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  1. I think it's the best skiing in NH when conditions are decent.
  2. True. Looking back, Katrina did have a long fetch off the GS and eventually FL Straights juicing it up, aided by the SW movement, so probably not the textbook example.
  3. Katrina was a decent example in S FL, it's structure actually improved over the everglades iirc.
  4. 2.5 hours and counting of 100+mph gusts
  5. Intensity forecasting is a nightmare, no doubt. I went 110mph LF back on Monday, which I thought was aggressive at the time, and it ended up extremely conservative
  6. where's the "nbd structural damage" crew at ?
  7. Yeah, has nothing to do with running a business model for clickbait, adsense and even movies. it's all about collecting data
  8. Capitalizing on others misery for "business needs", quite.
  9. That is storm chasing ala HurricaneJosh and etc.
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