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  1. Yeah I mean 70's and 80's. Summer. We already had it
  2. Looks like we punt the rest of April for the most part.
  3. BOS is under 8" through April 9th, that's pretty impressive.
  4. "near normal" is what I said and those -2 and even -4 are still pretty close to average. Maybe not within the met community, I'll leave that to others, but as a casual observer.
  5. Why are you trolling with the exaggerations and harping on the seasonably cool stretch that is coming?
  6. Below for a few of those days but nothing extraordinary, one -8 which is decent. 50's and 60's aren't bad for April, pretty seasonable.
  7. those highs are in the 50's and 60's which are still near normal values for late Apr. lol
  8. You there we here. Around 62, still awesome