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  1. He definitely tends to forecast on the side of less snow all the time but more times than not he is right.
  2. It looks like the river towns in Westchester are getting ZR? That wasn't expected
  3. Mostly rain now, it seems to flip fast. Still got looks like close to an inch so it's a win.
  4. Ill keep you posted just below you but it's starting to mix now I think
  5. It's been a while I think since a rain/snow line set up over the city. Seems like a lot of the city struggling with precip type but Bronx is getting pounded
  6. Same, absolutely pounding and sticking to everything, did not expect this here.
  7. Is there a link to the radar that accurately depicts rain/snow line?
  8. Went from 38 and white rain to 33 and snow accumulating everywhere. Did not see this coming.
  9. Pouring white rain here, it's pretty in the sky but also frustrating lol
  10. Temps are pretty warm but agree the fact it's snowing in DC is usually promising for us so we'll see. Definitely an interesting nowcast.
  11. RGEM also came in colder, looks like a nice burst of snow even into the city at the start is looking more possible.
  12. I mean just NW of the city. Northern NJ west of I287 up into the Hudson Valley Highlands may get more than that. I recognize NAM looks pretty cold, we'll see.
  13. NAM ticked a little further east and colder but drier. Looks like just NW of the city might get 1-2 inches.
  14. Around 1 pm. Not ideal but if it comes in like a wall we'll see.