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  1. Yea if you go upstate lol but it's been a solid winter from the start north of I84 especially elevated and near I90, it has stayed crappy south of I84
  2. Don't get caught up in 10:1 ratio maps, it's May it won't stick at the coast when the storm starts out at 50 but seeing any flakes on May 9th would be awesome
  3. Upton now forecasting mixing in the city at the end of the storm.
  4. More amped than 6Z, still SE of the other guidance and ends the city as snow
  5. Seems SNE did better than the HV, they had better dynamics further east.
  6. The trend has definitely been further south and colder but uptons map doesn't match their point and click forecasts which doesn't mention any snow anywhere near the city. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some pellets or white rain near the city but that would be it, if that.
  7. Agree, there is no way it is going to stick at the coast, based on the last two events I could see some wet flakes/pellets mixed in a little especially in the NW suburbs but you will have to get north of I84 at least to get accumulating snow
  8. Looks like at least some snow for Ulster/Sullivan/and Dutchess tomorrow, maybe down to Orange/Putnam
  9. Euro is showing signs of this for next week, although I feel this is way more a threat for New England than south of New England because ingredient A is missing
  10. Latest Euro has 6+ for a large part of Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster counties but hard to see that happening
  11. Looking at webcams looks like a real nice burst sticking to grass in Central Westchester
  12. Latest models have ticked colder again for the HV especially north of I84
  13. Sleet/Snow/Rain, cartops getting a bit slushy
  14. White Rain/Sleet Mix here