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  1. FXWX

    Hurricane Isaias

    Town Crews just pulled off the road until winds subside; will respond only to life-threatening situations!
  2. FXWX

    Hurricane Isaias

    Across my area Burlington, CT; very impressive tree damage town-wide... Multiple reports of trees taking down or snapping poles; with multiple poles being snapped at the same location... we actually have town work crews that cannot get out of some areas since more trees have come down and blocked all their travel routes.
  3. FXWX

    Hurricane Isaias

    still good here...
  4. Add the July 10, 1989 to the similar setup; morning WF passage and then monster afternoon / early evening event...
  5. Check out live August airport cam... https://www.maineinstrumentflight.com/fbo/webcams/
  6. Not completely; maybe state DOT, but I have several DPW crews that have used it when bitter cold periods were in play; used quite a bit Jan/Feb 2015.
  7. Many of the new treatments are less or ineffective during very cold periods, which are common across NNE; sand allows for better traction when treatments would not be effective. Even down here in SNE, some DPW crews have a reserve of sand to use if needed during very cold periods.
  8. Great job with your forecast... can you share the link (url) to the Accumulated Snowfall Departure map?
  9. Hey Walt... didn't have time to play with the scaling but here are the 500 mb mean and anomaly maps for Dec 76 through Feb 77...
  10. Globally (NH), we have gone through a remarkably long stretch of a relatively flat flow with zero blocking, no persistent large-scale amplified trough / ridge couplets; no real anchor features; true arctic air has not be a regular visitor to the middle latitudes anywhere across the NH. Why??? I have no clue. Even in many of our blah / ratter winters, there were strong features causing havoc elsewhere; this year not so much. The oceans are very warm on a widespread basis though and maybe the lack of sst gradients are playing a role???
  11. Here is Euro Omega (700) at 00z Sunday
  12. Ok... small, localized enhanced areas; just a bit to your north OXC showing 10 mi. vis... hope you pick up a solid cover; sfc temps not helping out in many places... thanks for ob
  13. Is your actual ob or something that was passed along? I cannot find an airport visibility ob or a highway camera showing anything approaching moderate snowfall rates? I-84 / I-95 cams showing very decent visibility?