CT numbers. Best CT banding in at least 2 years.
  4. What an idiot he is... Sometimes we go and picnic in the deep woods of West Hartford where 15+ inches are on the ground... Lol
  5. 11" here in Burlington... A non elevation event; all about where the best banding setup. So great to see a positive bust; especially after the horrific trends yesterday...
  6. I'm actually in favor of being able to do that... Or at least change to a delay? They all use email or text blast anyway...
  7. That's exactly the main reason. That's ok as long as everyone understands there are going to be the occasional bust...
  8. Your right. It usually only happened when a storm was underway during the afternoon or evening. It is now the norm...
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