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  1. The gfs/ggem have been pretty steady the past few runs, though. If those are near correct it's mostly a SE NE storm
  2. Are you thinking 50-60mph gusts for most of CT?
  3. I hope it's a huge hit, or misses entirely. Maybe we can get a nice Wednesday
  4. with that track, IMBY, I don't see it happening. Maybe 20-40mph winds. Like Coastal said, any meso low could be a wildcard but that'd probably be more south coast or SE MA
  5. The more model output I see, the less exciting it looks.
  6. I'm game for 5-10" of rain with powerful winds, too bad we aren't fully leafed but still hanging onto some
  7. Another great day in the 70's. enjoying every minute of it when possible
  8. NYC culture is so neurotic,pushy and arrogant that it'd take years to adjust from the culture-shock
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