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  1. Ya, those are the computer models. Will just need to have Fred reform, which it was predicted it would.
  2. 13.3 inches in Central Park as heard on the Weather Channel. Video shows a lull in snow currently.
  3. NWS “The Probabilistic Winter Precipitation Forecast (PWPF) graphics have been updated through 72 hours, which is 00z (7pm) Monday evening. The current forecast has advisory level snow across the interior (avg of 3 inches) with near warning level (avg of 6 inches) near the coast. Additional snow is possible Monday night into Tuesday, but amounts are much less certain. There may also be a sharp cut off in amounts somewhere across the region, which at this time looks to be somewhere across the interior. If the low tracks a bit closer to the coast, then the northward extent will move further inland and amounts there will be increased. This could also introduce potential of mixing with rain on eastern Long Island. A track further south and east would mean less snow across the board. These details will be hopefully fine tuned through the weekend. Our official forecast keeps the precipitation snow with the surface low and mid level low centers all passing south of the region. These are favorable tracks to keep a more northerly flow holding any warming off the ocean down until precip rates decrease or if there is any dry slot. Again this looks like a concern for only portions of Long Island at this time. Looking at probabilities from the GEFS and ECMWF EPS, the probability of seeing 6 inches or more has increased for the southern portion of the area in the last 24 hours. The winter storm has the potential to produce a foot of snow somewhere in the CWA. This will all be dependent on mesoscale banding and the track of the system. Strong winds will also be possible, especially across the southern portion of the region. Gusts 35 to 45 mph cannot be ruled out at some point Monday into Monday night.”
  4. Potential prolonged NYC snowstorm. Accu-weather initially broadcasting 6-10” for the Big Apple. If trends continue you guys will see a Winter Storm Watch posted followed by.. Sunny and 65 F down in Central Florida but with snow I’d rather be up there! Good luck guys..
  5. Be happy to date there was 1 big snowstorm in your region. Be optimistic that another one can materialize..
  6. National Weather Service Forecast Offices https://www.weather.gov/srh/nwsoffices?site=tae
  7. https://www.ametsoc.org/ams/index.cfm/education-careers/education-program/weather-resources/
  8. For reference, historical and educational purposes this NOAA product was put out two months ago: https://www.noaa.gov/media-release/us-winter-outlook-cooler-north-warmer-south-with-ongoing-la-nina
  9. That's neat to see. I attended Queens College and now to see a reporting station there. Plus those dew points look good. Good luck guys!. Let it snow, let it snow! (please).
  10. 1500Z surface analysis December 16, 2020. Pending NE snowstorm..
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