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  1. FXWX

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Crap! I'm still cleaning up from the Worcester redo tornado event of last week!!!
  2. FXWX

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Have bluebirds at my feeders; they like the mealworms (dead) that Lowes sells locally down here. First pair of nesting bluebirds in our yard has fledglings that are already sticking there heads out of the box. This brood will likely be on their own within another week or 10 days... Usually they will start another brood by mid-June.
  3. FXWX

    May 2019 Discussion

    Do you have the url link to this graphic?
  4. FXWX

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Such a volatile situation; hard to quantify and plan for what a flip would look like, if it happened at all and how it might impact conditions across northern CT; could run the gamut of impacts from zero issues to surprise slushy travel; if dynamic flip occurs across northern CT, what would you estimate the best timing??? thinking somewhere in 4:30 - 7:30 am period?
  5. FXWX

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    No disagreement from me... just happy it will be a Saturday morning issue, not work/school day, in the high terrain areas of CT school Regions 1 & 7 districts...
  6. FXWX

    March Disco

    Count not agree with you more. Folks instantly make a jump to "there is no way this is happening or show me a model that calls for a region-wide blizzard" when the statement is just about how meteorologically close this is to a remember-able bomb event! Will it happen, probably not and yes eastern areas are closer to trouble than western areas, but the atmospheric setup is only a hair off from being a truly wild event. Again, I am not calling for it, but I can certainly appreciate the closeness of the pattern to a nasty event.
  7. FXWX

    March Disco

    No doubt! As much as I am ready for spring, that type of setup with the potency of the upper dynamics & the nature of that air mass would have me saying, "ok, lets go out with a true bang!"
  8. FXWX

    March Disco

    Yep; angle of attack into southeast Canada and the westerly component does indeed suggest it will not hang around; big 24-hour flip if the cold does make it into parts of nrn New England; particularly Maine. Would be more interesting if the modeled flow was displaced ~300-500 miles to the west?
  9. FXWX

    March Disco

    Regardless of how the storm issues do or do not play out, those are 2 very nasty late season cold slugs coming into southeastern Canada this upcoming weekend and then again the middle of next week...
  10. Details always need to be worked out; but you had the guts to start a thread!
  11. Nice call / heads-up on this event Wiz...
  12. FXWX

    March Disco

    Yup! Balloon launch at 11 z / 23 z during DST works for me! lol
  13. FXWX

    March Disco

    Would not be at all surprised if that is the case; in fact I would expect it. Although a popularity poll doesn't mean it is the right thing to do?
  14. FXWX

    March Disco

    Agree 110%... It will lead to a big push back from school districts and parents. I'm perfectly fine with the status quo... To be honest, I hate the thought of 2 pm for the Euro release; many of my wintertime school updates need to be fully out by 2 pm and I always want to get a at least a quick peak at the Euro before updating evening / overnight periods. By the time DST kicks in now during early/mid March winter forecasting stress is usually starting to wane so I can live with the current flip to DST but would hate it for the NOV-FEB period.
  15. FXWX

    March Disco

    I will tell you right now, if we go DST year round it will lead to several additional late openings school decisions a year across portions of SNE. One thing that is frequently assessed in predawn conversations with superintendents is when is sunrise and when will it be bright enough to see clearly along the sides of roads & corners during ongoing clean-up post storm periods. While some high school pick-up times during EST are during solidly dark times, DST would put middle and elementary students into the dark mix???