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  1. I haven’t followed it but if the gfs is the only model making things interesting than it’s not interesting
  2. I’ll give you lots of credit if this happens lol
  3. We got one nice hit this winter. Other than that looks like it will be another congrats interior winter
  4. Because you can’t trust that just because models show nothing for 10 days means nothing will pop up
  5. It’s always a risk with a suppressed pattern. Honestly happy it won’t be super cold if it’s dry
  6. Only need a few storms or 1 big storm to get nyc to average for the winter by the end of January.
  7. Not following super closely but If both cmc/euro on board at 0z I am thinking a storm coming on the 13th is more possible now
  8. The setup verbatim in January with this airmass is probably snow and sleet from the city on NW, LI would rain. Either way temps 180 hours is completely pointless
  9. Yes that’s true it could fail but I’d take my chances overall in the pattern setting up.
  10. I said a pattern that is congrats DC I’ll take my chances in NYC but a pattern that is congrats NC......
  11. se of where it’s been so likely trending toward other models. Next weeks storm is more promising but way far out
  12. Nice to have one model wound up and a hit with everything else ots
  13. Finally snowing here for the first time since this morning